ahoneybunI see marble stuff00:05
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: ping03:05
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: pong06:16
ovidiu-florinI'll test it tonight06:18
ovidiu-florinif all goes good, can/will it be pushed to official backports?06:19
ovidiu-florinThank you ahoneybun, AWESOME work!!!06:19
* ovidiu-florin hugs ahoneybun06:19
soeegood morning06:22
soeemeh, still this problem in Wily: libstreamanalyzer0 : Depends: libclucene-core1 (>= but it is not installable07:10
Riddellyofel: I hear marble is driving you mad?07:17
yofelRiddell: needs double build for kf5 AND qt4, and so far dhmk isn't liking me07:19
yofelfeel free to give it a shot, all I did is in git07:19
Riddellyofel: dropping qt4 seems acceptable to me07:19
yofelRiddell: then you'll have to cripple digikam07:19
lordievaderGood morning.07:19
sitteris ScottK traveling or something? :/07:20
sitterRiddell, yofel: need review for https://code.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/kubuntu-packaging/pykde4-no-kdepimlibs/+merge/26819307:20
sittercan't transition kdepim without that change07:20
Riddellyofel: curiously rdepends on libmarblewidget21 doesn't show digikam or libkgeomap 07:22
sitterCMakeLists.txt:find_package(KdepimLibs REQUIRED)07:23
yofelRiddell: because something in digikam went wrong :/07:24
yofelCMake Warning at extra/kipi-plugins/CMakeLists.txt:131 (message):07:24
yofel  libkgeomap: Version information not found, your version is probably too07:24
yofel  old.07:24
yofel--  Please install the libkgeomap (version >= 3.0.0) development package.07:25
yofelwhat's with that versioning..07:25
Riddellyofel: yeah cos digikam can't sort out their release, they depend on a newer version of libkgeomap than is released I think07:25
Riddellyofel: so let's just drop it07:25
yofelRiddell: ok, feel free to revert the last couple commit07:26
sitterRiddell: konsole CI still broken apparently07:26
sitterwhat do we do with kopete? it requires kdepimlibs for bonjour protocol, so we either patch kopete and rip out that protocol or make a kde4pimlibs source working around the minor installation incompats or annoy dvratil until he resvoles the incompats07:28
sitteror remove kopete which I guess won't sit well with its new maintainer :P07:28
Riddellsitter: no .install files changed with that pykde change?07:28
Riddellsitter: I'm for ripping it out07:29
Riddellsimplest option07:29
sitterapparently it didn't install an artifact07:29
soeeRiddell: any thoughts https://plus.google.com/u/0/103317747728601767381/posts/PwYjWRqCo8M ?07:29
Riddellsoee: tell him to talk to kde upstream07:30
sittersudo apt install dmz-cursor-theme07:30
sitterwhat brings my blood to a boil is when upstream regulars do not merge their applications/* branch upstream after making a change07:34
sitterleaving it to me to figure out how to sort out conflicts07:34
sitterwhich is a right chore knowing nothing of the source base or recent changes07:35
sitterRiddell: didn't pali the kopete maintainer idle here?07:36
sitteror was he just on the list07:36
* sitter seems to recall chatting on irc07:36
Riddellsitter: he does sometimes yet07:36
sitterwhat's his nick?07:36
sitterah well07:37
RiddellI think I'll start packaging up applications for upload to wily07:38
soeeRiddell: would be good to have few confilcts in Wily fixed07:40
Riddellsoee: what's conflicting?07:41
soeeRiddell: yofel knows more as we talked about it yesterday. Here @ work where i upgraded yetserday to Wily from Vivid, i have atm: libstreamanalyzer0 : Depends: libclucene-core1 (>= but it is not installable07:41
Riddellthat sort of thing will get solved on upload of more stuff, or at least it'll show up in excuses so we know where to fix it07:43
sitterRiddell: kopete isn't blocking anyway07:47
sitterI'll take it upstream07:47
sitterRiddell: the sooner we upload this stuff the better07:47
sitterwe have 15.08 final to get on07:47
sitterany improvements and things gone wrong can be sorted for that07:47
sitterif it builds its good enough IMO07:47
Riddellsitter: I'll pause CI07:49
Riddellalthough I need to sort out a reminder for unpausing it cos I keep failing you there and I don't want you to smite me07:50
sitter"okgoogle set alarm in 2 hours" :P07:51
sitteryofel: marble patchery upstreamed07:57
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valoriefolks, I'm about to head out for the rest of the week -- my husband has his last section of the trail to do and I'll spend those days up north08:05
valorieI'll have my travel computer with me but probably won't be in irc much if at all08:05
sitterlordievader: btw are you sure you entered the right kwallet password?08:35
sitternote that kwallet4 and kwallet5 have different wallets and thus potentially different passwords08:35
lordievaderYes, first it was nothing because of this I opened it and changed it.08:36
lordievaderI opened the kwallet*08:36
sittermost peculiar08:38
lordievaderThat is what I thought.08:38
sitterRiddell: crippling kopete seems like a lot of work now. kdepimlibs is also used in actual libkopete classes (many of them actually) and used in the contactlist -.-09:03
Riddellsitter: hmm fooey, do you know how hard it would be to make a kdepimlibs4 package?09:07
sitterRiddell: just needs dan renaming a bunch of files09:24
sitterRiddell: the bigger problem is that I think parts of it won't be functinal09:25
sittersince there'd be no akonadi runtime09:25
Riddellsitter: they could just port it to frameworks...09:25
sitterso I have no clue how well this would work09:25
sitteralso apparently the new stuff apparently doesn't talk to the old stuff09:25
sitterso whatever happens via kdepimlibs4 is essentially lost data anyway09:26
sitterRiddell: apparently happening see thread on release-team list09:26
sitterkdepim feels a lot like an as poor transition as kwallet09:27
Riddellsitter: no epich in kimap is deliberate?09:29
sitteryou put the epochs there09:30
sitterthere is 0 need for epochs on any of th enew libs09:30
Riddellsimplicity of scripting mostly09:31
sittershould proof to be fun if those libs become frameworks09:31
Riddellmm good point09:31
clivejoyofel: hows marble coming along?10:10
yofelRiddell will know10:10
* clivejo runs and hides10:10
clivejoyofel: fancy transitioning kopete?10:13
yofelsitter is looking at kopete10:13
clivejoIm running 15.07.90 apps10:14
yofelRiddell: custom epochs are also fun if debian decides not to take them which makes our packages unsyncable10:14
yofelplease don't add any where they're not needed10:14
sitterkopete build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npjOSLCR2hE10:14
clivejoand the kwallet popups seem to have settled down :)10:15
yofelparrots FTW10:16
bshahsitter: lol...10:16
sitterRiddell: instead of unpausing please tell me when the upload is done10:18
Tm_Tkopete <310:18
sitterRiddell: unless I left for the day already10:18
Riddellsitter: ok, still ongoing..10:18
* sitter tries to fiddle together an ISO10:18
clivejoso kopete is dead as a dead parrot?10:24
sitterits build is10:27
BluesKajHi all10:56
clivejohi BluesKaj11:04
BluesKajhi clivejo11:04
sitterRiddell: why does the applications upload cause builds anyway?11:22
sitterisn't that NOCI?11:22
sitterah yes11:23
sitterRiddell: why is that not marked NOCI?11:23
Riddellsitter: I seem to remember last time I used the script with NOCI it didn't make any diference11:23
clivejositter: how come there are build failuures on KCI but not in the Staging PPA?11:23
sitterclivejo: KCI is ahead, also quality constraints are higher in KCI11:23
davmor2clivejo: It's not dead, it's pining for the fjords 11:23
sitterRiddell: seems like something that should be fixed?11:23
sitterRiddell: done pushing yet?11:24
shadeslayer_DCI full of builds too :(11:24
sitterRiddell: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/merger_okteta/202/11:26
sitterstuff like that is probably why NOCI didn't work. if you push more than a NOCI commit the entire thing will need integration11:26
sitteralso that merge failed11:27
clivejohow does one get an account at Debian, Im going round and round in circles on the website!11:28
sitterclivejo: what kind of account?11:30
clivejoto access Alioth11:32
sitterget alioth account, set ssh key, join on irc and ask for access https://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/join.html11:37
sitterlatter will probably need someone to vouche for you not going to break the repos11:38
clivejosomeone like Harold Sitter?11:40
clivejoHarald even!11:42
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sitterclivejo: yes, I am not comfortable enough to do that already though11:44
sitterRiddell generally is more confident with this sort of thing ;)11:45
Riddellsure happy to11:45
sittershadeslayer_, Riddell: new script in pangea-tooling/jenkins_unqueue.rb to remove jobs matching a regex from a jenkins queue11:49
shadeslayer_sitter: thanks Harold11:49
sitterRiddell: also, I've just wiped the CI queue, might as well do the pointless CI at night when nobody's watching11:50
sittershadeslayer_: ...11:50
=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
shadeslayersitter: :P11:50
sittermy qemu doesn't like my arguments anymore :(11:51
sitteruff, somehow that binary is no qemu-user11:52
davmor2sitter: I see your problem, you are arguing with it, try asking nicely ;)11:53
Riddelluploading applications 15.0712:01
sitterhttp://kci.pangea.pub/ lots of things can do with improvements btw12:03
* shadeslayer is busy fixing DCI12:08
Riddelllots of new packages, which should I remove the epoch from? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+queue12:25
Riddellstuff like dolphin need to keep it12:25
sitterRiddell: you also need ot remove them from the CI repos now...12:25
sitterakonadi needs it12:25
sitterbaloo-widgets needs it12:26
sitterktnef doesn't12:26
sitterkpimtextedit doesn't12:26
sitterkontactinterface doesn't12:26
sitterkaccounts-integration technically doesn't but isn't all new I think12:26
sitterkmime, kmbox, kmailtransport, kldap, kidentitymanagement, kholidays, kcontacts, kdebugsettings, kcalutils, kcalcore, kblog, kalarmcal, gpgmepp don't12:27
sitterso, everything but akonadi, baloo-widgets, and dolphin can have their epoch dropped12:28
sittererr.... so, everything but akonadi, baloo-widgets, dolphin, and kaccounts-integration can have their epoch dropped12:28
Riddellthanks sitter!12:29
Riddellsitter: how to remove them from the CI repos? just delete in launchpad?12:29
sitterRiddell: guess so, removing from CI is fiddly nonesense that I am entirely not happy about12:30
sitterperhaps I should introduce a save guard against epoch bumps where another person needs to ack the bump for it to integrate12:30
sitterit's not the first time we had arbitrary bumps that then got undone again12:30
sitterRiddell: computer disagrees with ark packaging apparently http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_unstable_ark/2/parsed_console/13:03
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: lots of it was yofel13:20
yofelyou should *test* it before putting it in backports. From what I saw, a couple things were missing during configure. So you'll have to decide whether 4.12 with some things missing is better than 4.913:22
yofel(e.g. thanks to their libkgeomap integration sucking, you won't have location resolving for geolocations in exif data)13:23
yofelhm, maybe we should re-enable the builtin libkgeomap for wily13:24
yofelat least the kde4 libs in the backports are pretty much stable these days, so I don't think you have to do another rebuild to put it there13:27
ahoneybunall I know is that ovidiu-florin is happy13:27
ahoneybunno clue on what works13:27
ScottKsitter: no traveling, just busy. The pykde thing is probably fine.13:28
yofelone person being happy is not sufficent QA to put something into our public PPA's ;)13:28
ahoneybunoh I know13:28
ahoneybunjust saying that I have not tested it13:28
yofelyou don't have to test every little feature, but at least compare it in general13:28
ahoneybunplus I'm on wily anyway13:29
yofelthanks for giving it a try ;)13:29
ahoneybunwhat packaging it?13:29
yofelsure, otherwise it wouldn't be there now13:52
yofeland I hope I wasn't too fast ^^13:52
alleeFYI: yesterday & today a fresh wily installation in virtualbox 4.3.30 and 5.0.2 is not usable as soon as the guest OS extenstion installed: Only plasma background and only Popups work are shown.  All plasma panel & widget are not shown.  Terminal, dolphin etc  are invisible and never the keyboard/mouse input.  Final touch is 'Fallback session' does not work (xterm is installed) and login prompt reappears after a sec. 14:03
alleeSomething disaterous happend between blog '.. 5.4rc  ready for testing in wily' and yesterday ;-)14:04
alleexsession-error mostly consists of of lines like: OpenGL Warning: {gl*NV not found in mesa table|XGetVisual ...}'14:16
ahoneybunyou were a bit fast yofel lol14:18
sitterall KCI wily buids are being redone to adopt gcc514:22
sitterstarting later today14:22
sitterhalf an hour or so14:22
yofelahoneybun: yeah, sorry. I hope you saw a couple useful things anyway14:46
Riddellovidiu-florin: ahoneybun: you guys still needing this ec2?14:47
[Relic]has session saving been fixed in 15.04 yet?  does it properly save where programs are running on each different virtual desktop when you shut down a restart yet?15:00
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ahoneybunRiddell: yofel and I got the package backported just need some Q&A15:04
ahoneybunalso Riddell we need to get kubuntu-settings out!15:04
sitterRiddell: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_unstable_qt-gstreamer/8/15:13
yueyueHello all. I use the master archive server and I seem to have a weird dependency issue that can be replicated in a virtual machine. apt dist-upgrade does not work. I ran apt with the pgkProblemSolver debug option: https://paste.kde.org/p0yysht3g15:21
sitterkci flooded with builds16:01
* sitter out16:02
yueyueThe issue seens to be related to libqca2 and libqca2v5 which can not be installed at the same time - and some applications depend on one and some on the other. This seems to be especially important for libplasma3.16:04
yueyueSitter: Thank you for your reply. I am kind of new to this; who is kci?16:04
yueyueThis kci: https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/CI ?16:05
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clivejowould someone have time to help me package plasma-widget-awesome-widgets?20:15
yossarianukhi -I've noticed the firefox package in wily is older than in the stable releases - i.e wily = 0.38 vivid=0.40 20:41
yossarianukIs this the version with that seriously javascript pdf viewer flaw?20:42
yofelnot sure, you can try to install firefox 40 from wily-proposed20:44
yossarianukyofel: ok will do..20:45
yossarianukis the best way just to add a wily-proposed line to sources.list then install via apt?20:50
yofelyossarianuk: yes, but try to just apt install firefox, and disable proposed after that20:51
yofel(it will probably pull a couple other things though)20:52
yossarianukyofel: cheers I saw apt-get upgrade pulled in a few things after adding the list (I didn;t ok that though..) 20:52
clivejoyofel: where do I find the version of the license for GPL-3.0 that lintian is happy with, its saying the one I took from http://spdx.org/licenses/GPL-3.0 is too long!20:59
yofelcan you show me the passage it complains about?20:59
yofelbut usually, you would take the one that's shipped with the source you're packaging21:00
clivejoyofel: I tried this - https://github.com/arcan1s/awesome-widgets/blob/master/COPYING21:01
clivejobut its too long aparently21:01
yofelwell, you don't put all that in debian/copyright21:01
clivejoand when I just use the short form I get this - E: plasma-widget-awesome-widgets: copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl21:02
clivejowhere is the common licence file !21:02
yofeldid you read the documentation for that tag?21:02
yofelread the first line of it ^^21:03
clivejoThere must be somewhere with the short licences21:20
yofelclivejo: the short forms are embedded in the full ones21:21
clivejoIve copied and pasted out of a previous copyright file21:21
yofelthat's fine21:21
clivejobut there must be an easier way21:22
clivejothere must be a list of just the text needed in the copyright file21:22
yofelnot that I know of, there are examples in the DEP-5 documentation. From that you're supposed to figure it out yourself21:24
yofelfor the GPL, you take the short form for insertion in the code files, strip the copyright holder, and append a section pointing to common-licenses21:25
yofelbut usually people just C&P from other files I think21:27
yofelafter all the copyright file is shipped wit the installation, so you have hundreds of examples in /usr/share/doc/21:27
clivejoI just want to know what to put in the copyright file21:28
yofelthat's actually a very hard to answer question. You need to put all licenses and copyright holders of the whole source code in there.21:30
yofelFor licenses that have a copy in /usr/share/common-licenses, you may include the short form and point to the files on the system. For other licenses you need to include the full copy21:30
yofelthere is 'licensecheck' which attempts to tell you which licenses are used in the source files21:30
clivejoyofel: would you have time to check  plasma-widget-awesome-widgets - 2.4.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1  in my PPA?21:32
yofelmaybe in a bit21:33
clivejoThe rules file Im not convinced is right21:33
clivejogrrrr why is it wanting to install mailutils!21:38
yofelsmartmontools recommends mailx | mailutils21:41
yofeldoes the package not do something useful without hddtemp, mpd, smartmontools?21:42
clivejohe says they are optional deps here - https://github.com/arcan1s/awesome-widgets21:42
clivejomaybe I should just ommit them and let the user figure it out?21:43
yofelno, we have soft-dependencies for that21:43
yofeljust demote them to "Recommends:"21:43
yofelsee https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#s-binarydeps21:43
clivejowill that install them?21:44
yofelin the default desktop system configuration, yes21:44
yofelquoted from above page: "The Recommends field should list packages that would be found together with this one in all but unusual installations."21:44
yofelfor dep, the rule is "The Depends field should be used if the depended-on package is required for the depending package to provide a significant amount of functionality."21:46
yofelit's your job to decide where to draw the line21:46
yofelwell, worst case someone will file a bug ^^21:47
clivejowell I thought having SMART info, HDD temp and access to media player would be the main function of the widget :/21:47
clivejobut didnt know it was gonna pull in half the archive to provide that functionality!21:48
yofelok, then leaving it as a dep might be reasonable21:48
clivejoIve added a recommends 21:48
clivejowhat would you do in this case?21:49
clivejowhere would you draw the line?21:49
yofelI would say recommends, it seems to do a couple other things as well. But I would really need to try it for the final decision21:52
clivejoIm only practicing21:53
clivejoI found it on KDE apps and couldnt see it packaged for kubuntu anywhere21:53
clivejodont even know it it is any use!21:54
yofelbtw. if you want to get deeper into debian packaging, you should read the entire debian policy at some point. The PDF version has 105 pages, and it's somewhat dry, so try to find some boring moments to read through it until ~christmas21:55
yofelit explains how most of the files in debian/ work and what rules you should be following21:55
clivejoyofel: I could read books til the cows come home, but unless I actually do it nothing sinks in21:55
yofelyeah sure, you shoud just roughly know what's inside, so you know where to look when you need it21:56
clivejohave you a link handy21:56
clivejowould be a good reference point21:57
yofeleither read the online version https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ or install debian-policy and read /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/policy.pdf.gz21:57
yofelthe pdf version is handy for searching21:57
yofelor that ^^21:58
clivejobedtime reading me thinks!21:59
* clivejo sends it to kdeconnect22:01
yofelrules looks fine from what I see. In case the plasmoid isn't properly installed you might need --with=kde or --with=kf5 (those are debhelper plugins)22:04
clivejohave I passed -DKDE_INSTALL_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS=ON properly22:05
clivejoor should I use --with=kf5 instead?22:06
yofelmight not work like that. If that's a cmake define, you might need:22:07
yofel        dh_auto_configure -- -DKDE_INSTALL_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS=ON22:07
clivejoyeah, that looks better to me22:07
clivejoshould I - include /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/2/debian-qt-kde.mk?22:09
yofelas it's kde software, --with=kf5 might still be required22:09
yofelor use that, but for kf5, you need v3, not v222:10
clivejooh yeah, 3 is kf522:10
clivejoso confusing!22:10
yofelanyway, I'm off to bed22:12
clivejothanks and night night22:13
[Relic]has session saving been fixed in 15.04 yet?  does it properly save where programs are running on each different virtual desktop when you shut down a restart yet?23:47

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