tsimonq2Is this still relevant? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay01:59
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tsimonq2bdmurray: Hey, my name is Simon and I applied for Bug Squad 13 hours ago, do you mind taking a look? I really would like to start fixing bugs soon!15:59
bdmurraytsimonq2: joining the bug squad isn't a prerequiste for fixing bugs.16:00
tsimonq2What I meant is to triage them! Sorry!16:00
bdmurrayNo problem. It's also still possible to triage bugs w/o being in a team. (And thanks for helping out.)16:01
tsimonq2I thought the Bug Squad had triaging permissions, though!16:02
bdmurrayThe Ubuntu Bug Control team has some special permissions but work can still be done without being a member of that team.16:03
tsimonq2And either way, don't I fit the requirements to be accepted for the Bug Squad?16:03
bdmurrayRight, I'm double checking.16:05
bdmurrayNo problem. What kind of bugs will you be looking at?16:05
tsimonq2Lubuntu bugs mostly. Untriaged Lubuntu bugs.16:05
bdmurrayCool. I've added you, let me know if you have any questions.16:07

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