jenniborn and raised14:55
jenni[ What you'll learn at FOSSCON, the Free and Open Source Software Conference - Technical.ly Philly ] - https://j.mp/1Wp54LD14:55
JonathanDHi yano.14:56
yanowhy are you here?14:56
belkinsaIs anyone planing to go to OSF?15:08
belkinsaOhio Linux Fest15:16
yanowouldn't that be "OLF"?15:16
belkinsaEr, yeah.15:16
* belkinsa facepalms15:16
thafreakI'll probably go again this year...give it one more shot15:55
* belkinsa is going for the first time15:55
Unit193thafreak: Didn't go well last year?19:54
thafreakno, actually, last year was better than the previous two20:17
thafreakbut, I've gone to 10 of them...and they stopped having dual core perform at the after party...20:17
thafreakAnd I don't see that many people there anymore.20:17
thafreakSo i don't give it the priority i once did, if another show is at the same time, I might not go20:18
thafreakbut it looks like this year, they scheduled it around everything else, so I may still go20:18
yanoJonathanD: when did you move to Ohio? :-P21:07
JonathanDyano: I am everywhere.21:12
Unit193yano: He's been in here longer than you have, I just didn't know he was alive.22:13
Unit193thafreak: I still kind of hope "this year" will be the year I finally make it, but so far none of them have been. :/23:29
Unit193And, several people are making it too, that I know.23:29

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