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home-mobileI installed pepper flash for chromium and it worked fine but the next time I rebooted chromium will not even start.  Is there an obvious solution?00:46
Roeymy webcam won't work anymore.  It doesn't light up red even.. Although 'dmesg' gives: [346718.462784] input: UVC Camera (046d:0990) as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1c.4/0000:05:00.0/usb3/3-1/3-1:1.0/input/input2402:14
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[Relic]has session saving been fixed in 15.04 yet?03:22
[Relic]aka, does it actually work properly and automatically yet?03:22
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lordievaderGood morning.07:19
Newb101Hello there.07:27
Newb101By the name, I bet you can see I am a newb. I am going to have some very stupid newb questions. Can you help me?07:28
lordievader!ask | Newb10107:29
ubottuNewb101: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:29
Newb101!ask I see that there is a new version of Kubuntu. I'm not sure if I am still on 14. Muon doesn't say there's a new version to upgrade. Am I doping something wrong?07:31
lordievaderNewb101: What does 'cat /etc/issue' return?07:32
Newb101Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l07:33
lordievaderLTS, by default, do not offer to upgrade to non LTS releases.07:35
Newb101Is that why, because I have the LTS?07:35
lordievaderBesides there is no direct path from 14.04 to 15.04.07:35
lordievaderAnd 14.10 being EOL doesn't make it any easier.07:36
Newb101So, is it not worth it?07:36
lordievaderIf you really want it I'd reinstall 15.04 rather than upgrade.07:36
Newb101Will it erase data?07:37
Newb101And programs?07:37
lordievaderDepends on how you reinstall ;) If you have a seperate /home only the programs are lost.07:37
Newb101I have most of my files saved on a seperate harddrive. I just have a lot of programs with specific configurations.07:38
soeei think there should be some wiki tutorial that explains how and why users shoudl use separtae partition for home dir :)07:38
lordievaderIt's strange that the default is still one large /07:39
Newb101Once 15.04 has an LTS release, will it show up as an upgrade?07:40
lordievaderNewb101: The next LTS is 16.04, not upcoming release but the one after.07:41
Newb101Oh. I think I get it. And, when that release come out, it will ask me if I want to upgrade automatically?07:42
soeeNewb101: 16.04 will be released next year07:43
lordievaderMonth 04 of year 2016 --> 16.0407:43
Newb101In April, I assume . . .07:43
Newb101I think I get it.07:43
Newb101I guess I'm fine with 14 for now. It seems like it's been good to me.07:44
Newb101Correct me if I'm wrong. Only the even numbers have LTS?07:44
soeeit should be stable :) 15.04 or 15.10 is for those who want to try/use new Plasma :)07:45
lordievaderNewb101: Indeed ;)07:45
lordievaderEvery even .04 release is an LTS.07:45
Newb101You guys have been immensely helpful.07:45
Newb101And, when that comes out, My update software will notify me and ask if I wish to upgrade.07:46
Newb101Have you guys tried the new Plasma?07:47
soeeNewb101: sure :) i ahve it on all my machines07:47
Newb101Do you like it thus far?07:47
soeeon my laptop, workstation and even my parents use it ;D07:48
soeeNewb101: yes i love it, more than KDE407:48
Newb101This is my first real experience with Linux, and I'm liking it for the most part. Still a lot to get used to. I have Windows on my other hard dreive, but have not booted into it more than twice. I think it's  safe to say I'll stick with this for a bit.07:50
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Newb101Thank you guys for  taking time to address my questions, I know it must be . . . frustrating to talk with someone who knows so little; but your patience is appreciated.07:53
soeeNewb101: download Kubujtnu 15.04 or 15.10 iso and create bootable USB and play with it07:53
soeeNewb101: we all was one day where you are now :)07:53
Newb101I may do that. I have plenty of processing power to run it in a VM07:54
soeeNewb101: with bootable USB you can run latest Kubuntu without installing it (live session)07:54
Newb101Is this technically IRC?07:54
Newb101'Cause I don't understand IRC at all. Is there like an "IRC for Dummies" page?07:56
soeeNewb101: what is IRC ?07:58
soeethis chat ?07:58
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Newb101Perfect. Thank you08:00
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines08:01
Newb101When you say "See !Guidelines" what does the "!" mean?08:02
soeeubottu is a bot on this channel and it has some commands that you can call, commands are prefixed with !08:04
ubottusoee: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:04
valorieit's not frustrating, Newb101 -- it's satisfying to see new users08:04
valoriewelcome to #kubuntu08:04
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:04
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frendaWhat's the correct pronounciation for Kubuntu: /ku:bu:ntu:/ or /kʌbʌntʌ/ or sth else?09:15
FritigernFrenda, watch this video and you will never forget :-)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9xSQX2QgTY09:16
lordievaderWhy not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luvk83_S-AA09:17
FritigernBecause if anyone knows how to pronounce the word, it's archbisschop Desmond Tutu, since he speaks the language where the word is from :-)09:19
FritigernBesides, my video shows a good song :-)09:20
frendahow can I restart plasma without losing running apps? (plasma is not up properly, the taskbar is not available and also kickoff, krunner)09:24
frendaI run firefox at the beginning and now ths my desktop: http://uploadkon.ir/fl/dd/7508009:26
frendaI mean i didnt wait to it load desktop completely09:27
frendano menu, no taskbar, no background, no plasma!09:27
frendaand, right-click on desktop does not work!09:28
lordievaderfrenda: Kill plasmashell and start it again? (Or perhaps first restart kwin)09:28
FritigernI often had the problem where the taskbar won't load, in my case it has to do with ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc somehow losing part of the configuration that will build make the taskbar be drawn09:28
lordievaderkwin_x11 --replace09:28
FritigernAnother issue that I have run into is ksycoca keeping a stale file, thus preventing plasma from loading altogether. I have made a little script formyself that will kill plasmashell, delete the offending file, recreate it, and start plasmashell again.09:31
frendadidn't work :( --> https://gist.github.com/BaflyIr/e38fe646058dfa30281109:31
lordievaderfrenda: Then kill plasmashell and restart it.09:33
frendaby service?09:34
lordievaderNo, the process kill it, then start it with 'cd ~ && nohup plasmashell&'09:35
frendaI didn't kill anything, but 'cd ~ && nohup plasmashell&' solved the proble, though I got this: [1] 208209:37
frendalordievader: thank you09:37
lordievaderWasn't plasmashell running at all?09:37
frendalordievader: It seems it wasn't!09:39
lordievaderHmm, does that happen everytime you login?09:39
frendaoften, if I don't wait enought to let him to loaded completely; I mean if I run sth immediately09:41
frendajust in that case09:41
frendalordievader: `kwin_x11 --replace` --> it didn't back to command prompt, it's showing 'kwin_core: Done.'; Can I Ctrl+C?09:42
lordievaderHmm, that should fork into the background.09:45
hateballappend an &09:48
frendaIs anybody here using plank?09:48
frendaHow can I chek the Plasma version? `ark --version` does not show anything about Plasma!09:50
lordievaderhateball: But it should do it itself ;)09:50
lordievaderfrenda: Check the kinfocenter.09:50
frendaIs it an app command line interface?, lordievader09:51
frendaapp for *09:51
lordievaderKinfocenter is an application.09:52
lordievaderI guess dbus could tell you somewhere.09:52
frendakinfocenter --> bash: kinfocenter: command not found09:53
lordievaderUnder plasma4 that is the command, does autocomplete help?09:55
frendahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luvk83_S-AA --> So, s it /ku:bʌntu:/ ?10:05
frendais it*10:06
lordievaderI suppose Riddell knows how to pronounce Kubuntu ;)10:08
RiddellI've no idea, it's a silly name anyway, (it's a gnome conspiracy)10:10
lordievaderOh well, I suppose if we take over the world it doesn't matter ;)10:12
frendaAnyway, how do you pronounce it currently? Riddell, lordievader10:15
frendaIf you were presenting somewhere, what is your prefered pronounciation? (regardingless if it's correct/wrong)10:16
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BluesKajHi all10:56
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AbuDharhey.. how to install KDE plasma on Ubuntu 14.04? is it possible+14:19
AbuDharPlasma 5.3**14:19
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lordievaderYou need to upgrade to 15.04 for that.14:20
AbuDharawwww but 14.04 is LTS14:21
lordievaderPrecisely ;)14:22
BluesKajAbuDhar:  I believe you can add plasma 5,2 to kubuntu 14.1014:30
lordievader14.10 is EOL.14:30
AbuDharI guess I can get Plasma 5.1.2 at least for Ubuntu 14.04 ? :D14:31
Unit193AbuDhar: That's the point, it IS an LTS, not a "latest and greatest" release.14:32
lordievaderWell I suppose you could compile Plasma5 yourself but you'll only run into a mountain of trouble.14:32
lordievader^^ that precisely.14:32
lordievaderStable and old rather than new and perhaps unstable.14:32
AbuDharwell I will just wait till the next LTS from Ubuntu :)14:32
AbuDharwhen will that be? anyone?14:33
lordievader16.04 ;)14:33
AbuDharany release date lordievader ?14:35
lordievaderYear 16, month 04.14:35
[Relic]has session saving been fixed in 15.04 yet?  does it properly save where programs are running on each different virtual desktop when you shut down a restart yet?14:35
AbuDharlordievader, oh well fine :D14:36
yueyueHello all. I was just trying to update my wily installation. The dependencies can not be solved - is the repository broken at the moment?15:04
BluesKajyueyue:  which mirror do you use ?15:11
yueyueBluesKaj: I seem to only use the master: deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ wily main restricted15:12
yueyueI can't seem to pinpoint which packages break dependencies. It seems a version bump of something could be the reason. I have lots of packages which are not in the repository anymore.15:14
yueyueI ran apt with the pkgProblemResolver debug option: https://paste.kde.org/p0yysht3g15:16
yueyueI have a "mint condiction" virtual machine. It seems to have the same issues. So it's nothing installation related. The repostitory is probably really broken. Can I report this somewhere?15:17
BluesKajyueyue:  try #kubuntu-devel15:19
yueyueBluesKaj: Thank you very much!15:19
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yossarianukhi is there a volume/mixer widget for plasma5.x anywhere ?15:50
akasichi all, my battery doesnt charge, it stays at 0%.  a few days ago it was working correctly, i dont know if it may be the kernel or what, any help? thnx16:32
BluesKajakasic:  does it charge when the OS is shut down?16:36
BluesKajakasic:  also check your battery slot and connection, make sure the battery is not even slightly loose.16:37
akasicwell, it shows the light as charging, yes, but i think that not as it should16:38
akasicok, ill do it, thnx BluesKaj16:38
akasici must say that when i unplug the cable, its stays for 40 seconds and then shuts16:39
BluesKajperhaps power management isn't setup properly in system settings16:39
BluesKajok, but first check your power management setings16:40
akasicill set them to default, but the problem persist16:40
TJ-akasic: check the battery status: "  for n in /sys/class/power_supply/BAT*/*; do [ -f $n ] && echo $n = $(cat $n); done "16:40
TJ-akasic: compare charge_full_design with charge_full16:41
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akasicits says charging16:42
TJ-akasic: what do those settings I mentioned report?16:42
akasic0 and 4530000016:43
TJ-akasic: So, the battery has given up and needs replacing16:43
akasici think the problem came the day, taht in the tray, my battery was ''detected'' as pega16:43
BluesKajakasic:  how old is the battery ?16:44
akasicone year and a half16:44
TJ-"charge_full" is the battery telling how much charge it can hold. If that is 0 it suggests the internal cells have failed16:45
BluesKajoh my, that's not very good ...is it original or a replacemenr?16:45
akasicso, the battery is simply broken? thats a bit depressive, how can simpy broke, i didnt do anything. yes it is the original16:46
akasicso, i must open the battery to ensure that the cables are well pluged? it is a built in one16:47
TJ-akasic: batteries fail, they are  complex mixes of chemicals16:47
akasicthnx for the help you both16:47
akasicopen the pc i mean16:48
akasicmaybe the lasts storms simply fried it16:48
TJ-akasic: you will need to obtain a replacement. If it is an internal battery you'll also need to open the PC and exchange the batteries. If you're not sure about that look online for photos of other people doing it with your model of PC16:48
akasicyes , i done it, but i was refering to make sure the cables were attached to it correctly, thnx anyway16:49
TJ-akasic: connections must be fine ... the battery is talking to the PC over the IIC communications bus16:50
akasicit what him suggested me, first16:50
akasicwell, ill go, thnx again and cya16:51
BluesKajthe battery on my lenovo g500 seems to be holding up since dec 2013...no real signs of weakness, yet16:53
TJ-I have some Li-ion batteries still more than 50% that were bought in 200216:54
TJ-But others have failed rapidly after 18 months.16:54
talmageplasmashell hangs while starting up on my laptop.16:58
talmageIt worked yesterday.16:58
talmageThe last thing I did before shutting down cleanly was to change the display configuration in system settings.16:58
talmageI changed it the laptop screen and an external  monitor to just the laptop screen.16:59
talmageOne other difference is that yesterday, I had a wired network connection.16:59
akasichey BluesKaj and Tj, i unplugged the cable and my battery seems to be working now... thhe indicator stills in 0, and the data i give to you remains the same, but at the moment, im near 5 min (it lasted 40 seconds) and its doing right16:59
talmageToday, I have none.16:59
TJ-akasic: unplugged the charger do you mean?17:00
akasicyes the cable that charge it, now im in battery17:00
akasicthe charger17:00
akasicvery strange17:00
akasici think is the kernel, or whatever17:01
akasicbut as u said, the  IIC communications bus dont lie...17:01
akasicvery strange17:02
akasicwell, its working, thats what matters, thnx again and cya17:02
akasichey talmage, do u think that may be the secondary keys from ur keyboard?17:04
talmageakasic, I don't understand17:04
akasicsometimes te keyboards have combinations for disabling wifi, monitors, touchpad etc17:04
talmageOh, I see.17:05
talmageThe network isn't missing.  It's disconnected.17:05
talmageThe laptop shows the spash screen with the progress bar.  The bar goes about 80% to the right.  Then no movement.  I let it sit for an hour.17:06
talmageNothing obvious in .xsession-errors.17:06
akasicdid u tried another kernel in grub17:07
talmageThe laptop is booting.  I did try booting single-user and manually fsck-ing.  It didn't change anything.17:07
talmageI moved both .kde and .cache out of the way and rebooted.  Spash screen and progress bar still hang at 80%.17:08
talmageI have another user on my laptop and I can log in as him.  He gets the plasma desktop.17:09
TJ-talmage: do you mean the desktop manager splash, or the boot-time plymouth splash? If the latter, you sohuld be able to press Esc to see the terminal messages17:10
talmageDesktop manager splash.17:10
talmagesddm is running.17:10
talmageI can log in on a pty and see what's running.17:11
akasicdid u tried to make a new xorg17:14
akasicthat link has some helps https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?t=8803&amp17:15
talmageI just tried something.17:18
talmageI plugged in an HDMI monitor, the same kind that I used yesterday.17:19
talmageNow the desktop loads.17:19
talmageHow f-ed up is that!17:19
talmagecool that I have a desktop.  Uncool that I'm now tethered to a monitor.17:21
talmageAnd get this: If I unify the video outputs, then unplug the HDMI cable, I get the spash screen and stuck progress bar again.17:25
talmageThanks for listening, everyone.17:28
talmageThanks for your help, akasic and JT-.17:28
phoenix__I am on kubuntu 15.10, I have updated my system now. I can't find the new volume widget17:48
phoenix__kde plasma version 5.3.9517:49
phoenix__can you people see my messages?17:49
phoenix__ahoneybun: hi17:50
phoenix__yofel: Is the volume applet available in 15.10 via regular update?17:51
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summaBluesKaj: can you see my messages17:55
BluesKajsumma: yes17:56
BluesKajI saw the one above17:57
summaBluesKaj: thank you, I thought I had some network issue18:00
BluesKajsumma:  ok I see the questions you asked as phoenix as well18:01
toamsI just borked my kubuntu install...18:01
summaBluesKaj: is the new volume applet available in 15.10 via update?18:02
toamstried the recommended graphics drivers instead of the fgrlx drivers18:02
toamsthat didn't work (couldn't change my resolution)18:03
toamsso i went back and now i have no taskbar or desktop18:03
toamslooks like plasma crashed or something18:03
toamsany sugestions?18:04
toamstried rebooting but that didn't work18:04
BluesKajsumma:  I have it in 15.10 yes , njo change18:05
BluesKajtoams:  ctl+alt+F1-F6 , login then update and upgrade or try the recovery kernel in grub18:06
toamstried ctrl alt F1 before, but didn't work18:09
toamswill try again18:09
knightyyy15.10 is on KDE 5.4 beta?18:10
toamsscreen stays black, no login prompt18:10
lordievaderknightyyy: Yes.18:12
summaBluesKaj: I found that I had to install plasma-pa. Installed it and now I have the new volume applet18:16
lordievaderLets see what the update of today bring.18:17
knightyyylibreoffice 5.0 is also available on 15.10?18:33
yofelknightyyy: no18:39
genii!info libreoffice wily18:44
ubottulibreoffice (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:4.4.4~rc3-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 26 kB, installed size 168 kB18:44
AEL-H1I am running kde 4.8.5 on Ubuntu and I am having problems with skype picking up my speakers and microphone, can anyone provide some guidance or help me work out what the issue is? I have very little experience with linux18:54
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AEL-H1How can I change the volume on kde 4.8.5 ubuntu
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SuPPuSHhello all been serching for a while and cant find any reference to this issue last night at 520am my kubuntu box started playing sounds out of the speakers with both my wife and i asleep noone in the room would there be a log file somewhere of the process that started the racket last night?20:51
SuPPuSHstandard ksystemlog has nothing going on at 5:23 am except a few automatic reconnections to my wifi20:52
akasicit was a piano sound?20:54
SuPPuSHsounded like an electric guitar it could have been a piano it played 7 or 8 times and i got up and muted it by i woke up this morning it had stopped20:55
akasichave in mind that when the electricity goes, it will sound as ''in batery''20:55
sebsebsebhi any freenode staff around?  if so can I have a password reset email sent for this nick thanks20:56
SuPPuSHshouldnt something have created a log somewhere to access sound hardware?20:56
SuPPuSHthanks ill read through it and let ya know20:58
akasico, im curious now20:58
SuPPuSHim not seeing anything except what i can see in ksystemlog21:03
akasicok, i dont know what else help give21:04
SuPPuSHhaha its ok thanks anyway if i figure it out ill let you know21:04
SuPPuSHworst comes to worst ill have to get up next time and fuser it21:07
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marushello, is there a tool like disks on kubuntu?21:18
maruswithin the default installation?21:18
yossarianukmarus: yes 'KDE partition editor'21:33
yossarianukhowever gparted also works..21:34
maruskde partition manager21:35
marusyes i tought for a quick solution i know i can do it with CLI...21:35
marusyossarianuk: thanks21:36
yossarianukkde partition manager is a GUI tool21:36
marusyes yes i get it21:36
yossarianukhowever I believe you have more functionality with gparted.21:36
yossarianuklike software raid, etc21:36
marusi don't want to install new packages21:36
yossarianukits there on a default install21:37
yossarianuk(at least for 15.10)21:37
marusyossarianuk: i have 14.04 with no gparted21:38
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yossarianukmarus: sorry, I mean that kde partition manager is there by default21:46
yossarianukcant remember if it was on previous installs.21:46
yossarianuki think so though21:46
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suncokretwhat is difference in Kubuntu 14.04.1, Kubuntu 14.04.2 and Kubuntu 14.04.3?23:28
PhoenixzDoing an upgrade, I lost a bunch of deb files, and with that, loads of functionality. Amongst them, I lost KDE network manager, and I have no clue what package I should install to get that back.. Anybody who might have a clue?23:33
strayPuppyPhoenixz: probably depends on your distro23:38
strayPuppythought I was on #kde, hee23:42
[Relic]has session saving been fixed in 15.04 yet?  does it properly save where programs are running on each different virtual desktop when you shut down a restart yet?23:52

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