wxli'm about to move our qa mailing list to lists.ubuntu.com. any dissenting opinions?16:29
ianorlinwxl will this break subscritpions?16:34
wxlianorlin: i'll leave some overlap with a warning for everyone, but if people don't do anything, yes.16:35
ianorlinyes and you should of course notify the list16:43
wxloh for sure16:45
wxland i'll give them time16:45
ianorlinyeah because if someone was on vacation and then doesn't realize they are not getting list emails anymore16:46
wxli think maybe a month would be enough? or too much?16:46
ianorlina month should be good16:47
wxlugh i think ubiquity failed again16:48
wxltracker doesn't say rebuilding but launchpad says it is16:49
wxlyay images built successfully17:12
wxlnow we wait on the upload17:12
wxlok now i can move on with life ;)17:20
wxlianorlin: is bug 1486159 reproducible?17:53
ubot93bug 1486159 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "lxpanel crashed while changing settings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148615917:54
ianorlinnot easily but I tried to attach the crash file associated with it17:55
ianorlinI wonder why the default alpha for custom color is transparent19:38
ianorlinin lxpanel19:38
ianorlinI am not sure if that was added19:38
ianorlinwould probably be changed with a config file19:38
wxlask rafaellaguna ianorlin19:39
ianorlinah not on now19:39
wxlyeah well you can email him19:39
wxlor find him on facebook ;)19:39
phillwianorlin:  he's been idle for 40 mins... may be having an early night (he was quite late last night)20:05
ianorlinphillw: I did the same last night20:29
phillwi'm in multi tasking mode... just got centos v7 onto a VM, downloaded all todays builds of wily PC, answering on Fb and doing a paypal --> Western Union conversion for some one!20:31
phillwianorlin: rafael is not feeling to well, he should be back available tomorrow.21:00

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