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pnormanI'm starting work on packaging some software in a PPA, but don't currently have a Debian-based machine free. What OS and version would I be best off installing to do this work?07:44
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wxlcan anyone tell me why a ppa isn't giving hme the latest version17:30
wxlnamely ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa and thunderbird-trunk17:30
wxli seem to be stuck on 38.*17:30
wxlversion table is telling me that's the latest version17:30
wxli've tried removing and reinstalling the repository17:31
dobeyask the owner of the ppa why it doesn't have the latest version i guess17:47
dobeywxl: seems the later versions have had some problems building17:48
dobeynot an issue with launchpad itself17:49
wxlyep dobey17:49
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