NairwolfHi, I'm testing the daily version of Lubuntu 15.1003:15
NairwolfIs there specitif tests to do, or can I try to use the distrib as usual for my current job ?03:15
NairwolfIs it that ? http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/341/builds/95070/testcases03:21
tsimonq2Nairwolf: Those test cases have not been refreshed. I talked to wxl about it, and he says that they should refresh every day.03:36
Nairwolfok, so is it useful to report my results ?03:37
tsimonq2Sure, go ahead03:37
NairwolfI've seem some bad results03:37
tsimonq2I did03:37
NairwolfOk, I'll do that03:37
NairwolfJust after dinner03:37
Nairwolfok, I'm back04:05
ianorlinNairwolf: is the live image not booting at all?04:06
NairwolfI haven't say that04:07
NairwolfThe live image works correctly04:07
ianorlinah what is the problem then?04:08
Nairwolf(but I've tried firstly with a VM with virtualbox, he didn't work04:08
ianorlinhave a bug number?04:08
NairwolfInitially, I didn't have sound04:08
NairwolfI had to install pulseaudio04:08
NairwolfI suppose that's not wanted04:08
ianorlinNairwolf: are you sure that isn't a bad default audio device?04:08
NairwolfI don't know...04:10
NairwolfI use Xubuntu 14.04. I don't have made any special installation for the sound04:10
ianorlinNairwolf: did you just install pulse and then it worked?04:11
NairwolfI could help you if I knew what to give you04:11
Nairwolfnot directly04:11
NairwolfI had to type "pulseaudio --start"04:11
NairwolfBut, even now, I have sound, but I can't set the sound04:11
NairwolfHow can I report bugs I find even if it's not in the testcase ?04:28
ianorlinNairwolf: sound bugs aren't the easiest04:32
NairwolfI understand04:34
NairwolfBut, now, I'm talking about other kind of bugs04:34
ianorlinmost of the time I use ubuntu-bug package name04:35
Nairwolffor example, I wanted to check the spelling correction in Abiword. For that, I've installed my language package. It seemed to work, but, now, I can't open gnome-language-selector04:35
ianorlinNairwolf: I honestly am not the best person for languge pack questions04:36
Nairwolfand on AbiWord, I can't change the language. It's like there is a graphical problem. I see just the end of one line, but it's hidden by the title04:36
ianorlinNairwolf: can you screenshot somewhere?04:36
Nairwolfthank you for your link04:36
ianorlinattaching a screenshot sounds useful for this bug report04:37
ianorlinNairwolf: althogh there has been a bug fix to lubuntu-artwork that recently was patched04:37
NairwolfHow can you screenshot with lubuntu ?04:38
ianorlinprintscreen key04:39
ianorlinor alt f2 scrot04:39
NairwolfYou know what, I'm just testing with a live usb. Is it possible that some packages are missing ?04:39
NairwolfI've already done a update && dist-upgrade04:39
Nairwolfprintscreen key don't give any feedback..04:39
ianorlinNairwolf: it doesn't it saves to home folder04:40
NairwolfOh, it's saved on the home folder !04:40
Nairwolfyes !04:40
Nairwolfianorlin, I'm sorry, it's my first bug report. The two first inputs (critical bugs and bugs), what I am supposed to write here ?04:47
ianorlinthis sounds like a regular bug for the iso tracker04:47
Nairwolfwait, I'll show you the screenshot04:49
ianorlinah yeah put that in the bug report mabye against abiword04:50
ianorlinactually there is the -w option of ubuntu bug that can tell you what that window is04:51
ianorlinjust don't use that on documentation packages you open in a webbroswer04:51
Nairwolfhum... sorry, I don't understand your second and third sentence...04:52
ianorlinubuntu-bug -w makes the cursor a crosshair that will then report bugs against the window you click on with it04:53
ianorlinbut alt tab is useful here04:53
NairwolfSo, you're asking my to launch ubuntu-bug -w and then click on the window of the language setting ?04:55
NairwolfOh, it's amazing !04:57
NairwolfI didn't know that you could use it like that !04:57
NairwolfBut, you know what ? I wanted to read the report. It seems that I have another graphic issue....04:57
NairwolfI'm going to show you04:59
ianorlinah ok05:00
NairwolfAnyway, I've sent the bug report05:03
ianorlinhmm that might be lubuntu-artwork or apport gtk05:03
NairwolfSo, I don't write anything on the package testcase for Abiword ?05:03
NairwolfExcept that everything was great05:03
ianorlinon testcase for abiword just put the bug you reporting in addtition05:04
Nairwolfbecause I have two graphical bugs, maybe it's lubuntu-artwork05:04
ianorlinyeah it might be05:04
NairwolfWhat kind of name I can use it ? Graphical issue with language settings on Abiword ?05:05
ianorlinlanguage selector text cut off in abiword05:06
Nairwolfthank you :)05:07
NairwolfI haven't seen that everything was explained in the link you gave me before05:07
NairwolfDoes I need to give some extra information ? The version of Lubuntu, but also the date ? Because it's a daily live ?05:11
ianorlinubuntu-bug will show the date05:12
NairwolfSo, I just described the issue. I gave the link of the picture, but, I gave also the picture as an attachment.05:13
NairwolfAm I supposed to receive an email if someone answer me ?05:15
ianorlinyeah ok Nairwolf yes05:20
Nairwolfianorlin, are you still here ?06:09
NairwolfI have discovered also a strange behaviour with the terminal06:10
ianorlinNairwolf: what is it?06:10
Nairwolfif I type Ctrl+Alt+T, a window of the terminal is supposed to be open and have the focus06:10
ianorlinyes does it open?06:10
NairwolfYeah, but, I don't have the focus06:10
ianorlinNairwolf: in live session?06:11
NairwolfI don't have the focus if my actual window is in maximized sized06:11
Nairwolfbut, if I have the focus on my actual terminal (even in maximized mode), after ctrl+alt+t, I have the focus06:12
ianorlinNairwolf: you did not set a window to always on top did you?06:13
NairwolfNo, I don't have done nothing like that06:16
NairwolfI have tried with different applications (abiword, pacman manager, firefox). When these windows are maximized, I can call the terminal with the shortcut, but, it's not on the top06:20
NairwolfI don't know if it's specific to the terminal06:20
NairwolfIs it possible that it's lxde ?06:20
ianorlinnot sure06:21
NairwolfHow can I know ?06:24
ianorlinI don't know06:24
NairwolfOk, I'll try another day with another daily image06:42
Nairwolfmaybe this week-end06:42

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