MrNaz-Rive got a laptop running xubuntu... how do i figure out what verion of xubuntu is on it ??01:15
MrNaz-R(sorry abotut the ?s)01:15
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:16
bazhangMrNaz-R, ^'01:17
xubuntu375Has anyone installed zebra printers for label printing?05:51
xubuntu375Has anyone installed zebra printers for label printing? anyone!05:55
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Guest88691is there any android emulator for xubuntu? please help me09:56
knomewhat exactly are you trying to do?09:57
Guest88691i installed genymotion in xubuntu.When i open a android device only black screen is coming09:58
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VascoPCRcan someone teach me to install khali tools in xubunto? pls (i heard it was possibel13:01
VascoPCRwhatever im not english13:02
parlabanenot something i have done before13:04
parlabanesomething like this perharps ? : http://rumyittips.com/how-to-add-a-backtrack-or-kali-tools-in-ubuntu/13:04
koegsi would rather run kali in a virtualbox vm than bugging my normal xubuntu installation13:05
VascoPCRyahp but my pc is really bad and i have no disk space... and xubunto is the only linuxx distro i can run13:06
VascoPCRannd thx i will chek the link13:07
koegsVascoPCR: you can also install kali 2.0 lite which uses XFCE as the DE13:09
VascoPCRy, maybe ill do it... thx ( srry for bad english13:11
JumpmanI installed xubuntu on my laptop via flash drive, I used UNetbootin to create the bootable drive. After install I restart, and it says "No bootable device". How can I fix this?14:09
cfhowlettJumpman, md5sum your .iso and your usb14:09
cfhowlett!md5sum | Jumpman14:09
ubottuJumpman: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows14:10
JumpmanWhen I type in "cd download_directory" in cp it says No such file or directory14:21
holsteinin ubuntu's , its "Download"14:21
holsteinbut, dont overthink it, you are just navigating to the directory the iso is downloaded to.. so, you input there whatever is needed14:21
holstein~/Download ,likely14:22
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xubuntu71wHi.  Using an external monitor as extension to right with xrandr causes the focused window to display on bottom instead of on top of other windows.  Xubuntu 12.04.  Any fix?18:38
w30I had my box lockup on me and had to push the power button. Now I can't open libreoffice. I get: LibreOffice 4.4-Fatal Error The application cannot be started. User installation could not be completed. OK21:30
w30gksu soffice works21:31
drcThis is just a guess, so if you get a better answer, use it :)  I'd try renaming ~/config/libreoffice (so it it doesn't work you can rename it back) and starting LO again.21:36
drcer...~/.config.... (see the leading DOT :)21:36
w30drc, I will give that a go.21:40
w30Hey, you guys are all right!  That worked. The check is in the mail.21:41
drcGlad it worked.21:42
w30I was writing a windows 10 iso when it locked up. I thought maybe Redmond had something to do with it   :=)21:46
pjotterHello everybody. I ran into a problem with indicator-sound (it's the sound setting thing on the panel). When I click "sound settings" on the menu, it doesn't open pavucontrol anymore. Pavucontrol runs fine from terminal though. Any ideas?22:13
pjotterOk. So I traced my problem to the fact that I log in as a "xfce session" Appearently pavucontrol can't be invokes by indicator-sound in that session. Problem is: I can only choose "xfce session" at login. Any ideas how to add "xubuntu session" to the lightdm-greeter?22:29
drcOK...how did you install $WHATEVER you installed?  i.e., Xubuntu. Ubuntu + xfce, etc?22:31
pjotterdrc I'm on Xubuntu 14.0422:32
pjotterJust reinstalled xubuntu-desktop. Hoping that will do the trick?22:33
drcWell, that throws my idea out the window:(22:33
drcthat was my idea :)22:34
pjotterYesterday I reinstalled the lightdm-greeter. I thought taht everything went well, but appearently I lost the "Xubuntu session" option in the process.22:34
pjotterOk, I will log out and in to see if the reinstall of xubuntu-desktop changed anything. brb...22:34
pjotterHurray! I actually fixed something for a change :D22:35
pjotterreinstall xubuntu-desktop did the trick22:35
pjotterNow indicator-sound->pavucontrol works again.22:36
pjotterthanks drc22:38
drcnp...you thought of it :)22:39
pjotterIt's always nice if someone is willing to help22:40
drcLots of folks here willing to help. the problem is finding the right time when someone'22:40
drcs here that has an answwer :)22:40
yoLo_i need help, i have been using an sdcard for the past 3 weeks without a problem suddenly i have just realized that the sdcard has become write protected i can even modify the files on it23:39
yoLo_how do i revert it back23:39
yoLo_i have tried using chmod on the mass storage but it doesnt work23:40
drcDoes your sdcard have lock/slider (whatever it's called) on it?23:40
yoLo_yes it does..23:41
drcand is it locked?23:41
yoLo_but i have its actually a micro sdcard that i insert into a micro sdcard socket23:41
yoLo_nope i havent checked it23:42
yoLo_if i use the lock slider on a micro sdcard and then remove it from the slot will it still remain write protected ?23:43
joey_on my desktop pc it wont suspend it just makes the screen black and when i move the mouse i see a login screen23:44
joey_15.04 anybody know23:45
yoLo_joey_:  this might be a glitch they have to fix23:51
yoLo_i remember having a similar problem23:52
yoLo_my computer goes into suspend but when i wake it up the pc wakes but the screen remains in suspend23:53
joey_i think it might have been modemmanager23:53
joey_i removed it and now it suspends23:53
yoLo_drc: thanks for the help23:54
joey_because i remembered modemmanager was always causing mint to take forever to shutdown if it ever23:54
joey_clem said to remove it and it fixed it23:54
joey_how come in ubuntu now when you press alt f2 and you try and log in no matter if you give the right password its always wrong23:58
joey_did they gimp it or is it just a bug23:59

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