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kyoeiMy last ota on nexus 4 devel channel was r226 on 10 May. Is this platform abandoned?02:28
tshirtmani installed on my nexus 4 using the official instructions days ago, and it worked, so i'd say no, but i don't know about updates02:33
kyoeitshirtman: which channel?02:37
kyoeiwell, I'm changing to channel rc. Hope it's better maintained.02:47
tshirtmanstable, sorry02:48
kyoeirc build installed. release r3. Build from 2015-7-27.  Hopefully this will keep up. Not sure what happened to the devel channel.02:53
kyoeiNew pretty icons, and seems smoother.02:53
kyoeiOh oh, keyboard not working. Will have to try a different channel.02:56
kyoeirestarted, keyboard now working.03:05
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nocompmorning folks06:23
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nocompwhat is the place when you test rc-proposed to notify bugs06:45
nocompor remarks?06:45
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dholbachgood morning07:32
zzarrogra_: hello again, I have had a loot to do in my work, basically programming07:40
zzarrwhere can I file a report about the zipcode problem?07:40
guest42315zzarr, maybe here? https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image07:47
zzarrthank you :)07:48
t1mphmm, after my laptop has been on standby it always needs a reboot before adb works again08:25
ogra_t1mp, sounds like you have some kind of USB port suspending going on08:27
t1mpogra_: might be. When I connect the device, it does show up in my launcher though, but with no drives (when it works fine it always shows one drive)08:27
t1mpI've had network issues before after standby, but those seem to be resolved now.08:28
mardytsdgeos: hi! Do you have some time to help me with bug 1433442?08:31
ubot5bug 1433442 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "QML's ListView currentItem changes on resize" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143344208:31
tsdgeosmardy: i have some time, but yeah that bug is not nice :D08:32
tsdgeosmardy: where/how do you want to fix it?08:32
mardytsdgeos: so, I *think* I fixed the bug in qtquick, but this causes a regression in unity8-dash08:32
mardytsdgeos: I don't understand really why, it's related to Dash/PreviewListView.qml08:33
mardytsdgeos: actually, I don't understand how it can actually work at all, even without the ppa 29 that's supposed to fix the bug08:33
tsdgeosmardy: work what? the previewlist?08:34
mardytsdgeos: the problem is, I've added some "onCurrentIndexChanged" debug to the previewlist, and from there I print the current index08:34
mardytsdgeos: yep08:34
tsdgeosthe code in the is quite funky yeah08:34
tsdgeoscurrentindex is always 0 on first open for some reason08:34
tsdgeoseven if it cleraly is not08:34
mardytsdgeos: so, without the fix, I see that the currentIndex changes from 2 (supposing I click on the third item) to 008:34
mardytsdgeos: ah, exactly!08:34
tsdgeoswhich is "fine" because we don't use the currentIndex anywhere afaik08:35
mardytsdgeos: in practice, what happens is that without the fix, I see that the currentIndex is 0, currentItem is "preview0", and yet things work08:35
mardytsdgeos: with my fix, they are both 0, and things don't work :-)08:35
tsdgeosthat's not cool :D08:36
mardytsdgeos: I found a workaround, and that's to comment out the line "initialIndex = -1" in the onCountChanged08:36
mardytsdgeos: with that, the index jumps from 2 to 0, then again to 2, and it stays correctly there08:36
mardytsdgeos: but it's fishy08:37
tsdgeosthat line isn't there anymore?08:37
tsdgeosah it is08:37
tsdgeosbecause we didn't land my code yet08:38
mardytsdgeos: one more strange (to me, at least) thing is that after all of this, I see that the model changes (I have another debug line on onModelChanged)08:38
tsdgeosmardy: does https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/previews_in_order help?08:38
mardytsdgeos: I have to run afk for some time, I'll try in a little while, and come back with the results08:39
tsdgeosoki, same here actually08:39
tsdgeosneed to go and shout to the telecom company08:39
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nocomphi guys09:09
nocompany good alternative to deko for gmail ?09:09
nocomptakes more than 10 min to load emails09:09
guest42315nocomp, you can open a bug report against dekko if you like https://bugs.launchpad.net/dekko09:18
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t1mpI often get "failed to enter recovery" when I flash my device, see http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12078133/09:23
t1mpany ideas? The device seems stuck for a long time in the loading screen with the large spinning ubuntu logo09:24
t1mpwow, just now it rebooted... I wonder if has the new image09:25
t1mpit says it has 483. So the flashing didn't fail?09:26
nocompthx guest4231509:38
guest42315nocomp, np :P have fun09:41
mardytsdgeos: bad luck, looks like your patch doesn't help: the index gets zero-ed and doesn't change10:04
tsdgeosmardy: oh10:04
tsdgeosmardy: then maybe your patch is breaking it?10:04
mardytsdgeos: well, my patch makes it more consistent: the index is 0, and you see item 0 ;-)10:05
mardytsdgeos: but it looks like there's some other issue with ListView, that sets the index to 010:05
tsdgeosyeah no idea why10:06
mardytsdgeos: I'll try to isolate the issue10:06
mardytsdgeos: does unity-dash work on X11?10:06
tsdgeosmardy: yeah10:07
tsdgeosstart smart-<TAB>10:07
tsdgeosand then just run it from the build dir10:07
tsdgeosor maybe even make tryDash from the builddir would be enough10:08
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mardytsdgeos: so, an easy fix is to remove all that initialIndex stuff and just initialize currentIndex; but I'll investigate a bit more and see if I can find a cause for the weirdness10:24
zsombi_guys, I've OTA updated my arale, and since then I cannot boot it/flash it... any thoughts?10:30
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davmor2zsombi_: on devel-proposed?10:31
zsombi_davmor2: yes, I had that on teh device10:32
zsombi_davmor2: then I tried to reflash it using ubuntu-device-flash touch --device arale --channel=ubuntu-touch/derc-roposed/meizu.en --recovery-image recovery.img --wipe --bootstrap10:33
davmor2zsombi_: it's known broken on phone and iso10:33
zsombi_davmor2: then I tried to reflash it using ubuntu-device-flash touch --device arale --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-roposed/meizu.en --recovery-image recovery.img --wipe --bootstrap10:33
davmor2zsombi_: you can either use an older image or use rc-proposed10:33
zsombi_davmor2: ok, I'll try both10:34
davmor2zsombi_: gcc5 landed on devel-proposed and broke stuff there were emails for it10:35
davmor2zsombi_: same for desktop10:35
zsombi_davmor2: ehh.. .I remember it now...10:35
davmor2zsombi_: should be fixed soon10:36
zsombi_davmor2: thx!!10:36
zsombi_davmor2: hmm... it doesn't seem to flash any image, not even the rc-proposed10:51
zsombi_davmor2: it stays there for ~20 mins, nothing happens10:52
davmor2zsombi_: arale?10:52
zsombi_davmor2: yes10:52
davmor2does it just show 2 lines of text on the fastboot screen?10:53
davmor2zsombi_: ^  If so hit ctrl+c in the terminal, press power and volume down till it reboots into fastboot mode.  Count to ten then run ubuntu-device-flash touch --bootstrap --channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en --recovery-image recovery-arale.img10:55
davmor2zsombi_: You should see a whole bunch of longer strings of text appear if it is going to flash10:56
zsombi_davmor2: yes, I can only see one file downloaded, but I am in fastboot mode10:58
zsombi_davmor2: lemme try again10:59
davmor2zsombi_: Yeap the issue is if you run the command too soon the phone isn't fully setup in the mode so it just locks up the transfer, so you have to stop the process and reboot the phone to get rid of the lock10:59
zsombi_davmor2: ahh, now it started to flood my screen :)11:00
davmor2zsombi_: that should now work then11:00
zsombi_davmor2: seems to, yes, thx again!!!11:00
davmor2zsombi_: no worries11:00
davmor2zsombi_: so in future you now know if you are stuck on the two lines for anything more than 3 seconds after you run the command it is locked up reboot :)11:05
zsombi_davmor2: yeah :D11:05
zsombi_davmor2: I was sure about that, just didn't knew I had to wait that much to get into the mode...11:06
davmor2zsombi_: you probably don't have to wait that long 10 seems to be the magic number though :)11:07
zsombi_davmor2: I love magic numbers and 10 seems to be a perfect round one :D11:08
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mardytsdgeos: hi again :-)11:49
mardytsdgeos: so, this is enough to reproduce the bug: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12078738/11:49
mardytsdgeos: it can be reproduced with or without my bugfix11:49
mardytsdgeos: I suspect it has to do with the fact that the countChanged signal is emitted before the model is really set11:49
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robin-heroHi all!  I ordered a Bluetooth headset for running, I can pair it with my BQ Aquaris E4.5 phone (I was scared at first, because it showed it is a keyboard, but turned off and on and it showed it is a headphone) and I can listen music with it, but the volume and next/previous track buttons don't work. It's powered by Bluetooth 4, is this supported by the Ubuntu Phone? I use r24, the latest stable build.11:53
tsdgeosmardy: so it's a different bug?11:56
mardytsdgeos: yes, but anyway I need to patch unity8-dash for my bugfix (I guess I'll just remove the initialIndex stuff and use currentIndex)12:00
tsdgeosmardy: ok, be extra careful, i guess we added that code for a reason :D12:01
mardytsdgeos: will try :-)12:01
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mardytsdgeos: do you have a checkout of the qt source code?12:07
mardyhandy, I mean12:07
tsdgeosmardy: yeah12:07
mardytsdgeos: git show 22c6873 :-)12:08
mardy(in qtdeclarative)12:08
mardytsdgeos: I bet that's the cause of the bug12:08
tsdgeosoh it's even documetned12:09
tsdgeosnot cool12:09
mardytsdgeos: the onCountChanged is triggered from within the setModel() method, so we update currentIndex in there, and then near the end of setMethod it gets reset to 012:09
tsdgeoswell whatever :D12:09
mardytsdgeos: I guess I can fix the issue by replacing onCountChanged with onModelChanged12:09
tsdgeosmardy: that'd be the least intrusive probably12:10
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mardytsdgeos: yep, that seems to fix it12:17
mardytsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/unity8/lp1433442/+merge/26806812:28
mardyMirv: hi! Could you please add this to silo 29? ^12:29
tsdgeosmardy: please set https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/Checklists/Unity8 on the description too12:30
Mirvmardy: ok!12:32
mardytsdgeos: ok, done12:35
tsdgeosmardy: how urgent is this?12:36
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kenvandineElleo, did you see my comment last night about the osk typing an extra key during a test?12:44
kenvandinein one of our wifi tests, we type in 'eduroam' but it attempts to connect to 'eduroame'12:44
kenvandine17:20:09.270 INFO logging:45 - TextField: Write into the text field. Arguments ('eduroam',). Keyword arguments: {}.12:44
kenvandine Could not connect:  "Access point with SSID [eduroame] could not be found"12:45
kenvandineElleo, any idea what could cause that?12:45
kenvandinerhuddie, ^^ maybe you have ideas?12:45
rhuddiekenvandine, i've not seen that before... is it possible to reproduce locally?12:50
kenvandinei've seen that same failure at least 3 times in the past 12 hours12:51
kenvandineno... i haven't reproduced it locally12:51
kenvandineis a current running job, but search for eduroam12:51
kenvandineyou'll see it12:51
kenvandinerhuddie, last night jgdx ran that single test repeatedly in a loop, no failures12:53
mardytsdgeos: I wouldn't say that it's very urgent, but since we have a silo allocated, the sooner it gets reviewed the sooner the silo gets free'd :-)12:57
tsdgeostoday or monday12:58
mardytsdgeos: perfect, thanks12:58
rhuddiekenvandine, i was not able to reproduce that myself. also the logs don't give much clue13:22
kenvandinei know13:22
kenvandinerhuddie, well i'm seeing this on my branch that bumps all the sdk imports to 1.313:23
kenvandinewhich a couple days ago i had 100% pass on my krillin13:23
kenvandinelast night i was trying it without that branch, and didn't reproduce it13:23
kenvandinei'll try it again with the 1_3 branch13:23
kenvandinebut i can't imagine this has anything todo with the sdk import version13:23
kenvandinerhuddie, it is failing consistently in CI13:24
kenvandinejgdx, did this happen on any of your branches?13:24
kenvandineno... jgdx's branch didn't hit this issue13:26
rhuddiekenvandine, yes very strange. definitely worth trying again locally with that branch13:27
kenvandinerhuddie, i was wrong, jgdx's branch hit the same thing13:33
robin-heroDanChapman: When will you release a new version for Dekko? I've just seen you fixed this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/dekko/+bug/1478207 (It closes my dekko about 4-5 times a day, and it is really annoying).13:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1478207 in Dekko "Dekko crashes while refreshing the mail box" [Critical,Fix committed]13:52
nik90DanChapman: Now that Dekko integrates with OnlineAccounts, does that mean users can enable 2-factor authentication for gmail? Previously I had to generate app-specific password using google security page and use that.14:00
nik90I suppose OAuth 2.0 login should take care of that14:00
Elleokenvandine: no idea what could be causing that :/14:18
robin-heroHey nik90! Could we expect a new version of Podbird in the near future?14:18
Elleokenvandine: I'm guessing there aren't any other spurious touch events on that device or anything?14:18
kenvandineElleo, it's only happening on the CI tests14:19
kenvandineon my device i can't reproduce it14:19
Elleorobin-hero: there'll be a new version pretty soon, just needs me to have a free weekend to review the last couple of branches from nik90 (might not be until early september though as I'm away on holiday a lot this month)14:19
robin-heroElleo: Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it, coz I really like Podbird :)14:20
nik90robin-hero: soonish :) Got a couple of goodies in it14:20
Elleorobin-hero: glad to hear it :)14:20
Elleokenvandine: do you get extra characters in any other tests?14:20
robin-heroI use it everyday when I'm travelling to work and to home :)14:20
jgdxElleo, not that we know of14:21
kenvandineElleo, i don't think so14:21
kenvandinebut... jgdx hit a problem with searching for timezone14:21
Elleois there any way to get a video/screencast of jobs in CI?14:21
kenvandinethat might be related14:21
kenvandineit didn't find the timezone searched for14:21
kenvandineoh good question14:21
jgdxElleo, kenvandine, yeah it is searching for London, United Kingdomz and finds Etc/Utc14:22
Elleoso an extra "z"14:22
jgdxthat was my fat fingers14:22
kenvandineElleo, http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-vivid-mako/3082/14:22
kenvandinei don't see a video14:23
jgdxIm only human14:23
jgdxas opposed to autopilot…14:23
kenvandinejgdx, but you are super human :)14:23
jgdxwe've never had vids of touch runs14:23
Elleoah, shame14:23
tsdgeosmardy: ping14:24
mardytsdgeos: pong14:31
tsdgeosmardy: that code regresses atm14:31
tsdgeosis silo 29 usable?14:31
mardytsdgeos: it is, but for some reason you might have to update the packages manually (at least, I had to)14:32
mardytsdgeos: so, you mean that with the current libqt5quick5, my MP causes a regression?14:32
tsdgeosmardy: but i'm a bit concerned it causes a regression14:32
tsdgeosmardy: yep14:32
tsdgeosi don't get the preview i should14:32
tsdgeosi get 014:32
mardytsdgeos: let me try14:33
tsdgeoswith tryDash it's a bit hard to see14:33
tsdgeosbecause all are the same14:33
tsdgeosbut on the phone is very clera14:33
mardytsdgeos: yep, I confirm14:34
tsdgeoswhich honestly it's weird14:35
tsdgeosand scares me your change is regressing somewhere else too14:36
mardytsdgeos: weeird! currentIndex *is correct*, but for some reason the wrong item is loaded14:37
tsdgeosseen that before14:37
tsdgeoslistview is a can of nests14:38
tsdgeosnest of works14:38
tsdgeosor wathever the expression is :D14:38
kenvandineElleo, i have a theory... and just pushed a fix to see14:42
kenvandineElleo, the osk wasn't getting dismissed after entering the name14:42
kenvandineso it was changing a couple selectors on the screen with the osk still showing14:43
kenvandinemaybe one of those were under the "e"14:43
kenvandinei just pushed a branch that dismisses the osk :)14:43
Elleokenvandine: interesting, not sure why that'd only happen in CI though?14:44
kenvandineit's happening on mako14:44
kenvandinei was running the test on krillin14:44
kenvandinebut it was passing on mako before14:45
kenvandineElleo, actually shouldn't the osk get dismissed when the field loses focus?14:46
kenvandineit's interesting that we change a selector and the osk stays up14:47
Elleokenvandine: yeah, I'd guess a selector doesn't take active focus14:47
Elleobuttons do, but not all other components14:47
kenvandinei wonder if that changed in the uitk landing this week14:47
mardytsdgeos: OK, I got something which works with both versions of libqt5quick514:49
kenvandineElleo, bingo14:49
Elleokenvandine: excellent :)14:49
kenvandinemy mako hasn't been updated this week, i just confirmed the field loses focus when tapping the selector14:50
kenvandinebzoltan_, ^^ is that intentional or a regression?14:50
kenvandinethe OptionSelector doesn't take active focus anymore14:50
kenvandinesince this week's landing14:50
mardytsdgeos: don't ask me why, but using positionViewAtIndex() instead of directly changing currentIndex works14:51
mardytsdgeos: maybe it does some extra layout checks14:51
mardytsdgeos: anyway, MP updated14:51
kenvandinebzoltan_, so the osk doesn't get dismissed when the last field focused was a text field14:51
robin-heroCould somebody help me corfiming a bug? If I am enable flight mode, then disable it the bluetooth is turning on on my device :)14:51
kenvandinejgdx, ^^ that's why14:51
kenvandinebzoltan_, actually it's not an OptionSelector, it's ListItem.ItemSelector14:54
mardyrobin-hero: sounds like bug 145092514:54
ubot5bug 1450925 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "[Ubuntu Phone BQ] Bluetooth enabled after flight mode" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145092514:54
robin-heromardy: Thanks!14:55
kenvandinebzoltan_, and it's importing ListItems 0.114:55
jgdxkenvandine, we have activeFocusonPressed = false though15:02
jgdxon all of that stuff15:02
jgdxwhich is a workaround for the "tap is ignored and instead hides the osk" issue15:04
DanChapmanrobin-hero, I plan to release the next Dekko version next week. Still got some fixes I want to land first15:04
DanChapmannik90: yeah OAuth2 login handles all of that so you should be fine using 2fa15:05
nik90DanChapman: awesome, thnx15:05
ogra_oSoMoN, dbarth, why do i use all my tabs every few days ? :(15:32
oSoMoNogra_, what do you mean?15:35
ogra_oSoMoN, well, my browser comes up with only a single tab every now and then, with the whole session i had before gone15:36
ogra_i have a slight suspicion that it happens when it was started by url-dispatcher but cant really 100% pin it down to that15:37
oSoMoNogra_, huh, that’s unexpected, can you please file a bug?15:37
ogra_will do, though as i said, probably not easy to reproduce15:37
guest42315unity8 on arale is really laggy... scrolling the apps scopes with (40 apps) stutters pretty bad... as if it's using a single core or something...15:39
ogra_oSoMoN, bug 148503015:40
ubot5bug 1485030 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "Tabs session gets lost every now and then" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148503015:40
ogra_guest42315, if you scroll up and down a few times, does it get better ?15:41
ogra_(i.e. if more cores wake up)15:41
oSoMoNogra_, thanks, will take a look15:41
ogra_someone from the Mir team is just researching that ...15:41
ogra_(cpufreq influence on Mir i mean)15:41
ogra_though i personally think if cpufreq has a massive incfluence like that we are probably not using enugh of the GPU :)15:42
guest42315i see :D so i'm not crazy15:42
ogra_(or rather to much of the CPU)15:42
guest42315CPU most probably15:44
kenvandinecyphermox, i'm trying to pair an apple magic trackpad with my device, it sees the device but doesn't connect16:00
kenvandine2015-08-14 11:59:30,045 - WARNING - Could not initiate service discovery: "Host is down"16:00
kenvandine2015-08-14 11:59:49,631 - WARNING - Can't set device trusted before it is added in BlueZ16:00
kenvandineit works fine on my desktop16:00
kenvandinecyphermox, i'm seeing the same thing trying to connect to my bluetooth mouse, which was working fine last week16:01
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cyphermoxkenvandine: Host is down usually means either the magic trackpad isn't allowing you to pair (isn't in pairing more even if it's visible), or there's an issue with your blueooth adapter, is there anything in syslog?16:15
kenvandineAug 14 12:18:22 ubuntu-phablet bluetoothd[880]: Discovery session 0xb8e97448 with :1.138 activated16:18
kenvandineAug 14 12:18:32 ubuntu-phablet bluetoothd[880]: Stopping discovery16:18
kenvandinecyphermox, ^^ that's it16:18
kenvandinecyphermox, the status is showing as disconnected16:19
kenvandineit works fine on my desktop though16:20
cyphermoxkenvandine: I don't know, but one thing for sure is that between your desktop and phone it's not the same adapter, so maybe that has an issue16:24
cyphermoxmorphis: ^ want to do debugging?16:25
kenvandinehowever... my phone connected to the mouse fine the other day16:25
kenvandinenow it's not16:25
cyphermoxkenvandine: maybe you're on bluez 5 now on your phone?16:25
kenvandinedid that land?16:25
cyphermoxit was still in proposed not long ago16:25
cyphermoxbut still, maybe other bits landed that broke this.16:26
kenvandineno 4.101-0ubuntu25.1~overlay216:26
kenvandinei'm running rc-proposed16:26
kenvandinenot wily16:26
cyphermoxis that new in the overlay?16:26
kenvandinefrom the 12th16:27
seb128kenvandine, could be the same than bug #148253116:29
ubot5bug 1482531 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Can not pair with Logitech K480" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148253116:29
seb128I didn't debug that yet16:29
seb128kenvandine, what device are you on?16:29
seb128that bug ^ is bq specific it seems, at least popey said it's working on mako & mx16:29
popeyI dont have mako16:29
popeyonly tested on bq and meizu16:30
kenvandineseb128, i'm seeing the same thing on arale and krillin16:30
seb128k, so different issue16:30
popeyah, s/mako/flo :)16:30
seb128popey, sorry, I remembered wrongly, yeah16:30
popeynvm :)16:30
seb128kenvandine, in any case we could do a better job at displaying bluetooth pairing errors16:31
seb128also would be nice to have some debug info logs enable if you set some environment16:31
seb128atm you need to rebuild with qWarning() calls to debug16:32
seb128which sucks16:32
kenvandineseb128, my bt mouse does connect on mako16:32
kenvandinebut not krillin or arale16:32
* kenvandine tries the touchpad16:32
seb128it's the same software stack16:32
seb128I don't like those bugs16:33
popeyyour mouse doesn't need you to type in a code though16:33
popeyfor me it's only the things that need codes that have problems16:33
kenvandineok, the touchpad doesn't let me connect16:34
popeyunless it's maybe one of these mice http://www.wired.com/2009/11/18-button-open-office-mouse-makes-a-keyboard-look-minimal/ :)16:34
kenvandinesame host is down thing16:34
seb128popey, on bq only right? and is that all things that need a code?16:35
popeyyeah, only seemed to affect bq16:35
popeyodd kernel bug?16:37
seb128did the kernel change on bq? or did pairing never work and we didn't notice?16:37
popeyoh, suppose not, still 3.416:37
seb128I tested the keyboard secure pairing things on a n716:37
seb128I don't know if I tried on bq but I think I did and it was working by then16:38
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kenvandinejgdx, eduroam test passed now with my branch17:44
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sam__Hi. Can someone explain me how to install the libconnectivity-qt1-dev package in Ubuntu-SDK?22:07
sam__I installed it by settings -> Ubuntu -> maintain click target22:09
sam__But it still says that it's not found22:09
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