robruinfinity: hey if you have a sec (ha), the lplib autopkgtest has a fix in trunk and just needs to be released to unblock simplejson.00:14
infinitywgrant: ^-- Hey, core-dev, release your own software.00:15
wgrantinfinity: adt image downloading thing is still downloading images00:15
wgrantslow internet is slow00:15
wgrantI didn't realise it was actually blocking things.00:16
infinityAhh, so you're already on it?  Awesome.00:16
infinitywgrant: I think someone was whining in another channel about it being out-of-date on pypi too, if you feel like killing multiple birds whilst in a software release context.00:17
slangasekgee, a whole lot of my uploads that I don't care about sure are making it into wily00:23
infinityslangasek: That's the good kind of spam, no?  I always feel some small bit of undeserved pride every time I see an ACCEPTED email from a queue.00:24
slangasekthese are the p-m ones00:25
slangasekfor libraries I never heard of before Monday00:25
infinityslangasek: Also, thanks for helping utlemming with that xe-utils thing.  After my second (and third) round of reviews, I think it's almost not icky.00:25
slangasekinfinity: you may be a packaging hypochondriac00:26
infinityslangasek: I'm... Not sure what that means.00:26
slangasekanyone looked at marble yet?01:41
slangasekok, looks like a symbol symbols ftbfs01:43
slangasekinfinity: could you take a look at apt 1.0.10? python-apt dep-waits on it, which blocks language-selector-common -> kde-runtime03:17
infinityslangasek: Yeah, I was going to try merging it tonight, and if it's too much of a pain, just drop the python-apt versioned dep a bit, since it's only got it for the transition.03:33
slangasekinfinity: changelog says it was bumped for a new interface03:33
infinityslangasek: Which changelog...?03:35
slangasekinfinity: python-apt03:36
slangasekinfinity: oops no, that says
infinityslangasek: I don't see the string "Files2" anywhere in http://launchpadlibrarian.net/213586903/python-apt_1.0.0~beta3ubuntu1_1.0.0~beta3.1.diff.gz03:36
slangasekinfinity: however I just tried to downgrade the build-dep here and build, and it fails with pep8 test failures03:37
infinityWell, that would be entirely unrelated, and due to the new pep8. ;)03:37
infinityBut I can look at that too.03:37
slangasekit does mean the C built successfully anyway03:37
slangasekhmm and the kservice test that fails on i386 via p-m with a complaint about threads succeeds locally in an i386 chroot03:39
infinityslangasek: Perhaps needs an i386 kernel to reproduce?03:44
infinityHeh, happy to see jak is on the same "screw E402" page with python-apt that I was with unattended-upgrades.03:48
pittiheh, I added --ignore=E402 as well -- it's outright impossible to do that for some projects03:53
pittiif you have to set sys.path before "import"03:54
pittislangasek: oh nice, http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/k/kservice/wily/i386/ succeeds again03:55
pittipytables also had a weird crash which now seems fixed03:56
pittiso whatever changed, good :)03:56
slangasekoh nice, flaky tests ;)03:56
pittislangasek: nice, marble passed again too, thanks!03:59
infinitypitti: Yeah, I looked at "fixing" it in unattende-upgrades, followed the upstream pep8 bug "discussion" (argument), and just came to the conclusion that's it's a pointless error.03:59
slangasekpitti: yeah, that one required an actual fix, but done now03:59
pittislangasek: right, hence the "thanks" :)03:59
slangaseklibsfml had a package name change but there was no transition tracker for it; triggering rebuilds for that now04:01
pittiI uploaded the kicad fix now, so that it's easier to retry once apw uploads the fixed boost04:04
infinityslangasek: I opted for patching python-apt and letting mvo deal with the apt merge when he's back.  I can never decide if half his apt delta is on purpose or mistakes, but I'd rather let the mistakes be his. :P04:26
infinityMaybe I'll use my vacation to rewrite his evil build system; especially the part that mangles all the po files every time I sneeze near my laptop.04:29
pittidebuild -S -nc FTW :)04:36
infinitypitti: Yeah, that's how I always upload apt.04:36
infinitypitti: Well, that's how I always upload most things, but apt pretty much requires it.04:36
pittiah, lots of k* just became "valid candidate", but still some uninstallables in _output04:38
* pitti grabs wily-proposed schroot and pokes04:39
pittiskipped: khtml (6 <- 864)04:42
pitti    got: 63+0: a-6304:42
pitti    * amd64: libkf5kdelibs4support-dev, libkf5khtml-dev04:42
pittiso if I read that right, britney claims that khtml breaks libkf5kdelibs4support-dev ?04:43
pitticause "chdist apt-get wily-armhf install libkf5khtml-dev libkf5kdelibs4support-dev" works fine04:43
pittior is that part of the big "too much for britney's little brain"?04:45
infinitypitti: Try that with foo- on the end for the packages that were removed from khtml.04:45
pittioh, because NBS?04:45
infinityI'm assuming that packages were removed anyway...04:46
pittinope, no NBS04:46
pittiat least not from khtml04:46
* infinity looks at output.txt04:46
pittisame for kdelibs4support04:46
pittiah, "install libkf5khtml-dev kubuntu-desktop" fails, maybe that'll lead to something04:48
pitti  Considering libqca2:armhf -1 as a solution to libqca2v5:armhf 1504:50
pitti  Added libqca2:armhf to the remove list04:50
pitti  Fixing libqca2v5:armhf via keep of libqca2:armhf04:50
pittiok, that's at least something concrete to do04:50
* pitti stabs http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/html/html/qca2-g++5.html04:51
pittithis tracker looks wrong -- several packages like kadu built successfully days ago04:54
infinitypitti: kadu only built on 2/6 arches.04:55
pittibut even those aren't marked as "done", and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/psi/0.15-2build1 built everywhere 4 days ago04:55
pittiI checked the build log, no stray hardcoded "libqca2" deps04:56
pittihttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeconnect/0.8-0ubuntu3 even already propagated04:56
* pitti wonders if it's the \b, most other trackers use a different re04:58
pittiI'll just adjust that and check in the next run, and until then go through the logs04:59
pittihm, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/html/html/snappy-g++5.html used the same syntax and was happy04:59
pittiooh, I know!05:01
pittiDepends: libqca2-plugins05:01
pittithat matches libqca2\b05:01
infinityHahah.  Oops.05:03
pittiok, missing rebuilds uploaded, there are a couple of FTBFS05:07
* pitti sobs at qmake05:28
Mirvcould sources qtcreator-plugin-remotelinux and qtcreator-plugin-cmake be removed from wily-proposed? the new Qt Creator 3.5 RC in -proposed pocket has the changes in those packages (which were partial forks of QtC 3.1 sources) after zbenjamin submitted everything upstream. the conflicts/breaks are there so upgrades are smooth.06:13
pittiMirv: you mean from wily? it's not in -proposed06:16
Mirvpitti: yes, of course, I was just thinking about proposed migration06:16
pittiMirv: you mean the qtcreator package  itself ships these modules?06:17
pittiI see it has Conflicts: to them, but not Replaces:/Provides:06:17
Mirvpitti: yes, they are part of the normal QtC but they were removed from Ubuntu's normal QtC so that they could be replaced from elsewhere06:18
pittithus most likely apt will rather hold back the new qtcreator than removing these plugins06:18
Mirvpitti: they are in a new path in the new QtC06:18
Mirvhmm, it upgraded fine in my wily-proposed chroot06:18
pittiwell, I wouldn't bet on it with just Conflicts:06:18
pittiso yes, fine to remove these from wily, but adding R/P: is still necessary IMHO06:19
Mirvdoing a new upload of qtcreator06:20
pittiMirv: what about qtcreator-plugin-qnx and qtcreator-plugin-valgrind, as well as all the -dev? these are also built from the old sources, but not by qtcreator06:20
Mirvpitti: they are all in the main qtcreator package that has tens of plugins, those were just ripped out of the main qtcreator package earlier. the -dev were not real -dev:s since Qt Creator doesn't officially support these kind of external plugins, so they were sort of hand made by benjamin06:22
pittiMirv: right, but I mean it should C/R/P: those packages too then06:22
Mirvpitti: right, ok06:23
Mirvso I'm now adding C/R/P for all the old binary packages06:24
pittiMirv: thanks06:25
pittiMirv: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12077489/06:25
infinitypitti: No need for "provides" if nothing depends on them, only C/R to force them off.06:42
infinity(Not that all 3 hurts much either)06:42
darkxstinfinity, hi, can you remove gnome-online-accounts 3.16 from wily-proposed07:24
pittiah, seems I fixed the regexps at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/html/qca2-g++5.html hard enough at last08:12
pittiargh, hardcoded lib dep08:14
* pitti uploads kdeconnect, take III08:14
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darkxsthmm current ubuntu-gnome wily daily images, don't want to boot ;( syslinux seems to be hanging11:12
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infinitydarkxst: Was that gnome-bluetooth upload in -proposed a mistake?  It's got a ~ppa version.12:15
darkxstinfinity, I think seb copied it from the ppa12:16
infinityOh, hrm, seems to be a few ~ppa versions in wily.  Ick.12:16
darkxstI certainly didnt upload them to the archive12:17
seb128I was unsure if I should change them just to avoid the number of just copy12:18
seb128so I decided to just copy12:18
seb128it's only a version number, doesn't matter much12:18
infinityseb128: It's not the end of the world.  As you say, only a version number.12:18
infinityseb128: That said, as an end user, I see "ppa" versions, and assume I have a PPA enabled, so I might comb through the archive in a few weeks and rebuild anything with such versions.12:18
seb128fair enough12:19
infinity(That package isn't the only offender)12:19
seb128the package might have an upload before that12:19
infinitydarkxst: Oh, and removed g-o-a for you.  Sorry about missing that in backscroll.12:19
seb128darkxst, btw can you merge your change back to the vcs? I didn't find a branch/mp matching so I didn't do it12:19
infinitydarkxst: And your syslinux issue is known.  Supposed to be fixed in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/syslinux/3:6.03+dfsg-8ubuntu212:21
infinitydarkxst: Perhaps your daily was built before that hit the release pocket?12:21
seb128likely, iso built are buggy because of bluez12:22
seb128which doesn't migrate for whatever reason (was autopkgtest and boottest but now it's something in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt unsure what, it's listed several times)12:23
infinityleading: bluez,gnome-bluetooth,gnome-user-share,bluedevil12:23
infinitystart: 219+0: a-61:a-40:a-29:i-30:p-31:p-2812:23
infinityorig: 219+0: a-61:a-40:a-29:i-30:p-31:p-2812:23
infinityeasy: 262+0: a-69:a-47:a-36:i-37:p-38:p-3512:23
infinity    * amd64: bluedevil, gnome, gnome-control-center, gnome-core, gnome-desktop-environment, gnome-phone-manager, ubuntu-gnome-desktop, ubuntu-mate-core12:23
seb128yeah, that doesn't speak to me12:24
seb128like half of those should be valid candidates and the other half not care12:24
seb128Laney helped12:26
seb128going to fix gnome-phone-manager12:27
seb128I've no clue about ubuntu-mate and what they have that depends for and what they want to use instead12:28
darkxstinfinity, thanks12:29
infinity gnome-control-center : Depends: libgnome-bluetooth11 (>= 3.4.0) but it is not going to be installed12:29
infinityseb128: That'd be the root of the problem for the -desktops too, I assume.12:30
seb128we don't use g-c-c12:30
infinityWho is "we"?12:30
infinityunity doesn't, everyone else does.12:30
seb128k, I though you meant ubuntu-desktop12:31
infinityWell, that's probably what's breaking ubuntu-gnome-desktop.12:31
infinityubuntu-mate-core is another mystery.12:31
darkxstseb128, sure I can push my changes to vcs in the morning, off for the night now12:31
seb128k, for some reason that copy didn't work or I missed it12:31
seb128darkxst, thanks, good night12:31
darkxstinfinity, boot is failing way to early for g-c-c to be a problem12:32
infinitydarkxst: Hrm?  Lots of boost bits are already migrated.12:33
infinityThe autohinter isn't lying about the result here.12:33
darkxstinfinity, it doesnt even get to the boot menu12:34
infinityOh.  boot.  I thought you said boost. :P12:34
infinitydarkxst: See above, where I pointed at the syslinux bug.12:34
darkxstinfinity, looking now12:34
infinitydarkxst: We're discussing bluez/g-c-c/etc because all of that it preventing you from getting new ISO builds.12:35
jibeldarkxst, it's bug 148457112:35
ubot93bug 1484571 in syslinux (Ubuntu) "Latest wily image is not booting" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148457112:35
infinitydarkxst: syslinux is fixed, but you get no new livefses until bluez is unbuggered.12:35
jibeldarkxst, it should be fixed in next build12:35
darkxstright and bluez became a bit messy with stuff migrating before bluez itself12:36
infinityI'm amused by the claim that migrating bluedevil breaks bluedevil.12:37
infinityDoes it make sense for bluedevil to depend on BOTH bluez-obexd and obex-data-server?12:44
darkxstgtg, if you see anything specific to ubuntu gnome ping me an I will look in the morning12:44
darkxstinfinity, I think the latter dep is gone12:46
infinitydarkxst: Gone from where?12:50
infinityIt still exists in the archive.12:50
infinityBut it seems the intent in other packages was to move from obex-data-server to bluez-obexd, but bluedevil is depending on both.12:51
darkxstinfinity, yeh that, intent is its gone, depending on both makes noe sense12:57
infinitydarkxst: Does bluez-obexd provide a completely compatible interface?  As in, one can just swap the dep and that's it?12:58
* infinity would like to "fix" bluedevil, but is probably completely the wrong person to do so, if he has to ask these questions.12:59
MirvI had a vague memory that the following snippet from update_output http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12079096/ meant uninstallability of the listed packages, but I don't have problem installing those on wily-proposed (all have rebuilt against GCC5)13:00
darkxstinfinity, i don't know the answer to that, and really have to go, so can13:01
darkxstcan't check13:01
infinityMirv: It means uninstallability *if* you also assume that promoting the candidate sources removes their NBS binaries.13:01
infinityMirv: Guessing at least one of those renamed a library or something.13:02
* darkxst gone13:02
Mirvthanks inf13:02
Mirvthat botan had the v5 library rename and those packages have all been rebuilt against it, so I don't see where the problem but lie.13:08
Mirvno other reverse deps13:08
infinityMirv: The problem is that block of packages also wants muparser, which isn't in that autohint set.13:08
seb128k, so I handled gnome-phone-manager and gnome-bluetooth13:44
seb128seems like ubuntu-mare should stop pulling in bluez-alsa13:44
seb128flexiondotorg, ^13:44
Laneydidn't g-c-c need one too?13:44
seb128unsure then about bluedevil13:44
seb128Laney, sorry, gnome-bluetooth was a typo for g-c-c13:45
LaneyI see!13:45
Laneywhat's the problem with bluedevil?13:46
seb128<infinity> Does it make sense for bluedevil to depend on BOTH bluez-obexd and obex-data-server?13:46
seb128 But it seems the intent in other packages was to move from obex-data-server to bluez-obexd, but bluedevil is depending on both.13:46
Laneyoh right13:46
Laneywell I don't see it in the problems for the migration13:46
seb128trying: bluedevil13:47
seb128skipped: bluedevil (58 <- 823)13:47
seb128    got: 62+0: a-6213:47
seb128    * amd64: bluedevil13:47
seb128unsure if that means it's a problem though13:47
seb128infinity mentioned it so he probably thinks it is?13:48
Laneythere's a later hint involving bluez and bluedevil13:48
seb128Trying easy from autohinter: bluez/5.33-0ubuntu2 gnome-bluetooth/3.16.1-1ubuntu1~ppa1 gnome-user-share/3.0.4-0ubuntu2 bluedevil/4:5.1.95-0ubuntu1 has13:48
seb128    * amd64: bluedevil, gnome, gnome-control-center, gnome-core, gnome-desktop-environment, gnome-phone-manager, ubuntu-gnome-desktop, ubuntu-mate-core13:49
seb128so it's listed in there as wel13:49
infinityI'm honestly not sure why bluedevil is in that list, it's confusing me a bit.13:49
LaneyTrying easy from autohinter: libbluedevil/4:5.2.2-0ubuntu3 bluedevil/4:5.1.95-0ubuntu1 bluez/5.33-0ubuntu2 gnome-bluetooth/3.16.1-1ubuntu1~ppa1 gnome-user-share/3.0.4-0ubuntu213:50
infinityI just noticed the weird double dep when trying to understand it.13:50
Laney    * amd64: gnome, gnome-control-center, gnome-core, gnome-desktop-environment, gnome-phone-manager, ubuntu-gnome-desktop, ubuntu-mate-core13:50
infinityOh, we have another autohint that I missed?  Or was libbluedevil not there last time I looked?13:50
infinityThat one looks much more sane.13:50
infinityJust g-c-c broken, and ubuntu-mate-core.13:51
infinityseb128: I can fix MATE for them.  I take it bluez-alsa is dead/13:51
seb128infinity, it is yes13:51
seb128infinity, thanks13:51
LaneyI think it's just that after the ones seb128 also did13:51
infinityseb128: Is there a replacement for bluez-alsa, or is it just rolled into bluez?13:53
infinityAnd does anything force it off with a Conflicts/Replaces?13:53
seb128infinity, afaik it's deprecated by bluez itself, nothing seems to C/R it though13:56
seb128cyphermox, ^ maybe you know more about that?13:56
cyphermoxI don't think it's still needed, pulseaudio knows about bluez's dbus APIs13:57
cyphermoxso if it's no longer shipped...13:57
* infinity looks sideways at the MATE seeds not having the string "bluez" in them.13:57
cyphermoxinfinity: does it have blue13:57
infinitycyphermox: Right, so bluez should C/R -alsa to force it off cleanly on upgrades.13:57
cyphermoxinfinity: most likely, yes13:58
cyphermoxlet me check what bluez-alsa shipped before13:58
cyphermoxyeah, they probably dropped this :/13:59
infinityYeahp, fair enough.14:01
infinityJust need to make the old package go away, since it clearly won't work with the new bluez, and don't want the cruft lying around.14:01
cyphermoxseb128: should I do the change?14:01
seb128cyphermox, if you want, yes please, maybe check with morphis he was configuring a packaging vcs for bluez under ~bluetooth14:02
cyphermoxyeah, it's there, but no history :/14:03
seb128did we have some before somewhere?14:04
cyphermoxseb128: at the very least we have launchpad as a last resort14:08
cyphermoxI see Iain has a branch up to some rev of 4.9914:08
cyphermoxthat's still not getting is very far though14:09
Laneylooks like that was using the UDD branch14:10
cyphermoxI was already thinking of importing the history for the NM branch into a git-dpm tree or something, perhaps we can do the same with bluez?14:11
seb128if you have a nice workflow feel free to do it/tell us how it works14:15
seb128I suggested the desktop way of debian/ dir only because that's what I know which works best for component non hosted on launchpad14:16
infinityOkay, that was confusing.  Found the bluez-alsa dep and wiped it out.14:22
infinityIt was a recommends from desktop-common, but due to an entirely weird bug, those recommends become depends for ubuntu-mate-core (and only them), while they're recommends for everyone else.14:22
davmor2cyphermox: did you manage to resolve the iso booting issue in the end?14:23
cyphermoxdavmor2: it was broken by related bluetooth issues too ^14:23
cyphermoxI haven't checked this morning yet14:24
infinitycjwatson: germinate bug/misfeature, or is MATE doing something wrong?14:24
cyphermoxisn't MATE doing something special to their seed anyway14:24
infinitycyphermox: no-follow-recommends, but it doesn't follow that that should translate all recommends into deps. ;)14:24
cyphermoxno, it doesn't :)14:24
infinitycjwatson: Nevermind, not a germinate bug, their metapackage is weird.14:28
infinityflexiondotorg: Dude.14:28
infinityflexiondotorg: You around?14:29
* infinity decides he's waited long enough for flexiondotorg and fixes his meta without input.14:51
cyphermoxwhat was it?14:52
infinitycyphermox: ${germinate:Recommends} was on the Depends line for ubuntu-mate-core. :P14:52
cyphermoxwoops ;)14:52
infinityseb128: ubuntu-mate-meta uploaded.14:55
cyphermoxseb128: infinity: could you please get the boottest for bluez to be skipped?16:37
seb128cyphermox, I don't know the magic for that16:38
seb128unsure what group has the acl for it as well16:38
seb128Laney and pitti can is all I know16:38
cyphermoxseb128: I could maybe have done it but only for touch things :P16:43
cyphermoxhuh, scratch that,  I guess it's probably more "only for RTM"16:44
slangaseklooks like python-apt is clear, but there are other apt revdeps not rebuild yet.  anyone worked on those or should I give it a go?17:23
slangasekapt revdeps uploaded18:03
robruanybody around to sponsor an upload for me? infinity?18:04
cyphermoxrobru: I can, I haven't left yet18:17
robrucyphermox: ah barry got to me first, but thanks18:20
barryrobru: built for me at least on a wily amd64 chroot18:22
robrubarry: yeah it should be good, not an arch-specific failure, thanks18:23
slangasekoh fail; debian-xcontrol checks its own control file at build time and barfs on XSBC-Original-Maintainer18:27
slangaseklibmusicbrainz5's transition tracker also didn't cover the bases; more rebuilds needed there, trying to upload now (but at the tail end of battery here)18:38
dokowhy is this still showing up http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/html/libqalculate-g++5.html ? it's the only package18:44
slangasekdoko: because of a bad matching rule; .depends ~/libqalculate5\b/ also matches Depends: libqalculate5-foo.  It's in the "finished" section anyway, so you can ignore it?18:47
slangasekbarry, robru, infinity, cyphermox (or anyone who's around): top priority today should be getting the mega hint unstuck.  Laney has a branch at lp:~laney/ubuntu-archive-tools/update-output-helper with a tool of the same name that helps with analysis of the output.  I'm using it like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12081732/18:50
slangasekthe interface is a bit janky (and I haven't yet merged that into ubuntu-archive-tools because of that jankiness) but hopefully you can figure it out and make some headway18:51
slangasekI've sorted out apt and musicbrainz5, there were missing revdep rebuilds - those are now on the tracker and noted in the pad18:51
slangasek5 minutes battery left here, so signing off.  Good luck :)18:53
robrucyphermox: I don't really know what to do18:55
Laneyslangasek: I thought about making it a straight wrapper with some more smarts18:56
Laneybut that would have taken extra time18:56
Laneycan improve it later on19:00
Laneyit's looking smaller!19:01
cyphermoxLaney: it's not missing much to be useful in this particular case19:01
cyphermoxfirst I picked was tangled in apt too19:01
Laneycan't parse that, sorry19:01
Laneydo you mean it's not useful or it is? :)19:01
cyphermoxrobru: so, you get laney's branch. then run update-output-helper -u... as per the paste from slangasek19:01
cyphermoxLaney: I say it's useful19:02
barrypitti: if you're around (or anybody else who has shell on autopkgtest.u.c) could you please retry ipython i386?19:02
cyphermoxLaney: and I say it's not missing much to wrap the rest of what slangasek was doing19:02
LaneyI just copy and paste the huge list19:03
Laneyand if you pull it does update for you :P19:03
cyphermoxrobru: you just need to take the huge list beside: Trying easy from autohinter, and copy-paste it when you run update-output-helper again (without -u)19:03
cyphermoxrobru: and to finish that apt-get install call (with the obvious different dirs so you don't mess up your install), you pick some random package under amd64: or something, those without a /version_number, and try to install it, see where it hangs19:04
Laneydon't forget --dry-run19:04
* Laney puts that in19:04
cyphermoxah, now I pick something and it's installable19:06
Laneyso that it doesn't try to do anything19:06
robrucyphermox: is this meant to be done in a wily chroot?19:06
cyphermoxI thought so but passing dirs to apt makes it unnecessary19:07
Laneyit's at least offering to install something here19:08
Laneydon't know what would happen if I say yes :)19:08
* cyphermox takes src:player19:09
cyphermoxLaney: it tries to download the files from your aptroot, and fails.19:09
Laneycan you try a rebuild of visp and see if it gets libogre-1.9.0v5?19:10
robruLaney: cyphermox: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12081879/ yeah I have no idea what I'm doing19:10
Laneylooks like that might be why its test fails19:10
* Laney is on Frankfurt train station wifi19:10
* cyphermox is at home waiting for his lift to the airport19:11
* cyphermox takes geos and player...19:11
cyphermoxrobru: no get update19:11
robrucyphermox: the paste said to update :-P19:12
cyphermoxyou also don't need to run the extra update with apt-get -o blah, because it gets run when you run update-output update19:12
cyphermoxs/ update$/-helper/19:12
cyphermoxyou're just not picking the packages from the right list for the call to install19:12
cyphermoxunder the huge list of hints, you have besides ' * amd64:' a list of uninstallable packages, pick from that :)19:13
robrucyphermox: ok now what? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12081911/19:15
* Laney plays the "will it build before the train arrives or my 30 minutes of wifi runs out?" game19:15
cyphermoxrobru: right, so this means that something is still depending on libgeos-c1 instead of libgeos-c1v5, what I was looking at right now19:16
cyphermoxso you'd check if what you picked (libqgis) has built properly, and if you got the newest in proposed19:17
Laneyoften stuff is rebuilt but blocked at the excuses stage19:18
dokoLaney, it's "wily it build ..."19:18
Laneythe train is delayed by zwanzig minuten19:18
Laneybut I have 6 minutes of wifi left19:19
Laneysomeone just try a visp rebuild already :)19:19
dokosomebody should give back libkcddb and cantata when musicbraiz is built19:19
dokoanway, afk now19:19
Laney10 seconds19:24
* Laney fail19:24
Laneyttyl :P19:24
cyphermoxrobru: back in a bit on my way to the airport20:10
robrucyphermox: OK I'm on lunch for a bit & running some errands, we should sync up a bit later20:16
stokachuinfinity: ^21:19
cyphermoxrobru: well, I had to get to the airport, I'm there now having dinner since my flight still isn't for a few hours22:09
robrucyphermox: cool. Can you run me through this update output helper thing? I don't really know how to fix the problems found with it22:10
cyphermoxwhere you at now?22:11
robrucyphermox: same place we left off22:11
cyphermoxahah ok22:11
cyphermoxI was just hacking at the script, I don't really like how it brings out things that may already have been rebuilt in proposed22:12
cyphermoxso, you run the update and all, up to trying to install a package, which will say why it fails to install22:12
cyphermoxsomething like http://people.ubuntu.com/~mathieu-tl/output22:13
cyphermox(but way shorter)22:13
cyphermoxsay you try pcl-tools22:15
cyphermoxyou'll get a complaint about libvtk5.8  and one about libvtk5.8-qt4,22:15
cyphermoxwhat this means is that it's likely that pcl-tools needs to be rebuilt to pick these up, but you still need to verify22:16
robrucyphermox: ok let me try pcl-tools and see what happens22:18
robrucyphermox: ok so I see the thing about libvtk5.8{,-qt4}, what is it that I need to "verify" and how do I fix this?22:19
cyphermoxok so I found that in some cases say, pcl would already be in proposed but not being listed by update-output-helper, so I check on lp for what's there, and look in the build logs to check that it picked up the new build-deps, in this case libvtk5.8v5 and libvtk5.8-qt4v522:21
cyphermoxin this particular example, looks like pcl doesn't build22:21
robrucyphermox: so it looks like mterry was working on this recently but his FTBFS fix failed? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pcl/1.7.2-8ubuntu122:23
robrucyphermox: oh well that one is just more BOOST_JOIN failures though22:24
cyphermoxi wouldn't know22:24
robrucyphermox: I guess I don't understand what this helper tool is telling me that I can't already see on the update_excuses page22:24
robrucyphermox: I'm familiar with the BOOST_JOIN thing, I've done a few patches for that already22:25
cyphermoxessentially it allows you to walk through the list so you can fix things  that unblock many things22:26
cyphermoxif you want to look at pcl, I'll finish my burger, pass security, then I'll be 100% able to help :)22:26
robrucyphermox: heh, ok22:26
* cyphermox is on slowww wireless tubes23:10
robrucyphermox: lol, so mterry uploaded a new fix while I was fumbling with that23:14
cyphermoxwell, good I guess, aside from the duplication of work23:16
cyphermoxrobru: look at marsshooter, if you want something new23:18
robrucyphermox: yeah figured he was EOD since he's not in the channel23:18
robrualso it's after 6 in his timezone23:18
cyphermoxlooks like it should be a straight rebuild for the new libsfml; but it's 70Mb source and I'm in an airport23:19
cyphermoxotoh I guess I could bring it up on a server23:19
robrucyphermox: so you want me to pull-lp-source and poke at it? what should I check?23:19
robrucyphermox: better if you teach me I think23:19
cyphermoxwell, see if it's uninstallable first, it should tell you about libsfml23:19
cyphermoxlibsmfl has been renamed with the usual XYZv5; so doing a no-change rebuild of marsshooter should pick up these new names and just work23:21
cyphermox(but it's worth running it through sbuild first just in case)23:21
robrucyphermox: ok will do23:21
robrucyphermox: yeah, local build success, you wanna upload a nochange?23:29

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