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nemomcphail: shoot. It's been like a month and a half. hard for me to remember what was changed02:18
nemomcphail: you didn't save a diff?02:18
nemomcphail: I seem to remember adjusting cmake as well as the config.inc...02:19
mcphailnemo: I have a snapshot of the chroot, but it is 180 miles away on a different machine. I won't be able to access it until the end of next week03:26
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davidcalleMorning all07:15
dholbachgood morning07:41
karnialecu: was the thumbnailer bug tracked someone else than libqtelegram as well?08:13
karnialecu: I mean the thing where it was dropped and Tg broke in rc-proposed08:13
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alecuHi karni, I'm not working today, but let's ask xavi...09:29
alecuOh, and he's not working today either09:29
karnialecu: ok, no problem, thanks buddy09:29
karnialecu: have a good day09:29
alecuPerhaps michi knows?09:29
karnialecu: noted, but no problem, just needed a refernce09:30
karnialecu: enjoy your day off09:30
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mcphailjhodapp: meant to get back to you with the errors in building qtubuntu-media on vivid: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12078614/11:21
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mcphailLooks as if it needs a package from wily to build11:22
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dpmpopey, I've updated the LO viewer blueprint with Stefano's feedback. I've also added your work items for the armhf LO build so that everyone is on the same page: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-docviewer-app/+spec/libreoffice-docviewer-integration12:11
popeythanks dpm12:13
jhodappmcphail, what channel did you use? It looks like you're on wily12:53
jhodappmcphail, I just built qtubuntu-media on vivid yesterday from a clean image, so something is wrong12:53
mcphailjhodapp: This is on ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en, using the source from "bzr branch lp:qtubuntu-media"13:46
jhodappmcphail, use lp:qtubuntu-media/stable13:46
mcphailjhodapp: ok, will try that one. Cheers13:46
mcphailjhodapp: that's giving me the same problem. What do you get with "apt-cache policy libqtubuntu-media-signals-dev"?13:50
jhodappmcphail, 0.3+15.04.20141104-0ubuntu113:52
nik90zsombi_, t1mp: Hi :),  I noticed a small bug with the new page headers in UC 1.3, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1484736.13:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1484736 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Locked & Hidden Page header is shown briefly when returning to the page" [Undecided,New]13:53
mcphailjhodapp: so that doesn't meet the minimum build-deps either13:53
jhodappmcphail, are you trying to create a package atm?13:54
jhodappor just make; make install13:54
mcphailjhodapp: yes, tried both. See my paste above. Neither work. The make aborts, and the error looks as if it comes from the wrong libqtubuntu-media-signals-dev13:55
mcphail../../../src/aal/aalmediaplayerservice.cpp:191:38: error: ‘class SharedSignal’ has no member named ‘sinkReset’13:55
jhodappmcphail, yeah, so the issue is you caught that in the middle of syncing vivid up to the latest code13:56
jhodappmcphail, so what I recommend is looking back at the qtubuntu-media log to the point at which the version I gave you was released13:56
t1mpnik90: thanks for reporting14:01
t1mpyeah the page (and thus header contents) is already switched before the animate out is done14:01
t1mpI need to think how to come up with a better solution14:01
nik90t1mp: it affects clock app since we don't use a header in the main page. that's how i noticed.14:02
nik90hopefully the sample app will help :)14:02
davidcalledholbach, https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-ubuntu-com/+bug/1443837 is now invalid, right?14:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1443837 in Ubuntu Developer Portal "Missing "Overview" link on the snappy landing page" [Medium,Triaged]14:04
dholbachdavidcalle, yep, looks like it14:05
t1mpzsombi_: we were talking about moving the header inside the page.. ^this bug relates to that too.14:08
zsombi_t1mp: so maybe it woudl be the time then to do that?14:08
t1mpputting the header in the page can make some issues easier to solve, but gives new complications for others If you still want to animate the header in/out you  need to know if the previous page had a visible header14:09
t1mpzsombi_: when is the freeze for 1.3?14:09
t1mpzsombi_: also in the AdaptivePageLayout we need to sync the header heights between the pages14:10
dholbachdavidcalle, do you know where https://developer.ubuntu.com/assets/sites/ubuntu/latest/u/js/scratch.js is from? (bug 1454520)14:11
ubot5bug 1454520 in Ubuntu Developer Portal "Insecure content loaded from 'assets.ubuntu.com'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145452014:11
t1mpso we need some communications between the header  and its surroundings (previous/next page, other pages that are open)14:11
zsombi_t1mp: we can think of the animations once we get a proper direction on that.14:12
zsombi_t1mp: if we do it togehther with the page, then the Page layouts would do the job, not the page itself14:12
t1mpzsombi_: I didn't mean the animation inside the header, but the current animation we have to show/hide the header (for pages without a header)14:12
t1mpnik90: do you have designs for the clock app on desktop/tablet?14:12
t1mpthe APL doesn't currently support a page with the header hidden14:13
zsombi_t1mp: the current animation is not complete.... I mean design did not gave us the final verdict on anything...14:13
nik90t1mp: no we don't have designs for desktop/tablet yet, although I heard it was being worked on.14:13
zsombi_t1mp: and I think we will have an animation which does the page and header together and in a completely different way we had so far14:13
davidcalledholbach, I don't, I think it's part of the "guidelines" framework used by the web team (eg. it's also used here : https://assets.ubuntu.com/sites/ubuntu/latest/u/js/scratch.js)14:14
t1mpzsombi_: if we simply expose a property Item header in the Page,that makes it easy for the APL to get the implicitHeight of each header, and to set all the heights to the minimum implicitHeight14:15
dholbachdavidcalle, ok... I pinged the web team14:15
t1mpzsombi_: I don't know if the property PageHeadConfiguration head then still makes sense, because you have access to the actual header item14:16
zsombi_t1mp: if we move the Header inti Page, the whole PageHeadConfiguration becomes obsolete. We can have a header property which if set, it will be shown.14:17
zsombi_t1mp: then teh Header will be a separate component you can configure straight without any fancy crap14:17
t1mpzsombi_: header property would be an Item (or subclass like Header)14:17
t1mpah pages without a header can set it to null14:18
zsombi_t1mp: header property would be Header not an Item14:18
zsombi_t1mp: it sis much more elegant than we have it now14:18
t1mpnote that what we have now is more abstract14:21
t1mpif we attach the header to the Page we couldn't switch back to a toolbar without having the app developers make all the changes14:22
t1mpso if something fundamental like that changes again all the apps need to be updated14:23
t1mpyeah I'll try to add the header to the Page14:24
t1mpfor next week I already have some other stuff planned though14:24
t1mpoptimizing the MainView probably gets easier after the header goes out14:25
nik90zsombi_: hey, with image #95, I am noticing that the delete button normally shown in the leading edge is barely clickable. Not sure why...The width is a bit small compared to renatu's implementation of swipe-delete & also I have to try really hard to press it .. it started with image #94,95...with clock app from trunk.14:28
nik90I managed to click it only 2 out of 10 times..and I am not exaggerating :P14:28
zsombi_nik90: are you using 1.2 or 1.3?14:29
nik90zsombi_: 1.214:29
zsombi_nik90: I think the width has been now set to a fixed size, maybe we have to increase that size...14:29
zsombi_nik90: so far it was teh same width ahs height, due you filed a bug, we fixed it to a certain width, seems that is not enoyugh14:30
nik90zsombi_: I hope its just the width issue, because when i click the delete button, it selects the entire listitem instead of executing the action.14:30
zsombi_nik90: I guess you're tapping...14:31
nik90well I tried tapping, pressing and long-press.. and sometimes it just closes the swipe-delete gesture or selects the entire listitem14:32
dholbachdavidcalle, JFYI I'm starting the process of bug 1470715 with a branch we can use as a team14:57
ubot5bug 1470715 in Ubuntu Developer Portal "Do Django upgrade" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147071514:57
davidcalledholbach, oh nice! :D14:57
dholbachit's going to be a bit of work :)14:57
davidcalleI can imagine, yes ;-)14:57
dholbachjdstrand, thanks for fixing c-r-t15:31
dholbach(and sorry for not noticing O:-/)15:31
jdstrandpopey: fyi, new permy upload: "0.9 apparmor policy is unchanged from 0.8"17:40
jdstrandpopey: what is our policy for quarantine?17:40
jdstrandpopey: I went through the erle snaps today and they weren't updated since my last review (I left a comment saying as much)17:41
popeyjdstrand: i think you need to request manual review for permy?18:26
jdstrandoh right18:26
jdstrandpopey: done18:26
popeyjdstrand: approved18:27
jdstrandthanks :)18:28
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