kadiroI have a question00:11
reisioprove it00:12
kadiromy question is about grub and boot from ubuntu, update-grub take a long time and boot too00:13
kadirosorry for my bad english ( ps: i'm not now from ubuntu )00:13
reisiois your question "update-grub take a long time?" ?00:14
kadiroyes reisio and booting from ubuntu too00:14
kadiroany idea reisio ?00:17
reisiosorry I don't know how to answer that00:17
kadirothank you for your response :)00:17
wileeekadiro, Hit the esc key after leaving grub to see any text info. One issue at at time is important.00:18
kadirothk's wileee i will do that torrow00:18
CalebWWhat is the XKB option string for the super key?00:18
wileeekadiro, Can you pastebin a sudo fdisk -l if msdos or sudo parted -l if uefi so we can see what al is there.00:19
kadirook wileee i will do that tomorrow i'm not from ubuntu now00:20
bmsr256hi, my question is: sometimes when i log in to ubuntu the home folder appears with the other folders with a lock, you know why this happens?00:20
kadirowileee: my cable ide for HDD where is ubuntu installed damaged, may be a problem related to the cable?00:21
wileeekadiro, Cool, so other helpful info would be the basic hardware chip, and ram. So we can see if it is just old hardware. No idea on a cable, personally hard info does it.00:21
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wileeekadiro, This ubnutu in a external?00:22
kadirook wileee thank you, may be i will buy a cable tomorrow and see what happend00:22
kadirono wileee00:23
wileeekadiro, Cool, I saw ide, just checking?00:23
kadiromy HDD ( removed now ) is an maxtor 40 Gb00:23
kadiroyes true wileee00:23
kadirobig cable ( oldest )00:24
wafflejockoh you weren't saying yes to SSD right just yes about IDE00:25
wileeeI think so00:25
wafflejockyeah don't think you can get an IDE SSD that would be weird00:25
kadiroyes like this http://www.videk.co.uk/shopimages/sections/thumbnails/3014.jpg00:26
wafflejockI stand corrected00:26
wafflejockthey do exist http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/SSDMLP060/00:26
rredd4followed these instructions on http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx    on how to create a bootable USB stick on OS X.  It does not work.  Also, the instructions son00:27
kadirowafflejock: i guess this technology is faster00:27
rredd4also, the instructions don't say about formatting the usb stick, ms dos or mac format00:27
snowkidindok here we go again. looking for a recommended email configuration for ubuntu and an isp who blocks port 25. For my development server00:27
OerHeksrredd4, format to fat3200:29
wafflejockkadiro: yeah SSD have much faster times because it is a Solid State Drive which means it doesn't have any moving parts, it's something like a huge flash drive for your hard drive, seek times to any part of the disk are fast since it's just sending signals down circuits not moving a disk and an arm around, but typically you'd want a SATA connector for it since it has higher bandwidth to get the data from the disk to the board not IDE00:29
rredd4OerHeks will a mac boot from a fat32 device?00:29
snowkidindI just put an ssd in this machine im working on. leagues faster.00:29
aaomidiHey guys, I'm running into an annoying issue when trying to install ubuntu-desktop-next00:29
OerHeksrredd4, when you put the iso on the usb, yes00:29
aaomidiThe issue is this: http://pastebin.com/NA88mx9v00:30
kadirothk's wafflejock, is cheap? and exist for all over the world? ( i never see it )00:30
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aaomidiI am on a desktop without any bluetooth adapters which is causing the installation to fail.00:30
kasadguys, could you help decipher this to me, I don't even know where to begin00:30
wafflejockkadiro: I think you can get them anywhere at this point, they tend to be far more expensive per GB compared to spinning disks00:30
wileeeaaomidi, This from a PPA?00:30
wafflejockkadiro: typically they are good for your OS and day to day programs then big games or media you put on spinning disks00:31
kasadimage 1 is when I power up the machine, then it tries to fix itself and goes into infinite loop which looks like image200:31
rredd4OerHeks  I have rEFInd loaded also, use that or remove it?00:31
kadirowafflejock: i'm from algeria, i ask if you can confirm it exst in my country00:31
kasadif anyone has a clue about those error messages, it would be great help00:31
wafflejockkadiro: well you can definitely order online00:31
kasadbecause I have stuff on that laptop that I really need00:31
wafflejockkadiro: http://www.newegg.com/SSDs/Category/ID-119?Tpk=ssd00:31
aaomidikasad: You might be able to fix that with boot-fix00:32
OerHeksrredd4, i don't know about mac, just how to make a live-usb, see the mactel wiki00:32
kadirowafflejock: this is the point in my country no one can order online00:32
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages00:32
kasadlet me see00:32
aaomidiwileee: Any idea?00:32
wafflejockkadiro: ah sorry to hear that, but if you search SSD in Algeria you can probably find better resources than I know of00:32
wileeeaaomidi, what release are you running?00:33
kadirothank you wafflejock00:33
gartralhey all, I have a motherboard that has a light aray that's controlled through UEFI, are there any tools available to control that from withing ubuntu?00:33
aaomidiJust wanting to try out 15.1000:33
wileeeaaomidi, I only see a iso download with that, not sure otherwise, I'm in 14.04 at the moment.00:33
wileeeaaomidi, There is a 15.10 channel00:34
OerHekskasad, follow the wiki, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8Desktop, as an LXC container or live iso00:34
aaomidiYeah, the issue is with the install script00:34
aaomidiIt doesnt ignore the fact that bluetooth can not exist xD00:35
wileeeaaomidi, If you're doing this in 15.10, you want it's channel, here for 15.04 is all00:35
kasadthank you guys,I love you <3, downloading now00:35
OerHeksaaomidi , follow the wiki, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8Desktop, as an LXC container or live iso ( just installing unity-next give you this issues)00:36
kadiromy brother have an old pc than me with only 256M ram ddr1, i ask, if any DE or special ubuntu can be light and easy for him?00:38
Jordan_Urredd4: Do you only have OSX for preparing the USB, or can you use Ubuntu to create it?00:38
wileeehad to use my next live last week, freaky man00:38
rredd4Jordan_U osx only00:38
rredd4Jordan_U would have to use virtualbox to use ubuntu.  trying to dual boot osx and ubuntu00:39
kadirohe want just listening video and music and viewing web site like youtube00:39
rredd4Jordan_U using vb is slow00:40
wafflejockkadiro: this could work https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu but without some sort of GPU YouTube is probably not going to work out great00:41
wafflejockkadiro: even a cheap PCI card GPU can help if the board doesn't have some kind of dedicated GPU00:41
kadirowafflejock: thk's again i will test it in his machine i have the iso the same i installed in mine00:42
kadiroi forget to said: he have an atheros wifi, is the kernel can see it or i must check out the driver for it?00:44
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:45
kadirothank you OerHeks00:46
GerowenRandom thought, is there an easy to use file recovery tool for Ubuntu?  Something like Piriform's "Recuva" for Linux?00:46
wileeeGerowen, easy is a users decision testdisk is the usual00:48
OerHeks!info extundelete00:48
ubottuextundelete (source: extundelete): utility to recover deleted files from ext3/ext4 partition. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.4-1 (vivid), package size 51 kB, installed size 168 kB00:48
OerHeksI would go for testdisk too, not that easy, but there is a manual  http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk00:49
kadirothk's again OerHeks this helpful for me and new00:49
Gerowenwileee and OerHeks: I may just write myself a script then to automate testdisk operations then instead of trying to memorize the manual, :-)00:54
wileeeGerowen, how about just being backed up?00:54
kadiroI installed in the past script from internet to fix a problem for my grub ( take long time to boot ) it add " $vt_handoff " in grub.cfg, what that means?00:55
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Guest43754I have a question00:56
Gerowenwileee: The concern is not for myself, but for a "what if" scenario.  What if a power surge kills my backup hard drive?  What if a friend comes to me and wants a file recovered?  Backups are all well and good, but fecal excrement happens, :P00:56
kutin bash, how would you rename yyyy-mm-dd description\adfg.jpg and other files within the dir to yyyy-mm-dd description\yyyy-mm-dd description 001.jpg and yyyy-mm-dd description 002.jpg etc ?00:56
kadiroGuest43754: give it a try00:57
rnatGerowen: That's why you should always have multiple backups distributed across devices geographically if possible, the probability of a disaster affecting all your devise on the same day is close to 0.00100:58
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Gerowenrnat: And how does that help the 75 year old lady next door who accidentally deleted a photo of her grandkid?  You expect every tom dick and harry to have duplicate and off site backups of everything they've got?  Tell me how it works out in your neighborhood, :P00:59
kadirokut: may be this will help you: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=167449000:59
Guest43754Well, when I install NodeJS and run node it doesn't return anything, neither does node -v. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it via apt-get00:59
FlannelGerowen: backups should be disconnected when not in use (that helps against power surges, viruses, accidental deletion, etc).01:00
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GerowenAnyway, I'll take a look at testdisk, people seem to be avoiding the question, which tells me there's not a lot of choices in the Linux world when it comes to this particular tool, so I'll do what I can with testdisk so that if something ever does happen, I'm prepared.01:00
kadiroCharlesT_: no idea for that sorry01:01
wafflejockGerowen: ddrescue can work well too01:01
rnatGerowen: so you are 75 year old lady? hmmmm01:01
dw1how can i disable the shut down on critical low power - ubuntu 14.0401:02
CharlesT_I also tried updating apt-get and it gave me an error after sitting at "100% [waiting for headers]" too. any idea why that is?01:02
dw1i want to drain the battery so the capacity readout is better01:02
wafflejockGerowen: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery01:02
Gerowenrnat: Negative, stop deflecting.  wafflejock: Thanks, I'll check it out, :-)  If everybody must know, what brought up the question was I just got a message from a family member asking about recovering lost photos, and on Windows machines I usually use Recuva with mixed success, dependong on whether those sectors have been overwritten yet, but it got me to thinking, I had never tried doing it in Ubuntu, so I thought I'd stop by here and ask.01:03
dw1maybe i should boot into a liveusb for that :P01:03
kadiroCharlesT_: i guess when using update-grub take a long time for you too?01:03
wafflejockGerowen: yup I've used it before on dying/damaged disks and had pretty good results (was just copying scratched up DVDs for my brother)01:03
kutkadiro: not really cause I want the files named based on the folder name (since it has the date and description already in it)01:03
CharlesT_havent tried01:05
CharlesT_i will01:05
kadirokut: my english is bad, you want to rename yyyy-mm-dd description\adfg.jpg to yyyy-mm-dd description\yyyy-mm-dd description 001.jpg and so on ?01:09
xMopxShellso after a couple months of uptime, my ubuntu server started having crazy latency on incoming connections. ufw seemed to be the cause, but it doesn't have any special rules besides allowing specific ports from specific IPs. Any ideas?01:11
kadirohmm somethin to append date to a file but this is hard for me kut01:12
CharlesT_Update-grub runs fine01:12
CharlesT_I can also ping google01:13
kutkadiro: just the name, not the date info01:13
wileeeCharlesT_, Kinda hard to follow any of that info, especially when your first post was a different nic. Stop, gather the info and put it all in single posts01:14
=== hugegree_ is now known as hugegreenbug
OerHeksxMopxShell, "couple of months" sounds like you didn't update the kernel and stuff ..01:16
xMopxShellOerHeks: right, but is iptables really that unstable? It's been around for ages01:16
wileeexMopxShell, You are really short on any real details, there is #ubuntu-server but they will be even stronger on the details I would suspect.01:16
xMopxShellalright, thanks01:17
coffee-guyhey for ubuntu install which client has spellcheck? smuxi? xchat? er...?01:17
bazhangcoffee-guy, hexchat01:18
coffee-guyoh yah ok thank bazhang01:18
=== paul-kk1 is now known as paul-kk
kadirokut: if one by one then: mv "yyyy-mm-dd description/adfg.jpg" "yyyy-mm-dd description/yyyy-mm-dd description 001.jpg01:19
kadiroif i understand what you trying to do01:20
CharlesT_wileee what should I do?01:20
wileeeCharlesT_, No idea, not an area I know, however I see you just randomly spreading the info on the channel, could you follow that?01:21
kadiroCharlesT_: I'm not sure but when an error apear about header i think iso image installed is corupted01:23
xhearthi everyone,01:23
kadirokut: are you here?01:23
xheartis there a command to search for drivers on ubuntu 14.04? My wifi does not work correctly01:24
xheartwith 12.04lts worked better01:24
kadiroxheart: try upgrading the kernel01:24
OneM_IndustriesHey, how do I upgrade my installation of ubuntu without having to completely reinstall?01:25
kadiroapt-get dist-upgrade ( correct me if i'm not correct )01:25
OneM_IndustriesOk, you are a fast typer.01:25
wileeekadiro, Would you please stop helping, I have to keep you in ignore otherwise, and don;t see the post which are of no help and get in the way of helping.01:26
kadirowileee: i just try to help01:26
Bashing-omxheart: Try ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' .01:27
wileeekadiro, Your not......period, you're getting in the way of real help, and this is not just my opinion.01:27
xhearti will try that bashing01:27
kadirowileee: i don't understand what you means01:27
wileeekadiro, Not my issue, stop helping.01:27
kadirowileee: why?01:28
wafflejockOneM_Industries: what are you trying to upgrade from and to?01:28
kadiroi think this channel is for helping or asking01:29
wafflejockOneM_Industries: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Upgrades should basically cover it regardless01:29
wileeekadiro, You do not help, but you hinder well stop it.01:29
OneM_IndustriesAh, thank you.01:29
kadirowileee: that what you thinking i do not that may be a coincidence01:30
xheartdid not do any change01:30
kadiroguys, is what saying Mr wileee correct about me?01:31
OerHekskadiro, just giving random solutions like updating a kernel make no sense, wifi drivers should work. the claim they work better in 12.04 has not been proven to me, sofar.01:31
wafflejockxheart: is your wireless built in or USB?01:31
kadiroOerHeks: yes correct for what you saying01:32
Bashing-omxheart: No change intended -> "lost" just to show what options are available . If there are options shown one might do : ' sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . Let the system figure out what it needs .01:32
kadirobut i do not that whith intent01:33
kadirosorry if i'm not helpfull or welcome here01:34
wafflejockkadiro: good to either use well known references or just give advice on things you're either very familiar with or you can test, if you want to socialize about ubuntu join #ubuntu-offtopic01:34
kadirothank you all, i stop my help01:35
wafflejockkadiro: we (I at least) don't intend to be mean either it's just a matter of keeping the channel focused and not sending users on ten paths at once01:36
wileeethe facts are not mean, own them01:37
wafflejockwileee: usually not what you say but how you say it though, unfortunate reality of communication01:37
kadirothank you all, you're right, i understand you01:38
OneM_IndustriesHm, this is odd. I tried opening the software updater to upgrade, but there is no upgrade button like the documentation shows, and when I click on settings, nothing happens.01:38
wafflejockOneM_Industries: try launching "Software & Updates" directly01:39
OneM_IndustriesAh ha, done.01:39
OneM_IndustriesOdd, I still don't see a upgrade button.01:40
tonyyarussoOneM_Industries: What release to what release?01:40
OneM_Industries14.04 LTS to 15.04.01:41
OneM_IndustriesAt least, that is what I am hoping to do.01:41
wafflejockOneM_Industries: in the Software & Updates you should have an Updates tab01:41
wafflejockOneM_Industries: in there you should see a drop down that says it only looks for LTS upgrades right now01:41
OneM_IndustriesSet it to any update?01:42
tonyyarussoOneM_Industries: I believe an LTS will only show you upgrades to another LTS, unless you specify that you want to include non-LTS releases.01:42
wafflejockyeah believe any new version is what it should be, can wait to get a confirm from others01:42
wafflejockpretty sure that's it though01:42
OneM_IndustriesDone, now to wait.01:43
tonyyarussoOneM_Industries: You can't go from 14.04 to 15.04 directly regardless - you'd have to go through 14.10, which complicates matters since I think it's EOL already.01:43
tonyyarussoIt can still be done, just might take some fiddling.01:43
OerHeksyou will need the old-release trick to get over 14.1001:43
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:43
OerHeksYou might reconsidder fresh install.01:44
OerHeksOneM_Industries, see this part > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Upgrading01:44
Cpudan80Hello folks01:45
Cpudan80I am having trouble with my server which has a RAID 5 software raid in it01:45
Cpudan80The stats are showing 2 of the disks as "removed"01:46
OneM_IndustriesYou know what, I will be happy with 14.04 for now.01:46
Cpudan80Now the tricky thing is that there's a separate RAID 1 on the same 3 drives that is good01:47
kadirogood night every body ( i'm sorry again Mr wileee i swear i do not that with intent )01:49
wileeewafflejock, This person has been addressed multiple times, they need to reflect, they have been argumentative from the first post with multiple regulars. Nice talk is not there function, an authority figure is needed like a mod, this is obvious.01:49
wafflejockright well if your message isn't getting through maybe you need to re-frame the delivery of the message instead of getting angry is all I'm saying, you're right to discourage bad advice01:50
wafflejockand I know you help a lot of people here (probably me before too, so nothing personal)01:51
=== uniqueNick1 is now known as BeDieJokowi
wileeeI call the cops when the authority is needed in my job, some people only respond to this01:51
kadirook, i'm sorry01:51
=== bob is now known as Guest29071
wileeeI have training on a crisis line, psychology, counseling and intercultural relations, this is beyond any rewording.01:53
=== jan is now known as Guest76517
bazhang!cn | qoo01:55
ubottuqoo: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw01:55
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
hujanselamat pagi02:06
wileeehujan, English?02:06
somsip!in | hujan02:06
ubottuhujan: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India02:06
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia02:06
jhgfrxtilyogupulGET BACK IN UBUNTU02:07
chalcedonymy husband still wants to recover his files.02:09
chalcedonyto him, he had 'saving' on.02:09
chalcedonyso they ought to be there and be ok02:09
Continuumhey this is probably the wrong place to ask02:09
Continuumbut does anybody know the channel that replaced #defocus?02:10
wileeechalcedony, I would pull them with a live in a copy and paste and open one by one with libreoffice to see what is up.02:10
wileee!alis | Continuum might help02:11
ubottuContinuum might help: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:11
Continuumyeah but if i list by most popular all i get is ubuntu, debian channels and such02:12
Continuumim looking for a misc/social channel02:12
wileeeContinuum, there is #ubuntu-offtopic they might know there, just guessing though.02:13
wileeeno problem, nota a bad place to lurk02:13
chalcedonywileee, did you mean a live cd?02:15
wileeechalcedony, I just wonder if they need libreoffice to do a fix, just hard to tell from the info. I believe it will boot, and you have ssh access maybe.02:15
wileeechalcedony, Yeah a live disk or usb02:15
chalcedonyi'm ssh'd to his computer wileee02:17
ki7rwwhat's all this "funny stuff" happening with updates? turns out that the updates thru synaptic and software updater hang because of some changelog nonsense - i found this out when i used apt-get and saw the changlog hang there02:17
chalcedonyki7rw, ouch02:17
chalcedonywileee, i found this but foremost gives errors. https://mikemacd.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/recover-lost-or-corrupt-libreoffice-doc-files-or-any-deleted-media-files/02:18
ki7rwas a matter of fact, i have to reboot my computer before i can run apt-get because of the synaptic and software updater hangs02:19
ki7rwas a matter of fact, i have to reboot now02:20
wileeechalcedony, Cool, just seems like just starting at the easiest place is the logical thing to do, actually shown statistically to be the straightest point to an answer. Beyond that it is hard to follow anything here with you fixing while trying to recover.02:20
chalcedonywileee, i'm not trying to be confusing02:21
wileeechalcedony, I know, it's just hard to follow what has happened, and what you have done. I'm not the best help beyond what I suggested with a live. Additionally we don;t know now where the files are, or if it is the auotosave documents. ;)02:23
wileeechalcedony, On occasion I've had a doc open and reboot, libreoffice does a fix and it works, this is a crash though, would be nice to know if any are fixed by opening with libreoffice.02:26
chalcedonyhe says he's got it.. i don't know what he's got02:27
chalcedonyhe had me type all the file names for him.. so maybe .. he says he's happy.02:27
wileeegreat care your giving ;)02:27
chalcedonyi try02:28
chalcedonythanks wileee :)02:28
Grzy7316hey anybody here able to help me set up a WD mycloud NAs as a permanent mount? When I tried setting up fstab I get an error about cifs urls not supported02:42
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fortespdoes any one know a good channel for being a better QA(tester)03:03
=== Sora1995|Cloud_ is now known as Sora1995|Cloud
c2h6ohey guys, with the snappy package manager, will packages contain all of their dependencies?03:17
wileeec2h6o, snappy package manager?03:18
fortesphi guys03:18
fortesp<fortesp> im not sure too much about this channel, im hoping you guys can give me tips about QA and how to be better03:18
fortespor even ubuntu to be honest, first time using it :/03:18
somsipfortesp: you just ask what you want support with and people help if they can03:20
c2h6owileee, i think the upcoming 15.10 version will introduce snappy packages alonside .debs03:20
wileeec2h6o, Not used the snappy core but any app installed has it;s dependencies within it's script for install.03:21
fortespi got my first IT job we r using linux, whats the best place to learn how to do stuff, is there a centralized place with all info?03:21
wileeec2h6o, I assume it is the same there, have you had dependency issues?03:22
cihhanHi all, somehow my firefox stopped giving sound and I am checking and it s the same for Chrome. However, I can get sound from VLC player. Any idea?03:23
Bashing-omfortesp: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PopularPages // Current and well maontained .03:24
somsipfortesp: #linux channel or for ubuntu type !manual03:24
darius93why is kernel 3.16 installed on 14.04? I thought the kernel was to be 3.13 during its lifetime (not including HWE)03:28
Bashing-omdarius93: release 14.04.2 is HWE enabled .03:29
cihhanHi all, somehow my firefox stopped giving sound and I am checking and it s the same for Chrome. However, I can get sound from VLC player. Any idea?03:30
indistyloI am trying to make my first RESTful API project using  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19483883/how-to-use-dropwizard-in-netbeans-project , I am getting this error http://pastebin.com/wsGnMT4M kindly tell me how to resolve it03:33
fortespsomsip: thanks03:34
fortespbtw whats the best irc client for ubuntu?03:37
cihhanhi all, i cant get any sound from videos using both firefox and chrome but vlc works fine. any idea?03:40
surgy im running kubuntu 14.04 kernal 13.19  i have a huion graphics tablet that works in krita and gimp with pressure and everything. works great. in mypaint everything on the tablet works except for pressure..... can you help me get my pressure sensitivity to work please?03:47
surgyi have already tried #mypaint03:47
UbuntuNJHello. I just installed Ununtu onto an 8GB flash drive but I now realize it's too small, Is there any way to image it to a 32GB flash drive? I don't have a usable DVD or hard drive on this system03:52
surgyUbuntuNJ, you can download another live installer onto the 32gb drive03:53
UbuntuNJsurgy, if I do that can i install a full OS  to the 32gb drive? Not just run a Live image?03:54
surgywell your on the 8gb now?03:54
wileeeUbuntuNJ, Sure from a live use gparted to copy paste the partition to a bigger on the 3203:54
surgyUbuntuNJ, listen to wileee03:54
UbuntuNJWileee I can't use a live dvd or a live USB stick now and still have the other 2 USB sticks installed03:55
wileeeUbuntuNJ, You could dd it as well, clonezilla clone, I would do a copy paste, you just have to add grub to the mbr to boot.03:55
fahadanyone there?03:56
wileeeUbuntuNJ, Well you can't do anything from it, it has to be not mounted.03:56
surgyUbuntuNJ, use this command "sudo dd if=/'directory to iso' of=/'mount point of desired live'03:56
wileeesurgy, this is not an iso, stop.03:57
wileeewe may get there, but so far that does not answer the users needs as far as I can tell anyway03:57
surgywileee, ok :)03:58
wileeethanks ;)03:58
UbuntuNJHere is the stutation. My coworker's HDD died in her laptop. She can't afford a repair so I suggested ubuntu on a flash drive.03:58
UbuntuNJFrom my Windows 8 system i built a live image on the 32gb drive but it was not keeping changes so I decided to install it from that drive to anpother one. I can't download another image because I'm almost out of room on the 8gb drive an my windows px upgraded to Win 10 and now won't run04:00
wileeeUbuntuNJ, That is impossible to follow. #1 is this a full install or a live with persistence on the 8 gig usb?04:01
UbuntuNJwileee,  it's a Full Install04:01
wileeeUbuntuNJ, Okay than you want it on the 32 gig, but have no live capabilities?04:02
UbuntuNJwileee,  Correct04:02
kelledin_i'm now having trouble building an out-of-tree module for some reason04:03
wileeeUbuntuNJ, Than your treading water. You have to have a way of copying or imaging to the 32 gig, with the ubuntu install not booted.04:03
kelledin_it builds fine, but insmod (and modprobe) insist that there's missing symbols04:04
wileeelinux does not do live imaging in ext404:04
kelledin_even though the symbols it insists are missing are actuallly present in /proc/kallsyms04:04
UbuntuNJwileee, i can put in an 8GB SD card for a few hours if that would help but I don't think this laptop can boot off the sd slot04:04
surgywileee, may i make a sugestion?04:04
kelledin_so what gives?  why is insmod giving me crap about unknown symbols?04:06
wileeekelledin_, If you can precisely describe it you might get help, 'might' a build is your responsibility is all.04:07
kelledin_wileee: well, to start off with: zdpms: Unknown symbol hid_unregister_driver (err 0)04:09
wileeekelledin_, Heh, I left out I would have no clue, my point was your issue is not technically supported most likely.04:11
kelledin_whereas /proc/kallsyms says: 0000000000000000 t hid_unregister_driver[hid]04:11
wileeemight be better support is all, if your time means anything or a better answer to why your doing this.04:12
indistyloThere is strange behavior with my ubuntu system,  I have just changed openJDK to Java 8, echo $JAVA_HOME is still showing openJDK, Full problem details > http://paste.ubuntu.com/12077122/04:16
=== john is now known as Guest65820
mojtabaHi, Do you know how can I get access to the drive C of my windows in VB from Ubuntu machine?04:18
SaviorXopen files!04:19
SaviorXyou gonna find it unmounted04:19
mojtababeerhunter: Is that for me?04:19
SaviorXclick to mount04:19
beerhunterI was just testing04:21
beerhunterbrand new to Rizon04:21
wileeemojtaba, You might check in #vbox04:27
BuenGenioGood time of day! got an issue - need to extract a lot of emails from a driver recovery dump - there are heaps of files of mixed types (binary/text) and a lot of them corrupted. what can I use to pipe these files through to extract and save what emails are found?04:28
mojtaba wileee: ok, thanks04:30
wileeemojtaba, No problem, a shared file is easy, not sure what you seek is any easy task if possible.04:33
mojtabawileee: I know how to do that. But I want to basically be able to connect to my guest machine.04:33
wileeea virtual has the advantage of v=being a closed container, so.........04:34
mojtabaI do not know how to do that, my ip addresses are different04:34
mojtabaI have added an IP address of that range to my host machine, but it did not work.04:35
wileeemojtaba, Why not dual boot, your taking up the same space anyway.04:35
mojtabawileee: Some programs unfortunately just run in windows, and I just want them while using my main loved Ubuntu system ;)04:36
wileeefair enogh04:36
=== corretico_ is now known as corretico__
quartersI've had a couple false starts with ubuntu, even at one point, ruining the distro while trying to install some packages, I believe. I was hoping to try again and was wondering if ubuntu desktop would be better suited for my purposes as I'm interested in practicing and learning ruby on rails development in a linux environment04:45
wileeequarters, Do you mean a desktop in general or specifically the unity desktop?04:46
wileeeunity is the default ubuntu desktop04:47
quartersoh, I didn't even know there different flavors of ubuntu desktop04:47
wileee!flavors | quarters for your pleasure04:48
ubottuquarters for your pleasure: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.04:48
wileeequarters, kinda of a personal journey it seems like, do you have any friends doing this in linux that might have advice, besides here?04:50
quarterswileee: I don't, unfortunately. Yeah, it seems like the way in is either through someone's sway or trying it all out yourself04:51
quartersI'm not one for sampling every flavor of ubuntu as that would seem fairly involved04:52
wileeequarters, My only thought would be the default ubuntu is a nice desktop, not a lot of configuring generally, the lighter the desktop the manual tweaks are part of the game04:52
quartersand it's fairly easy to bork the entire install if you're a noob, I've learned firsthand04:53
wileeexubuntu a little lighter, is a nice one, lubuntu is lighter, yet more configs for tweaking rather than gui's,04:53
wileeequarters, Yeah, had to reload 3 times the first 6 months but did not know of this channel or the forums.04:54
quartersdo lighter installs generally mean less user-friendly?04:55
__nemo__ /exit04:55
quartersI kind of need my hand held at this phase04:55
wileeequarters, Sort of, the desktops look good to start with, but people want to customize, so the lighter it is the less gui's to do so, that is a general thing though.04:56
quartersbut also would like a distribution that is kind of ideal for practicing developing web apps04:56
wileeequarters, People do everyday, we see them here, I would not know personally is all.04:57
wileeeusing not necessarily practicing04:57
wileeequarters, Best of luck, I have to take off for a while.04:59
quarterswileee: thank you04:59
Caelumwhat is the release after vivid called?05:05
=== aruns__ is now known as indistylo
=== pig is now known as Guest31639
epikthereaperis anyone here?05:22
admin__yeah.im here05:23
epikthereapercan you help me?05:23
epikthereaperi dont want to resort to asking /g/ lol05:23
TJ-No, you're a lost cause until you tell us your issue!05:24
TJ-!ask | epikthereaper05:24
ubottuepikthereaper: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:24
epikthereaperim using an 8gb flash drive to boot ubuntu on my PC (No HDD, had to improvise) but its saying only 2gb of the 8gb are usable. How do i fix this? I've already tried to create a primary partition on cmd on a windows computer. im trying to install steam and all the packages it needs, but there simply isnt enough space on the drive.05:27
Mathisepikthereaper: you are trying to install on that stick?05:28
TJ-epikthereaper: it depends on how you created the image on the device; if you used a persistent Live ISO install, then part of the image is read-only and another part is made read-write for storing changes05:28
TJ-epikthereaper: if however you installed Ubuntu directly to the USB as you would to a regular hard disk, then the space available should be total - used05:29
epikthereaperi used "universal USB installer" to create it, so im inclined to say it was the former05:30
mrmilkHey guys im trying to install the libgnutls 32-bit library but i can only find the command for arch linux not unbuntu?05:30
epikthereaper_anyways, what should i do to make it all available?05:34
mrmilkGuys whats the unbuntu alternative for this commmand?sudo pacman -S lib32-gnutls05:34
Ben64mrmilk: what does it do05:34
Mathisepikthereaper_: try adding another partition using fdisk05:34
TJ-epikthereaper: It sounds as if there simply isn't enough space left. At a terminal do "df -h" to check the remaining space on the mounted devices05:34
mrmilkinstalls libgnutls 32-bit library05:35
Mathisor gdisk05:35
mrmilkben64: It installs libgnutls 32-bit library05:35
TJ-mrmilk: "sudo apt-get install <package>"  .... on Debian/Ubuntu we install foreign architectures a different way, using multilib05:36
Ben64mrmilk: sudo apt-get install libgnutls2805:36
epikthereaper_so i looked at "disks" and it shows the drive as 8.2 gb, but when i go on "disk usage analyzer" it says there is only 2 gb in total05:36
mrmilkBen64: its says Unable to locate package libgnutls2805:37
epikthereaper_also, i did the "sudo df -h" and i have the results, but idk what to look for05:37
TJ-mrmilk: First we tell the package manager it can install packages from another architecture ("sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386")  then update the packages list ("sudo apt-get update") then install the packages we want, specifying the foreign architecture with the suffix ":i386"05:37
TJ-epikthereaper_: can you pastebin the results for us?05:37
TJ-!paste | epikthereaper_05:37
ubottuepikthereaper_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:37
Ben64mrmilk: what version of ubuntu05:38
mrmilkLatest gnome 305:38
Ben64what is the output of lsb_release -r05:39
mrmilkTJ: ok ive done those to comands now what?05:39
Ben64oh they must have changed the package name in 15.0405:40
TJ-mrmilk: Tell the system to support multiarch executable and libraries with "sudo apt-get install multiarch-support"05:40
mrmilkBen64: so how do we find the new name?05:40
Ben64what is your goal05:41
mrmilkto fix cnoection issue when im trying to run rocket league through wine05:41
TJ-mrmilk: Now to identify the correct package. First find out the library version currently installed for the native host architecture with "dpkg -l 'libgnutls*'  "05:42
mrmilkDesired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend |/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad) ||/ Name           Version      Architecture Description +++-==============-============-============-================================= ii  libgnutls-deb0 3.3.8-3ubunt amd64        GNU TLS library - main runtime li ii  libgnutls-deb0 3.3.8-3ubunt i386       05:43
TJ-mrmilk: On my system I see "libgnutls26" ... so I'd install the same package for i386: "sudo apt-get install libgnutls26:i386"05:43
epikthereaper_did my pastebin irl work?05:43
mrmilkE: Package 'libgnutls26:i386' has no installation candidate05:44
mrmilkTJ: E: Package 'libgnutls26:i386' has no installation candidate05:44
TJ-epikthereaper_: yes. The first line, /cow, means there's a Copy-On-Write file-system, which also confirms that you're using a peristent live ISO image. The /dev/sdb1 mounted at /cdrom/ suggests there is 6.7G remaining under that mount point, which I'd assume is the underlying file-system for the COW, but I've not used the persistent image in so long I forget now how it is arranged05:45
mrmilkPackage libgnutls26:i386 is not available, but is referred to by another package05:45
epikthereaper_im pretty sure all the program did was burn the iso onto the USB drive05:47
TJ-mrmilk: It seems you're already using the i386 architecture, and that package "libgnutls-deb0" is the 32-bit version05:48
epikthereaper_can i mount the /cow onto the /cdrom?05:48
TJ-epikthereaper_: It may be worth going back to the documentation for the USB image creator program to find out how it does persistent images - the Ubuntu way I recall would overlay the free space on top of the live image so any file changes you made were saved and masked out the original files05:49
epikthereaper_TJ-: i dont know how to do that, i have the program open on another computer so i can check right now if you can walk me through it05:51
epikthereaper_however i cant remove the USB right now as it is what is booting the computer im using right now05:51
TJ-epikthereaper_: looking here http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows05:52
TJ-epikthereaper_: it seems to show in the last dialog image that you can select in Step 4 the size of the persistent space at install time05:52
epikthereaper_TJ-: thats the exact guide i used to make the pendrive05:53
TJ-epikthereaper_: but there's no info there as to how it arranges that unfortunately05:53
epikthereaper_alright, i will try that, ill be back soon to report the results05:54
TJ-epikthereaper_: following links gets me to http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/   where there's a link to Persistence05:54
TJ-epikthereaper_: which tells us everything about it except how it does it in the installed image!05:55
=== backup-admin is now known as peen
peenis there 50GB missing?06:07
peenfrom the /home mountpoint FYI06:08
peencan anyone help?06:09
eduardчто случилось?06:09
eduardЕсть кто-то русскоговорящий?06:10
TJ-!ru | eduard06:10
ubottueduard: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:10
TJ-peen: I'd guest you've recently deleted some large files but there's a process still got file descriptors open to them06:11
peeni'd think that06:13
peenif i hadn't rebooted multiple times06:13
peenand ran an fsck06:13
Flannelpeen: "size" includes the reserved space, used/avail do not.06:13
TJ-peen: what is the underlying file-system type on md0? And what type of MD is that? RAID1 maybe?06:13
peenext4 and yea RAID106:14
peen2 1TB drives06:14
TJ-peen: As Flannel said... you'll probably see approx  5GB reserved per 100GB  of user space... so on a 1000GB drive you'd expect about 50GB reserved06:16
peenreserved for what?06:16
peenVirtual Mem?06:16
seminoobHow do I uninstall software that came pre-installed without uninstalling ubuntu-desktop? The two I've tried so far are Software Center and Gedit. Google didn't turn up any results for me06:16
peensudo apt-get remove gedit?06:17
TJ-peen: reserved for the file-system structures. You do want it to keep track of where your data is, and the file-names, don't you?06:17
seminoobpeen: when I do that it also wants to uninstall ubuntu-desktop06:17
wileeeseminoob, What is the end goal?06:18
seminoobTo get rid of software I don't use06:18
peenseminoob: I wouldn't worry about it06:18
peenits probably taking up a negligible amount of space06:18
peencouple MB if that06:18
wafflejockseminoob: you can check the disk usage app if you care06:19
TJ-seminoob: if "ubuntu-desktop" has a dependency on the package you remove, then it gets removed to. However, "ubuntu-desktop" is a virtual package in theory it shouldn't matter, although if you remove it any updates to it won't be pulled in any longer06:19
wafflejocklike peen said it doesn't really matter06:19
seminoobokay, I'll just leave it then. thanks06:19
peenuse nano06:19
wileeeseminoob, THere are easier ways in ubuntu, a mini net install, and other OS's that are easier to do this as they are light already.06:19
=== rishan is now known as lanka
nobungahey guys06:34
nobungahows everyone tonight?06:34
wileeewe're chillin nobunga06:38
nobungai am curious why in the basic linux commands vid im watching it says to use a "/" to change directories but I can only do that when I exclude the "/"06:39
Ben64nobunga: explain more06:39
nobungaso i " cd Downloads" and it goes to Downloads06:40
nobungawhen i type "cd /Downloads" i get a no such directory type error06:41
nobungai know , i suck06:41
Ben64yeah, because its not at /Downloads06:41
Ben64/ = the top level directory, the root directory06:42
nobungastupid azz tutorial im watching say it is and he is demonstrating it in a live terminal06:42
TuquiTuquiHi. Isn't there some font that will allow me to type greek letters? e.g. like "symbols" on windows?06:42
Ben64nobunga: if the folder you want to go to is in the directory you are in, then you use use that06:42
Ben64if you want to go to /home/ben/Downloads then you need to type it like that06:43
nobungaright same as dos06:43
nobungathat was my instinct06:43
Ben64not like dos at all06:43
vickydastaThe Downloads directory is actually in ~ folder, so if you add / before it, the cd command will check for the Downloads folder in system directory06:43
nobungai should prolly dige you some of my dogecoin cus my stupidity might astound you06:44
nobungaok cool06:44
nobungaok i get it06:44
nobungawhat do you mean by system directory? a literal directory named "system" ?06:47
Ben64the root directory06:47
nobungaany chance you guys have a link to a linux for retards type tutorial?06:49
nobungai might be too stupid for this06:49
ubunuhow to route iptable two interface in same machine...?06:53
TuquiTuquinobunga there was an irish (or norwegian, I don't remember) site that had a lot of info about linux in general. Not that I learnt a lot from it, but it made things look uncomplicated. Do you know how to install linux? e.g. partitioning and all of that? if not, maybe that's the first thing you should learn06:56
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
Carl_MillerI tried to copy the contents of my Windows installation's FONTS folder into ~/.fonts on Ubuntu 15.04. However, after the fonts finished copying but before I had a chance to update the font cache, Ubuntu froze, and now freezes (with CPU fan at 100%) on sign-on. Halp?06:59
Ben64Carl_Miller: have you tried deleting !/.fonts07:04
Carl_MillerNo, because I can't sign in07:05
Carl_Miller(and iirc recovery mode is read-only)07:05
Ben64it isn't07:05
=== Marco` is now known as Marco
cfhowlettCarl_Miller, false.  otherwise = no recovery possible.07:05
bojanHI anyone please guide me why my client types anything will take time means slow performance07:05
bojanAll my clients computer giving slow performance for past two days07:05
bojanI am using GDM07:06
cfhowlettbojan, not enough data to analyze.  "slow" means ... what exactly?07:06
astroduckHi, I'm getting "Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?" from synclient. How do I load the drivers?07:07
astroduckI'm on Ubuntu 15.0407:07
bojancfhowlett:IF i type a word it takes some time to print07:07
bojanon screen07:07
bojancfhowlett:am using LTSP here...It was working good but for past two days it starts creating problem like this07:08
gartraldoes anyone know why google-chrome has a stupidly over-sized interface?!07:08
cfhowlett!ltsp | bojan, ah.  I've no experience with LTSP07:09
ubottubojan, ah.  I've no experience with LTSP: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project07:09
=== HoloIRCUser1 is now known as anonxcode
cfhowlettgartral, don't like it = don't use it.  ask that question to the google-chrome designers.07:13
astroduckhelp? :(07:13
gartralcfhowlett: it seenms to be an ubuntu-related issue07:13
cfhowlettgartral, google-chrome is NOT ubuntu ...07:13
cfhowlettnor is their interface07:14
gartralcfhowlett: the issue is isolated07:14
cfhowlettgartral, i.e. ONLY on GC?07:14
gartralcfhowlett: as in ONLY in CG, ONLY ON UBUNTU07:15
gartralcfhowlett: cg on: fedora works, arch works, debian works, gentoo works... etc... etc... only CG on UBUNTU exibits this issue07:16
cfhowlettgartral, try GC's unbranded twin: chromium?07:17
gartralcfhowlett: I lose too much, i lose youtube, netflix, etc07:17
lamppidHow i can start proccess who using only swap instead of ram ?07:19
wileeelamppid, why?07:20
lamppidbecause i have one process who need abouts 50gb if i run it it's use my full ram and after this only use swap and i cannot work..07:22
Norrindoes anyone know why wiki.gnome.org is down?07:23
wileeelamppid, Yes it's using the swap, that's why it's slow.07:23
wileeestarting with swap makes no sense to me anyway07:23
lamppidi just need run this proccess use only psychical memory (swap) not ram07:23
peen--forcephysram flag07:23
Norrinpeen, that's a definite? it was announced somewhere?07:24
peenjust a guess07:24
peenbut definitely plausible07:24
lamppidwileee, why do you think with swap makes no sense ?07:25
peenNAILED IT07:25
gartralhey all, why does my browser look like it's on a monitor from the 80s? http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot2015-08-1403-24-26.php07:25
Ben64lamppid: it doesn't make sense because its not possible07:25
wileeelamppid, Swapping is the issue your having, using the swap is swapping.07:25
Norrinpeen, how do they know?07:26
Norrini think that's right at this point also, just curious07:26
cfhowlettgartral, suggest using something other than zimage.  image is too small to see clearly and zoom in/enlarge not offered.07:26
lamppidok maybe it's possible if i can limit use only 1-2gb ram for this process everything else using in swap?07:27
fidel_cfhowlett: context - show image in new tab might help - but i agree - stupid host07:27
Ben64lamppid: probably no07:27
fidel_gartral: i dont see what looks like a 80s monitor display quality in that pic07:27
gartralfidel_: the interface is like 600x480!07:28
gartralfidel_: it's frigging giant and I can't shrink it07:28
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
fidel_gartral: for me it looks like you are using some kind of theme or similar - or am i wrong?07:29
cfhowlettgartral, fidel "accessibility" options???07:30
gartralfidel_: I'm using a theme, but it doesn't matter, the interface "Grew07:30
gartralfidel_: for perspective, you're looking at a 1280p screenshot07:32
lamppidOk, can i just limit ram usage for one process?07:32
Ben64lamppid: still no07:33
lamppidi can't believe07:33
Ben64you said it needs 50GB of ram, you should get more ram.07:33
Ben64or perhaps a program that doesn't require so much07:34
cfhowlett!  50 of RAM?? what the heck are you running!?07:34
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:34
epikthereaperjust go on ebay and download some more RAM, not that hard to do07:34
lamppidi use python to analyze a very big pictures like a 100 000px X 100 000px07:35
jpgask for a registration code07:36
cfhowlettlamppid, anything requiring that kind of ram load is probably better addressed by a server (farm) or serious workstation.07:36
=== Yukkii is now known as forkn
BeDieJokowiReally that big?07:37
BeDieJokowiWhat kind of pic is that? A porn?07:37
cfhowlettBeDieJokowi, I've NEVER seen an application requesting 50 gb of ram, so yeah - larger than normal.07:38
BeDieJokowiMe neither07:38
=== forkn is now known as Yukkii
SuperStinkneed some help setting up wifi07:38
SuperStinkjust install ubuntu for first time07:38
cfhowlett!wifi | SuperStink07:39
ubottuSuperStink: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:39
kakoHi, I'm wondering why I can't find the libt1-dev package for 15.04. Was the name changed? Is there an alternative?07:51
cfhowlett!info libt1-dev vivid07:51
ubottuPackage libt1-dev does not exist in vivid07:51
cfhowlett!info libt1-dev07:51
somsip!find libt07:51
ubottuFound: gtk-im-libthai, libtag1-dev, libtag1-doc, libtag1-vanilla, libtag1c2a, libtagc0, libtagc0-dev, libtagcoll2-dev, libtaint-runtime-perl, libtalloc-dev (and 775 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libt&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all07:51
epikthereapermy whole computer is running slower than usual, im booting off a pendrive and i decided to allocate more persistant space and now its slow. i would just start over and not allocate the space, but i desperately need it. how can i make it run like it did before i allocated the persistant space?07:53
Ben64epikthereaper: get a hard drive. flash drives are slow07:53
cfhowlettepikthereaper, pendrive OS will ALWAYS be slow.07:53
kakoFrom the package description the libxfont1 seems to be close to what I'm searching for, but there is also no libt1.(a|so) in there (http://packages.ubuntu.com/en/vivid/amd64/libxfont1/filelist)07:53
=== erkules_ is now known as erkules
=== zen is now known as Guest31496
epikthereaperi expected it to be slow, but not this slow. it worked at a normal speed before i allocated it though, thats the only reason i ask.07:55
cfhowlettepikthereaper, Ben64 made a great suggestion: external HDD07:55
=== dreamon__ is now known as dreamon
wreckingballWhat is the version of ubuntu that is privacy minded and starts with a t? I can't seem to remember the name and it is killing me!07:58
Ben64tails maybe, but its not supported in this channel07:58
wreckingballNot tails... it was very similar though.07:59
cfhowlettwreckingball, tails 2.0 not supported here.07:59
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
cfhowlettwreckingball, good luck:    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security-focused_operating_system08:01
wreckingballcfhowlett: Thank you, it wasn't tails though. It was like the ancient greek god...08:01
wreckingballOk I was looking through that list!08:02
cfhowlett!tor | wreckingball08:03
ubottuwreckingball: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl08:03
* cfhowlett wouldn't call TOR an OS but .... whatever08:03
wreckingballIt wasn't tor... it isn't an OS.08:03
cawaySomething on T...08:04
wreckingballIt was an ancient sea greek god or something. I thought it started with a T08:04
wreckingballThis is going to really bother me ha08:04
Ben64whatever it is, it doesn't belong in this channel08:04
wreckingballI think it was an ubuntu distro08:04
wreckingballIt just had a few configurations added.08:04
Ben64then it isn't ubuntu08:04
cfhowlett!flavors | wreckingball, nope.08:05
ubottuwreckingball, nope.: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.08:05
wreckingballSo if I take ubuntu and install a few applications, then image it and name is "Sexy Mofobuntu08:06
wreckingballit isn't ubuntu?08:06
cfhowlettwreckingball, absolutely not.08:06
wreckingballOk lol08:06
wreckingballOnly vanila ubuntu08:06
badbodhubuntu has separate channels for other DE-s08:09
swattisomeone using a lenovo y510p? u14.04(ultrabay)08:10
DJonesswatti: Yes08:11
wreckingballAlright, I appreciate you guys!08:11
DJonesswatti: Although upgraded to 15.04 since08:11
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swattii have a porblem. that use of the machine? intel or nvidia vga? a and what kind of driver you are using?08:13
swattibooting and crash.. always08:13
DJonesswatti: I did a straight ubuntu install, then added nvidia-prime and it has worked perfectly, I can switch between the Nvidia and intel graphics cards as needed08:14
swattirecovery options if display manager fail to start08:14
swattiand you install intel vga or not?08:14
DJonesswatti: No, just basic ubuntu install & added the nvidia-prime, nothing else08:15
swattiaham ok ty08:15
wreckingballDoes AMD like Ubuntu?08:17
cfhowlettwreckingball, compared to Intel and Nvidi, AMD ... tolerates linux08:17
wreckingballI have a 3 year old asus rog and I seek refuge from windows but... games :D08:18
swattigreen force08:18
wreckingballI am trying to quit gaming. This would do it for me.08:18
wreckingballgreen force?08:18
peenquit gaming?!08:18
cfhowlettwreckingball, they say they'll do better, but given a choice, AMD is generally best voided IMHO08:18
wreckingballpeen: Yeah... I dunno. I feel like I am wasting time or something ya know?08:18
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BeDieJokowi1Me too. World is not a safe place anymore08:20
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BallerShotCallerpeen: What do you do when you feel depressed and just meh when you play games?08:20
cfhowlettBallerShotCaller, rapid/repeated nick changes are annoying.  choose one.08:20
BallerShotCallercfhowlett: Yes, I was mucking with a friend, apologies.08:20
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dark_kalyxThis will be mine I think.08:21
BeDieJokowi1Meh is good choice word08:21
BeDieJokowi1Think so08:22
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BeDieJokowi1Whats ur question sdfsf08:30
sdfsfmy server hp is dead, in this server i have 5 disks (OS Windows 2008 R2 with VM Hyper-V), i can install these disks in ubuntu OS without losing data?08:32
cfhowlett!server | sdfsf, might want to ask the server channel for recommendations08:33
ubottusdfsf, might want to ask the server channel for recommendations: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server08:33
philip_Partition 2 does not start on physical sector boundary why this error message08:43
k1lphilip_: its not "aligned"08:44
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philip_aligned kindly explain08:45
k1lphilip_: this answer does: http://askubuntu.com/questions/156994/partition-does-not-start-on-physical-sector-boundary08:46
philip_but when that error is it going to have effect on the system if not resolved08:48
hello0So queit here08:51
cfhowletthello0, ask your ubuntu support question08:53
philip_kindly explain what sector size means09:03
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philip_kindly explain what sector size means09:08
somsipphilip_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_disk_drive#Capacity09:08
slaffeHi guys, I could need some help here. Anyone availiable?09:18
somsipslaffe: just ask and someone will help if they can09:18
cfhowlett!help | slaffe09:18
ubottuslaffe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:18
slaffeOk, my bad.09:19
slaffeOk, i run a daily backup on my ubuntu server looking like this09:19
slaffetar cvpzf Backup.tgz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/tmp --exclude=/NAS --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys / >/dev/null 2>&109:19
slaffeToday I been following this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/TAR?highlight=%28\bCategoryBackupRecovery\b%2909:20
slaffeSo today I booted up with a live cd and figured id try to restore from the backup file09:20
Ice_StrikeHow do I improve the performance when I Use vnc to ubuntu?09:20
Ice_StrikeIt is suck and sluggish09:20
Ice_StrikeOn the LAN09:20
slaffebut when I opened gparted it could not reqognize the filesystem09:20
slaffei tried to mount it but i just got filesystem unknown LVM2_member09:21
slaffeHow am I supposed to restore from my backup if I can not mount the disk?09:21
slaffeDo I need to delete the partition andcreate a new one with ext4?09:21
slaffefigured I could just mount it, erase everything and execute the restoring of the backupfile and it'll be done09:22
slaffeHow do I go from here?09:22
slaffeGuide dosn´t mention antyhing about this, it's just straight forward09:22
sysrexslaffe, LVM2 memeber, you have LVM configured09:22
slaffei suppose09:23
sysrexboot from live and then look in here09:23
sysrexyou need to scan the volume group and then activate it afterwards you scan the logical volume and mount it09:24
sysrexping if you need help09:24
slaffeawesome, i'll get right to it. Thanks a bunch budy, you probably saved my day, or two. I'll get back to you if I need help. Thanks again!09:24
sysrexslaffe, no worries mate09:26
Ice_StrikeHow do I improve the performance when I Use vnc to ubuntu?09:26
Ice_StrikeIt is suck and sluggish, on LAN09:26
x4w3Ice_Strike: configurate it in slower quality.09:28
Ice_StrikeHow do I change the theme to something really light?09:31
slaffethanks sysrex. Now I was able to mount the disk.09:40
sysrexway to go, have fun now09:40
slaffeI've got another question that is.. In the guide it says Restoring Grub. This does not make sense to me09:40
slaffesudo -s09:40
slaffefor f in dev dev/pts proc ; do mount --bind /$f /media/whatever/$f ; done09:40
slaffechroot /media/whatever09:40
slaffedpkg-reconfigure grub-pc09:40
sysrexyou want to restore your disk09:41
sysrexor just retrieve the files so that you can reinstall09:41
slaffewhere should I put this? :S09:41
slafferestore the disk09:41
slaffei mounted it now, following your info, so I deleted all files on it and extracted the ones from the backup file09:41
slaffeNow I need to restore the grub too09:42
wileeeslaffe, It is to chroot from a live to the install.09:42
sysrexbasically, you can chroot when you have your disk mounted09:42
sysrexjust like running on the mounted disk09:42
wileee!chroot | slaffe09:42
ubottuslaffe: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot09:42
sysrexyeah, ubottu can explain it better09:43
sysrexif I were you, I would just get my files and reinstall09:43
slaffeso i'll just chroot to the mounted dir and do a dpkg-reconfigure then?09:43
sysrexchroot /mnt/mounted and then from there you can restore your grub09:43
slaffejust put my files bck and reinstall? Wont the ubuntu overwrite the files?09:44
marenzI just installed ubuntu from a minimal install. In there I also installed xorg and a wm. Where is the config on what WM/binaries xorg starts after "startx"?09:44
sysrexslaffe, copy your files outside the box, and then reinstall09:44
sysrexon an external device / remote device09:44
slaffeBUt this backup is to backup all the configure files and all that has been configured, so I dont have to do all the work again09:45
slaffeThat was my point of creating this daily backup09:45
slaffelitterly creating a mirror of the server09:45
slaffepoint was if something goes bad, since I am new to linux I could just easily erase everything and put the files back in from the backup09:47
slaffeso I dont have to install and configure everything :S09:47
sysrexI undrestand09:47
sysrexthen chroot and try to fix your grub09:47
slaffethat is?09:47
sysrexhowever, it would be important to know how you got into this situation in the first place09:47
slaffeI am actually not doing this on the server atm.09:48
slaffeI got two identicly machines09:48
wileeeslaffe, Do you remember encrypting?09:48
slaffeSo I am trying this on the second machine just to make sure how to do it if I need to in the future :P09:48
slaffeI installed ubuntu server on the second machine just a few hours ago and then booted up the live cd09:49
slaffethen came here :)09:49
slaffeNo wileee I did not encryp enything09:49
ManDulanGood morning my friends. I have a new laptop and I would like to NOT use the nvidia drivers neither the noveau one. How can I disable all? I want to use the integrated graphic card from Intel.09:52
slaffeso, when I run the dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc, whould the linux command lines be empty?09:52
slaffei mean, they are empty in the /dev/default/grub config09:53
slaffeerm, /etc/09:53
wileeeslaffe, seems your issue is mounting the lvm, nice info on the web, I g=have not followed you totally, but I saw that error.09:53
fishcookerif i have a list of packages a b c and d in case no dependency between them... which one will be installed on the first place?09:55
slaffei can mount the lvm, no problem there. syrex helped me there09:55
wileeecool, I was not following, carry on09:55
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noideahi everyone, can somebody help me with a problem regarding installing ubuntu on a mmc? i get an error in grub and install can not finish...10:03
Ben64!details | noidea10:04
ubottunoidea: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)10:04
Guest88691 is there any android emulator for ubuntu?10:05
popeyGuest88691: there is an android SDK which contains an emulator10:06
noideaubottu: i am trying to install ubuntu via usb on a mmc next to windows 8.1. installation starts without a problem, i choose the partition and format it ( mmcblk0p5 ) and install is copying files,...10:06
ubottunoidea: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:06
noidea... but at one point it just stops giving out an error message that grub-install failed10:07
popeyGuest88691: https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html is where you get android studio - the sdk10:07
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AndChat196224Question is inspired by Mr.Robot: like if have stored some image in linux x now I want to see this image in graphical user interface what Is the command to that10:16
Mandeep_SinghAndChat196224, eog image-name10:17
AndChat196224Mandeep_Singh thanx very much10:18
hateballAndChat196224: xdg-open <file> may be a better option, it will use your default application in case it is not eog. same goes for any file10:20
AndChat196224Okay hateball loved u r feedback10:21
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AndChat196224hateball: same command I saw inMr.robot thanks again10:23
guest-cXv5XBhows it going10:30
AndChat196224What guest-cXv5XB10:31
guest-cXv5XBhows it going mate10:32
sysrexall good guest-cXv5XB10:33
guest-cXv5XBwhen u guys from10:33
sysrexthe dark side of the internet10:34
philip__http://paste.ubuntu.com/12078454/ want to incrase the ?root Directory10:35
guest-cXv5XBsysrex u wanna shut shit down10:36
sysrexI would watch my language if I were you10:36
dupingpingwho can help me?10:39
dupingpingwho knows about grub2?10:39
dupingpinggrub2 has a big error.10:39
hateball!fixgrub | dupingping10:39
ubottudupingping: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:39
philip__http://paste.ubuntu.com/12078454/ want to incrase the ?root Directory10:41
kokutHello when i dpkg -i *.deb where is the root directory?10:42
kokutif i'm user@machine~$: ?10:42
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Guest66801using namespace std;10:44
Guest66801int main()10:44
Guest66801    int i=23;10:44
Guest66801    // JUST ENTER ANY FLOAT VALUE LIKE 2.22210:44
philip__http://paste.ubuntu.com/12078454/ want to incrase the ?root Directory10:48
kokutI have latest google chrome but accidentally tried to install the .deb package i downloaded a year ago, then cancelled with ctrl-c whe it was unpacking, now it keeps telling me its half installed (although i'm using the latest version) is there a way to fix this?10:51
kevininspainGood afternoon all. I am back with Ubuntu again after 4 years with windows and apple lol. Can anyone remind me how to make a screen grab ??10:57
hateballkevininspain: Press print screen10:58
kevininspainah !! as easy as that hahaha. OK thanks10:58
pitastrudlso how can i check what is using my ram, top or htop only show percentage, someone gave me ps_mem but out of the 800mb used it only shows the apps that use about 200mb and im still not sure wha the other 600mb are used for10:59
TJ-!mem | pitastrudl11:00
ubottupitastrudl: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/11:00
kevininspainIt's nice to be back on Ubuntu again, I forgot just how reliable it is after wasting hours with windows 8 then 8.1 and windows 10 finally did it for me. I can't spend ages every time I open a PC to let it do what it wants before I can start work.11:01
pitastrudlty TJ-11:02
pitastrudlnice webpage11:02
kokuthttp://goo.gl/cGHskH any ideas would be greatly appreciated11:05
hateballkokut: removing chrome wont remove your user data11:07
kokuthateball: how so?11:09
karmic_koalahi all (-:11:09
not1but2Hi koala11:09
hateballkokut: Your user data is stored in ~/.config/ and uninstalling Chrome (or any other app) wont touch that11:09
hateballkokut: It simply removes the applications binaries/libs, so if you reinstall it will pick up your data11:10
BluesKajHi folks11:10
kokuthateball: thats seems really unconvenient i doubt anyone configured a package like that11:10
kokutthat way my hard drive would be full of random data from apps i uninstalled years ago11:10
karmic_koalahas smbdy an idea if there's something already existing  or think it would be fun constructing smthng that would integrate into unity (maybe) and has functions like the windows10 starmenu - just in terms of showing a weather app, the news, the mails etc ?11:10
hateballkokut: Yes11:11
kokuthateball: also, i dont want to reinstall a package that is working fine just for a silly error message there has to be another way11:11
karmic_koalathere was a tool i used a few years ago, forgot the name. i did the indicator applet with it under bodhi...11:12
dionysus69anyone know an active irc channel for cyptography?11:14
philip__http://paste.ubuntu.com/12078454/ want to incrase the ?root Directory11:15
_joeyI have pulseaudio and wireless keyboard & mouse. After a little while volume control appears in the top right corner vibrating and keyboard freezes. Mouse is still working. Is there a known issue?11:17
atralheaven_dionysus69: I'm looking for it too! tell me if you found a good channel11:18
not1but2_joey time to replace11:18
dionysus69atralheaven_: found it, #crypto11:18
_joeyto replace what?11:18
TJ-dionysus69: atralheaven_ ##crypto ... some of the top bods there11:18
dionysus69TJ-: thanks :)11:19
_joeyTo MS Windows 10?11:20
_joeyGood idea. I need to shell out $2,000 for a good system that runs MS Windows 10 fast11:20
zzarrcan I run 15.04 in a chroot on an embedded linux device (arm + debian)?11:21
TJ-zzarr: if the packages are available and the device has the capability, yes11:22
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zzarrokey, is there a guide for how the network works for chroots?11:23
not1but2You take chroot too far11:23
not1but2Chroot is for folder11:24
not1but2Maybe you meant virtualization11:24
zzarrI know11:24
TJ-zzarr: same as the host, as in, it uses the host config11:24
zzarrthanks TJ- I think I over thought it11:24
TJ-zzarr: the only thing to remember is, if you want DNS resolution, to bind-mount /etc/resolv.conf into the chroot so the configured nameservers get used11:24
_joeyhad to reboot as keyboard froze again11:25
_joeyanyone replied to me?:)11:25
not1but2_joey: just give your keyboard to your dog for his toy11:26
mcphail_joey: what sort of keyboard is it? If it is a Logitech, I share some of your pain11:28
_joeyIt's not keyboard , it the system . I found the bug : https://github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon/issues/327511:32
_joey2015 and linux desktop is as shitty as ever11:33
x4w3i don't like quiet splash screen, unity, upstart, ... :)11:34
_joeyaparently it maybe happening after hitting alt-tab to switch between applications11:36
mcphail_joey: neither mint nor cinnammon are supported here11:36
_joeyit does not matter. the issue exists on all related distros11:37
kevininspainHi. how can I use as default the nick I am using "kevininspain" as I have to type it in every time I start xchat, can't find anything under settings !11:37
ioriaNetwork List11:37
ioriaXchat -> Network List11:38
Fuchskevininspain: it is in the network list, but consider updating to hexchat, xchat is deprecated and no longer maintained11:38
kevininspainHi OK thanks guys, is hexchat in the software center or does it need to be downloaded via terminal ?11:40
cfhowlett!info hexchat11:41
ubottuhexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.1-2 (vivid), package size 386 kB, installed size 1195 kB11:41
kevininspainalways been a bit of a dumbass using terminal lol11:41
kevininspainOK will have a look11:41
hateballkevininspain: It should be in the software center, it's all the same11:42
nucould you help me start networkmanager http://dpaste.com/3E1AT1T11:42
hateballkevininspain: it's usually faster to just type "sudo apt-get install hexchat" if you're used to it tho :)11:42
BluesKajkevininspain:use the package manager as a reference , but the terminal to install11:42
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kevininspain#hateball OK thanks11:42
Blackhatcomingsohi guys thats my first chat :P11:43
iorianu sudo service network-manager start ?11:43
Blackhatcomingsohow are you guys11:43
kevininspainbeen 4 years since I have been on Ubuntu guys so am a bit rusty....will give it a go11:44
nuhttp://dpaste.com/0Q2WDR9 ioria11:44
kevininspaingot sick to the teeth of the fight between Windows and Apple lol11:44
Blackhatcomingsotoday's i am hang a website.. feeling awesome :)11:46
iorianu wifi ?11:46
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kevininspainOK I have it installed so will close down this one and try the other .......11:47
kmzhello is someone here ?11:50
zzarrI got this message running "apt-get update" in a chrooted vivid "W: Failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/vivid/main/source/Sources  Hash Sum mismatch"11:52
mnrhello everyone11:56
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Guest49447I need some help11:57
Guest49447my system is getting slow graphics perfonace11:58
zzarrI get this message about systemd when I try to install ssh http://pastebin.com/Mk3Eh6Ew11:59
bkubuddyevery body! After nine months of security and maintenance support, what will happen to Ubuntu 15.04??11:59
Guest49447slow graphics performance , anyone can help?11:59
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bkubuddy[19:00] (bkubuddy) every body! After nine months of security and maintenance support, what will happen to Ubuntu 15.04??12:02
mnr12hello everyone12:02
mnr12I need some help12:03
kevininspainwhen answering someone and you want to add their Nick what do I have to type in before the Nick ??12:03
TJ-!tab | kevininspain12:03
ubottukevininspain: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.12:03
Fuchskevininspain: nothing, whether they get highlighted depends on their client, though. If you want a private conversation:  /msg nick Your message   or  /query Nick your message12:04
Fuchsnote that a lot of people consider a private message rude when not asked first.12:04
mnr12slow graphics performance issue , anyone can help?12:04
kevininspainFuchs, OK thanks12:05
kevininspainall a bit different after 4 years of not being here lol12:05
zzarrI solved it (I tried to remove systemd)12:07
gadaskaanybody please answer me what would happen after nine months of security and maintenance support for Ubuntu 15.04?12:08
gadaskaanybody please answer me what would happen after nine months of security and maintenance support for Ubuntu 15.04?12:10
gadaskaanybody please answer me what would happen after nine months of security and maintenance support for Ubuntu 15.04? Do I have to install another version of Ubuntu? And will I be able to manually update my OS anymore?12:11
ablest1980you can manually update or auto12:12
bkubuddyanybody please answer me what would happen after nine months of security and maintenance support for Ubuntu 15.04? Do I have to install another version of Ubuntu? And will I be able to manually update my OS anymore?12:12
ablest1980im 14.04lts12:12
TJ-!eol | bkubuddy12:13
ubottubkubuddy: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:13
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zzarrhow do I fix hash sum mismatch (from official repos)12:17
dscastrohello guys, is here the best place to ask about cloud-init ?12:20
OerHekszzarr, 1. change mirrors, or 2. sudo rm -vf /var/lib/apt/lists/* && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update  # to cleanup broken lists12:21
OerHeksdscastro, If  you find no answer here, maybe #ubuntu-server is a good place to ask too.12:22
zzarrOerHeks: thanks I removed everything under /var/lib/apt/lists/12:22
zzarrOerHeks: I read that the problem can occur if the repositories are being updated12:23
OerHekszzarr, yes, maybe your mirror is out of sync.12:23
zzarrnow everything went fine :D12:23
amagi would like to speak with somebody that could help with kickstart12:24
amagtrying to make a raid partitioning but impossible to get a result12:25
amagsome body figured it out ?12:25
zzarrI still have problems with Errors were encountered while processing:12:25
zzarr python3.4-minimal12:25
zzarr python3-minimal :(12:25
amagpart raid.01 --asprimary --size=1024 --ondisk=/dev/sdp12:25
amagpart raid.02 --asprimary --size=1024 --ondisk=/dev/sdq12:25
amagraid --level=1 --device=/dev/md0 raid.01 raid.0212:25
amagpart /boot --fstype=ext2 --size 1024 --asprimary --ondisk=/dev/md012:25
amagpart raid.03 --asprimary --size=48000 --grow --ondisk=/dev/sdp12:25
amagpart raid.04 --asprimary --size=48000 --grow --ondisk=/dev/sdq12:25
missilecarrotHey all, speaking from my raspberry Pi 2. Love this thing! :)12:25
zzarrmissilecarrot: running Ubuntu? :D12:26
OerHeks!paste | amag12:26
ubottuamag: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:26
missilecarrotnot to shabby12:26
zzarrI'm running Ubuntu everywhere and I love it :D12:27
missilecarrotneed some ideas of what to do with the pi. Any ideas?12:27
badbodhwatch *muffled voice*12:28
zzarryea, my stationary, my laptop (dualboot Ubuntu and OS X), have 2 servers running Ubuntu, my computer at work and last my phone runs Ubuntu-Touch12:29
zzarrI have a Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition (the gold one)12:30
melesi'm trying to set up postfix and dovecot but  /var/spool/postfix/private/auth is missing. can somebody tell me how to create it?12:34
LibertyWeNeedhow do I find out all the channels on freenode?12:37
ioriameles ... i use both ... but i don't have that file (...mumbling...)12:38
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FuchsLibertyWeNeed: technically /list, but don't do it12:39
FuchsLibertyWeNeed: you can search for channels with alis, see /msg alis help list. /msg alis list *searchterm* looks for channel names containing searchterm. /msg alis list * -topic *searchterm* looks for channel topics containing searchterm.12:39
melesioria well the error message when telneting to the server is:  postfix/smtpd[18118]: warning: SASL: Connect to private/auth failed: No such file or directory12:39
melesioria: Here is the output of dovecot -n http://pastebin.com/wMXxx1e812:40
amagnobody knows about kickstart and raid ?12:40
ioriameles ... teeneting to what ?   25 or 110  ?12:41
melesioria 2512:42
ioriameles ... ah... you changed dovecot.conf... it's not default12:42
melesno, but would the default work?12:42
ioriameles ... this is the original http://paste.ubuntu.com/12079035/12:43
ioriameles  it uses the files in conf.d12:44
melesioria, thanks i know, mine looks the same but i changed the settings in conf.d/*12:45
melesioria if you have dovecot, postfix and maybe postfixadmin set up, could you paste me the output of dovecot -n12:47
bkubuddyis terminal sometimes replaced by mouse-action? update, for example?12:47
bkubuddywhere can i learn terminal commands for ubuntu??12:49
ioriameles  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12079059/12:49
ioriameles  in any case , you got error also with smtp   ...12:49
zxcvzmy server hp proliant is dead, the server hp have 5 disks, 1 physical Windows Server 2008 R2 and 3 vm hyper-v, i would want load these disks in a system Ubuntu Server on other server hp poweredge r510, is possible?12:50
bkubuddywhere can i learn terminal commands for ubuntu??12:51
=== Linkin-Up is now known as poew
ioriameles  are you on debian ?12:51
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal12:51
BluesKajbkubuddy:  ^12:51
marushello, when i log in into my server it show me that packages can be updated.12:51
marusafter apt-get update && upgrade12:52
marusit still show that12:52
zxcvzofcourse without data losing12:52
Jesusss  How install Graphical Interface to Ubuntu server?12:52
ishamoCould somebody tell me where is the default dir of 'syslog.conf' in ubuntu?12:52
santosxenHey, what to do if i cant configure fancontrol? ; Seems like it doesnt want to save my config12:53
jperkinsto use a graphical interface on ubuntu server install tasksel and run it12:53
ishamoOh. I found it . it is rsyslog.conf12:54
zxcvzsantosxen maybe this is problem of permission12:54
jperkinssudo apt-get install tasksel12:54
melesioria yes debian, but wait a little, i think i solved the issue12:54
ioriameles  good12:54
Jesusssi can install graphical interface from sudo apt-get install?12:54
melesioria this post helped me https://forum.linode.com/viewtopic.php?t=9357#p5368812:54
BluesKajJesusss:  install ubuntu-desktop12:55
santosxenzxcvz, how to check that?12:55
ioriameles  so now you are using /conf.d ?12:56
marusi miss dist-upgrade12:56
zxcvzsantosxen ls -l name_file12:57
santosxenzxcvz. was für für name file stehen?12:57
santosxenzxcvz. soll ich das direkt im terminal eintragen?12:58
zxcvzsantosxen ls -l name_file12:59
Canonhello all. here my question i am looking to clean up my harddrives of duplicate files " pic, Docs ect."12:59
epigathello, i have a problem with installation of ubuntu studio. First one - i have a netbook (kali linux) and pc (none now). First i try installed a ArtistX, but i had some problems. Then i think i install ubuntu studio. But i had some problems with installation - "[...] menu.c32". Then i try install this files from kali, but it doesnt work. How i can format my pendrive and install ubuntu studio.12:59
zxcvzsantosxen ls -l name_file you must see all to left only ugo12:59
CanonI would like to use fine but cat locate the switches13:00
santosxenzxcvz, idk what you mean im linux newbie13:01
PiciCanon: man find  has all the documentation.13:01
BluesKajepigat:  format the USb stick to fat32 with gparted then use dd to copy the ubuntu-studio iso file to the usb, the usb will be bootable13:02
FuchsCanon: I'd go with fslint (graphical) or fdupes, really13:02
Fuchsgiven that find is a bit limited13:02
LibertyWeNeedHow do you get invited to a channel?13:03
FuchsLibertyWeNeed: usually by an operator inviting you,13:04
FuchsLibertyWeNeed: mind that most channels on freenode that are +i (invite only) are only so that the forward (+f) works. To these: you don't get invited at all.13:05
FuchsLibertyWeNeed: also these kind of questions are probably better suited in #freenode13:05
epigatsomeone can help me?13:05
BluesKajepigat:  did you read my post above?13:08
=== raja is now known as Guest67964
epigatoh oke13:08
epigatbut i cant format it13:08
epigati dont know a command13:08
frostieis there a ppa for chromium browser in ubuntu or does it update through the official repos?13:10
TJ-frostie: it's part of the main archive package is "chromium-browser"\13:12
OerHeksepigat, likely it is a kali-thing.13:12
epigatyes i readed, but im not verry gut in english and i dont understand this fist one. now im in gparted and how i can format i cant format13:12
frostiedoes it autoupdate when installed like firefox does or do i have to add ppa for it?13:13
BluesKaj!pl | epigat13:13
ubottuepigat: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:13
frostieto get new versions of chromium13:14
TJ-frostie: It's in universe; I'm not aware of how often updates are provided. Current version in 14.04 is 43.0.2357.130-0ubuntu0.
OerHeksfrostie, wait for the packagers to do the new chromium.13:14
zzarrapt-get install nano13:15
zzarrohhh... sorry :O wrong window13:15
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=== Guest23196 is now known as lmm
kn0ckdavennh: hi13:23
adrian_1908YouTube no longer allows one to opt out of the HTML5 player, any idea what to do as a Firefox user who doesn't want to be limited to 360p/720p?13:28
kn0ckHTML5 player is limited to 720p?13:29
kn0cki never knew that13:29
adrian_1908Firefox without MSE is limited. And If I activate it, I get unpredictable behaviour (videos stuck buffering forever).13:31
adrian_1908I just wish I could still opt-out for a while longer, until everything is ironed out for Mozilla.13:32
BluesKajadrian_1908: for resolutions above 720p tou'd better have a big internet pipe13:32
tpeEven YT's 4k video isn't all that intensive. If anything, all of their bitrates are way too low... but I understand why that's the case.13:34
adrian_1908BluesKaj: I do and so far I had no problem using the Flash Player, but now HTML5  seems to be enforced. I like to watch documentaries and videogame playthroughs and such, where the extra detail makes a difference. Of course I would love to ditch anything Flash myself, but in my case that seems to come with a few tradeoffs at the moment.13:35
adrian_1908Anyway, I'll do some more digging, maybe I can get it to work better somehow.13:36
kevininspainI asked this a while ago but have had 8 phone calls so i will ask again lol13:40
Ice_StrikeHow do I stop ubuntu to stop fading after x seconds?13:40
kevininspainto reply to someone who is in the chat do i have to put # before typing their user name or Nick ?13:40
facepalmMorning all, quick question. How to I enable a password prompt after coming back from suspend? Ubuntu Mate 15.04.13:40
Ice_StrikeIt is so annying when I am accessing from VNC13:40
hateball!tab | kevininspain13:41
ubottukevininspain: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.13:41
cfhowlett!tab |  kevininspain13:41
kevininspainso just start typing their name and then push tab to get a list correct ?13:41
hateballkevininspain: yes13:42
kevininspainhateball, ok have tried it13:43
kevininspainhateball, yep got it, Thanks13:43
BluesKajadrian_1908:  have you tried google-chrome? It's embedded proprietary flash version seems better on my large monitor than FF13:44
adrian_1908BluesKaj: That would fix it, but personally I don't like Chrome for day-to-day use.13:46
kn0ckcan you tell me how to get, how to get to sesame street?13:46
cfhowlettkn0ck, this is ubuntu support.  ask your ubuntu question or please play somewhere else.  thank you.13:46
qqzis there any channel where I can ask questions about cd/dvd/bd burning?13:51
cfhowlett!dvd | qqz, ask here13:51
ubottuqqz, ask here: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:51
mnr12ubuntu slow graphics performance .... cant even play youtube video smoothly... anyone can helpme?13:53
hateballmnr12: What chipset are you using?13:55
hateballmnr12: And what driver13:55
mnr12hateball: it is intel chipset, and intel driver , 32 bit dual core with 2gb ram13:56
hateballmnr12: on 15.04 ?13:56
kn0ckcfhowlett: suck a niggers dick13:56
kn0ckyou fucking nigger lover13:56
mnr12hateball: nope its 14.0413:57
bowl323What version of Ubuntu is everyone running?13:57
cfhowlett!ops |  kn0ck ban requested13:57
ubottukn0ck ban requested: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang13:57
bowl323I run Lubuntu 15.0413:58
hateballmnr12: You could try adding this PPA to get updated mesa, see if that helps https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa13:58
cfhowlettbowl323 what is your ubuntu question please13:58
mnr12hateball: okay let me try13:59
hateballmnr12: Be sure to read the information on that page before adding it14:00
kevininspainI use a windows phone and when I put in something in my calender I can see it on Windows 10 calender which is synced. Is this possible on Ubuntu ?14:02
shovel_b1sshow do i mount my usb using command line14:03
shovel_b1ssi tried a few things it didnt work14:03
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JumpmanI installed xubuntu on my laptop via flash drive, I used UNetbootin to create the bootable drive. After install I restart, and it says "No bootable device". How can I fix this?14:06
MonkeyDustJumpman  maybe the .iso was corrupt ... where did you get it?14:07
bkubuddyguys, i am havin trouble with installing ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS  on my Windows 10. i reboot and press F12 and choose USB-CDROM from the boot menu. then nothing happended. Windows 10 appeared. No sight of Linux installation windows.14:14
excaliburnhow'd you image usb?14:14
gadiszguys, i am havin trouble with installing ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS  on my Windows 10. i reboot and press F12 and choose USB-CDROM from the boot menu. then nothing happended. Windows 10 appeared. No sight of Linux installation windows.14:15
excaliburn!ops some kinda spam14:15
ubottuexcaliburn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:15
excaliburnno chance of that, my man14:16
zykotick9!gender | excaliburn14:22
ubottuexcaliburn: yes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)14:22
cfhowletto - m - g14:22
vogjonguys, i am havin trouble with installing ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS  on my Windows 10. i reboot and press F12 and choose USB-CDROM from the boot menu. then nothing happended. Windows 10 appeared. No sight of Linux installation windows.14:22
vogjonrepeat: i am using Windows 1014:22
excaliburnnice, fembot. But that's a sex not a gender14:23
excaliburntruly weird spam, that14:23
ioriavogjon efi motherboard ?14:23
BotchlaBvogjon: Are you using a Live USB? How did you 'burn' the ISO onto the USB flash drive?14:23
cfhowlett!details | vogjon,14:23
ubottuvogjon,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)14:23
vogjonguys, i am havin trouble with installing ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS  on my Windows 10. i reboot and press F12 and choose USB-CDROM from the boot menu. then nothing happended. Windows 10 appeared. No sight of Linux installation windows. Please help!!!14:25
BotchlaBvogjon: Did you see our questions?14:26
BotchlaBvogjon: We're asking you to provide more detail.14:26
MonkeyDustBotchlaB  it's a bot, ignore it14:26
* cfhowlett thinks yep. adding to my already susbstantial /ignore list.14:27
ioriaMonkeyDust, really ?14:27
BotchlaBioria: Well, the behavior certainly is bot-like... :)14:27
MonkeyDustioria  some bots also generate random comments, based on what's being said in the channel14:29
ioriaMonkeyDust, ok, tx14:30
changnesiaGuys could you give advice? I'm trying to install Ubuntu, my pc acknowledges the usb drive, but it never goes past by the Lenovo screen. I followed all the advice I could find. What could be causing this?14:32
reisiochangnesia: for serious? :p14:33
reisiochangnesia: came with Windows installed?14:34
changnesiaI want it to dual boot.14:34
ioriasecure boot ?14:34
=== gainax_ is now known as gainax
changnesiaIt's booting into UEFI, I disabled fastbood in windows, every piece of advice I could find.14:36
reisiowhat does 'acknowledges' mean14:36
ioria this http://askubuntu.com/questions/221835/installing-ubuntu-on-a-pre-installed-windows-8-64-bit-system-uefi-supported ?14:36
cfhowlett"sees it" would be my guess14:36
MonkeyDustor recognizes it14:36
changnesiaWell the Lenovo screen either flashes over and over or it stays there. If I turn the pc on without the usb drive, it boots into Windows as usual.14:36
changnesiaIoria: I followed that manual to a point.14:37
changnesiaSo the firmware knows it should boot from the usb drive, but doesn't from some reason.14:38
FrankFromHRchangnesia: Which usb port are you using?14:42
FrankFromHRchangnesia: laptop or desktop?14:42
changnesiaI tried all of them. My laptop has three 3.0 ports. The usb stick is Kingston 2.014:42
reisiocfhowlett: equally ambiguous :p14:42
reisiochangnesia: no usb 2.0?14:43
cfhowlettchangnesia, make another usb and try again.  PITA I know but they do act up14:43
=== jones_ is now known as Guest97993
reisioanybody had any luck booting the install image from USB 3?14:43
Guest97993So.. My friend is having some trouble with his ubuntu install and I'd want to help him by reaching his terminal, how can I do it over the internet without SSH14:44
=== Guest97993 is now known as NicholasCage
changnesiacfhowlett: What do you mean? I've tried several programs to create it to no avail.14:44
ArmadillosNicholasCage: You don't really...14:44
cfhowlettchangnesia, do not use the same USB.   try a different USB>14:44
reisioGuest97704: walk him through teamviewer execution over the phone14:44
changnesiaI also tried another usb drive but the computer ignored that one completely, as if it wasn't there.14:45
jostI've got a bunch of open ai files... I know I can open those with inkscape. But I'd rather extract every embedded image and resource from them into a folder. Is there a program that can do that? For Photoshop-files this is possible with imagemagick14:45
NicholasCageArmadillos: do elaborate?14:45
reisiochangnesia: I haven't had a lot of luck with live OSes over USB 3, it'd be nice if someone could confirm that's not an issue14:45
changnesiaSo basically I'm screwed?14:46
reisiojost: you try with imagemagick?14:46
reisiochangnesia: nah, you're just not done yet :)14:46
reisioI mean you can always install from within Windows itself, if you gotta14:46
reisioor maybe you have a cd/dvd drive...14:47
CoolAppsHello. Is it okay to use SWAP on a eMMC storage device?14:47
reisioit's slow and silly, but they're more reliable in many ways14:47
changnesiaIs this using wubi? Isn't that also frowned upon?14:47
piegeekfanIs it stupid to have Ubuntu installed if I just use it for the same damn stuff I use windows 8 for?14:47
cfhowlettreisio, WHOA there hoss!  you cannot be speaking of wubi because wubi is dead, dead DEAD!14:47
reisioCoolApps: it's fine, it's just more reads & writes14:47
cfhowlettDo NOT speak the name of curse!14:47
reisiocfhowlett: I could be, but am not14:47
reisionow that you brought up wubi someone's bound to ask about it, though, gj :p14:47
reisiochangnesia: no there are things other than wubi14:47
reisiothat predate wubi, even14:47
reisiopiegeekfan: nope14:48
reisiopiegeekfan: it's stupid to have _Windows_ installed in that scenario14:48
ioriachangnesia, have you tried with a dvd ?14:48
MonkeyDustpiegeekfan  it's not stupid if you want to learn something new14:48
changnesiaReisio: I have tried the DVD, but I can't figure out how to boot from it. No option in BIOS for it. Or the boot manager.14:48
reisiochangnesia: nice...14:48
jostreisio: yes, tried that - it exports a single image14:48
cfhowlettpiegeekfan, stupid?   no.  consider this: ubuntu as main OS, virtualbox + windows for windows specific stuff, i.e. MS Word14:48
reisiochangnesia: is there an option in the boot manager to _disable_ booting from hard disks entirely?14:48
jostand also, imagemagick will most probably export raster graphics14:48
CoolAppsreisio: Ah okay. From what I've read, too much read/writing on a eMMC storage device can reduce life.14:48
MonkeyDustcfhowlett  that's what i have, winxp, for ms office only14:49
reisioCoolApps: writing & reading (aka "usage") reduces the life of any storage device, yes14:49
cfhowlettMonkeyDust, in a vbox?14:49
MonkeyDustcfhowlett  yes14:49
reisioCoolApps: it will still likely last longer than you'll have a use for it14:49
ArmadillosNicholasCage: Are you just trying to access the terminal, or do you want to see the entire desktop?14:49
reisioCoolApps: at this point, the time you've spent wondering and asking about this is probably worth more than the cost of the device, so... :p14:49
changnesiaI'd have to check. In the boot manager there is only windows boot manager and then ipv4 and ipv6, but that's nothing that I'd want, is it?14:49
reisiojost: there's always Adobe Illustrator14:50
jostreisio: yeah, right... I'll install adobe software14:50
reisiochangnesia: nah14:50
reisiochangnesia: you want boot order, and then look for disabling hdd booting outright14:50
reisiosome boot firmware is really crap about this14:50
reisioand changing the order isn't enough14:50
changnesiaThere is no boot order actually14:51
changnesiaI can only allow usb booting14:51
reisiochangnesia: okay how about a dedicated boot menu? (esc? f12?)14:51
CoolAppsreisio: So around £85?14:51
reisioCoolApps: if it cost that much, it will last a good long time14:51
reisioprobably even has a warranty14:51
CoolAppsreisio: It's a mini PC and it uses such storage, so... XD14:52
reisioCoolApps: you can always swap in a cheap POS USB stick you have lying around if you're paranoid14:52
reisioCoolApps: but I don't think I'd personally bother14:52
changnesiareisio: that's where the windows boot manager, ipv4 and ipv6 are14:52
reisiosolid state has a limited lifespan, but so does everything14:52
reisiochangnesia: and there's an item for the usb stick?14:52
Johnny_Linuxplanned obsolescence14:53
reisiobeats unplanned (which is going to happen anyway)14:53
changnesiaNo. I haven't successfully got into that menu with the usb stick in14:53
reisiochangnesia: put the usb stick in, reboot and immediately start tapping the boot menu key over and over14:53
reisiothere is frequently an incredibly small window within which you must strike it14:54
changnesiareisio: I've tried that repeatedly. But I'll do so again if it helps14:54
reisioyou said it was a laptop?14:54
ioriachangnesia, Go to the PowerOff options, and while holding the SHIFT key, click on Restart. When the menu below appears, select Troubleshoot, then UEFI Firmware Settings.  It will reboot  and you can access bios14:54
reisioand the hard drive isn't in one of those easily removed bays? :p14:54
Johnny_Linuxf9 - f12 or close14:55
MonkeyDustJohnny_Linux  who are you addressing?14:55
CoolAppsThat's true. I got the mini PC for experimentation (it's supposed to dual boot between Android and Windows). Of course, I ended up deleting the partitions that are Android related, flashed the 64 bit BIOS, wiped out the original bootloader, and a few hours ago, removed the Windows partitions. It's gonna be more of a Linux PC. :P14:55
changnesiaioria: I can get into UEFI, but there is a different key for the boot menu14:55
changnesiareisio: No, I'd have to take the laptop apart14:56
reisiochangnesia: yeah not worth it, ,heh14:56
reisiochangnesia: what make/model?14:56
changnesiareisio: Lenovo G50014:56
CoolAppsthis thing takes such a long time to install a Ubuntu-based distro when it comes to the "creating ext4 file system for ..." stage.14:57
roddhow can i use bash instead of dash?14:57
changnesiaAre specifics important? I have intel Ivy bridge processor inside14:57
reisiochangnesia: you might try the minimalcd image14:57
reisiorodd: for what, exactly?14:57
reisioCoolApps: mmmm, I'm guessing that the description 'creating blah...' is a misrepresentation and that it's actually doing more than that14:58
CoolAppsI managed to avoid the wait on the partition screen in the installer by removing, adding, and then ticking the format box for that partition rather than having that partition there and ticking the format box.14:58
changnesiareisio: I'll try that then.14:59
ioriachangnesia, or disable FastBoot15:00
changnesiaioria: disabled15:00
CoolAppsreisio: That's likely, though it shouldn't be taking as long as it's taking. I mean it was a lot faster two times before.15:01
changnesiareisio: why do you think this will help?15:01
changnesiathe minimal cs15:01
reisiochangnesia: the normal image has a lot of graphical things, and just a lot more things in general, that can potentially fail15:01
reisiothe minimalcd image just has less to go wrong15:01
CoolAppsI should probably play around with where the USB devices are connected. Perhaps I'm putting too much on the storage. After all, I've attempted this many times before.15:02
=== mike is now known as Guest1099
roddreisio: cant seem to use autocomplete and a few other features with dash15:02
reisioCoolApps: got me, usb? mmc? sounds kinda awful :)15:03
reisiorodd: in what way are you trying to use bash?15:03
changnesiareisio: It says it's not handy for UEFI booting. I'd be very unhappy if I couldn't boot anything at all, haha.15:03
reisiochangnesia: well you already can't boot anything at all15:03
roddreisio: regardless, I want bash15:03
CoolApps"Read-only file system '/target/lib64'"15:03
reisiochangnesia: if you run out of ideas, try http://www.sysresccd.org/ http://is.gd/nodeha with the no kms option15:04
reisiorodd: okay... and what's stopping you from using it?15:04
roddreisio: not knowing how to set it as default, which is the reason I'm here15:04
CoolAppsI hope I haven't murdered the internal storage.15:04
reisiorodd: it should already be the default for interactive shells15:04
MonkeyDustrodd  open a terminal and type bash [enter] ... that should do it ... dash is the menu on the left15:04
reisiowhich is why I asked how you want to use it...15:04
roddit isnt the default15:05
reisioMonkeyDust: dash is also the default /bin/sh15:05
reisiorodd: what does 'help' say?15:05
{qwerty}Hey Guys, question: How to configurate my Laptop to switch to Standby-mode when i close its display? Im using Ubuntu-Studio. thanks15:05
MonkeyDustrodd  still, type 'bash'15:05
reisio{qwerty}: should be in the power options in system prefs15:05
roddMonkeyDust: everytime I open the terminal?15:05
MonkeyDustrodd  not sure, never encounterd what you experience ... what's the outcome of   cat /etc/issue15:06
=== changnesia is now known as changnesia2
mikulIf I wanna use the drivers from NVIDIA's website instead of the ones in ubuntu repos, do i have to remove any old drivers first or is it just to run the setup?15:07
MonkeyDust{qwerty}  system settings > power15:07
cfhowlettmikul, run "additional drivers" utility15:07
roddMonkeyDust: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS15:07
mikulcfhowlett, yeah but that shit doesn't work, and it doesn't have the latest drivers15:08
{qwerty}MonkeyDust: in Xfce i just can choose "Lock Display"15:08
MonkeyDustmikul  avoid the sh* word15:08
zykotick9rodd: if you need to reset/set your default shell, you can run "chsh" (NOT as sudo!)15:08
mikuli tried to change to the latest in additional drivers but nothing happend.. so strange.. so i wanna use the latest one on nvidias hompage15:08
MonkeyDust{qwerty}  ah, i'm unfamiliar with xfce15:08
mikulMonkeyDust, why? dont you ever take a shit?15:09
roddzykotick9: my user doesnt seem to exist in /etc/passwd, I think it might all be related to the network setup15:09
cfhowlett!language | mikul yes this means you too15:09
ubottumikul yes this means you too: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList15:09
{qwerty}MonkeyDust: Thanks anyway15:09
mikulso i cant be calm when i say the word shit?15:10
reisiocalmness isn't relevant, it's part of the silly rules15:10
reisiomikul: nividia's driver installer will tell you everything you need to know15:10
cfhowlettmiku you're trolling.  you know it. we know it.  follow the rules or be /ignored and/or kicked.15:11
reisioif it doesn't like something, it'll tell you15:11
mikulreisio, ty15:11
changnesiaThe  minimal doesn't work either15:11
roddI'm a moron -> adduser help15:11
reisiochangnesia: try the sysresccd thing15:11
mikulreisio, that is all i wanted to know.15:12
reisioso many words in English, 'troll' doesn't have to take every one's place15:12
reisiomikul: I figured, since you asked15:12
mikulcfhowlett, im not trolling.. what is your problem? I just asked one simple question.. answer it if you know the answer, else, just be quiet.15:12
kittykittyanyone remember if ubuntu 14.04 dims the screen when you take the power adapter out on your laptop?15:12
cfhowlettkittykitty, it will if you've set that in power-settings15:13
MonkeyDustkittykitty  yes, and i guess you can't disable that dimming on battery power15:13
mikulreisio, anyway, ty =) <315:13
kittykittycfhowlett, i think i disabled it in dconf ages ago but i got a new battery now and it should probably be on... I cant find it to turn it back on though. Tried lots of dconf stuff lol15:13
kittykittyMonkeyDust, i disabled it ages ago :P idk how to enable it now lol15:14
cfhowlettkittykitty, it's there somewhere, but I can't help as I'm on xubuntu, not unity.  different deal.15:14
kittykittyyea ok :P15:14
reisiochangnesia: so in the bios/uefi menu, is there a 'boot' item set to UEFI?15:14
kittykittyi mean, i have it enabled and stuff so it should work15:14
kittykittycfhowlett, "dim screen to save power" or something right?15:15
mich`no sound after installing skype15:15
reisiohi mich15:15
changnesiaReisio: yes15:15
mich`please help15:15
reisiomich`: no sound in skype or anywhere?15:15
reisiochangnesia: if you aren't dual booting, go ahead and set it to legacy15:15
mich`reisio: no sound devices in the list15:16
reisiomich`: check your mixer that nothing's muted?15:16
cfhowlettkittykitty, truly, I'm not familiar enough with unity/ubuntu to advise you with any confidence.  let someone else help.  sorry.15:16
MonkeyDustmich`  open a terminal and type   alsamixer15:16
kittykittymm ok, thanks anyway cfhowlett aha :315:16
mich`MonkeyDust: what now?15:16
reisiochangnesia: and actually, probably even if you are going to be dual booting15:17
MonkeyDustmich`  if you see MM, go there and hit m to unmute15:17
=== ddfadfa is now known as changnesia2
changnesia2reisio: I want it to dual boot. I'll be able to repair it later then?15:17
OerHeksmich or hit F6 to see if you can switch soundcards15:18
reisiochangnesia2: it should be fine no matter what the boot item is set to, really15:18
reisiochangnesia2: but please don't quote me on that :D15:18
reisiolike you should be able to leave it on legacy forever15:18
reisioit's not really legacy anyway15:18
reisioit's just BIOS or emulated BIOS15:18
reisiowhich U/EFI would _like_ to be legacy15:18
reisiobut which is still very common15:19
changnesia2reisio: But how will it work? From what I've read, everywhere they said if you install in legacy and you have win in uefi, you won't be able to boot windows15:19
changnesia2Or will grub manage it somehow?15:19
reisiothat's easily tested, switch it to legacy and see if windows boots15:19
mich`i changed sound card using f6 and then went to all MM and increased them15:20
mich`but it didn't help much15:20
changnesia2reisio: on it15:21
FrankFromHRchangnesia: The system won't boot windows if you've set the bios to only legacy and have a uefi install of windows.15:21
FrankFromHRchangnesia: reason is you can use UEFI to boot drives over the 2TB15:22
reisioFrankFromHR: he'll probably be back in a bit15:22
FrankFromHRreisio: ah missed him leave15:23
zykotick9FrankFromHR: ahhh, using 2TB+ drives is a GPT vs DOSMB issue - NOT UEFI related...  I've used 2TB+ without UEFI!15:23
changnesiaI'm still here but on phone15:23
reisiochangnesia: technophile15:23
melesi'm using dovecot+postfix+postfixadmin with mysql as userdb and passdb. but now i'm stuck with authentication problems via imap. When telneting I get "a1 NO [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed." There is nothing happening in the logfiles (mail, dovecot, syslog, mysql. The output of dovecot -n is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12080017/15:23
FrankFromHRzykotick9: to boot that 2TB+ drive in GPT you have to se UEFI15:23
zykotick9FrankFromHR: hummmm, ya, I probably wasn't booting from it... so, perhaps you're right?15:24
FrankFromHRzykotick9: hah no perhaps :)15:24
changnesiaReisio: want your mouth to be washed with soap? :-P15:24
FrankFromHRzykotick9: I've had to do it before to get a 3TB drive booting :)15:24
ioriachangnesia, minidisk failed ?15:25
FrankFromHRchangnesia: How did you write the image to the USB key?15:26
changnesiaReisio: new option: I should leave uefi first, right?15:26
reisiohaving actually experienced that, but assuming you probably wouldn't have guessed it, I will refrain from commenting in earnest :p15:26
reisiochangnesia: yeah15:26
changnesiaIoria: yes15:26
changnesiaFrank: uui15:27
philip__http://paste.ubuntu.com/12078454/ want to incrase the ?root Directory15:27
changnesiaSo it boots fine into windows15:27
changnesiaShoulditry again with the USB drive?15:28
FrankFromHRchangnesia: It's a liveCD right?15:29
FrankFromHRchangnesia: on the USB key15:29
philip__How to extend the root partition in LVM15:29
changnesiaFrank : yes15:30
FrankFromHRCan't changnesia kick off the liveCD from inside his windows install?15:30
MonkeyDustphilip__  scroll down to lvextend   https://www.howtoforge.com/linux_lvm_p215:32
reisiochangnesia: changnesia2 I'd try booting the usb again, yes15:32
changnesia2frankfromhr: I only can boot a usb or windows recovery cd15:32
changnesia2reisio: can I do it with the full iso? It'd be a lot faster15:32
MonkeyDustphilip__  no need to paste that twice... follow the instructions on the link i suggested15:33
ravi__kumarcan anyone help me in understanding any open source project. I mean how the modules are organized. How modules are depending on other modules. I have no idea how to start. I want to understand projects from developer's perspective.15:33
reisiochangnesia2: yeah15:33
reisioravi__kumar: #friendly-coders15:34
MonkeyDustravi__kumar  ask in #ubuntu-offtopic15:34
=== keviv is now known as Guest90581
reisioravi__kumar: also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_philosophy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Package_manager15:34
ravi__kumarThanks for the help folks. I really appreciate it.15:35
Piciravi__kumar: it often depends on the programming language you're using, many require things to be setup in different specific ways.15:35
=== keviv_ is now known as keviv
changnesiaReisio: I'm getting just the Lenovo screen again. It isn't flashing any more though15:38
reisiochangnesia: when you load the boot menu and choose usb?15:39
changnesiaReisio: when it wants to boot the usb15:40
changnesiaI'mnotchoosing anything15:40
superherointjWhat is going to be Ubuntu's future?15:41
reisiotry choosing it explicitly from the boot menu15:41
reisiosuperherointj: stuff, things15:41
pbxsuperherointj, try #ubuntu-offtopic for non-support question15:42
superherointjAs a Desktop, I don't see much excitement about Ubuntu. It seems it is fading away.15:42
MonkeyDustsuperherointj  that's because the desktop itself is fading away15:42
pbxsuperherointj, that's kind of a trolly statement. this channel is for support15:42
superherointjWhere should I discuss these things?15:43
MonkeyDustsuperherointj  type /j #ubuntu-offtopic15:43
changnesiaReisio: I can't get in with the USB plugged in15:44
kairoI'm now from ubuntu and the problem of my update-grub take a long time it's because of my HDD sata 200G, is this problem about a cable sata ? ( i heard some sound when it plugged, and the hdd is new )15:44
reisiosuperherointj: #boringconjecture perhaps15:44
changnesiaBut I can choose the DVD now15:44
reisiochangnesia: wow, tedious15:44
reisiochangnesia: might try a dvd15:44
changnesiaWill do15:45
reisioif it works, at least it'd work :p15:45
changnesiaThat'sall I want! :-)15:45
* superherointj came here to see a painting of a bright and shiny Ubuntu future. :)15:46
reisiosure you did15:46
reisioI don't even like Ubuntu and I find your approach a boring waste of time, go away :p15:47
changnesiaIt's doing something!15:47
jmaderoI all - I upgraded flash a couple days ago and it's miserably bad....sometimes the video just goes white (right now a video on hulu is running...all white), sometimes the video just disappears (sound continues)...any way to revert?15:48
Technobliteratorany reason Ubuntu won't let me uninstall a program when I try doing that from the search bar/can't find it in Software Center?15:49
TechnobliteratorMy attempt to install Steam seems to have failed15:49
CarlFKsudo adduser carl plugdev; added.. what do I do so my current session sees that so I don't have to turn it off and on again?15:51
SolarNRGWhere are my apps usually stored?15:51
kairoanother question: i have this from /var/log/syslog : Aug 14 16:43:27 kadiro-MS-7529 kernel: [  989.000085] ata1.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x6 frozen15:51
kairoand other similar errors15:52
Seveaskairo: time to make a backup and buy a new disk. It's rotten15:52
=== shovel_b1ss is now known as shovel_boss
kairoSeveas, thank you, but i have two pluged now and third removed, how i can now who is the faulty?15:53
TechnobliteratorI'm 100% sure I need a new graphics driver...ubuntu crashing constantly due to failing to load stuff15:54
kairobonjour jojo_15:55
OerHeksTechnobliterator, maybe you need new ram .. try a memtest86 run15:56
FrankFromHRTechnobliterator: Or a new PSU15:56
jojo_j'ai un probleme de résolution avec une carte nvidia geforce 7500LE15:56
TechnobliteratorNew ram? My PC has 16GB ram, so that seems unlikely15:57
jojo_je suis sous ubuntu 15.0415:57
FrankFromHRTechnobliterator: how much ram you have has nothing to do with it going bad..15:57
BotchlaBjojo_: #ubuntu-fr15:57
Technobliteratorright, ok15:57
kairojojo_, je ne suis pas un expert, mais je pense tu dois installer un nouveau driver de votre carte graphique15:57
Technobliteratorso, memtest86 in console?15:57
FrankFromHRTechnobliterator: from usb/cd15:58
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as DirectorENTJ
FrankFromHRTechnobliterator: and leave it to run over night15:58
jojo_le probleme c'est que le driver ne se trouve plus dans les dépots15:58
OerHeksJust 3 runs of memtest86 will do15:58
kairojojo_, essaye de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ici n'est pas autorisé de répondre dans autre language que anglais15:59
jojo_(driver nvidia-173)15:59
TechnobliteratorI can probably burn that onto a CD or something15:59
OerHeksTechnobliterator, or use the grub2 option15:59
changnesiaWhen I want to double boot but want ubuntu to have its own partition, should I choose something else during the installation?16:00
changnesiaWhen I want to double boot but I want ubuntu to have its own partition, should I choose something else during the installation?16:00
Technobliteratorgrub2 option?16:00
OerHeksTechnobliterator, yes, hold shift @ boot, and use the memtest86 from there, no need for a cd16:02
gbit86__So I have a situation that requires that I setup developers with Vagrant VMs and will have a network share with a credential that I do not want to be in stored in clear text. How would yall go about securing it?16:02
gbit86__Setting them up with AD creds would not be ideal with, I want this managed by other developers that will not concern themselves with managing it via AD. Perhaps another linux authentication type server, but not the same windows AD that is used company wide.16:03
gbit86__ideal either*16:04
kairoone last question, if i buy a new disk, can i transfer my ubuntu and others partitions to this new one?16:05
OerHekskairo, sure, but would you transfer corrupted partitions?16:05
=== DirectorENTJ is now known as SonikkuAmeria
=== SonikkuAmeria is now known as SonikkuAmerica
kairoOerHeks, yes, i fear i loose my data16:06
Technobliteratorok, so if I go with cd option, I just download and extract iso, then reboot PC and just let memtest86 work? ?__?16:07
kairoOerHeks, i heard a dd command can do that, is true?16:08
OerHeksTechnobliterator, yes, kairo yes16:08
FrankFromHRTechnobliterator: by extract you mean burn right?16:08
OerHeks2 answers in one line :-D16:08
kairololl not bad ;)16:09
tobyjcould someone offer some advice related to diskless booting ubuntu?16:09
tobyjI have everything set up16:09
tobyjthe client is getting an IP16:09
tobyjbut I get "file not found"16:09
kairoOerHeks, can you give me a small information to do that? please16:09
tobyjwhat could I have messed up?16:09
gbit86__perhaps what I want to do is encrypt files on a local server and store the decrypt key on a remote server16:11
=== _thlion_ is now known as _thelion_
TechnobliteratorFrankFromHR, I meant, extract the compressed folder and then burn, yeah16:11
FrankFromHRTechnobliterator: k cool, just making sure :)16:11
reisiochangnesia: alongside?16:12
reisiochangnesia: I'm not sure there's any scenario, when booted from the live OS, that doesn't result in Ubuntu having its _own_ partition16:12
FrankFromHRtobyj: Did you setup DHCP with the right information for PXE booting?16:12
tobyjFrank, I realised my issue16:13
tobyjtftpd-hpa was a bit misconfigured, wrong working directory16:14
tobyjI'll try this fix16:14
tobyjif not, I'll check dhcp16:14
tobyjbut it's getting an IP16:14
tobyjthe PXE client itself is what's failing16:14
changnesiaReisio: I made unallocated space for its partition16:14
OerHekskairo, see man dd or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DriveImaging#dd, enough tutorials to find16:14
ioriatobyj, LTSP ?16:14
tobyjioria: hmm?16:15
tobyjhttp://puu.sh/jBpnV/eaf5aed34c.png ,_16:15
tobyjthat's the issue16:15
ioriatobyj, does the bios support booting pxe ?16:16
Technobliteratoralright, I've burnt the CD16:16
tobyjyeah, I've booted over pxe before16:16
TechnobliteratorNow I restart and let it run, right?16:16
tobyjalso no I'm not using ltsp16:17
ubottuliceo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:17
tobyjI'm just using isc and tftpd-hpa16:18
kairothk's OerHeks but this need a space to do it16:18
tobyjas well as a nfs share to store the filesystem on16:18
Technobliteratoruh, I guess I was supposed to do more than just reboot because it just took me back to Ubuntu's start page16:18
ioriatobyj,     sudo chmod -R 777 /tftpboot       https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto16:19
=== Speel is now known as TonyAldo
tobyjI tried, my permissions are okay16:19
TechnobliteratorOerHerks, FrankFromHR, either of you know what I'm meant to do?16:20
tobyjdoes it matter that the files are owned by root?16:20
ioriatobyj,     virtual machine on serv ?16:20
OerHekskairo .. err, what makes you think you don't need a space to dd a partition to ?16:21
tobyjyeah, the server and client are both VMs16:21
tobyjbut eventually I will use physical clients16:21
ioriatobyj,     don't know much of VM, sorry16:22
kairoOerHeks, to backup i need a space to do that but i have'nt16:22
tobyjioria: no problem, but it should work just like a physical machine would16:23
OerHekskairo, you have a bad disk, you want to move those partitions.. now you say you have no space, cannot help you there.16:23
OerHeksbuy a disk and come back :-)16:23
kairoOerHeks, yes OerHeks i means when i buy a disk i need just copy the old one to the new one without a backup16:24
ioriatobyj,     maybe some advanced setting in Network when you installed VM16:25
OerHekskairo, i stop here.16:25
kairook OerHeks thank you for your help16:26
LinnakHello, Can someone tell my why applications installed by deb package doesn't show up in unity's software list?16:26
tobyjioria: I think I might have fixed it. tftpd-hpa was misconfigured16:26
tobyjthe networking side of things seemed okay, the client was getting an IP from the dhcp server16:26
ioriatobyj,     it works ?16:26
tobyjI get a timeout error now though16:26
tobyjI'm going for dinner, be right back16:26
TonyAldoLinnak, which software?16:27
Linnakskype, sigil, jutoh ...16:28
TonyAldoLinnak, hm I just installed skype for my self and it came up16:33
TonyAldoI had to search for it16:33
TonyAldoLinnak, should be listed under installed applications16:34
Linnaknow unity doesn't show a single app. totally empty16:38
melesThe MX entry for an SMTP server is set to our network, now i installed another emailserver outside, i would like our wifi-router TL-ER604W to forward all incomming requests to the  external server. How would that servie be called (btw. I know that it is no good idea, it's just very temporarily.16:38
MonkeyDustmeles  how is your question ubuntu related?16:39
daftykinsLinnak: have you been tweaking settings or removing lenses?16:39
Linnakjust don't search online and in my folders16:39
melesMonkeyDust good question. initially i had another plan thats why i'm here.16:41
MonkeyDustLinnak  just installed skype too, it shows up, ok16:42
tobyjnow I'm getting tftp open timeout16:43
tobyjbut the tftp server is running16:44
TechnobliteratorOkay, memtest86 running16:44
tobyjdhcp and tftp are on the same IP16:44
Linnakthen it must me something else wrong. I show you all location checked and showing up nothing http://i.imgur.com/iXLvNLL.png16:44
bmsr256hello, i have a pc with ubuntu installed, i logged in to the pc and when i go to files the folders inside the home folder show a lock, why this happen?16:44
TechnobliteratorThis could take a whilw16:44
tobyjbmsr256 is your home folder encrypted?16:44
bmsr256tobyj: no i didn't encrypt my home folder16:45
bmsr256i did a normal installation of ubuntu, i didn't select anything more else16:47
Linnaki've never could get ubuntu work in virtualbox. that's why I used debian but yesterday I saw in a shop a laptop with ubuntu on it and I liked how it looked. but I still can't get it work16:47
reisioLinnak: in vbox, you mean?16:47
daftykinsLinnak: perhaps you should not mess around with settings and see how it works out of the box to start with.16:48
melesMonkeyDust can you suggest an alternative channel?16:48
MonkeyDustmeles  try ##networking16:48
TonyAldoquestion .. just installed 14.04.3 now im noticing my HD is a bit warm and im not doing much ..doing a iotop right now and it seems every second "ext4lazyinit" writes and then "jbd2/dm-1-8" writes to the disk after that ..is this considered normal?16:48
daftykins!alis | meles Don't use #ubuntu as a freenode virtual directory in future please.16:48
ubottumeles Don't use #ubuntu as a freenode virtual directory in future please.: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:48
liquideeehi guys, i need your help. I have installed ubuntu 15.04 on new lenovo yoga 3 pro laptop. I've been using the laptop for a few days. Today, i was forced to set up a static ip for my Wifi connection. I have modified the connection and restarted wifi (through gnome 3 top right panel). It could not start, so i launched nmcli and started the connection16:48
liquideee from there. Since that time - kernel panic anytime i log in to my account. Cant even log into a shell from gdm because the kernel panics soon.16:48
tobyjmy tftp server is not responding, even over localhost on the server side16:49
tobyjany idea why?16:49
melesMonkeyDust: thx16:49
daftykinsliquideee: which kernel are you on?16:49
daftykinstobyj: probably not running. use netstat to confirm16:49
liquideeedaftykins: ill try to check. It is a fresh install + updates installed so it may be the newest for 15.0416:49
tobyjdaftykins: I'll check once the server finishes rebooting16:50
Linnaki can' use it out of the box because it doesn't have vbox guest additions by default like Mint has so I can't see too much in 640x480 resolution16:50
MonkeyDustLinnak  ubuntu was slow in vbox, here too, but alot faster in vmware player   https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/free#desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_player/7_016:50
daftykins!info linux-generic vivid16:50
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (vivid), package size 1 kB, installed size 27 kB16:50
daftykinshrmm guess that's not indicative16:50
daftykinsliquideee: tried using an older one?16:50
LinnakMonkeyDust After installing guest additions and you check 3d acceleration it works fine16:50
reisioLinnak: you'd only have to endure a lack of guest additions during installation...16:50
liquideeedmesg is complaining about thinkpad_acpi misbehavin16:50
daftykinsLinnak: right but installing those isn't that big a deal, as long as you're doing it properly.16:51
MonkeyDustLinnak  unfortunately, i have no 3d on my old frankenstein-laptop16:51
liquideeenot yet, as im kinda locked out because of the panicks. I guess I'll have to use a live cd or smth16:51
bmsr256tobyj: do you have an idea?16:51
daftykinsliquideee: no there should be the one it installed with too, hold left shift at boot and check the advanced menu in GRUB16:51
liquideeeit lists all installed kernels?16:52
Linnakdaftykins I do it the way how it is in the manual written16:52
daftykinsLinnak: 'the manual' being what16:52
tobyjbmsr256: no, sorry16:52
tobyjdaftykins: netstat | grep tftp returns nothing16:52
bmsr256tobyj: ok no problem16:53
=== rory is now known as rory-
Linnakdaftykins https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#idp4678538434396816:53
LinnakI did it about 140 ties before16:53
daftykinsLinnak: ok, try using the packages already in the ubuntu PPAs16:54
daftykinsbecause i don't think that's necessary.16:54
Linnaki will after i reinstalled AGAIN16:54
changnesiaGuys when I try to install Ubuntu, it says I don't have the "reserved for BIOS boot" partition. What can I do about that? Can I create it in gparted?16:54
daftykinsLinnak: which version are you using? (name the ISO you're installing from)16:56
daftykinschangnesia: is Ubuntu to be the only OS on your machine?16:57
Linnakdaftykins http://releases.ubuntu.com/trusty/ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent16:57
bmsr256i try fsck, maybe it can help16:57
Z3Hi !  Will gnome classic desktop (gnome-panel package) run on mir on Ubuntu 16.04 ?16:57
changnesiadaftykins: No, that's the problem. I want it to dual boot16:57
daftykinsZ3: too early to speak of an OS that will be released in April 2016.16:58
MonkeyDustLinnak  are you trying to install that as vm? try 32bit instead og 64bit16:58
daftykinschangnesia: ok what kind of computer and what do you have on there, Windows 8.1?16:58
changnesiadaftykins: Laptop. And windows 1016:58
Z3daftykins ok. And on Ubuntu 15.10 ?16:58
Linnak32bit is still better nowdays?16:58
changnesiaI can't boot up using a usb16:58
daftykinsZ3: also hasn't been released since that's October 2015...16:58
MonkeyDustZ3  ask in #ubuntu+116:58
Z3daftykins monkeydust ok, thank you ! :)16:59
daftykinsMonkeyDust: i don't see any point in VMing 32-bit16:59
changnesiadaftykins: I was adviced to turn UEFI off, now I can boot up using a dvd16:59
changnesiabut then there's this problm16:59
MonkeyDustdaftykins  32 works for every hardware, even virtual, i use it on mine too, for that reason (can't install 64bit)16:59
daftykinschangnesia: you need to keep EFI on if your Windows was installed EFI. disable secure boot to boot the flash drive perhaps, but you'll need to be in EFI mode :)17:00
daftykinsback shortly.17:00
changnesiadaftykins: I can't17:00
tutolatohi, what happens if i shutdown ubuntu with a mounten luks container?17:01
changnesiadaftykins: it just doesn't work, I've been battling it for two days now. Secure boot is off, fastboot too. But I can't boot the live usb.17:01
Linnaki use always 64bit with debian mint ..... the proplem is not with bits and virtualbox17:02
liquideeechangnesia: efi requires fat32, make sure the usb is formatted this way17:02
tobyjdaftykins: the service is running, but tftpd-hpa doesn't show in netstat17:02
tutolatothe normal way to close it from the wiki would need to cryptsetup luksClose, does this also happen by shutting down the system?17:02
changnesialiquidee: It is17:02
FrankFromHRchangnesia: have you checked the MD5 of the ISO? Maybe the download got hosed?17:03
Linnakok thanks bye17:03
liquideeedaftykins: looks I've found the offender. proprietary module bcmwl for wifi. It worked until today, but now I have booted into the old kernel and installed it there to get wifi working and the same problem occured -kernel panic. Any ideas how to proceed?17:04
tutolatoowhat happens if i shutdown ubuntu with an lukscontainer mounted?17:07
AndChat196224Hi geeks!!!17:10
reisiohi geek17:11
AndChat196224I am using kali linux in virtual machine,and upgrading to latest version upgrading will take 10 hours of time half is done how to pause that upgrade for a while and start from where it is pause ..,  any body thanks17:14
PiciAndChat196224: We do not support Kali Linux here, please use their support channel instead: #kali-linux17:16
johnson1Hi guys. How do I bypass ubuntu's x interface at boot without altering config files?17:16
wotan147anyone knows why muon (on kubuntu) does not show all the sources writtern in /etc/apt/sources.list ?17:16
herrkinhello community, I have a fresh install of ubuntu, I configured the static ip on it and it connects to the web, updates just fine but I cant ping it. if I connect other machine to the same cable with the same ip settings I can ping that one. what can be happening?17:18
herrkinI have to add that I am on a different network segment, if I connect to the same network it pings the server just fine17:18
herrkindoes ubuntu server have a built in restriction I have to unlock? first time it happens to me. I had a similar setup with the same machine before and it worked just fine17:19
liquideeehow do i find when a package has been upgraded in ubuntu's repository (using web only?)17:20
=== stan is now known as Guest29343
aqdwhy all VPN types in 15.04 give me some agent error and unable to connect unless I set plain password directly in /etc/...17:21
changnesiaFrankfromHR: I have and it corresponded17:21
geniiliquideee: Check the archives of the #ubuntu-changes mailing list17:21
liquideeeI am having problems with bcmwl driver for wifi. since today, loading the driver causes kernel panic. It doesnt seem that it has been updated as /var/log/apt/history does not indicate it was17:23
FrankFromHRchangnesia: Do you ahve another computer you can test the USB key on?17:23
changnesiaFrankfromhr:Sadly no17:23
FrankFromHRchangnesia: hmm, and you've tried a different usb key?17:24
changnesiafrankfromhr: Yes, and that one didn't work at all.17:26
FrankFromHRchangnesia: I think you might have to find yourself another computer and confirm that the usb key is working properly..17:26
changnesia*FrankfromHR:I will be able to do that later, but I the old pc I have at home uses bios afaik.17:28
FrankFromHRchangnesia: That's fine, at least you'll be able to confirm that the usb and the image are all working properly.17:29
daftykinsliquideee: not much beyond not using it and looking up the alternatives for your broadcom model. this isn't a mac, is it?17:30
changnesiaFrankfromhr:Yes, that's right.17:30
liquideeedaftykins: its lenovo yoga pro 317:31
daftykinsliquideee: ah yeah you said, my bad.17:31
liquideeedaftykins: i hope there are any alternatives :P17:31
daftykinsliquideee: so what's the broadcom model?17:31
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:31
daftykinshmm don't think i've heard of that model before.17:32
=== cyphase is now known as Guest51576
tobyjdaftykins: nothing for tftp in netstat17:32
daftykinstobyj: sounds like it's not even configured to use a port, perhaps read up on what you installed and check its' config file :)17:34
FrankFromHRtobyj: You normally have to set DHCP options to tell the PXE Bios which server hosts the boot files.17:34
daftykinsFrankFromHR: that's not very useful considering the daemon isn't even listening yet :)17:35
tobyjdaftykins: http://puu.sh/jBtYR/1467db15d1.png17:35
tobyjthere's the contents of /etc/default/tftpd-hpa17:35
FrankFromHRdaftykins: oh he hasn't even gotten that part going? nevermind then :)17:35
daftykinstobyj: sorry but i don't use it, i can't look it up for you.17:36
tobyjthank you anyway17:36
daftykinsoh, although that should probably be an IP - and /tftpboot should exist :)17:37
tgm4883daftykins: nah, should work there17:37
tobyjright, got tftp up17:37
tobyjbut now I'm back to file not found17:38
tobyjpermissions are set properly on /tftpboot according to the guide17:38
tobyjthat is, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto17:38
FrankFromHRtobyj: you're grabbing the IP from the DHCP server on the ubunut server and not from a router or something else in the network right?17:38
tobyjyeah, it's getting the right IP17:39
AndChat196224Or ubuntu how to puase downloading for a day17:39
tobyjI fixed the problem17:39
tobyjisc was looking for /tftpboot/pxelinux.0 inside /tftpboot17:39
tobyjso /tftpboot/tftpboot/pxelinux.017:40
cfhowlettAndChat196224, depends how and what you are downloading.  details???17:40
tgm4883tobyj: yea that sounds about right, if you set the TFTP server to use that directory AND you set the DHCP options to include that directory17:40
tobyjnow the kernel isn't mounting the nfs share properly17:41
tobyjnetwork unreachable, but I already configured the net adapter17:41
AndChat196224cfhowlett it is running on my terminal downloading lots of new pacakages17:41
tgm4883AndChat196224: like apt-get?17:41
cfhowlettAndChat196224, so if you don't run the terminal you don't get the downloads, right?17:42
liquideeeehh, the package https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/broadcom-sta does not install - problems with module compilation :/17:42
AndChat196224No like downloading not installation from repository downloding through command cfhowlett,tgm488317:44
cfhowlettAndChat196224, if you need downloads to stop, STOP downloading!17:44
daftykinsliquideee: do you have build-essential installed?17:44
liquideeedaftykins: yes. I checked the make log and its some "wrong number of arguments in function ....". Looks bad :/17:45
liquideeedaftykins: I've got headers for my kernel as weel17:45
liquideeeas well17:45
daftykinsoh well17:45
liquideeethis package is supposed to give more recent drivers for my chip17:46
tgm4883cfhowlett: I think he means, stop downloading with the ability to resume tomorrow. But we really don't have enough info17:46
AndChat196224Yes tgm488317:46
liquideeeand im now f***ed because this laptop does not have ethernet :D17:46
AndChat196224That's what I m saying17:47
tgm4883AndChat196224: I'm still not entirely sure what you are downloading17:47
cfhowlettAndChat196224, you can interrupt and restart downloads with wget -c PackageNameHere                    I think curl command also does this, but I've never curl'd17:47
AndChat196224Can I snapshot it17:48
AndChat196224On virtual machine17:48
AndChat196224Would this will help17:48
daftykinsliquideee: which version of it are you grabbing?17:48
liquideeedaftykins: I've downloaded this one manually from launchpad: broadcom-sta-dkms_6.30.223.248-3_all17:49
tobyjokay, so the kernel boots fine now17:50
tobyjbut it seems nfs is misconfigured17:50
tobyj"network unreachable, permission denied, nfs over tcp not available from"17:50
tobyj10.0.0.1 being the NFS server, which is definitely working17:51
daftykinstobyj: could you take it to #ubuntu-server ? i feel it's more relevant there.17:51
daftykinsliquideee: oh for being offline, mmm - did the live session's wireless work fine?17:51
cfhowlettAndChat196224, a vm?  you can shut down the device on virtualbox and restart it from a saved state.17:51
AndChat196224R u sure this gonna help cfhowlett17:52
AndChat196224With downloading17:52
liquideeedaftykins: I didn't launch one recently, but when I installed ubuntu the bcmwl-kernel-source package supplied bcmwl module which worked fine, even after installation. Until today. Today I have fiddled with setting manual IP and this happened17:52
cfhowlettAndChat196224, I prefer wget -c myself17:52
daftykinsliquideee: yeah why did you do that?17:53
daftykinsNM can be used to set a static IP on a wireless connection reliably17:53
liquideeedaftykins: I've got a dhcp server on raspberry PI on my network and the power reseted today so raspberry rebooted and mounted sdcard as readonly, resulting in dnsmasq failing to start17:54
liquideeedaftykins: I had to set up the ip manually and go into the device to fix dhcp17:54
liquideeedaftykins: I used NM to change the ip17:54
liquideeedaftykins: but when i tried restarting wifi after that, it started panicking17:55
LonelyCoder_'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' - linux kernel17:56
daftykinsLonelyCoder_: that's not helpful.17:56
cem__what is the difference x window system with terminal ?17:57
liquideeedaftykins: maybe you know how to get touchscreen or touchpad working again? :P check which module it is etc17:57
cem__both are same17:57
cem__]can someone help me on this17:58
daftykinsliquideee: nope not my field.17:58
liquideeedaftykins:okay, thanks for help :)17:59
daftykinscem__: sure, once you ask a coherent question17:59
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)17:59
LonelyCoder_We want a program that runs /bin/bash so we can use a CLI interface17:59
LonelyCoder_These are called 'terminal emulators'. Basically wannabe terminals that run ontop of X18:00
LonelyCoder_daftykins: I do good? :D18:01
daftykinsLonelyCoder_: so gnome-terminal , xterm, terminator... plenty of others?18:01
daftykinsnot really no18:01
cem__ x window system vs terminal  , is both are same ? daftykins18:02
daftykinsno, the X server is the GUI18:02
LonelyCoder_daftykins: They are windows that pass stdin and stdout to bash18:03
daftykinsLonelyCoder_: so why is running the default 'terminal' application a problem?18:03
cem__both look same to me18:03
LonelyCoder_daftykins: It's not. :P18:04
LonelyCoder_daftykins: What's the difference between xterm and terminal other than font?18:04
daftykinsLonelyCoder_: then i don't understand what you're asking for.18:05
LonelyCoder_I was answering cem__'s question :P18:05
daftykinscem__: do you mean the difference between a GUI terminal emulator application and a TTY? (Ctrl+Alt+F1)18:05
daftykinswhat the hell.18:06
cem__i dont understand daftykins  , i'm newbie pls explain it since both looks same to me18:07
daftykinssorry, your question doesn't even make sense so there's nothing to be explained18:08
samfreenodeWhat online backup service should I use? I know of Dropbox and Google Drive, but MEGA looks pretty good?18:09
samfreenodeIs MEGA legal?18:09
cem__k is there any other linux channel where i can ask question ?18:09
cfhowlettsamfreenode, thus far, mega seems legal.18:09
cfhowlettcem__, ##linux18:09
LonelyCoder_ioria: You have to explain about 30 words in this URL to me18:09
samfreenodecfhowlett: I don't want the USA to raid the servers and lose all my data, like what happened with MegaUpload18:10
samfreenodecfhowlett: 50GB of free encrypted storage seems like the best deal right now though...18:10
samfreenodecfhowlett: Is there a catch though?18:11
ioriaLonelyCoder_, meaning ... it's not clear  or that is clear ?18:11
cfhowlettsamfreenode, I don't work for MEGA.  It's legal.  for more info, read the user agreement.18:11
samfreenodecfhowlett: Which service do you use?18:12
LonelyCoder_ioria: 'A pts is the slave part of a pty.'18:12
cfhowlettsamfreenode, owncloud but that's just me18:12
LonelyCoder_ioria: 'A pty is created by a process through posix_openpt()'18:13
LonelyCoder_ioria: 'file descriptor'18:13
samfreenodecfhowlett: Why?18:13
=== michelle---- is now known as Michelle------
ioriaLonelyCoder_, file descriptor is like int fd =0, or FILE * fd , its used to open, read and wrtite streams18:15
cfhowlettsamfreenode, http://dl.fullcirclemagazine.org/issue96_en.pdf18:15
samfreenodecfhowlett: lmao why don't any of the comparison sites include MEGA?18:15
ioriaLonelyCoder_, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudoterminal18:16
samfreenodecfhowlett: Which page?18:16
ioriaLonelyCoder_, posix_openpt()' its the function that 'open' for example18:16
samfreenodeAh Linux Lab?18:16
samfreenodecfhowlett: Okay so where is the server?18:17
cfhowlettsamfreenode, read the article.18:17
samfreenodecfhowlett: You own two buildings?18:17
LonelyCoder_ioria: Is that a linux system call?18:17
ioriaLonelyCoder_,  well, don't remember.. . that or  a function of C, but i think it's a SC18:18
ioriaLonelyCoder_,  Standard C Library (libc, −lc)18:20
samfreenodecfhowlett: Is bandwidth total GBs or just GB/s?18:21
bekksGBs is GB/s :)18:21
bekksYou refer to the difference between e.g. Gigabyte and Gigabit.18:22
sdistefanohi! I need to setup two different X sessions, one per monitor18:22
LonelyCoder_Gigabyte = 10 ** 9 bytes; Gibibyte = 2 ** 30 bytes18:22
sdistefanodid anyone try somehting like this?18:22
LonelyCoder_Correct if wrong :O18:23
bekkssdistefano: Whats the problem you are trying to solve actually?18:23
daftykinsLonelyCoder_: this is an OS support channel, not a 'learn how computers work' channel18:23
sdistefanoI have two monitors, one needs to be usable and the other to run a screen where the mouse never appears18:23
bekkssdistefano: And why dont you want two monitors to be usable?18:24
sdistefanoso one computer powering a headless screen with just a chrome running a webpage, the other screen for normal usage18:24
daftykinssdistefano: for what purpose?18:24
LonelyCoder_daftykins: :P okay I'll shut up18:24
bekkssdistefano: If a computer has a monitor, it isnt headless.18:24
sdistefanoit's for a business, one is an information screen18:24
bekksSo you basically want one X server with two monitors.18:24
daftykinssdistefano: you should run it dedicated18:24
sdistefanoyes, but one of them without mouse or keyboard18:25
daftykinseven some old junker laptop would do.18:25
sdistefanodaftykins: I thought about it, but that has disadvantages too18:25
LonelyCoder_daftykins: Is lpr still used today, or should you just go through the program that created the pdf?18:25
sdistefanoif both screens run the same browser my software can work even if the internet goes down for example18:25
daftykinsLonelyCoder_: stop asking me things directly please, address the channel.18:25
LonelyCoder_Hows I set up printers on ubuntu18:26
daftykinssdistefano: i don't see how internet connectivity changes a dedicated laptop that you can remote into - from being appropriate18:26
daftykinsLonelyCoder_: plug it in and then visit http://localhost:63118:27
sdistefanothat's related to how my software works18:27
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu18:27
sdistefanoin any case, is it too difficult to do hwat I want?18:27
LonelyCoder_daftykins: Ahh cool, Im gonna go through each of those pages, thanks man!18:27
sdistefanojust another X server on the second screen with matchbox18:27
daftykinssdistefano: i think it'd be a nightmare if you're trying to put this on a customers office machine18:27
sdistefanorunning an old laptop oculd also be a nightmare, HD failures and such18:29
sdistefanocould you give me pointers on how to look this up online?18:29
daftykinssdistefano: i think that's far less of a likelihood versus your approach.18:30
sdistefanowhat's so wrong about running a second X server on another screen?18:30
daftykinsyou didn't really answer whether it's a customers desktop that'll do this or not18:30
sdistefanoit's my own shop18:31
sdistefanoone screen takes orders18:31
sdistefanoanother screen shows orders taken18:31
sdistefanoif it's the same computer, it can even work offline as long as it's the same browser and user18:32
bekksWhy not ONE X server with two windows...?18:32
sdistefanothat's also a psosibility18:32
sdistefanoas long as I can prevent the mouse from going to the second screen18:32
bekksDont move it ther.e18:33
daftykinsthat'd be the user's responsibility18:33
sdistefanono, I can't do that18:33
bekksWhy not. Is it too tempting?18:34
sdistefanoit's non technical staff, a busy shop...18:34
sdistefanothat's way more likely than HD failure18:34
sdistefanothat someone will click mindlessly and close the window on the second screen18:34
daftykinscan you not just train users that use this machine?18:35
daftykinsalso, are you not vulnerable to power failures?18:35
bekksThat would be too tragetting.18:35
sdistefanoI really would prefer having the computer automaticlaly fire up two screens with a browser on each18:36
sdistefanoand the second screen being fully inaccessible to the user18:36
daftykinsso get cracking?18:37
daftykinsi'm seeing plenty of info from "ubuntu run two x servers"18:37
daftykinsbut i've never touched the WM you mentioned, i don't even know if that's in the repos off-hand (matchbox)18:38
sdistefanodwell for a start, as soon as I run X with teh auto generated file it's all wrong18:38
sdistefanowith graphical glitches all oer18:38
daftykins'dwell' ?18:38
daftykinsoh typo.18:38
Michelle--------Fatal error: Class 'Stripe\Customer' not found in /preview/charge.php on line 618:38
Michelle--------I included the stripe library not sure why im getting that message18:39
daftykinsMichelle--------: that sounds like web development which is totally off topic here.18:39
Michelle--------oh wrong channel18:39
Michelle--------stupid autojoin18:39
daftykinssdistefano: what 'auto generated file' ?18:40
=== scott_ is now known as Guest59284
sdistefanoX - configure18:41
sdistefanowill auto generate an xorg.conf file that doesn't really wokr well18:41
TechnobliteratorSo, it doesn't look like any of my RAM is corrupted or broken, so I don't get why Ubuntu is crashing? ?__?18:41
sdistefanoand if I want to know the automatic ubuntu config that works well, I can't seem to get it18:41
daftykinssdistefano: i would think what you want to be editing is lightdm, not Xorg.18:41
daftykinsTechnobliterator: can you start from the beginning?18:42
TechnobliteratorBeginning of the problem, you mean?18:42
daftykinswhat else could i mean?18:42
TechnobliteratorJust making sure :p anyways, I basically installed Ubuntu 15.04 on my PC, and it would freeze amd require restarts every now and then18:43
daftykinswhat system is this?18:44
TechnobliteratorSo I just ran a test as advised by people here, and apparently nothing is wrong with my RAM18:44
Technobliteratoruh, I don't remember the PC's name18:44
daftykinsisn't it right in front of you?18:45
roddhi once i return from sleep on t450s I cannot do anything, only the mouse works, the login screen is just frozen, any idea?18:48
Technobliteratorno, the name of the box is not in front of me18:50
roddapparently intel rapid start is causing this18:50
daftykinsTechnobliterator: so it's a custom build system or what? i don't follow...18:50
ioriarodd you mean 'suspend' ?18:51
roddioria: yes18:51
TechnobliteratorIt was custom built18:51
TechnobliteratorI can tell you some of the specs18:51
daftykinsTechnobliterator: so how many passes of memtest did you run?18:51
ioriarodd had a similar issue ... i renamed /usr/share/app-install/desktop/light-locker-settings:light-locker-settings.desktop with another name ... and i solved,  ... but not sure is the correct solution :(18:52
TechnobliteratorOnly ran it full through once, but it provided no errors. I was advised if it gave no errors the first time, it wouldn't again18:53
daftykinsTechnobliterator: ok, so is it an up to date installation?18:53
daftykinshow long does it take to lock up?18:53
roddioria: i dont think intel rapid start is useful with a ssd18:53
roddso i just disabled it, will test but thanks for the heads up on what you did18:54
ioriarodd np18:54
TechnobliteratorI believe it's up to date, since I got the latest from Ubuntu's site. It could take aby time between 20 minutes and an hour to freeze18:54
daftykinsTechnobliterator: no, you must install updates *after* installing the latest version18:55
dshapHey all, I’m trying to follow these steps (https://github.com/JazzCore/python-pdfkit/wiki/Using-wkhtmltopdf-without-X-server) and I’m getting a permission denied message on the 3rd step despite the fact that I’m running it as “sudo”…1) Why is that? and 2) What can I do to work around?18:55
Technobliteratoroh, it didn't do that? I assumed it was downloading during update which was why it asked for a wifi connection... Oh well I'm an idiot then18:56
Picidshap: instead of using sudo on it, replace the > with | sudo tee18:56
daftykinsdshap: switch to root with "sudo -i" then execute the script, you may need to "chmod +x blah.sh" first.18:56
TechnobliteratorOkay, I'll come back once I've fully updated and see if it's different, thanks18:56
daftykinsTechnobliterator: well it may have done, but it's an option too18:56
dshapdaftykins: why can i do “sudo -i” but if i do “su root” i need a password?18:56
Picidshap: you can do sudo -i without a password because you used sudo recently, it caches the password for a few minutes18:57
daftykins!root | dshap18:57
ubottudshap: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:57
dshapPici: ah18:57
dshapdaftykins: thanks18:57
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rasalghulI have a trouble when I want delete files or folders... showsme this message "Cannot move file to trash, do you want to delete immediately?"19:01
rasalghulin ubuntu 14.04.319:02
rasalghulhow can I fix ?19:02
daftykinsrasalghul: is this on a mounted external disk? or an NTFS disk perhaps?19:03
rasalghuldaftykins, no, I have install Windows 8.1 and ubuntu on my laptop.... but I want to delete files from my desktop19:05
=== aruns_ is now known as indistylo
daftykinsrasalghul: what desktop?19:05
rasalghuldesktop folder on my computer, or home directory19:06
ioriarasalghul, who's the owner of Trash ? ls -al ~/.local/share19:07
rasalghulioria, drwx------  4 root      root      4096 ago 12 13:42 Trash19:09
ioriamust be you19:09
ioriachown -R19:10
misho_I have one question19:10
daftykinsmisho_: ask away19:10
ioriarasalghul, sudo chown  -R username:username Trash, i think19:11
misho_Is it possible to install Heroes of might and magic 3 linux version on modern ubuntu 15.0419:11
rasalghulioria, ok19:11
misho_I really love this game19:12
rasalghulioria, so I have to replace username for my user?19:12
FrankFromHRmisho_: Probably using wine19:12
ioriarasalghul, guess so19:12
daftykins!wine | misho_ look it up in their app database19:13
ubottumisho_ look it up in their app database: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu19:13
misho_No,not wine...im talking about linux version19:13
rasalghulsudo chown -R rasalghul:rasalghul Trash ??19:13
ioriarasalghul, guess so19:13
daftykinsrasalghul: hopefully you are not running these commands as root@host right now19:13
woutDid anyone try to upgrade to windows 10 while using grub for dualbooting? Did it give any problems?19:13
MonkeyDustrasalghul  whats the outcome of   whoami19:14
misho_i know that is easy with wine...but i want to run it naturally19:14
ioriarasalghul, wait ....19:14
wileeewout, no problems here.19:14
rasalghulioria, says... no such file or directory19:14
woutwileee, ok thanks!19:14
ioriarasalghul, you must be in .local/share19:14
FrankFromHRmisho_: How can you 'naturally' run a windows program in linux?19:14
wileeewout, I'm msdos however not uefi, always backup19:15
ioriarasalghul, see MonkeyDust comment19:15
rasalghulMonkeyDust, rasalghul19:15
misho_FrankFromHR, There is a linux version19:15
ioriarasalghul, cd ~/.local/share19:15
FrankFromHRmisho_: Then go buy the linux version.....?19:15
misho_I have it19:15
misho_i need guidence for installing19:15
misho_that is what i ask but none of you reading carefully19:16
ikoniamisho_: what's not clear ?19:16
rasalghulioria, and then what?19:16
ioriarasalghul, issue the command ....19:17
rasalghulioria, I found this  https://askubuntu.com/questions/288513/cant-move-files-to-the-trash19:18
ioriarasalghul, it says the same..... no ?19:19
ikoniawin 1019:19
ikoniaoops, sorry19:19
daftykinsmisho_: no, we are reading carefully but you never mentioned these games came with a native Linux version, your first question should have started with "i have this file but don't know what to do with it"19:20
ikoniadaftykins: they don't19:20
ikoniadaftykins: they appear to be windows / ios / android19:20
daftykinsikonia: well yeah but that's the point entirely isn't it.19:20
rasalghulioria, yes19:20
daftykinsuser's claiming there is.19:20
ikoniait seems to be nonsense19:21
daftykinswout: yes i was using 10 preview and installed many builds too, GRUB remained in place :)19:21
ikoniaas he claims to have bought a linux version - but is then asking if it's possible to run it on linux19:21
misho_daftykins, my first question was... "Is it possible to install Heroes of might and magic 3 linux version on modern ubuntu 15.04"19:21
rasalghulioria, it works!!! :D19:21
ikoniamisho_: there is no native linux version - so how do you want to run it ?19:21
ioriarasalghul, horra !!!19:21
daftykinsmisho_: right and we said go look it up19:21
rasalghulnow I can delete files and folders19:22
misho_ikonia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroes_of_Might_and_Magic_III19:22
rasalghulioria, thank you very much guys!!!19:22
ikoniamisho_: no - look at the website19:22
ioriarasalghul, np19:22
ikoniamisho_: their website shows you the products they offer19:23
woutdaftykins, thanks! I'm not sure if i'm using uefi on this system, anyway will definately backup before I upgrade :D19:23
ioriarasalghul, i would be interesting to know how you end up in this situation ....19:23
ikoniarather than wikipedia19:23
misho_Loki Software doesn't exist in present days19:23
ikoniawhat ?19:23
ikoniasoftware exists19:23
ikoniamisho_: could you try to clarify what you are saying / asking19:24
misho_Loki Software is the company developed linux version of Heroes 319:24
FrankFromHRikonia: I think he means the company19:24
rasalghulioria, happy! lol19:24
ikoniamisho_: right - so their website doesn't have a linux version, and the company doesn't exist.....how do you want to run it on linux19:24
FrankFromHRmisho_: http://www.lgdb.org/game/heroes_might_and_magic_iii19:24
daftykinsZyynz: are you trying to connect to that server + channel?19:25
misho_FrankFromHR, ikonia  - please see that page http://www.lokigames.com/products/heroes3/19:26
cfhowlettmisho_, have you TRIED to install this ubuntu?19:26
ikoniamisho_: that tells me nothing19:27
misho_yes,but long time ago...in ubuntu 9.1019:27
misho_and now i ask will this is going to run on 15.0419:27
ikoniamisho_: try it19:28
cfhowlettmisho_, test it for yourself.  this is a huge waste of time when you could easily find out for yourself.19:28
cfhowlettnot to mention a bit lazy.19:28
misho_ikonia,  i used to install this game from good guide...but i can't find it...so i aks for help in this case19:29
ikoniahow did you install it before ?19:29
misho_there is sh file19:30
ikoniaok - so run that19:30
ikoniawhat more do you want ?19:30
misho_but after that...there is an icon in menu which is mean that i made it....but when i try to run nothing is happend19:31
Technobliteratorso much to update 0.019:31
ikoniamisho_: ok - so you know there is a problem19:32
ikoniathe installer doesn't work properly/the game doesn't work properly on 15.0419:32
emcfinshi - i'm relatively new to ubuntu - should i set a root password? during install, it didn't prompt me to set one19:35
ikoniaemcfins: no19:35
cfhowlett!root | emcfins19:35
ubottuemcfins: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:35
mcphailemcfins: no19:35
emcfinswhat happens when something goes sideways and upon boot it asks you to enter the root password for maintenance?19:36
wileeeTechnobliterator, swappiness may be an issue with freezing, check changing the swap %19:36
ikoniaemcfins: it doesn't19:36
ioriamisho_, read this thread maybe it helps http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=220917419:36
ikoniaemcfins: I suggest you learn the basics before trying to do complex things like boot into single user mode as root to fix things19:37
mobeusemcfins: the best answer for desktop users is to leave it alone. however, if you need to restrict sudo rights. It is good to have the root password set. Danger Danger.19:37
TechnobliteratorI'm currently updating software, but it's taking a while19:37
emcfinsright - but if you don't set a root password, how are you going to do that?19:37
ikonia!sudo | emcfins19:37
ubottuemcfins: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:37
cfhowlettTechnobliterator, no need for the running commentary19:37
wileeemobeus, Do not suggest a root password here, in an of hand way.19:38
ikoniaemcfins: again - if you learn the basics, you'll understand how the security model works, before diving in trying to be root19:38
emcfinsha - you can only sudo when you are booted19:38
=== tcpman is now known as Guest84086
ikoniaemcfins: right, but again, if you understand the ubuntu security model, you'll understand why you don't need a root password19:38
emcfinsso - no one will answer my question  just that i don't need to19:38
ikoniaemcfins: what question are you not getting a response to ?19:38
cfhowlettemcfins, your question was directly answered.19:39
mobeuswilee: there are reasons for setting a root password. however, I agree this is an extreme case and extremely discourged for most users.19:40
OerHeksemcfins, what do you want to prove here?... and you are answered.19:40
emcfinsi don't want to prove anything19:40
ikoniaemcfins: whats the question/not clear ?19:40
josharensoncan I use git/bzr to take snapshots of a chroot?19:40
MonkeyDustemcfins  you don't need a root password19:40
emcfinsbut i guess the answer is reboot into maintenance mode when that happens19:40
wileeemobeus, Cool, it is just the well all to special design of ubuntu, ;)19:40
mobeuswileee: Agreed! :D19:41
mobeusemcfins: if you need access to the system before the system is booted.19:42
__momak35NShi. please help me. i have some debt and I need to earn some money or the bank will took my house. so i am trying to earn something with youtube. i made interesting educational video about laws of the islamic state, so, please just click it and watch it so that I can earn some small amount of money. thank you. here is video, i hope you like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df4KB30K0UU&feature=youtu.be19:42
cfhowlett__momak35NS, no spam here.  stop now.19:43
emcfinsikonia: it does: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=106170319:43
emcfinsbut thank you for the answers19:43
ikoniaemcfins: ?19:43
mobeusGrub is the way to go. But this is for experienced users only. You could jack up your system easily19:43
emcfinsikonia: you said that it doesn't prompt you for the root password. it, indeed does. but thank you for answering everyone. appreciated!19:44
daftykinseven though that forum post was from 2009 *facepalm*19:45
daftykinsfacepalm: with me around your nick is a very bad choice in here :)19:45
ikoniaelysium_: it won't in revovery mode and that is an old version when you have SET the root password19:45
* facepalm 19:45
roddiooner: hey what was the solution again?19:55
roddevery time I suspend this t450s, i cannot restore19:55
=== paulo_ is now known as Guest32403
=== Mlpearc is now known as Guest97544
lxdeI tried to install lxqt on ubuntu 14.4.3 LTS and after reboot screen have bad resolution and no possible to change it and graphic is very low20:23
SoItBeginsI'm trying to get to the command line from a Ubuntu 15.04 LiveCD.20:23
SoItBeginsI hit Ctrl+Alt+F1, but it's asking me for a login.20:24
MonkeyDustSoItBegins  ctrl-alt t20:24
SoItBeginsCtrl+Alt+T: nothing happens.20:24
daftykinslxde: paste /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see what's up, although i don't think lxqt is in the repos is it? so perhaps unsupported.20:25
SoItBeginsOh wait, it's really really slow. There it goes.20:25
serendependySoItBegins, It *is* a live CD ;)20:25
robbmunsonSoItBegins: Give it time, ram's cranky! :P20:26
lxdecommand not found20:28
lxdeI add it to repp20:28
misho_Hello again...yesterday i have managed to access to my windows PC...and with VLC i watched movie...today i can't find the other Windows PC...what can i do in this situation...reinstall samba?20:29
reisiomake sure it's on20:30
wafflejocklxde: PPAs aren't supported here if you install from a third party you need to get support there20:30
misho_reisio, it is20:30
reisiomake sure its IP is what you think it is20:30
reisionarkal: hi20:30
narkalguys, can you help with sth about social engineering toolkit?20:31
misho_reisio, there is no ip conflict20:31
MonkeyDustnarkal  social engineering toolkit? this is ubuntu support20:32
narkalwell, i know..but since i'm using ubuntu i thought of passing20:32
MonkeyDustnarkal  what's social engineering toolkit?20:32
narkalnvm..just had an issue with a configuration file20:33
Technobliteratoris 10 a good swappiness value?20:34
MonkeyDustTechnobliterator  yes20:34
Technobliteratorah, sweet20:34
reisioif you've plenty of RAM20:35
tonyaldoWhat the major difference between hexchat and xchat?20:37
daftykinshexchat is community supported and still updated afaiui20:38
tgm4883daftykins: I would have went with "he"20:38
tonyaldoah ok thanks :)20:38
daftykinstgm4883: ?20:39
tgm4883daftykins: the difference between hexchat and xchat is the letters 'he'20:40
tgm4883thanks, I'll see myself out20:40
daftykinsah i thought you had something useful to contribute ;)20:40
tgm4883daftykins: nah, not today20:40
tonyaldolol tgm488320:41
Zenderyxi'm on xchat, and i'm really okay with it20:43
BlueXombiexchat compared to kvirc is like having an old flip phone compared to a smart phone20:44
BlueXombiebut, Each to his own.20:45
daftykinsat the end of the day we're talking about multiplayer notepad, so you know - you can't really have a comparison of that far apart :P20:46
tonyaldoirssi > everything20:46
tonyaldoits a cli irc client20:48
daftykinsmisho_: install smbclient and confirm it works in CLI20:48
=== Mandeep_Singh is now known as Guest43105
misho_daftykins, it is installed because it is a part of samba20:50
=== corey84__ is now known as Corey84
FrankFromHRtonyaldo: I'm using weechat myself.. cli irc client as well20:51
MonkeyDustok guys, keep your irc client choices for offtopic20:52
blackwind_123hi all, i have ubuntu ver 14 64-bit running in VM, and its failing to recognize my 16 GB flash drive .... any suggestions...? please20:53
robbmunson^ +1 support room, not general chat.20:53
FrankFromHRNobody had asked a question for like 20 minutes..20:54
wafflejockFrankFromHR: still just keep non support chat to #ubuntu-offtopic20:54
daftykinsmisho_: ok but that's of no relevance to me20:55
blackwind_123FrankFromHR : i just asked a question... :|20:55
FrankFromHRblackwind_123: What have you tried?20:56
daftykinsblackwind_123: what virt tech?20:57
blackwind_123FrankFromHR : general suggestion from SO. tried to lsusb , ldisk nothing shows me the device itself...20:57
MonkeyDustblackwind_123  assuming it's virtualbax, i guess that question is more for #virtualbox than for #ubuntu20:57
misho_daftykins, anyway...thanks i will ask tomorrow if there is no solution20:57
daftykinsmisho_: er, well have you tried to connect yet with smbclient?20:57
blackwind_123daftykins : VMware running in Windows 720:58
blackwind_123i posted here cause few of the blogs pointed it to be a UBUNTU bug...20:58
MonkeyDustblackwind_123  vmware player or station?20:58
daftykinsblackwind_123: so you click the USB device on the vmware window and select to connect it to the VM, then do you see anything from "dmesg | tail" ?20:59
blackwind_123daftykins : VMware workstation 1020:59
misho_daftykins, i don't know how to work with smbclient20:59
daftykinsmisho_: so read the manpage... "man smbclient" - it's pretty simple, just type "smbclient //x.x.x.x/myshare -U username"21:00
FrankFromHRblackwind_123: USB 3.021:01
FrankFromHRblackwind_123: ?21:01
user1254does anyone know an easy way to manage the pulseaudio modules , ie load module-switch-on-connect etc?21:01
blackwind_123daftykins : http://pastebin.com/vRG9PU3Q this is the output of dmesg |tail21:02
blackwind_123FrankFromHR : no, device is USB 2.0 and  plugged to 2.0 USB port21:03
amiriteHi, I have an apt repo that has expired GPG keys and I need to somehow fix/renew those. Can anyone link me to some directions? My google results are just people who can't apt-update because of a server they don't manage, but I'm managing this apt repo "GPG error The following signatures were invalid: KEYEXPIRED 1438896702 KEYEXPIRED 1438896702 KEYEXPIRED 1438896702"21:03
daftykinsblackwind_123: so there's no sign that it's even been passed through, confirm it has even been connected to the VM21:03
FrankFromHRblackwind_123: And you've gone to VM>Removable Devices and attached it to the VM?21:04
blackwind_123daftykins : correct... its all blind...21:04
daftykinsdetach and reattach21:04
daftykinsif dmesg shows nothing, it ain't there ;)21:04
blackwind_123FrankFromHR : yes, thats the same way i did, but the check box is getting checked21:04
daftykinsi use the icons bottom right21:04
FrankFromHRSame dif21:05
daftykinsdisconnect the drive physically, shutdown, close the GUI, restart the USB passthrough service from services.msc then start up and try again21:05
tonyaldoamirite, is your time/date correct on your machine?21:07
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.21:08
testerI know how to check what repository provides a package by using apt show package. Say I don't have the repository for that package but I still want to know what it is so that I can add it and then install the pkg. How do I find this on the web?21:09
blackwind_123daftykins : i did, and now there is pop up display saying the driver error... and no new lines in dmesg | tail...21:09
amiritetonyaldo tonyaldo, yeah and the key is definitely expired21:09
daftykinsblackwind_123: what driver? popup from what?21:09
amiritei'm the repo maintainer and i need to replace the key21:09
daftykinsshow proof please.21:09
amiritebut i don't know how21:09
amiriteand google isn't helping21:10
=== debian is now known as Guest3779
daftykinsblackwind_123: actually, it's proving this isn't an ubuntu issue at all to be honest. perhaps find a channel for vmware21:10
blackwind_123daftykins : i guess its a usual warning display used by UBUNTU... okie thanks for the hlp... let me check in that channel too21:10
OerHekstester, search launchpad for that package.21:10
testerwhat if I don't find the pkg in launchpad?21:11
OerHekstester, maybe you will find a PPA, be carefull with those./21:11
OerHekstester, then build it yourself21:11
zack_I need help with the installation of steam21:12
Jordan_U!screenshot | blackwind_12321:12
ubottublackwind_123: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.21:12
testerI know this pkg is on a known ppa cuz it's available on ubuntu distros by default21:12
daftykinszack_ was super patient21:13
OerHeksbtw there is an official ppa comming for nvidiadrivers  still in testing, but nice ... http://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-official-ppa-graphics/  https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa21:13
testerok I found the pkg in launchpad but I don't see the "addind this ppa to your system" section21:14
robbmunsondaftykins, he ran out of steam!21:14
tester(the pkg is florence)21:14
OerHeksurl ?21:14
MonkeyDust!info florence21:15
ubottuflorence (source: florence): extensible and scalable virtual keyboard for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.3-1 (vivid), package size 447 kB, installed size 1543 kB21:15
tester!info florence21:15
ubottuflorence (source: florence): extensible and scalable virtual keyboard for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.3-1 (vivid), package size 447 kB, installed size 1543 kB21:15
testeris the ppa "component universe"?21:15
daftykinsno they're the default repos, but the universe branch21:16
daftykinsso go into your settings for software and sources, then enable universe21:16
tonyaldoamirite, not sure if this is helpful I stumbled upon this monstrosity http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/index.en.html21:16
OerHeksjups, but that project is not recent, 2014-11-02, nor newer code on their page21:16
testerI'm on debian. How do I add that "universe" ppa to my system?21:16
OerHeksso use the version in oer repos and you should be fine21:16
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.21:17
MonkeyDusttester  better ask in #debian, i guess21:17
robbmunsonWell, that trigger was in vain, I guess. :-(21:17
OerHekserrr .. debian .. https://packages.debian.org/unstable/main/florence21:18
testerhow did you find that?21:18
Technobliteratorok, I changed my swappiness to 10, and it didn't permanently change it?21:18
tgm4883OerHeks: get out21:18
blackwind_123ubottu : http://imgur.com/d3WF2uK here is the message list which i got21:18
OerHekshahaha no, duckduckgo21:18
* robbmunson dies laughing.21:19
MonkeyDustTechnobliterator  you have to set in in sysctrl.conf21:19
MonkeyDustTechnobliterator  you have to set in in /etc/sysctl.conf21:19
wileeeTechnobliterator, Did you run the command to load it after?21:19
testeroh I'd been there, but I don't see any "add this ppa to your system" section either21:19
OerHeksthey don't work with ppa's like ubuntu.21:20
Technobliteratorhuh, I found three files named sysctl.conf21:20
OerHeksand putting ubuntu packages on jessie, is not really a good idea.21:20
MonkeyDustTechnobliterator  the one in /etc/21:20
testeroh they don't use ppas in debian?21:20
wileeeTechnobliterator, run sudo sysctl -p21:20
robbmunsonOerHeks, unless you like extreme instability.21:20
Technobliteratoralright, done that21:21
OerHeksrobbmunson, this keyboard might be giving no trouble, but i dare not indeed:-D21:21
wileeeTechnobliterator, If swapping was the issue than  you have to stick within the hardwares abilities. A SSD swapping is hardly noticeable but a spinning HD can act like a freeze21:22
TechnobliteratorMy computer would freeze up often, and I figured that with my RAM being as much as it is, I might reduce freezes/increase performances by setting swappiness to 1021:23
OerHekserr i read some articles about adding ppa http://www.webupd8.org/2014/10/how-to-add-launchpad-ppas-in-debian-via.html .. new to me21:24
OerHeksbut why should you, debian provides with the same latest package too21:24
Technobliteratoralso, ctrl+f couldn't find swappiness in sysctl.conf when searching "swappiness" ?21:24
wileeeTechnobliterator, Do you understand the point? I use a conky to monitor swapping and some other things. At this point you are testing is all.21:24
Technobliteratorthis whole swappiness business is new to me, sorry21:25
wileeeTechnobliterator, swappines is not in sysctl.conf you add it.21:26
Technobliteratorokay, just vm.swappiness = 10?21:26
wileeeTechnobliterator, A good start, you just have to monitor when you swapping, don't overdrive the hardware is all. Again we are experimenting here.21:27
Omilunhello i need a scheduling support(start at: 2:00) download manager like flearget .21:28
Technobliteratoroh, it's a read only file21:28
Technobliteratorok fixed that21:29
wileeeTechnobliterator, Yes you have to open it with sudo and a text reader like gedit21:29
robbmunsonTechnobliterator, nothing sudo cant handle.21:29
Omilunuget and downthemall dont have schedule21:29
wileeeor in the terminal your choice is all21:30
Technobliteratoryeah, I just did sudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf21:30
wileeeOmilun, This a ubuntu server?21:30
tonyaldoOmilun, you can create a script to use wget and then schedule it using cron21:30
daftykinsTechnobliterator: bear in mind it's poor practice to run GUI programs with sudo, you should use gksu or gksudo21:30
wileeedoh, heh21:31
Omilunwileee: no i have a mate desktop21:31
Omiluntonyaldo: corn dosent work21:31
wileeeOmilun, Cool, I would not run auto updates, that could backfire on you, on occasion there are partial updates, and that can brick you if run.21:32
wileeejust be aware if you are is all, and kernels and security are a dist-upgrade21:33
Omilunwileee: idman in windows and flerget can do it21:33
wileeethis is not windows21:33
Omilunwileee: Windows same as sh..t :D21:34
=== aruns_ is now known as indistylo
wileeeOmilun, Use full sentences that make sense please, no acronyms21:34
wileeeand no swearing21:34
Technobliteratoralright, i've sudo apt-get'd gksu, thanks21:34
Jackevansevoecho -e -n "\x1b[\x36 q" # changes to steady bar21:35
Technobliteratoradded in vm.swappiness = 10; do I need to do anything else or should it just reset swappiness on reboot?21:36
daftykinssysctl is at boot i think ja21:36
bekksTechnobliterator: Dont even need a reboot.21:36
wileeeTechnobliterator, Run the command I gave for it to reload  sudo sysctl -p21:36
bekksTechnobliterator: sysctl -p21:37
Jordan_UOmilun: One option, from the terminal, would be to run "at 2:00 PM" which will then give you a prompt to enter commands. At that prompt you would enter something like the following: wget 'http://example.com/some&URL'21:37
Technobliteratorit returned "vm.swappiness = 10"21:37
Jordan_UOmilun: You would then press ctlr+D to finish. That will setup the at daemon to run that wget command, and thus download the file from that URL, at the time specified.21:37
wileeeTechnobliterator, You're set, you understand the process now?21:37
bekksTechnobliterator: So that value is active now.21:37
MonkeyDustTechnobliterator  greta, you did it21:38
wileeegood job ;)21:38
Jordan_UOmilun: Note that the single quotes around the URL are important, because without it any '&' characters in the URL will break the command (as the shell will interpret them as the backgrounding operator, and interpret everything after the '&' as a new command).21:38
Technobliteratorthanks all ^.^ hopefully between this and changing graphics driver, the problem should go away21:38
OmilunJordan_U: yes i know that... but my link need user and pass ... i wget can do it?21:38
Jordan_UOmilun: Depening on how the particular page handles authentication, yes. wget has --username and --password options, and also can pass appropriate cookies on with its requests. Note that a password passed to wget using the --password option will be visible to any user on the machine through the output of "ps aux".21:40
OmilunJordan_U: thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx21:41
OmilunJordan_U: this is21:41
Daemoenanyone have a link to ubuntu's guarantees around how the kernel is handled in the os?21:43
Daemoenie;  how support of it is committed, how it is tested/qualified, et c ?21:43
MonkeyDustDaemoen  what makes you want to know that, what brings you here21:44
bekks"how the kernel is handled in the os"?21:45
tgm4883I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't understand21:45
DaemoenMonkeyDust, I'm a Systems Arch, and I generally use CentOS, right now, we are supporting a split stack of Amzn linux (Centos/Fedora/Amazon Linux additions) and Ubuntu 14.  My managers argument is that Ubuntu "guarantees the kernel";  I don't ever recall seeing this anywhere, nor *anything* regarding their testing approach for qualification about it21:45
Daemoenmeaning, what guarantees does the community have from ubuntu upstream regarding testing and change implementation, support, etc for the ubuntu kernel21:46
tgm4883Daemoen: sounds like you need to ask your managers what "guarantees the kernel" means21:46
MonkeyDustDaemoen  that's beyond the scope of this channel, not sure where you can ask, canonical.com maybe21:47
bekksDaemoen: As a Systems Arch_itect, should your learn to use a proper language, like not abbreviating a_m_a_z_o_n  and use existing version numbers, like 14.04 or 14.10 :)=21:47
ikoniathere is no guarentee21:47
Daemoenbekks, oh, we want to be fussy about that?  maybe you should learn that amazon linux themselves labels their distro version as amzn linux, so its not me, its them :)21:47
Daemoennice try being a dick about things though;  the question i asked was entirely valid, as I do not recall *ever* seeing a gaurantee21:48
daftykins"amazon linux" is what now?21:48
ikoniaDaemoen: drop the attitude and language please21:48
bekksDaemoen: Yes, we want. At least regarding the Ubuntu version numbers.21:48
Jordan_UDaemoen: Are you referring to the fact that Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is using a version of the kernel that is no longer supported by upstream (at least for the non hardware enablement stack, I will have to look into the details and I may be remembering wrong), and that Canonical is therefore responsible for providing security and bug fixes?21:48
daftykinsthey keep updating 14.04's original kernel, 3.13, just fine21:49
tgm4883Daemoen: yea, we're really not sure what you're looking for here. Guarenteeing the kernel could mean lots of things21:49
DaemoenJordan_U, thats what im trying to clarify as well;  I do not recall any guarantees around kernel qualifications (im also asking my mgr where he heard this), but I figured someone here might have an idea of something that I wasn't aware or21:49
ikoniakernel qualifications ?21:49
DaemoenI wasnt sure if there was more information regarding kernel policies21:49
ikoniawhat are kernel qualifications21:49
bekksikonia: kernel superbowl finals? :)21:50
ikoniaDaemoen: what is the problem you are worried wil happen21:50
ikonialets try to phrase it that way21:50
Daemoenikonia, thats just it, im trying to figure that out too by coming to you guys since you know ubuntu far better than me;  i dont remember seeing any guarantees about it anywhere over the years, so wanted to see if im just imagining it21:50
ikoniaDaemoen: guarantee about what though ?21:50
Jordan_UDaemoen: http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1404.2/05016.html do you think that this is what you (or your collegue) are referring to?21:51
FrankFromHRDaemoen: Like Dominos 30 minutes or less? Or like some kind of ISO standards compliance?21:51
tgm4883Daemoen: well, there are some guarentees around the hardware enablement stack, but I'm not sure that's what you are looking for21:51
ikoniaI don't understand the question21:52
pothiboTrying my luck here as #nginx has no one answering. I am trying to serve mp4 files from Nginx on Ubuntu and I get error 416. Whatever I do it alwasy returns 416. Here’s the config https://gist.github.com/pothibo/5b6c9e7e032a20a5c71f21:52
DaemoenFrankFromHR, more along the lines of package interoperation testing, etc i guess;  im trying to get clarification right now.  I came here asking if anyone knows anything about kernel testing or cerfication or qualifying as ive not heard anything about any of those with ubuntu21:52
ikoniaDaemoen: the whole distro is under "LTS" long term support21:52
OmilunJordan_U: thx for ur help ... and i can aria2 too by this way21:53
ikoniaso it will bring api/abi compatability for all packages in the LTS covered repos21:53
bekksDaemoen: Which "qualification" or "certification" do you talk about?21:53
Jordan_UOmilun: You're welcome.21:53
ikonianew hardware is introduced via the LTS enablement stack21:53
tgm4883Daemoen: I'd recommend taking a look at this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack (which lists how long the kernels are supported for) and also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam (which has a bunch of information on the kernel)21:53
Daemoentgm4883, yeah, reading through that right now21:54
Daemoenikonia, bekks:  I don't know that my question has any specific answer, or similar;  was more about trying to find more information about ubuntu/canonical's kernel "policies" (guidelines?) ie;  kernel testing, kernel patching, etc;  im not expecting a "right answer" in this case21:55
Daemoenwas just looking for more general information21:55
bekksDaemoen: So which "qualification" or "certification" do you talk about?21:55
Jordan_UDaemoen: Is there a reason that you're asking about QA for the kernel specifically rather than asking about generally QA practices for all packages?21:56
* tgm4883 sighs21:56
pitastrudlany idea why the latest vlc for ubuntu is 2.1.6 but the latest one is 2.2.121:56
pitastrudlor is there another vlc repo i could add21:57
DaemoenJordan_U, because we have to use a newer kernel that is provided stock in some of the distros;  ubuntu happens to have newer kernels than centos, as an example;  my manager's logic is that this means ubuntu promises gaurantees around the kernel -- which i dont quite understand and am working to clarify as well21:57
reisiohi ac321:57
daftykinspitastrudl: packages are not always bleeding edge, go hunting for a PPA - but usual warnings apply.21:57
pitastrudlyeah found one21:57
ac3takwashow do I control internet usage on my ubuntu 15?21:57
ikoniaDaemoen: you can't user newer kernels other than what the distro provides21:57
ikoniayou're question/issue doesn't make sense21:57
tgm4883ikonia: that's... not what he said21:57
ikoniawhat's he saying then ?21:58
ikoniaI'm not getting it21:58
bekksDaemoen: The assumption of "guarantees" is wrong.21:58
tgm4883ikonia: ok, let me post what I think he's asking21:58
Daemoenbekks, thats what i thought as well21:58
Daemoenand why i was curious if there was anything written that i was overlooking somewhere21:58
Jordan_UDaemoen: I think maybe you should talk to your manager more and understand what they are saying, then come back here with a more specific and concrete question.21:58
bekksDaemoen: The proper way would be your manager proving his assumption.21:58
tgm4883Daemoen's manager thinks there are guarentees (managers words) regarding kernels in ubuntu, sounds like specifically from the fact there are newer kernels in ubuntu than in centos21:59
tgm4883My assumption is his manager is talking about the hardware enablement stack21:59
ikoniathe kernel being newer/older than another distro has no impact on ubuntu though21:59
ikoniaI think Jordan_U is right21:59
tgm4883ikonia: you're absolutely correct, and completely irrelevant21:59
ikoniathis question makes no sense, go away and get it clarified21:59
tgm4883+1 for clarification22:00
tgm4883ikonia: I say irrelevant because he's not wanting to compare anything to another distro, he's wondering that since ubuntu is able to ship more/newer kernels, do they go though some sort of rigorous testing process22:01
tgm4883which isn't a terrible question to ask22:01
ikoniatgm4883: it doesn't make sense though22:01
tgm4883ikonia: what part?22:01
ikoniabecause ubuntu ships a newer version than centos - does it do the same level of testing22:01
ikoniawhat does the kernel version have to do with that ??22:01
LonelyCoder_Mozilla keeps 'greying out' on me. I'm on ubuntu 14.04 and was wondering if it's an OS issue or Mozilla issue, or possibly hardware?22:03
ikoniaubuntu qualifies support/testing for the life cycle of the LTS release22:03
tgm4883ikonia: because if centos ships kernel 3.13 for it's entirely support life (10 years) and only applies security fixes to it, it stands to reason that Ubuntu shipping 3.13, 3.15, 3.17 and 4.1 in 14.04's support life (5 years) that Ubuntu may not go through all the rigorous testing that centos does22:03
ikoniadon't see any need for any more detail than that, but I'm not really sure I fully understand what's being asked22:03
ikoniatgm4883: I don't think it stands to reason that it won't - and the LTS support cycle makes it clear that the packages in the official repos are supported22:03
tgm4883ikonia: So the question is, is there some sort of testing criteria for new kernels in the HWE, or is it just some auto-push script on a cron job22:03
ikoniaso logic says for an enterprise level of support - they must be tested or they would not go into an LTS support process22:04
tgm4883ikonia: I completely agree with that, which brings us back to the question, what is that testing?22:04
ikoniawhat does that matter to the end user22:04
FrankFromHRikonia: CYA..22:05
ikoniathats internal to ubuntu to make the call22:05
ikoniaFrankFromHR: ?22:05
tgm4883ikonia: Daemoen isn't an end user, he's a system engineer. It means a great deal to us22:05
ikoniawhat matters is the support22:05
ikoniaeg: got a problem - use the support22:05
FrankFromHRikonia: Cover Your Ass..22:05
ikoniaFrankFromHR: ?? what ?22:05
FrankFromHRikonia: When it breaks he can come back with 'Well Ubunutu does XYZ kind of testing and this is a rare occurence'22:05
ikoniaFrankFromHR: no he can't22:06
tgm4883FrankFromHR: FUD22:06
ikoniawhat are you talking about22:06
tgm4883FrankFromHR: and not helpful to the conversation, please go watch some HR videos22:06
ikoniaif you're asking these sort of questions/concern - I'd suggest you invest in support contracts from the vendor22:06
Amnesiaquestion, is there anyone over here using vim-python-jedi?22:07
AmnesiaI can't get it to work22:07
tgm4883ikonia: agreed. Since Daemoen hasn't said anything in about 10 minutes, I say we drop it unless he comes back22:07
Daemoenim on the phone and reading22:07
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)22:07
JackevansevoAmnesia: you might want to ask that question in #vim or the /r/vim subreddit, there's been discussions on the topic before methinks22:08
AmnesiaJackevansevo: already gave that a shot22:08
tgm4883Daemoen: honestly, your question is a bit more specific than the general support channel can answer. I would ask in #ubuntu-kernel22:09
Jordan_UDaemoen: Please don't ask in #ubuntu-kernel either until you have a more clear question.22:10
JackevansevoAmnesia: did you run apt-get install python-jedi? it might be a dependency issue22:11
DaemoenI suppose this is the most concrete "absolute" question that I could come up with:  "Does ubuntu have any guarantees regarding the kernel that it packages within a given release version throughout that versions lifecycle?"22:11
Daemoennot sure that there is anything more that I could ask than that for an absolute response22:11
ikoniaDaemoen: ubuntu/canonical will support that package for the UBUNTU lifecyle22:11
ikonianot the products22:11
ikoniain the same way RHEL support a kernel long after it's obsolete22:11
Jordan_UDaemoen: Yes, and they are the same "guarantees" that apply to any other package in main.22:11
tgm4883Jordan_U: I'd say better, since there is a dedicated kernel team22:12
AmnesiaJackevansevo: no I didn't, since it got installed as an dependency of vim-python-jedi22:12
Daemoenikonia, Jordan_U:  thats what i had figured, i just wasnt sure if there was something more than that that i was not aware of22:12
JackevansevoAmnesia: as a last resort I'd just file an issue on the projects GitHub page and hopefully the mainters will be able to sort it out, best of luck finding a solution22:15
Amnesialel, thx..22:15
Jamie_1how do you filter a usb into oracle vm?22:15
daftykinsJamie_1: USB guide is likely in their documentation :)22:16
tgm4883Daemoen: the only other thing I can think of is the HWE stack, meaning they will backport newer kernels to the LTS releases22:18
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UmeaboyIs there a workaround to fix the issue with the touchpad/trackpad not working in 15.04?22:21
=== acetakwas is now known as ac3Takwas
UmeaboyA brand new Acer laptop.22:22
UmeaboyNot a good one thou.22:22
ac3TakwasHow do I monitor and control internet usage by apps on my newly installed Ubuntu 15?22:22
JackevansevoUmeaboy: do you have the latest drivers installed?22:22
UmeaboyJackevansevo: Well, I dunno. Can I check somehow?22:23
Jamie_1daftykins: i am running into several problems with the whole vm in general22:23
UmeaboyIt doesn't show up in lshw or lspci.22:23
Umeaboylsmod shows that psmouse module is loaded, but nothing is using it.22:24
JackevansevoUmeaboy: iirc open the dash and just type "drivers" and open the application from there22:24
JustSighDudesHey guys. If I were to get a server up and running, what's the ideal way to keep it secure?22:24
wileeeUmeaboy, acer has a fn-f6 to turn it off or on try that, a few times.22:24
UmeaboyI tried modprobe -r psmouse and modprobe psmouse to no avail.22:24
Jamie_1daftykins: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/884282622:24
ac3Takwasguys, anyone to help me? Is there something I'm missing here?22:25
daftykinsJamie_1: check VT is turned on in your BIOS22:25
JackevansevoUmeaboy: was the mouse working when you installed from the live disk?22:25
UmeaboyThe screen just blinks if I press it, but the trackpad still doesn't work.22:25
Jamie_1daftykins: alredy did... there is no setting for it22:25
UmeaboyOnly with USB mouse.22:25
wileeeUmeaboy, preface with nics whom you answer, you can tab complete nics.22:25
JackevansevoUmeaboy: try a google search with the model number, it might be a specific issue others have come across22:25
daftykinsJamie_1: hmm, was this the Lenovo? i read something the other day about some settings being hidden if no main password is set, dunno if that's any use - maybe look it up for your system22:25
Jamie_1daftykins: okay22:26
JackevansevoUmeaboy: might also be worth checking the output of 'xinput list' on your system as well to see if the mouse is showing up22:26
poopmasterHi, I messed something up in my Ubuntu 12.04 installation, and I am using a Ubuntu LiveCD to recover my files before reinstalling. How can I get read permission to transfer my old files?22:26
poopmasterTo a usb or external hard drive, that is22:26
wileeepoopmaster, By the way this is a family channel, funky nics are a little overboard, kinda offensive in a world access channel.22:28
poopmastermy mistake, how shall I change my name?22:28
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection22:28
Jackevansevopoopmaster: you've gotta run "/nick <new name> "22:28
ac3TakwasWHY IS NO ONE ANSWERING???22:28
UmeaboyJackevansevo: http://pastebin.com/ph2wGsJm22:28
wileee!patience | ac3Takwas free volunteer help.22:29
ikoniadon't type in caps please22:29
ubottuac3Takwas free volunteer help.: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:29
MonkeyDustac3Takwas  caps and start with a question22:29
ac3TakwasI'm sorry I did that. I had to get your attention22:29
=== poopmaster is now known as manyquestions
JackevansevoUmeaboy: There should be a Synaptics TouchPad module I think22:30
JackevansevoUmeaboy: but it's missing22:30
ac3TakwasMonkeyDust, I already did. Twice22:30
UmeaboyJackevansevo: xserver-xorg-input-synaptics ?22:30
Jamie_1daftykins: thing had its own dam category.... im used to it being in the general bios settings22:31
UmeaboyIt's already the latest version.22:31
MonkeyDustac3Takwas  then apparentally, nobody knows the answer, that happens22:31
ac3TakwasYeah, I guess22:32
ac3TakwasThanks all the same22:32
JackevansevoUmeaboy: All my searching on Google is leading to things that you've already tried :(22:32
ac3TakwasI guess I'll check back some other time22:32
JackevansevoUmeaboy: It's a tricky onoe22:32
Jordan_UUmeaboy: Did the trackpad work with a different version of Ubuntu?22:33
UmeaboyHaven't tried.22:33
UmeaboyIt seems to be a kernel issue.22:33
JackevansevoUmeaboy: Have you ran 'sudo apt-get install synaptics'22:34
UmeaboyEven with the 4.0-version,22:34
Jordan_UUmeaboy: Please pastebin the output of "lsusb".22:34
UmeaboyJackevansevo: Nothing matches that.22:34
UmeaboyJordan_U: OK.22:34
Jamie_1the oracle-vm is still saying there are no usb devices connected22:35
UmeaboyJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/ph2wGsJm22:35
daftykinsJamie_1: cool, should be working a lot better now.22:36
daftykinsJamie_1: depending on which version you're usnig (open or from them direct) you have to dome some initial setup before it works i think.22:36
Jamie_1daftykins: yea... its not crashing the current vm anymore... problem is its still saying no usb and i am using oracle-vm 5.022:37
Jordan_UUmeaboy: What is the exact model of your laptop?22:39
UmeaboyJordan_U: Acer es1-13122:41
daftykinsJamie_1: added your user to the vboxusers group?22:42
JackevansevoUmeaboy: what kernal are you on (uname -a), since it seems like a known issue over at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/144925222:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1449252 in linux (Ubuntu) "Touchpad on Acer Aspire ES1-311-C37D does not work with kernel > 3.14.39-031439." [Medium,Expired]22:43
JackevansevoWhat he said22:43
Jackevansevoor she22:43
UmeaboyJackevansevo: 3.19.0-25-generic22:44
Guest43001peace everybody22:46
JackevansevoUmeaboy: Looks like either kenral downgrade up upgrade would solve your problems, but that's beyond my knowledge scope22:47
UmeaboyI believe I have located the cause.22:49
UmeaboyThere's a setting involving the Touchpad in the BIOS that I have to change.22:50
JackevansevoUmeaboy: Hurrah :)22:50
UmeaboySo, changing that and coming back.22:50
=== phillips1012 is now known as solenoids
UmeaboyJackevansevo: Good news! I fixed it. )22:55
UmeaboyNow all I need is to build Coreboot for this laptop. ;)22:56
JackevansevoUmeaboy: *internet high-five*22:56
* Umeaboy highfives and hurts his hand doing it22:56
KoningDoes anyone in here know when compiz will be replaced?23:01
Koningand with what?23:01
columbobaasHm I don't want to lose the wobbly windows23:02
krabadorwobbly windows is the past23:03
Koningit's the future23:03
KoningI need it23:03
Koningwibely wobely23:03
krabadorgo to kde5's  material design23:03
columbobaasMir is for next year23:04
JackevansevoPeople still use wobbly windows 0.o23:04
user1234what spy features are in ubuntu?23:04
KoningNSA backdoor 3000, it's the best one23:04
Jackevansevomur tinfoil23:04
Koningtinfoil doesn't even block signals23:05
user1234Many people say there are backdoors in Ubuntu also.23:05
Koningyou need lead23:05
KoningUbuntu is open source, every commit is checked, good luck installing backdoors23:05
w30Torvalds, Linus   likes wobbly wsindows23:06
columbobaasBecause he is a boss23:06
KoningHe is THE boss23:06
JackevansevoI thouoght Linus disliked all the KDE compositing nonsense?23:07
nick____help installing java please23:07
Koningwobily windows isn't only in Kwin23:07
Koningsudo apt-get install openjdk23:07
OerHeks!java | nick23:07
ubottunick: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.23:07
UmeaboyKoning: sudo apt-cache search java23:08
Jackevansevonick____: easiest method (imo) https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/ubuntu/java23:08
columbobaasnick____: folow the steps -> http://www.webupd8.org/2012/09/install-oracle-java-8-in-ubuntu-via-ppa.html23:08
w30Jackevansevo, something about a Windows user looking over his shoulderwith envy. Ha...23:08
JackevansevoI always preferred my oldschool desktop cube and fire effects :)23:09
Jackevansevoback in the day23:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:10
daftykinssupport only please folks.23:10
OerHeks#ubuntu-discuss should be added23:10
Koningis it possible to get wobily windows now? (running 15.04)23:10
OerHekshttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+package/compiz-plugins-extra i guess23:11
w30Jackevansevo, I hear Windows has a new virtual  multi-windows, a new feature eh?23:11
pauljwthanks OerHeks , i didn't know ubuntu-discuss existed.23:11
columbobaasKoning: first install compiz-plugins23:12
nick____I ran   the sudo command still does not work :( which plugin do i add?23:12
Koningcolumbobaas NOICE23:13
daftykinsw30: inappropriate here.23:13
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:14
w30I I remember right ccsm needs to load a new profile to keep Unity from using the stock compositing settings23:14
testercan I use dpkg-repack to repack packages in opt?23:15
OerHeksyes tester, you have been told that in debian too, please don't cross post.23:15
KoningIs anyone here using ubuntu with a GTX 900 nvidia card?23:17
testerOerHeks, it's not my intention to cross post. in #debian I was only told about dpkg-repack in general. I would have asked the following question there but I get "dpkg-repack: Package mixbus not installed"23:19
OerHeksKoning, which one exactly?23:19
=== carlo_ is now known as Guest60105
KoningOerHeks 97023:19
Koningeverything is so slow with that card23:20
columbobaasFuck you Nvidia -Linus Torvalds-23:20
OerHeksthere is an official ppa comming for nvidiadrivers  still in testing, but nice ... http://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-official-ppa-graphics/  https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa23:21
OerHekswith the new 35523:21
KoningMy god23:21
Koningthe future is here23:22
daftykinscolumbobaas: inappropriate language for this channel.23:22
OerHeksbut hey, only try this if you want to help testing, offcourse23:22
columbobaasdaftykins: excuse me, it was just a quote23:22
daftykinsi don't care.23:22
columbobaasthank you23:22
OerHeksehmm we just DO care.. keep this channel family friendly.23:23
Koningcan't we just all quote Linus?23:24
KoningOerHeks, do you run Minix?23:25
daftykinsKoning: you're off topic.23:25
=== Hoo is now known as Guest57224
KoningWill I as a user notice a difference with Mir?23:26
xfceKrisI have a question about a dual boot issue.23:29
Koningaks and thy shalt receive thy answer23:29
daftykinsKoning: that's future stuff and not included as standard yet, so again off topic23:31
columbobaasFuture? It is already stable23:31
xfceKrisSo, I dual boot Xubuntu and Windows 7, and in order to take the Windows 10 upgrade, I have found that I must unplug my Xubuntu hdd and boot windows (effectively bypassing grub).23:31
Koningdaftykins: edgy23:31
ubottuUbuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was the fifth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 25th, 2008. See !eol for more details.23:31
xfceKrisBut when I do, windows doesn't boot. Instead it goes to grub rescue...23:31
Ben64xfceKris: then you must have grub installed on the windows drive23:32
xfceKrisGrub isn't even installed on my windows drive, it's on the linux one.23:32
xfceKrisI know, because I checked before I tried anything.23:32
Koningsudo grub-install /dev/sdX, where X is the drive23:32
Ben64xfceKris: well if grub rescue comes up then you are mistaken23:33
Koningit's easy to change your grub install23:33
Bashing-omxfceKris: Windows boot code on the Windows hard drive (Re-)install . And grub installed on the 'buntu hard drive - chainloading Windows from grub . Then in the firmware select which hard drive to boot .23:33
humano1dhey i have a macbook with ubuntu installed. I reinstalled mac os x to try to make it work in 64 bit mode. I then reinstalled ubuntu to get the grub screen back to choose which os i would like to be on23:34
humano1danyone have any clue on how to get the grub screen back up in mac os x23:34
xfceKrisI am not mistaken, because if I unplug the windows drive, and plug in the xfce drive, grub loads normally23:34
xfceKrisBashing-om, can you explain that in further detail.23:34
Ben64xfceKris: ok so why does the windows drive have grub rescue then23:35
daftykinshumano1d: GRUB screen *in* OS X? not sure that makes sense.23:35
xfceKrisI haven't got a clue.23:35
Ben64xfceKris: its because grub is on it.23:35
Koninghumanold: If you have ubuntu installed, run sudo grub-install /dev/sda23:35
Koninghumanold: if not, run a live cd of ubuntu and run the grub rescue23:35
Koningdaftykins: off topic23:35
xfceKrisI had a problem in the past with windows not booting properly due to something my 2yr old daughter did while I was afk... :(23:36
Koningis your 2 year old a computer hacker? xd23:36
xfceKrisThought I fixed it, but apparently not...23:36
Bashing-omxfceKris: Consider : GRUB == GRand Unified Bootloader . Will boot most anything .. Windows boots Windows .23:36
Ben64xfceKris: ask ##windows about fixing the windows boot23:36
xfceKrisWill do Ben6423:37
xfceKrisHopefully they can help.lol23:37
Ben64they can23:37
KoningI've had a lot of negativity against linux in ##windows though23:38
columbobaasAlways banned there as a Linux user23:38
drkjstrxfceKris: Have you tried runing bootrec.exe /fixmbr ?23:38
Jordan_UxfceKris: Assuming that this is a BIOS based machine, I can walk you through restoring an MS style boot sector to the MBR here.23:38
w30grub has two stages; the second stage is in /boot so i you are disconnecting drives you can loose the second half of grub23:38
drkjstrYou might then have to do a grub rescue to get it back as the main loader. I've had that issue before.23:39
w30and force grub rescue23:39
humano1ddaftykins what i'm saying is that I need it to choose between the two operating systems I have installed...23:39
Jordan_U!bootinfo | xfceKris23:39
ubottuxfceKris: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.23:39
KoningI actually got a question about the grub install, if you choose to install it to /dev/sda, what files are placed where?23:39
Jordan_Uhumano1d: Does holding option at boot allow you to boot from Ubuntu?23:40
xfceKrisOkay, you guys are going a little fast for me...information overload.23:40
daftykinshumano1d: you know you can hold alt after the chime to get that?23:41
Jordan_UxfceKris: OK, I can walk you through fixing the problem from within Ubuntu, or you can have someone from ##windows walk you through fixing it from within Windows (which might require a Windows install DVD). Which would you prefer?23:42
xfceKrisdrkjstr, I "fixed" my old problem with bootrec.exe before. Jordan_U, I'll give bootinfo a try in a bit. Kids need baths and bed now though.23:42
xfceKrisBack in a few.23:42
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xfceKrisOkay, so, gparted shows the wrong partition of the windows drive marked as boot. The main os partition has the boot flag, while the /boot partition has no flags at all.23:45
columbobaasIs it a good idea to compile to a newer kernel? Or is in too unstable23:46
Koningit's a great idea23:46
Koningyou should try compiling the linux 1.0 kernel23:47
Koningsuper lightweight23:47
Ben64Koning: please stop with the nonsense here23:47
linuxuz3rwhen i boot ubuntu it says my cpu failed23:47
linuxuz3rcan you guys help23:47
Koningis your cpu broken?23:47
Ben64linuxuz3r: need the exact error23:47
the_countBashing-om: I think a recent update fixed resuming problems on my laptop23:48
Koningyou could try running Prime95 to check if your cpu works correctly23:48
linuxuz3ri dont wanna boot again23:48
Koningwell, in order to use your computer, you'll have to boot it though23:48
Ben64linuxuz3r: without seeing exactly what is going on, its impossible to fix23:48
Bashing-omthe_count: Update do do wonders . Pleased things worked out in this instance .23:48
linuxuz3rok thanks23:49
linuxuz3rill stick to windows for now23:49
the_countbashing-om: I am glad also, and what was that command to view how the command works?23:49
Koningman man for more info23:49
Bashing-omthe_count: I have slept since then .. What command are you in reference to ?23:50
Sna4x81I'm having some trouble with mdadm.  Last night I installed two new drives and used mdadm to create a raid1 array.  I let it sync overnight, and everything seemed to go smoothly.  This morning I rebooted and got a message that my new array wasn't available, and that I could wait or press "S" to skip.23:52
Sna4x81Turns out I didn't have mdadm set up to scan all partitions.  I fixed that and rebooted again.  Same message.  I pressed "S" to skip and looked at /proc/mdstat and now the array is resyncing again!  Why is it resyncing?  It takes 11 hours to sync.23:52
Jordan_UxfceKris: The boot flag is irrelevant as far as Ubuntu is concerned.23:55

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