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PaulW2USo who is taking care of the release this weekend? jose? pleia2?15:34
josePaulW2U: half and half :D I'm doing both summary writers and editors, and Lyz is taking care of the release itself. I'm travelling all monday and she's on tour now, so we're dividing it :)15:44
josePaulW2U: also, if you'd be down for training on how to release a UWN, I'd be more than glad to guide you through the process anytime soon15:44
PaulW2UThanks jose, I like to know what's who is doing what. I get a little worried when I don't see anything happening and I know pleia2 is travelling.15:48
PaulW2UI did do one release but it did not go well as the wiki instructions weren't totally up-to-date.15:49
josehehe, happens :)15:50
josethere's definitely room for improvement there. we can walk through it again and see what needs adding/editing/removing15:50
josewhat do you think?15:50
PaulW2UBut yes, I should really know how to do more even if it is only knowing how to send out the summary writers email :)15:50
joseit's all in a shared doc, so should be easy15:51
PaulW2UI'm thinking that some of the summary writers have lost interest as the email often gets sent very late.15:51
PaulW2UIf you want to share some secrets then I'll be around until 2300 UTC :)15:52
joseit'd have to be another week, getting stuff ready for TXLF right now15:53
josesorry about that15:53
PaulW2UNo problem.15:53

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