bluesabreUnit193: that was in prep for next (.1 release) and yeah, I see the screwup one line below it00:31
Unit193Remove the whole section, it'll be covered under *00:32
Unit193And goooood.00:32
bluesabreochosi, Unit193: feel free to make any enhancements, you have write access because I trust you ;)00:32
Unit193Not with the python stuff. :D00:32
knomegood day flocculant 07:54
flocculanthi knome 11:36
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JumpmanI installed xubuntu on my laptop via flash drive, I used UNetbootin to create the bootable drive. After install I restart, and it says "No bootable device". How can I fix this?14:07
krytarikJumpman: Support is in #xubuntu.14:08
bluesabregood evening all22:33
ochosibluesabre: alright, i tend to agree with Unit193 though: with python stuff i'd rather have your review ;)23:40
ochosibut good to see you liked the patches and approved them23:40
Unit193I..Not precisely what I said, you still win with Python.23:40

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