CasHi, I just noticed that the main page for our project is saying that the latest version is 1.3.9 yet 1.3.11 is available and it is listed in history https://launchpad.net/deluge11:34
cjwatsonThat means the latest version that was actually uploaded to LP directly11:35
Casexcept that in all downloads 1.3.11 is there11:35
cjwatsonhm, right, one moment11:36
cjwatsonCas: if you hover over the date under "Released:" on https://launchpad.net/deluge/1.3/1.3.9 and https://launchpad.net/deluge/1.3/1.3.11, it shows 1.3.9 as being released five seconds after 1.3.1111:39
cjwatsonCas: you should be able to edit the released times though, to avoid that11:40
cjwatsonand hopefully model reality a bit more closely11:40
CasI can't see where to edit release date11:42
Casit suggests a launchpad bug fetching files from our ftp11:42
Casit was working fine up until july 201411:42
wgrantCas: There's an edit icon next to the release date, if you have privileges.11:43
wgrantThere was a bug with the release finder for a few months, which probably explains why those were found around the same time.11:44
Casnot seeing that here and I have full privs for Deluge afaik11:44
Casoh wait11:46
Cassorry was looking on the wrong page11:46
Caswould be handy to have edit options on https://launchpad.net/deluge/+milestones11:47
CasThanks cjwatson, wgrant :D11:49
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zygahey, it seems to be impossible to link a bug to a git branch that fixes it, is that accurate or is it just me not knowing how to do that?16:26
cjwatsonthere is no such feature in LP today16:27
cjwatsonand may not ever be because git branches are more transient than bzr branches; we may just implement linking directly to a merge proposal instead16:28

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