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Roguehorsepeople go on, people go off, on, off ...03:16
* ianorlin puts jethro tull after eating dinner03:57
RoguehorseThat friend didn't show up today, go figure =)06:05
RoguehorseFinally got SpiderOak in and running06:06
nhainesRoguehorse: how's it look?06:37
nhainesI need to do some OwnCloud tests eventually.06:37
Roguehorsehow does what look?06:38
nhainesSpiderOak.  Running well?  Syncing right?06:40
RoguehorseYeah, I had to clean out some old stuff from a few installs back but it works really good.06:41
Roguehorsestill can't get Dropbox to work though06:42
Roguehorseit just won't pull in06:42
DonkeyHoteiwhy do you have both?06:42
Roguehorsefree storage06:42
nhainesI'm *extremely* tempted to get Ubuntu One File Syncing up and running on this server here.06:43
RoguehorseAh, that's one I miss06:43
RoguehorseI have GDrive too on a "grandfathered" account of $20/80G06:44
Roguehorseso I'm not really sweating the Dropbox much06:44
nhainesUnfortunately, it was the public URL bit I used all the time, and that's probably the hardest bit as far as shell integration goes.06:44
RoguehorseI've been spending more time playing with Google stuff lately06:48
Roguehorsethat's $20/year07:26
DonkeyHoteii was considering S307:45
RoguehorseI liked Amazon, I just can't afford them now13:52
RoguehorseTheir web interface is really easy to use13:52
blitzI moved from AWS to DO because there is no cheap enough entry level option17:22
blitzbut I use AWS everyday at work and I would absolutely pick it over any other service if price wasn't a factor17:22
RoguehorseThis is what my condition does to my feet and calves making it very difficult and painful to walk, stand, or even sit:  https://goo.gl/photos/pVi8WRhk6N84gW7e620:07
darthrobot[R: photos.google.com] Title: [Error reading title]20:07
Roguehorsethat and all protein gets depleted from the bloodstream and out through the urinary tract so I'm super weak and feel like I've been hit by a bus all the time20:08
Roguehorsethen, add to this all the side effects from the high dosages of prednisone ( 100mg/day):  http://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-6007-9383/prednisone-oral/prednisone-oral/details/list-sideeffects20:09
darthrobotTitle: [Common and Rare Side Effects for prednisone oral]20:09
Roguehorseblitz: Nice choices .... I really like DO. I was able to teach my entire LPIC-2 course on just $11.60 using them and was able to dish out servers to all the students ( I paired them up in teams )20:11
darthrobotTitle: [Ceephax Acid Crew - Camelot Chronicles - YouTube]20:11
jtatum_Oops - wrong window!20:11
RoguehorseI had a budget of $200 but I know the schools are *always* strapped for cash so I wanted to save as much as possible20:12
RoguehorseI think I did pretty good =)20:13
jtatum_DO is neat :) I've been on linode for a real long time and now their offering and pricing is exactly the same so I haven't found a reason to use them yet20:14
Roguehorseplaces are getting *really* competitive on their pricing, it's good =)20:17
RoguehorseI'm in good spirits though! =) even in the condition I'm in ... just waiting on Dr's to figure it all out21:11

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