cmaloneyGood morning13:53
cmaloneyYou back home now?13:54
rick_h_yea, back to the fire13:55
rick_h_time to get ready for the next one wheeee13:56
cmaloneyNext one? :)14:24
rick_h_sprint end of month, at least it's in chicago14:25
rick_h_road trip!14:25
cmaloneyWoo woo14:29
cmaloneyWHen in August?14:29
rick_h_the 31st14:29
rick_h_and then get to sit still for a month woot!14:29
rick_h_will get there the 30th14:29
brouschI'm getting one of these http://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Companion-Expanded-MLWG2-64SD/dp/B00UAXN7BQ14:53
brouschCould leave the laptop at home on vacations14:53
cmaloneyYou'll still need to take a keyboard and hope they have a screen15:00
cmaloneyAh, I'm misreading what this is15:01
cmaloneyit's a smart-phone docking station15:01
brouschwireless docking15:03
brouschwith usb and storage and ethernet and hookers and blackjack15:03
brouschI have a 1TB msata ssd and usb enclosure to really expand it15:06
* DrDaemonEye yawns16:25
DrDaemonEyeafternoon everyone16:25
cmaloneyafternoon and all that17:37
cmaloneyyo yo20:22

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