kenvandinefginther, no joy...01:57
kenvandineEnvironmentError: Device either not connected, doesn't have adb enabled or the property system cannot be accessed. Make sure the device is booted into the operating system and that adb is working correctly.01:57
fgintherkenvandine, sorry about that. One of the devices was still stuck. Trying again.02:19
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kenvandinefginther, cool, thx04:25
Mirv(trying to get published but train is funky)05:23
Mirvah, right, it's a train bug since there's a "-" in the upstream version number05:36
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Mirv^ OTA-6 fix06:47
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oSoMoNubuntu-qa: good morning! I’ve got two silos awaiting validation (16 and 26, although I haven’t marked 26 ready for QA yet but it is indeed ready), 16 was there before but 26 is much more urgent (fix for HERE maps not starting), can 26 get priority for verification once I mark it ready?07:11
ogra_jdstrand, go for it at any time :)08:05
dbarth_o/ hey any citrain guru out there?08:36
dbarth_can you confirm if adding the overaly ppa as a ppa dependency affects "desktop builds"08:36
ogra_dbarth_, with overlay means you have a mix of wily and vivid, without your vivd is plain ... if your build uses any dependency from the ppa you will get different results indeed08:39
ogra_(there are also phone specific config tweaks that could have influence if you have the respective packages installed (by accident, from a dependency or on purpose)08:42
dbarth_hmm, so i think we need to have vivid /phone/ builds only go via citrain then08:43
dbarth_that will be safer08:43
dbarth_o/ trainguards, can i have a source upload in silo 032 please? see the comment in the silo request08:52
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jibeloSoMoN, 26 approved. It also fixes problems with other apps like ureadit09:01
oSoMoNjibel, thanks! Yes, potentially all apps using an Ubuntu WebView and redefining the context menu actions were broken without that fix09:01
oSoMoNjibel, once merged I’ll rebuild silo 1609:02
* sil2100 loves projects that can still dual-land09:02
sil2100This makes life so much less complicated09:02
pstolowskitrainguards hello, can i get a silo for request 161?09:03
sil2100dbarth, pstolowski: on your requests now09:03
sil2100Are we low on silos?09:03
pstolowskisil2100, ah, ok, cool, i couldn't see a notification on this channel09:04
sil2100pstolowski: assigning your request, btw. do you have a wily silo for the changes as well? Or did that land already?09:04
sil2100dbarth: copying09:06
sil2100dbarth: btw. you sure a source copy is needed?09:06
sil2100You need it rebuilt against the overlay?09:07
pstolowskisil2100, i've MPs ready for wily as well, but we need to regenrate symbols for g++5, and also scopes api currently has issues at least in CI because of a boost problem09:10
pstolowskisil2100, so at the moment we have a couple of changes that will need to be landed in wily to catch up with vivid, they are not forgotten but not fully ready to land09:10
abeatosil2100, hi, I'd like to add a new package to touch image in rc-proposed09:16
abeatosil2100, the new package gets created from source package pulseaudio in silo 3009:16
abeatosil2100, which would be the procedure?09:17
sil2100pstolowski: could you later at least request a silo for the wily ones? Doesn't have to be built even09:23
sil2100We just want it as a silo at least :)09:23
pstolowskisil2100, ok, will do09:24
sil2100dbarth: re-stating the question - you sure a source copy is required, not a binary one? Need to know since making a source copy involves me re-writing the version ;)09:25
pete-woodscihelp: hi folks. is it reasonable to enable the GCC5 PPA for jenkins builds, like it is for CI train wily builds?09:33
pete-woodsat the minute it09:33
pete-woodscan be impossible, depending on what you're building to get jenkins to pass your MRs because of this09:33
Mirvpete-woods: GCC5 PPA is not anymore just a PPA, it's almost all in wily archives already09:43
pete-woodsMirv: even so. this is currently hurting those who are using a "devel" branch (fortunately not myself in this instance)09:45
pete-woodsas they aren't able to get verification of their MRs before merging09:45
Mirvok, let's wait for answer then09:46
sil2100Mirv: ^ you publishing that? I don't know if I should publish your own silo ;)10:02
sil2100wgrant: hey! Since all translations seem to have been copied into place, could I request a full export from the 15.04 series?10:05
dbarthsil2100: a source copy please, yes; i want to make sure we pick up the media-hub 3.1 library, where there is a binary interface change10:05
sil2100dbarth: ACK! On it then10:05
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psivaapete-woods: (regarding the GCC5 PPA query), i'm not sure what's involved. I'd need to talk to fginther about it. Will come back to you once he's online10:25
pete-woods1psivaa: thanks :)10:30
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Mirvsil2100: sure, I tend to handle those :) plus packaging changes need an ack I can do because of PPU rights10:32
* sil2100 off for lunch and quick shopping10:55
oSoMoNjibel, I rebuilt and validated again silo 16, it’s ready for QA11:12
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jibeloSoMoN, great, on it11:42
oSoMoNjibel, thanks!11:47
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jibeloSoMoN, how do you reproduce bug 1477308 ? I cannot with the steps in the description12:08
ubot5bug 1477308 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "adjusting volume (notify osd) causes fullscreen mode to exit when watching video" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147730812:08
oSoMoNjibel, it’s on desktop only: you need to e.g. watch a youtube video fullscreen, then press the media keys on your keyboard to increase/decrease the volume: this shows the volume update in a notify-osd bubble, and has the undesired side effect of leaving fullscreen mode12:25
jibeloSoMoN, yeah, sorry, I figured that out after re-reading the first sentence of the bug report12:26
jibeloSoMoN, 16 approved. Is it all for OTA6?12:32
oSoMoNjibel, would be good to have for OTA-6, yes, particularly since it contains the fix for find-in-page which is new in OTA612:33
jibeloSoMoN, I meant after silo 16 is there anything left for OTA6? webbrowser wise12:33
oSoMoNjibel, ah, sorry, I misread you :) in theory that’s all, nothing more for OTA612:34
pedronistrainguards: hi, Pat marked https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-push/+bug/1451510 for OTA-6 and we got a community fix... the package is a bit in maintainer limbo atm,  I reviewed the code and made landing MPs, but I'm not really setup anymore for landings, can you help preparing the landings12:35
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1451510 in Canonical System Image "Gmail messages might be missed after clearing notifications" [High,In progress]12:35
Mirvpedronis: ok, 1. who'd be the lander (tester) of it, 2. what's the exact MP to land, 3. does ubuntu-push have only one trunk, ie this could be dual landed to overlay + wily?12:40
pedronisMirv: I made two trunks, I have two MPs one for vivid-overlay and one for wily, I can give you the URLs in a sec12:41
pedronisMirv: vivid-overlay: https://code.launchpad.net/~pedronis/ubuntu-push/vivid-fixes/+merge/26806612:42
pedronisMirv: wily: https://code.launchpad.net/~pedronis/ubuntu-push/fixes-to-wily/+merge/26806712:43
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pedronisMirv: tester: mainly the author of the patch: https://launchpad.net/~nikwen  nikwen here on freenode, email:   nikwen.developer@gmail.com  and put me in as second, when/if we have packages I'll ping him12:45
Mirvpedronis: ok both are now building https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/dashboard.html#?q=nikwen - obviously wily will be probably impossible to test, so focus on vivid12:49
pedronisMirv: yup, thanks12:49
tvosssil2100, you around?13:04
sil2100tvoss: yeah, what's up?13:31
sil2100wgrant, cjwatson: hey, can anyone of you guys request a LP pack export for ubuntu-rtm/15.04?13:32
wgrantsil2100: Sure13:33
sil2100Thank you :)13:34
sil2100I would like pitti to run langpack-o-matic once today still to see if everything works for next week13:34
abeatosil2100, I get a failure when trying to build ubuntu-touch session in silo 3013:43
abeatosil2100, silo 30 was originally a sync silo from5713:43
abeato(from silo 57)13:43
abeatosil2100, silo 57 contains ubuntu-touch-session13:44
abeatosil2100, and building it in silo 30 used to work: it took the sources for there13:44
abeatosil2100, but now silo 30 contains also a MP for trust-store13:44
sil2100abeato: ok, I don't see it in the list of packages for silo 30 - you'll have to include it there13:45
abeatosil2100, is that the cause of the failure?13:45
abeatosil2100, but can I sync it?13:45
abeatofrom silo 5713:45
sil2100abeato: yes, we just need to include it in the Manual Source list in the landing entry, let me do that - for syncs to work if you have multiple different packages in the silo, you need to give the explicit list of packages you might want to sync from the source silo13:46
abeatosil2100, ok, I have just reconfigured13:47
sil2100abeato: yeah, I see it appeared now :) Did you press 'Assign' again to reconfigure?13:47
abeatosil2100, yep :)13:47
sil2100Once you fully reconfigure the silo, try building ubuntu-touch-session in the build job - it should try syncing it from the source silo13:47
abeatook, thanks13:48
sil2100(a normal build with ubuntu-touch-session as the package to rebuild)13:48
abeatoyeah, it is working now :)13:49
greybacktrainguards: could someone please remove ubuntu-touch-session from silo015:01
sil2100greyback_: on it in a minute!15:17
* ogra_ sees sil2100 in the news15:31
awe_sil2100, can you checkout my landing request ( 170 ) when you get a chance.  This is my first request for thenew train, and I wasn't sure if I need to do anything to trigger the build, or it will just come in time?15:32
sil2100oSoMoN: again something bad..?15:46
sil2100I mean, ogra_: ^15:46
sil2100oSoMoN: sorry, bad auto-complete in irssi ;)15:46
sil2100greyback_: silo 0, right?15:46
greyback_sil2100: right15:47
oSoMoNsil2100, no worries :)15:47
bfillersil2100: where would I find debug packages for packages in overlay ppa? (I hope they exist)15:50
greyback_bfiller: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/stable-phone-overlay/ubuntu vivid main/debug15:50
bfillergreyback_: great, ty!15:50
sil2100bfiller: yeah, they're in the overlay itself :)15:51
popeysil2100:  is there a landing call today?16:00
sil2100popey: there was one in the morning :)16:00
popeyheh okay16:01
sil2100We only do one in the morning and yesterday in teh evening16:01
sil2100popey: anything you wanted to bring up?16:01
sil2100LP timeouts for me a bit, hm16:01
sil2100ogra_: what did you mean by me in the news again? Did I screw up something?16:02
popeyheh, no16:02
sil2100wgrant: hey! Do you know if the LP exports are running for 15.04? :)16:06
ogra_sil2100, http://news.softpedia.com/news/canonical-is-not-moving-ubuntu-touch-to-ubuntu-15-10-any-time-soon-489291.shtml16:09
ogra_you are getting famous !16:09
sil2100Damn, why is this suddenly such a big news? Mark and Olli mentioned that on the last vUDS16:13
sil2100And I mentioned that already a few times in the past more or less16:13
greyback_sil2100: don't worry, this won't happen to you: http://arstechnica.co.uk/gaming/2015/08/nintendo-allegedly-fires-employee-for-revealing-game-localisation-secrets/16:21
sil2100Oh crap16:22
sil2100If things like this happened here, I would get fired already for my strong language regarding the gcc-5 transition16:22
greyback_heck most of us would be looking for a job16:23
sil2100For my strong language regarding the touch gcc-5 transition16:23
sil2100Since seriously there was nothing wrong with how the transition was handled, but more like with how we handled touch components - but that's to be expected with everyone working in preparation for the next OTA16:24
robruMirv: can you file a bug for that android version number? we have a lot of test cases surrounding that and I thought we fixed "upstream version has hyphen in it" already16:50
robruwhoever is actually releasing these custom tarballs should be sure to set the requests to 'Landed' once they're done17:00
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sil2100dbarth: hey, so the oxide-qt in silo 32 is still building... will you give it a spin once it finishes?17:05
renatucihelp, Guys do you know if is possible to disable willy-proposed repositories while building a project in the ppa?17:45
renatusince the proposed repository is broken I can not test my packages on the device17:45
psivaarenatu: I assume you're asking about it generally and not specific to any jobs in CI?17:51
psivaanot sure if you intended to ask trainguards?17:51
psivaa(if not sorry for the alert :))17:51
robrurenatu: yes this is possible but generally not advised. what issues are you having?17:52
renaturobru, I wat to test silo 34. but it is building against some libraries from proposed universe (libphonenumber) and enabling this repository on the device crash the device17:53
renatucrash the device = install some core libraries that cause the device to not boot anymore17:53
robrurenatu: from what I understand, wily is sort of in a bad state anyway with the gcc5 transition being kind of in but not really. I'm not really sure that "not building against proposed" is a sane thing to do, you'll end up with binaries built against wrong libs anyway and it won't be releasable17:54
robrurenatu: I was under the impression that wily images are just outright broken even without silos17:55
renaturobru, I am using a old version17:55
renatujust for development and tests17:56
robrurenatu: ok well I'll disable it for now, but I don't think we can publish the silo that way17:56
renaturobru, nice, I do not intend to release it until we can test with the new wily image17:57
robrurenatu: ok, it's disabled, you can try a new build17:57
renaturobru, thanks17:59
robrurenatu: you're welcome17:59
dobeyyou really should test against proposed18:00
awe_robru,  wondering what needs to happen to get train req #170 to build packages?  This is my first new train landing...18:00
dobeybuilding without proposed if you have c++ code, is going to result in a failed build most likely18:00
dobeyawe_: after the silo has been assigned, it's the same process as previously18:01
robruawe_: yeah you just run the build job as usual18:01
awe_ah, ok18:01
robruawe_: there's no new train, only the spreadsheet was replaced. the new web interface is just a dumb data store, it knows nothing about building packages, just like the spreadsheet was a dumb data store that knew nothing about anything18:02
dobey(i agree it would be nice if the build/etc… links appeared on the requests page, rather than having to go to the dashboard, though)18:02
awe_robru, ack18:02
robrudobey: yes the requests page and the dashboard have a remarkable amount of overlap, I would consider merging them into one page but I'd have to consider the UX of that, could get quite cluttered quite quickly18:03
dobeyyeah. it's already quite cluttered as it is :)18:03
dobeycihelp: can we possibly get the jenkins build instances to have -proposed enabled? it only makes sense, as the silo PPAs build against -proposed, and things must go through -proposed first anyway18:05
renaturobru, did not work, you can revert the changes. Now I got missing symbols on libphonumber probably because of gcc version18:11
renatuI will need to wait until the guys fix the image to continue the tests18:12
renatuthanks for your help18:12
robrurenatu: you're welcome, thanks for letting me know18:13
dobeyrenatu: i'm surprised you have a phone booting with a current wily image on it :)18:13
renatudobey, I am using a previous version18:14
robruheh, mixing old wily image, packages built with current wily release pocket, sounds like a world of hurt ;-)18:15
dobeyrenatu: i think you can probably try devel-proposed-g++5 channel instead18:15
dobeyrenatu: iirc, it's built with -proposed18:15
renatulet me try that18:15
kenvandinerenatu, if you do that, you'll need the ppa reconfigured to use -proposed again18:16
dobeykenvandine: he just asked for that :)18:17
robrukenvandine: I got it18:17
kenvandineah, i missed that part18:17
kenvandinei thought he had just had it reconfigured to not use -proposed18:17
renatukenvandine, I tried without proposed but it fails18:18
dobeyas expected :)18:19
renatudobey, is that channel hidden? It does not appear on the list: query --device=krillin --list-channels18:19
dobeyrenatu: maybe18:19
dobeyrenatu: https://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed-g++5/ubuntu/18:19
dobeyit's in the .json too18:20
dobeyso maybe you just missed it, or it's a bug18:20
dobeyi just --switch-ed my mako to it18:21
renatuor the image is not available for krillin18:22
renatudobey, I am getting this error: Channel ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed-g++5 not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com18:23
renatudobey, I am flashing with: "ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed-g++5 --wipe"18:24
nikwentrainguards, silo 23 should be ready for QA now. I tested it on my mako on ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en and everything seems to work fine. :)18:26
dobeyrenatu: ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed-g++/ubuntu18:27
dobeyis the full channel name18:27
renatudobey, worked, thanks18:27
dobeyit doesn't seem to want to boot now though18:28
dobeyit installed ok, got the big ubuntu logo while it installed, but now it just keeps rebooting at the google logo for me :-/18:29
renatudobey, yes, I got same result as the proposed image, it get suck on "bq" screen18:35
nikwentrainguards, did you see my message above?18:44
robrunikwen: hi, was on lunch, just reading now18:53
nikwenrobru, don't worry. It's just the first time I've been assigned to a landing, so I wasn't sure how fast to expect a reply. ;)18:54
robrunikwen: ok I marked it as ready for qa18:54
nikwenrobru: Thanks. :)18:55
robrunikwen: you're welcome18:55
fgintherdobey, hi. we could try enabling -proposed on a case by case basis. Is there a branch that's giving you special grief at this time (and I'm aware that most c/c++ projects are having build issues right now)19:03
dobeyfginther: not me personally. i have just seen several people complaining about it as a result of the gcc5 transition being somewhat incomplete still, and wondering why the jenkins builds aren't building against proposed, since as soon as a silo is created, they will be building against it anyway in there.19:05
fgintherdobey, ah, I see. One other dev did bring it up today so it's a little higher up the radar today.19:21
dobeyyeah, i saw michi e-mailed you. and he was still on complaining about it when i got on this morning :)19:23
dobeyfginther: i didn't see if anyone else asked specifically to have it enabled (rather than just complaining about it being broken), so i thought i'd follow up and ask to have it enabled19:23
fgintherdobey, sure, I just wanted to make sure I had the right details before going in the wrong direction :-)19:26
dobeyof course :)19:26
pedronisubuntu-qa: I now top approved the MP in https://trello.com/c/e44QrPq2/2179-168-ubuntu-landing-023-ubuntu-push-nikwen-pedronis21:04
alesagepedronis, ack21:06
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