diddledananyone around?01:32
diddledanv. quiet in here today01:32
mapppshi all05:33
mapppshey diddledan05:34
diploMorning all07:14
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:11
awilkinsIt's raining.08:14
davmor2Morning all08:15
davmor2Morning song Blue by Eiffle 6508:16
brobostigonand humid and warm.08:16
* bashrc was like a drowned rat by the time he arrived at work08:19
brobostigonis that like wet dog syndrome?08:20
brobostigonoh dear, not good then.08:20
davmor2brobostigon: the worse one is when you wear a mac to protect yourself from the rain and wind up wetter from the sweat08:22
brobostigonyes that very unpleasnt.08:23
Laneyi was pleased that the water butt was being refilled08:39
* Laney is officially middle aged08:39
davmor2Laney: you're not old enough to be middle aged :P08:51
bashrcdepends how long you expect to live, I suppose09:02
brobostigonif i get to 60's/70's i will be lucky i reckon.09:09
davmor2brobostigon: you plan on making that many enemies ;)09:19
* awilkins is snuggled up in his dressing gown and blankie09:21
brobostigonno teddy?09:23
awilkinsDammit, man, I'm *working*09:24
awilkinsThe teddy is not considered suitable business attire.09:24
bashrcneither is a dressing gown09:25
bashrcalthough I've seen folks wearing all kinds of things around here, including wizard hats09:26
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diddledanit's been really quiet the past few days17:02
diddledanwhere's everyone gone?17:02
zmoylan-pitis august, some are on holidays and some are covering for those on holidays.17:03
zmoylan-pias a gamer it's difficult rounding up enough people for d&d games this time of year17:04
zmoylan-picome september it'll be all the fun happy people back to the normal daily slog17:11
diddledanlol: http://www.revk.uk/2015/07/crypto-wars.html17:19
shaunoI'm working pretty much constantly to make up for all my recent jaunts :/17:21
shaunothis "week" I'm doing 10 days in a row, 8 10hr shifts and two 1217:21
zmoylan-pithankfully the irish summer (today was sunshine AND rain at same time) will mean you won't miss much :-)17:21
diddledandid you get a rainbow?17:22
zmoylan-pino, i got wet17:22
shaunosummer was yesterday on this side :/17:22
zmoylan-piand hot and sticky at same time17:22
shaunoit hit 16 degrees so they called an ice cream van out17:22
zmoylan-pibut it was funny watching tourists in dublin trying to work out wether to wear rain coats or use umbrellas17:23
diddledanwe had an ice cream van tinkling it's chimes yesterday, too17:23
shaunoapparently when they got him out in easter, they arranged a discount by paying for 3 visits up-front17:23
shaunoso they've just spent all summer waiting for the sun to show up so they can call in on the other two17:24
diddledanbad idea in ireland planning for sunshine to happen17:24
shaunowell, this summer has been unusually bad.  this year all the jokes came true :/17:25
zmoylan-piunless it's exam time or first few days of back to school in which case the sun will be cracking the pavements :-)17:25
shaunowe didn't even have a good week for the leaving certs!  that one's almost a given17:25
zmoylan-piyeah, it was one of the wettest on record which in ireland is up against some stiff competition17:26
diddledanapparently britain got flooded yesterday?17:26
diddledanI missed it by being comatosed17:26
zmoylan-pibut i'm sure in a few weeks we'll be asked to limit water due to drought17:26
shaunoI got crispy burnt on the solent.  kinda unfair advantage when I haven't seen sun for 5 months17:29
zmoylan-piif you live in ireland long enough all it takes is a little wind burn to give you an all over tan :-)17:29
DJonesdiddledan: Nowhere got flooded, just southerners whinged becacuse the sun wasn't out18:58
directhexi'm expecting to tag a Stephenson's Rocket release in a couple of hours. will people be able to help me seed it, prior to doing the launch announcement?20:11
daftykinslink me up!20:11
directhexhaven't tagged this iso yet20:23
directhexit is EXCITING20:23
directhexwill tag once i'm done regression testing20:23
directhexwhich is slow due to the slow usb stick i'm testing from20:23
daftykinsi got a super fast teamgroup one the other day, was like £15 for 32GB too20:24
daftykinsi've thrown ISOs on in under 15 seconds20:24
diddledannever heard of teamgroup20:30
diddledangoogle says http://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/index.php20:32
diddledanI have a vague recollection of that logo20:32
diddledanbut that's about it20:32
daftykinsthey are big for RAM20:32
daftykinsusually pretty cheap too20:32
directhex3/4 of HW regression tests passed, time to boot the last one20:35
diddledanis that "three quarters" or just "three out of four"20:36
daftykinsthey'd be the same20:37
daftykinser, what am i on20:37
diddledanwell yes. but "four tests" doesn't sound as exciting as "many tests"20:38
directhexit's 4 tests20:38
directhexi hammer it out in vmware until it works reliably in vmware (both bios and uefi), then i test on a real (old) pc with a variety of GPUs fitted20:39
directhexfirst doing the install once & swapping GPUs between boots, then again with particular GPUs fitted at install time20:39
directhex* a supported geforce (which should use the valve-provided nvidia-glx)20:40
directhex* a supported radeon (which should use the valve-provided fglrx)20:40
directhex* an unsupported geforce (which should use the hex-provided legacy 340 version of nvidia-glx)20:41
directhex* an unsupported radeon (which should use mesa)20:41
directhexi don't test on intel, but it should follow the same code path as vmware & just work via mesa20:41
daftykinshttp://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-official-ppa-graphics/ - i like this news20:42
diddledanthe news may be good, but that site is evil! :-p20:46
daftykins*shrug* was linked by someone else20:48
diddledan.. I moved my mouse out of the browser at the top of the window and was greeted with a lovely overlay that to get rid of other than closing the tab I have to click the link which is entitled "no, I hate linux"20:48
diddledansee: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0soocbt1k1ydfrb/itsfoss-overlay.png?dl=020:50
shaunolol, "powered by OptinMonster".  quite aptly named20:50
diddledanthe close link is that teeny bit underneath the "Yes! I Love Linux" button which requires you to give them your email20:50
diddledanallo shauno20:52
daftykinsmy adblocker must've gotten that20:55
mapsjust started the minority report series:D20:56
diddledanmaps: that doesn't air for another month20:57
mapswell pilot has aired20:58
diddledanmy nzbdrone/sonarr says that's due in a month20:58
daftykinstsk tsk20:59
diddledanmr robot this week was twisty21:00
daftykinsi'm waiting for month end to try that still :)21:00
diddledanit's awesome!21:01
mapsi watch it21:01
mapsalso a new series called lucifer21:01
diddledanit makes me wanna be a haxx0r21:01
mapspilot aired21:01
diddledanI read the other day that sense8 got picked-up by netflix for a season2. Hopefully it'll not take ages to arrive21:13
diddledanbut. I guess they still need to film it21:13
daftykinsshame Extant is still going21:13
diddledanapparently the actors are all contracted for a five-year run21:14
daftykinsfor Extant!?21:14
diddledanno, for sense821:14
diddledanamazon seems to think I want a £450 intel i721:16
diddledani.e. just the cpu21:16
daftykinsdiddledan: well, amazon can't be wrong so best order it :)21:17
daftykinsconnected to 1 of 2 peers21:17
directhex( http://download.stephensonsrocket.horse/release/StephensonsRocket2.26plus1.iso.torrent )21:18
daftykinsone of those trackers seems to be claiming 'no such host'21:18
diddledan2 hours21:18
daftykinsthink it's the ccc.de one21:18
directhexsigh. i wish i didn't have to keep changing trackers21:18
diddledan4 hours21:18
directhexat least 1 of them seems fine to me, it'll do for now21:19
diddledanmathinks it's volatile21:19
diddledanand dead21:19
directhexi'm pushing 6mbit... possibly that one's the LAN peer (i'm making my NAS do seeding too)21:20
daftykinsi'm occasionally hitting 200 up and 200 down21:21
daftykinskeeps grinding to a halt though :>21:21
daftykinsah well21:21
* daftykins can see diddledan 21:22
mapsget minority report diddledan ;)21:24
diddledanjeez, amazon still uses silverlight21:29
daftykinswhat for?21:30
daftykinsIV Prime?21:30
diddledanyeah prime21:30
diddledanand it's not working either21:30
diddledan"We're experiencing a problem playing this video. Please try again. For further assistance, contact Amazon Customer Service."21:31
daftykinsooh err21:31
diddledaninteresting. that's in firefox - in chrome it uses html521:31
daftykinsprobably uses that DRM component that firefox doesn't have?21:32
shaunoI Think ff should now?  since v38?21:32
daftykinsoh that adobe 'Primetime Content Decryption Module' ?21:33
directhexi see 3 peers21:33
directhex1 utorrent, 2 transmission21:33
diddledanwell in firefox 40 apazon just tried using silverlight - I got a notice from firefox that it was blocked so I clicked allow21:34
shaunoyeah, the adobe one.  that's what netflix is using in firefox, at least21:34
mapsoff to work21:38
mapsbuh bye21:38
daftykinsenjoy o/21:38
mapsget minority report;D21:38
daftykinshaha ok21:39
shaunolol, are you on commission?21:40
m0nkey_want to take a quick vote on something.. toyota corolla or honda civic?21:45
daftykinsdirecthex: your client isn't capped is it o0 crawling along :)21:50
zmoylan-picars most comfortable to be knocked down by? :-P21:51
m0nkey_just trying to get a general consensus on them two21:51
directhexdaftykins: iirc BT do traffic shaping on torrent uploads21:51
daftykinsdirecthex: :( that's pure evil21:51
m0nkey_ha! i don't have traffic shaping!21:52
m0nkey_but i do have a data cap :/21:53
daftykinsnothing here - one thing the islands telco does right ;)21:54
daftykinsmy friend has a fun exchange with their support right now as their service has reliable packet loss, i went over and we tested 3 routers from where his phone line comes out of the ground21:54
daftykinsstill they were pushing to charge him to install a "Home500" socket, which is just that VDSL built in filters job21:55
daftykinsodd given the first point should be their responsibility21:55
brobostigonis there a way to make apt-get ignore errors and continue processing, after the following error and apt-get/dpkg stops, "processing halted because there were to many errors".21:58
daftykinsquick glance over the man page didn't look promising, though i'd not like having any errors at all :)22:02
brobostigoni just thought i would ask, incase i missed something. yes erro free would be good.22:10
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directhexsorry about the comedy low speeds, everyone :(22:19
directhexi've triple-checked the Transmission config, it really shouldn't be blocked at my end. must be BT.22:19
directhexsuper special seeding crew: grab https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0RgGqWAMEw8aFY1TVVqTEpjSDQ/view?usp=sharing and seed instead of waiting on my capped BT line, if you prefer22:31
daftykinssounds good, i'll do that then seed to the others a bit more22:39
daftykins5Mb up - that's a bit better :)22:42
daftykinsi think my client prefers shauno *whistle*22:47
daftykinswell, a user from israel wasn't my first guess of a peer at all23:02
directhexsaw him on google analytics23:04
directhexchrist, going to bed23:04

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