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pieter2627morning all05:53
barrydkMore almal06:12
Kiloshi barrydk mazal inetpro MaNI octoquad and lurkers06:13
Kilosat least we gonna hit 27°c today06:14
mazalThe days are getting nice now06:14
mazalJust the evenings thats a bit cool06:14
Kiloswhew i still get cold at night and mornings06:15
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 06:26
Kilosi see you cloaked too now06:26
thatgraemeguyi got a cloak months ago06:27
Kilosoh my i been asleep06:27
thatgraemeguyfwiw, which isn't a whole lot06:27
inetprogood mornings07:59
thatgraemeguymorning ainetpro08:09
Kiloshelloooo inetpro 08:09
thatgraemeguythere it is ;)08:14
inetprothatgraemeguy: how you doing? :-)08:14
thatgraemeguyit's friday and my colleague supplied me with an adequate supply of chilli biltong a little while ago..... I'm good thanks :-D08:16
grembleGood day09:07
LangjanKilos,  I've broken it!09:15
Kilosfixed or broken Langjan ?09:16
LangjanDie ou tannie sa laptop09:16
LangjanWell, I messed around in bios, eventually tried reset to defaults, now it only opens bios09:17
Kilosoh my09:17
LangjanTried some googling, no luck so far09:17
Kiloslets think a bit09:18
Kilosthere must be a recovery09:18
LangjanEk dink al heelnag maar my kop is te plat09:18
Kilosdaar sal n uitkoms wees09:20
Kilosyou got uncapped internet Langjan 09:21
LangjanNo but after the cap its only R5 per GB 09:22
Kilostry download win 7 somewhere and boot from it09:23
Kiloslets think first09:23
Kiloslets try09:23
Kilosboot from ubuntu09:24
Kilosthen run sudo fsck /dev/sda109:24
Kilosmaybe needs to be sudo fsck -f /dev/sda109:24
LangjanIt wont boot from cd09:28
Kilosok then you need to look in bios again09:29
LangjanWhats boot override? It takes me to a black screen with somethin, maybe it will boot from there?09:30
Kilosyou dont see bios09:31
LangjanYes I do09:31
Kilostap f1 and delete button from power on09:31
Kilosok 09:31
Kilosso in bios09:32
Kiloslook for boot options09:32
LangjanIts the only thing I can get into09:32
LangjanIt gives only boot option 1: network card09:33
Kilosoh my09:33
LangjanUEFI: netwokr card09:33
Kilossomething in bios wrong then09:34
Langjancurrently disabled09:34
LangjanIt has fast boot and then launch csm, disabled09:35
Langjanthen boot option 1 uefi network card09:35
Langjanthen launch csm09:36
Kilossomewhere win put something it bios09:36
Kilosthere must be a way to force bios09:38
LangjanI have good hammers! 09:39
Kiloswe fix it09:39
Kiloscant you get to bios default settings even09:39
Langjanthks you make my day09:39
LangjanWell thats where the trouble started, by restoring defaults09:40
Langjanbut yes, I can 09:40
Kilosdo it asgain then dont try reboot09:40
Kiloswe go through it all step by step09:41
thatgraemeguyLangjan: enabling fastboot on my laptop disables booting anything other than internal HDD, try disabling fastboot if its disabled in bios09:41
LangjanIt says start pxe over ipv409:41
LangjanI will have to wait a while for bios to come back09:43
Kilosty thatgraemeguy 09:43
Langjanthen will try thatgraemeguy 's instruction09:44
Langjanok its back09:44
Kilosi need more lappy experience09:45
Langjanthatgraemeguy, disable fast boot, the try reboot? 09:45
thatgraemeguyyes and then see if you have more boot options09:45
Langjanlaunch csm is also disabled09:45
thatgraemeguyis it a newish pc with that fancy uefi stuff?09:46
Langjanits not too old, don't know about uefi?09:46
thatgraemeguymmm ok09:47
Langjanno change after disabling fastbooot 09:47
thatgraemeguywhat make and model?09:47
LangjanAsus X55A09:48
thatgraemeguyok let me reverse a bit, what are you trying?09:50
LangjanWe started trying to install ubuntu dual boot, windows partition did not show so we were trying to get somewhere where we could see the win 7 installation. I eventually landed in the bios where I tried to restore defaults, since then it only opens in bios 09:52
thatgraemeguyso you have an existing windows 7 install that you want to keep?09:53
Langjanthats right09:53
thatgraemeguyand does it still boot or is it broken?09:53
LangjanThe machine came with win 8 but was downgraded to 7 09:53
Langjanit does not boot, it opens in bios all the time09:54
thatgraemeguyoh dear :-/09:54
KilosLangjan  go through bios settings one by one and say what you see09:54
thatgraemeguyso if you turn it on it goes straight into the config for the bios? doesn't even try to boot and throw an error or anything like that?09:55
Langjannothing, staight into bios09:55
thatgraemeguydid you make a note of changes you made in bios?09:56
LangjanI did not find anything that seemed could help to change, so I tried  restore defaults09:58
thatgraemeguywho did the windows 7 installation?09:58
LangjanThe guys who sold the machine, local com shop 09:59
thatgraemeguyok so either its now configured in uefi mode and windows is installed in bios mode, or vice versa10:00
Kilosis it award bios10:00
thatgraemeguydoes your bios have a "CSM" setting and "Secure Boot" and if so what are their current values10:00
Langjanlaunch csm is disabled10:01
LangjanI have enabled it, shows nothing more10:02
thatgraemeguyenable it and reboot10:02
thatgraemeguyCSM is what lets a UEFI machine boot a normal BIOS/MBR setup10:02
thatgraemeguyso if windows is in BIOS mode that ought to get it booting at least10:02
LangjanOk, it has opened upp a launch pxe oprom disabled, leave that as is?  10:04
thatgraemeguyyes pxe is network booting you don't need that10:04
thatgraemeguyI have the same laptop with the same issue. Have sent it to ASUS for diagnosis. The hard drive controller died. Need to replace the motherboard. It is 6 months out of warranty. Going to cost $400.10:06
thatgraemeguyfrom http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2005969/asus-x55a-boots-bios.html10:06
LangjanIt goes back to bios and resets the csm to disabled 10:06
thatgraemeguythe first screen you see in bios setup is usually a system info summary screen, does yours have that too?10:06
thatgraemeguywhere it says what cpu, mem, etc10:07
thatgraemeguydoes it say anything about the hard disk model/size10:07
Langjanno, only memory, processor, serial no, access level10:09
Langjangop version and ec version10:09
thatgraemeguymmmm it sounds like you may have a dead HDD or disk controller :-/10:09
thatgraemeguythink you might need to contact asus tech support for assistance10:10
Langjancould that have happened when I reset bios to defaults?10:10
LangjanThats what I thought, OK let me try to get them10:11
thatgraemeguyhardware death is seldom related to software changes10:11
superflyAnyone here ever bought a Chromebook?10:12
LangjanWhat puzzles me is that default setting gives no boot options10:12
Kilosits something disabled somewhere10:20
Langjanin default...10:21
Kilosgo through all the bios settings and tell here 1 by 1'10:21
LangjanOk just a sec, its in pxe again10:22
LangjanOK advanced, internal pointing device enabled10:24
Langjanwake on lid open enabled10:24
Langjanpower off energy saving enabled10:25
Langjanasus usb charger battery mode disabled10:25
Langjanintel virtualization technology disabled10:25
Langjansorry, enabled10:25
Kilosdoes it charge via usb10:26
Kilosnot a power socket10:26
Langjanno ower socket  10:26
Kilosif power socket then leave those settings as is10:26
Kilosgo next one10:27
Langjansata mode selection  ahci10:27
Langjanshows 2 serial ports, ata port 0 hard disc10:28
Langjanserial ata port 2 atapi cd rom10:28
Langjangraphics config 32M10:29
Langjanusb config legacy usb support auto10:29
Langjanxhca preboot mode auto10:30
Langjannetwork stack disabled10:30
Langjanbooot config fast boot enabled10:30
Langjanlaunch csm disabled10:31
Langjandriver option priorities nothing shown10:31
Langjanboot option riorities nothing shown10:31
Langjandelete boot option nothing shown10:32
Langjanno administrator passwords10:32
LangjanI/O interface security  lan network interface unlock10:33
Langjanwireless network interface unlock10:33
Langjanhd audio interface unlock10:34
Langjansata odd interface unlock10:34
LangjanDont know if unlock means it is locked or unlocked!10:34
Langjanusb interface unlock10:35
Langjanexternal ports unlock10:35
Langjanblua tooth unlock10:35
Langjancmos camera unlock10:35
Langjancard reader unlock10:35
Langjanthen nly save and exit page left10:36
Langjanrestore defaults ((where the trouble started)10:37
Kilosmaybe enable network stack. i dont know if it sees drives and dvd as part of a network10:37
Langjanboot override10:37
Kilosslow down some10:37
LangjanI have tried t enable it, then it opens a black sreen with some wording and reverts to bios after a while10:38
Kilosboot option priorities should show something10:38
Langjannothing 10:38
Kilosllok in security10:38
Langjanonly one left is launch efi shell from filesytem device, warning: not fund10:39
Kiloswhats in there10:39
Langjanadm password status not installed10:40
Kilosthere was something in bios i had to change on ians lenovo to be able to install ubuntu as well10:40
Langjanuser password status not installed10:40
Kilosok leave without password thing10:40
Kiloslets look more10:40
Kilosopen boot option priorities10:41
Kilosshould show drive and dvd10:41
Langjannothing there to open10:41
Kilosoh my10:41
Kiloslemme look further10:42
Langjanit only shows the drives in advanced10:43
Kilosah 10:43
Kilosgo there10:43
Kilosyoull fing drive and dvd in wrong place i think10:44
Kilosbut normally drive c is at the top10:45
Kilosread at bottom of page to see how to move them10:45
Kilossome are up down arrow and others page up page down10:46
LangjanThey cannot move or be selected, only mode selection ahci  or ide is live10:47
Kiloswhat you see in there10:49
Kilosc drive and dvd?10:49
Kilosif you tick on dvd does it light up10:50
Kiloshmm... as well10:50
Kilosread at the bottom10:50
Kilostry tapping tab and see if anything happens10:51
Langjanversion 2.15.1226 copyright 2012 american megatrends10:51
Kilosgoogle the model and cant boot from c drive10:52
Kilosor cant set boot priorities10:53
Langjannothing, this one's a bummer!11:05
LangjanI keep on enabling fast boot and launch csm, but it keeps on resetting them to disabled11:14
Kilosthere must be another setting in one of the advanced things11:22
KilosLangjan  ?11:33
Kilosno other advanced thing somewhere11:33
LangjanHi kilos, I folowed some google, removed the hard drive, restarted, checked ahci, replaced hard drivem, restrted, now i am getting something11:41
LangjanIm in a current vs new bios page11:42
Kilosmaybe choose new11:42
Kilosthat current one was sick11:42
Langjanchoice is fs0  or fs1 11:43
Kilosim asuming that stands for filesystem 0 and 111:43
Kilosi have no idea what to choose11:44
Kilosgo with 0 lets see11:44
Langjanlet me google11:44
LangjanCheck tis out and tell me if I am on the right track: http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?14024-BIOS-UPDATE!-how-to-do-it-Using-Easy-Flash11:48
Kilosflashing bios should only be done if its the only way to get pc going again11:50
Kilosit can lead to bricked motherboard11:50
Kilosif you do it then make sure you dont fiddle with anything while its doing its work11:51
LangjanThat site does not accept my email address as being valid - idiots11:56
Kilosanyway man11:57
Kiloslets set a new bios page before you worry about flashing11:57
Langjanok what to do?12:00
Kiloswhere are you now12:00
Kilosthat fs0 or fs112:00
Kilosya try fs012:00
Langjanok then I have to enter 0.<DIR>12:01
Kilosoh my12:01
Kiloswhere you find this funny bios12:02
LangjanThats the flash utility12:02
Kilosoh my12:03
Kilosare you going to flash it12:03
LangjanNever heard of flash, its just the first thing that came up after restart, must I go out?12:04
Kilosit wipes bios12:04
LangjanIts a blue page12:04
Kilosdont save anything12:04
Kilosyou always must first download new bios before you fiddle with flash12:05
Langjanok so I bypass start easy flash12:05
Kilosotherwise you gonna take months to get it fixed12:05
LangjanInterna pointing device12:05
Langjaninternal pd enabled12:06
Langjanwhere do I go now?12:06
Kiloswhats a pd12:06
Kilosis there a story there12:07
Langjanpointing device12:07
Kilosis that all you see12:07
Langjanwake on lid open enabled12:07
Kiloswhere is the rest of the bios12:07
Langjanno, where do I need to go?12:07
Kilosinto bios12:08
Kilosso we can see if it sees drive and dvd12:08
LangjanOk but where in bios,im in advanced12:08
Kilosput ubuntu in as well12:08
Kilosclose that one then12:08
Langjanits the same except flash added12:09
Kilosesc i think12:09
Kilosstill no drive or dvd?12:09
Kilosoh my12:09
Kilossee it there is an advanced in the first page12:10
Kilossomehwere i/o is disabled12:10
Kilosnothing passing i/o bus12:10
LangjanOk I need to go have some lunch, can we take this up a bit later? 12:10
Langjanthkas 12:11
grembleAre you guys still busy with the computer?13:12
LangjanSorry Kilos  lots of things happening here, but looks like we will not be able to edit that bios13:44
LangjanUnless we can get the flash settings?13:44
Langjanhi gremble , yes from bad to worse13:45
Kilosoh my Langjan 13:54
Kiloshi gremble 13:54
Kilosok Langjan then first go to that link and download the bios upgrade or whatever its called13:55
Kilosthen follow those instructions carefully13:55
Kilosthere are also the flashrom guys in linux, but they very technical13:56
LangjanLike a dog chasing a bus, now I have it I don't know what to do with it...13:57
Kilosso use the built in flash tool if possible13:57
Kilosor try pulling battery13:57
Kilosand the small one inside somewhewre as well13:57
LangjanIts a zip file, will the machine talk to usb via bios?13:58
Kilosthat sometimes gets past where the corrupt area is and starts off like new pc bios13:58
LangjanBuilt -in flash tool? Where? I have been looking for a cmos battery, dont think this lappie has one...13:59
Kilosthe flashrom tool does its own thing13:59
Kilosit must have one otherwise bios wouldnt remember13:59
LangjanWhere do I find it?13:59
Kilosthat flash thing you found and the link you gave14:02
LangjanKilos, it does not seem to pick up the file, it picks up some of the other files on my flashdrive...!? 14:12
Kilosoh my14:12
Kilostry a stick with only the bios download on it14:13
Kilosbut if it sees the other files thats a good sign14:14
Kilosim trying to remember when i did it with floppy14:14
Kilosi think i downloaded a few bios flash files with new bios in before it eventuall say one14:15
Kilosmake sure you have the versions and everything correct14:16
LangjanThe websites are not at all clear about what  is for which. Very frustrating.14:20
KilosLangjan  also look for a bios upgrade for you version14:48
LangjanHi Kilos , I have mailed Asus technical support, lets see what we get. Will keep you posted. Many thanks for all your time. 14:49
inetproyou guys still...15:13
grembleProject gutenburg apparently doesn't like scraping its website16:02
inetprogremble: scarping gutenburg website, why?18:39
inetproyou mean the Project Gutenberg site?18:41
grembleI want the stories18:41
grembleI want to make a bot that tweets the books :P18:41
inetproThe Project Gutenberg website is for human users only18:42
grembleYup, I've noticed that18:43
grembleI'm going to manually pull down one or two and then worry about getting more at a later stage18:44
grembleMy main concern is to turn it into valid and useful tweets18:44
inetpro49,000 free ebooks is quite a lot of reading18:47
grembleYa, A full book will probably take more than a year to tweet18:47
grembleSo automated pulling is not really that big of a deal18:48
inetpronot sure how an automated bot would add value and be practicable18:48
grembleI'll show you in a few weeks hopefully18:48
inetprooh you want to tweet the content?18:49
gremblebite sized bits of HG Wells :D18:50
inetprointeresting idea18:50
grembleor 20 000 leagues under the sea18:50
grembleI am still deciding which18:50
inetproand who is supposed to read all those tweets?18:50
gremblePeople dumb enough to follow the bot18:51
grembleThat is not my problem18:51
grembleI am just here to produce content18:51
grembleOther people have to consume it18:51
inetprosounds like an interesting but crazy challenge :-)18:52
grembleThe most interesting part I think will be analysing the content and creating tweets in such a way that they aren't over 140 characters, but also do not cut in the middle of words and ideas18:53
grembleSo probably a little bit of semantic analysis18:53
magespawngood evening18:57
inetprohello magespawn19:01
inetprooh and wb SubOracle19:01
grembleHey magespawn 19:02
inetproand oom Kilos is sleepin?19:09
magespawncertainly doing something else19:09
grembleTired from flashing BIOS ROM the entire day19:09
magespawnja, that can be exhausting work19:13
Kilosskuus man19:39
Kilosaw gremble19:40
Kilosyou coulda helped langjan19:40
Kiloshe has to do that too19:40
Kilosyou the right guy to have around19:40
grembleKilos, I'm bad at trying to diagnose issues from others' descriptions :/19:40
Kilosthere is a package called flashrom19:40
grembleI don't think the problem has to do with reflashing the bios19:41
Kilosand an irc channel i think19:41
grembleYou only have to do that with firmware upgrades19:41
Kilosthey all far too clever for me19:41
Kiloshis is in bios i think19:42
Kilosit dont see drives or dvdrom19:42
Kilosbios got virus or just corrupt19:42
Kilosonly cure is bios upgrade or flashing19:42
Kilosalso wont allow him to enable things19:43
Kilosanyway guys, bed time for me19:44
Kilosnight all, sleep tight19:44
Kilosthat includes inetpro 19:44
grembleNight Kilos 19:44
LangjanHi gremble 19:47
grembleHi and bye I guess haha19:53
magespawnany capetonians in the house/20:06
superflyof course20:07
* superfly prod magespawn20:08
magespawnwhat is the average cost of living there superfly?20:08
superflymagespawn: sjoe, that's a difficult question20:08
magespawnhmm indeed20:08
superflymagespawn: it depends on a lot of things... where you live for one20:08
superflyhow big your family20:08
magespawnwhat would be a good salary?20:08
superflydepends on what sector you're in20:09
superflyand your experience20:09
magespawn2 kids 1 wife 3 dogs (jack russels)20:09
superflywell, we manage to get by on my salary20:09
magespawnIT Support/ Junior systems admin20:09
magespawnonly you work superfly?20:10
magespawnsalary for the jobs i am looking at are R18 000 to R28 000  per month20:10
superflybut we are very careful about what money we spend, and even then it's actually a tight squeeze20:10
superflymagespawn: will the mrs also be able to work?20:10
magespawnyes when she comes down her range is R25 000 to R35 00020:11
superflycool, then I think you guys will manage20:12
superflymagespawn: do you have Telegram?20:12
magespawnnope but i assume i can just download it20:12
* magespawn goes to look20:13
superflymagespawn: also, subscribe to to clug-work20:13
superflyI'm also "superfly" on Telegram :-)20:13
magespawnthat makes it easy20:13
Cryterionhi guys20:15
magespawnhi Cryterion 20:16
superflyCryterion: it's a cross-platform messaging app. Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux20:21
grembleIt's very nice. 20:24
magespawngot no space left on my phone though20:25
magespawni like cross platform, secure?20:25
magespawnmight just have to clear something off the phone20:26
superflymagespawn: also on PC20:26
magespawnso i see20:26
magespawngood night all21:27

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