wileeewhy the mods are allowing this is beyond me, they have been hindering for days and argumentative when addressed01:32
OerHekswileee, i just tried.01:33
OerHeksbut i am no Op/mod,just a member :-)01:34
wileeeI know, I don't generally care, but they answer every post practically.01:34
OerHeksbazang takes over, that is oke.01:34
wileeethey are getting the idea in any functional  manner01:35
OerHeksyeah, frustrating sometimes, especially when there is no logic in the answer.01:35
wileeethey will not stop till banned I guarantee ;)01:36
TJ-Grrr, why is it there's no one around that can answer *my* questions!?11:15
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OerHeksGrrr-eetings, TJ12:17
OerHeksnice .. still in testing, but nice ... http://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-official-ppa-graphics/  https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa16:28
OerHeksincluding the NEW 355 !16:28
daftykinswow that was quick16:32
daftykinsi only just got linked to the discussion email about doing something recently :)16:33
OerHeksi like itfoss, great manuals too16:36
daftykinsi think today's customers are competing for the worst worded question18:00
OerHeksyeah daftykins, to day is such a day19:41
OerHeksand tomorrow won't go away19:41
daftykinsthe weekend users came early!19:41
* OerHeks clings a beer or 219:42
daftykinsmaybe i should go get some19:42
OerHeksyeah, weekends i keep low profile19:42
* wileee blows out a cloud and coughs19:42
OerHeksdon't shoke on LXC man19:43
OerHeksLucky we have ikonia tonight :-D19:43
wileeeyeah, to the point, gets it done.19:44
OerHeksi really learned a lot from him. just saying.19:44
wileeeyeah, me too19:45
daftykinswow, there's a user called facepalm19:46
wileeesaw that, heh19:46
wileeemy favorites are the variations of anonymous that are clueless19:47
wileeeleet spelling and all, lol19:47
OerHeksi love nicknames that start with [ ] - _ + '/ . or `19:47
OerHeksand pastebin19:48
wileeegotta change to one staring with ! to kick the bot every time you answer19:49
daftykinsi see the trolling has commenced23:07
OerHeksoh yeah?23:08
daftykinsmmm, lots of 'em23:08
OerHekstrollin on mi birthday, bad choise23:08
daftykinsd'aww it's your birthday? happy birthday OerHeks!23:09
OerHeksThanks :-)23:09
OerHeksi noticed no real urgent need for support so i go sit in here23:29
Bashing-omOerHeks: Get more cake here ... Happy Bday !!23:29
wileeeanyone else noticing Koning is someone we know already more than likely23:52
wileeeheh finally23:57

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