LorcatarIs there a way to get the Pictures and reviews from ubuntu software center in lubuntu?00:08
ianorlinLorcatar: you could install the ubuntu-software-center if you really wanted to or do you mean the into lubuntu-software-center although unbuntu-software-center can be a resource hog00:09
LorcatarWell, I was wondering if it would still install software properly? I just would like it sometimes. Definitely like Lubuntu better though.00:11
ianorlinit will it is actually all apt and dpkg under the hood really00:12
ianorlinhi eipi1001:39
eipi10hi.  that's nice of you......01:39
eipi10I just installed Lubuntu and I am wondering....01:39
eipi10if it's ok to install ubuntu-restricted-extras?01:40
eipi10I'm really asking if anyone esle has doen it.01:40
wxleipi10: yep and yep.01:41
eipi10ok..for me, it "hangs up" at the "installing flash drive" section01:41
Unit193!info lubuntu-restricted-extras01:41
ubottulubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used media codecs and fonts for Lubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 63 (vivid), package size 3 kB, installed size 30 kB01:41
eipi10oh...i didn't see "lubuntu-restricted-extras" in the software center.01:43
holsteini dont need flash, so, i dont install it.. i get the parts i need..., but, make sure you using "sudo apt-get update" then try the install01:43
holsteineipi10: should be quite similar..01:43
eipi10I uspated usiing the update manager prior to trying the install01:45
eipi10while I've exposed my noobness, I have another ignorant question....01:48
wxlthere's no such thing, eipi1001:48
wxlwe're all noobs at something01:48
wxljust ask :)01:48
eipi10is there anything "gnome" about the lx DE?  I saw a package in "Themes and Tweaks" just labeled "Appearance" (sp?) and it read that it helps configure themes and such for gnome deesktop...01:51
holsteingtk, for now01:51
wxleipi10: no, not exactly, but there is gtk libraries. that's a graphics library, made by the gnome folks, but doesn't mean you have the gnome desktop environment, etc01:51
wxlbut if you want to be sure…01:52
Unit193eipi10: There may be a few GNOME-esq packages like evince used, but LXDE isn't GNOME, just GTK.01:52
wxl!purelxde | eipi1001:52
ubottueipi10: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »01:52
eipi10ok...so gnome is a DE like lxDE..both written with gtk libraries?01:55
holsteinDE = desktop environment..01:55
holsteinwith lots of parts.. window managers, for example..01:55
ianorlinyes but lxde uses gtk 2 current01:55
eipi10wouldn't making this pure lxde make things more difficult for noobs like me to build upon it?01:56
holsteinits all open.. you can always build on what you like01:57
eipi10like at gnomelook.org, do I just look at gtk themes?01:58
holsteinfor now01:58
ianorlineipi10: there are some not installed in the repos by default01:58
holsteinwhats the goal?01:59
eipi10umm, just a "look" for now I guess.01:59
holsteinwell, maybe try the one that it ships with, for now01:59
holsteinthere are also many in the default repos, as ianorlin suggests02:00
eipi10acquired through synaptic?02:00
holsteinhowever you want.. whatever package manager you want to use02:00
holsteinthe sources are the default ubuntu sources. all official flavors use them.. you can use whatever package manager you choose to install packages02:01
eipi10lol...don't get mad....what other package managers?02:02
holsteinim not mad.. you can just use whatever package manager you want..02:03
holsteinthe software centers.. apt.. aptitude.. synaptic is a fine one, if thats what you are used to02:03
eipi10so if I run those commands from psychocat, can I still use stuff from the software center?02:04
eipi10I guess not02:05
Unit193That'll remove software-center, you can install it and use it, just like synaptic, aptitude, moun, etc, etc.02:07
eipi10holy crap that command line is long02:08
Unit193Yep, but note it looks like it is for 12.10?02:08
eipi10won't that make this distro super "light" removing all that garbage?  I read facebook and others in there for the ubuntu code02:09
eipi10I dont know what 12.10 looked like. I am brand new02:09
eipi10for the ubuntu command line, half the returns read, ".... not installed, so .... not removed"  the other half read E:  couldn't find02:11
eipi10man, it sure does take a while to type those commands....I may be at this a while!02:13
eipi10I guess I'll log out and back in to see changes02:14
qwerty250which terminal do you use02:44
qwerty250just to ask02:48
eipi10I'm seein all kinds of farm out stuff, man02:57
eipi10the cartoon pixie nixel is hotter than the real one02:58
HalelujahHi. My sound is not working.. I'm using snd-hda-intel driver05:09
Halelujahgatis@pc:~$ dmesg | grep hda05:12
Halelujah[   15.115477] snd_hda_intel 0000:00:14.2: CORB reset timeout#1, CORBRP = 005:12
Halelujah[   15.115496] snd_hda_intel 0000:00:14.2: no codecs found!05:12
HalelujahI found out I found out my Audio card uses AD1981B codec05:23
Halelujahhow to manually activate it?05:23
Halelujahi dont get it why it doesnt wor05:34
HalelujahThis channel is dead :/05:34
pleia2could just be that no one here now has the same sound card :) you could also try ubuntuforums.org or askubuntu.com05:35
pleia2a lot more people there, so higher chance that someone else has similar hardware05:36
Halelujahim looking for anyone who here who understands ALSA05:41
Kamilionwhat motherboard?06:25
KamilionHalelujah: snd-intel8x0 instead of snd-hda_intel. You may have to blacklist snd-hdaintel06:27
Kamilionmight need to pass ac97_quirk=2 to snd-intel8x0 when modprobing it06:29
Kamilion(i'm assuming you're on a thinkpad)06:29
* Kamilion wanders off again06:30
HalelujahKamilion no06:33
HalelujahKamilion i have HP Compaq 6715s06:34
KamilionIntel 82801DB-ICH4 or Intel 82801FB-ICH6?06:34
Halelujahlspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio"06:36
Halelujah00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)06:37
HalelujahI dont really know06:37
Kamilionoh, that's something else then06:37
KamilionAMD700/800 series chipset on a desktop machine?06:38
Kamilionlike a 790g or something like that?06:38
Halelujahi have laptop06:38
Kamilionpastebin a full 'lspci'06:39
qwerty250what terinal do you use06:40
Halelujahqwerty250: ctrl + alt + t06:40
HalelujahI have ADI Soundmax AD1981B sound card06:41
Kamilionthat's just a codec06:42
Kamilionthe actual sound is generated by the southbridge chipset, the RS69006:43
Kamilionit has an HDMI port, yes?06:43
Halelujahhmm i think no06:43
Halelujahits old laptop06:44
Kamilionyeah, I know, 2007-2008 era06:44
HalelujahKamilion RS690 it's a video card06:44
Kamilionintegrated chipset GPU, to be exact06:45
HalelujahIt's wierd i only have this sound problem with Lubuntu06:45
Kamilionbased on the 'northbridge' chip, while the 'sorthbridge' chip, the SB600, should be responsible for the audio06:45
Halelujahwell i don't know much about details06:45
Kamilionit's apparently somewhat well known06:46
Kamilionyeah, looks like it might have gotten broken somewhere06:47
Halelujahi tried that06:47
Kamiliondefinitely showing that snd_intel_hda is the correct driver06:47
Halelujahoptions snd-hda-intel model=hp06:47
Kamiliondid you try model=auto ?06:48
Halelujahyes tried it also06:48
Halelujahonce when i purged and reinstalled alsa i got sound working06:48
Halelujahbut after restart sound was gone.06:48
Halelujahaplay: device_list:268: no soundcards found...06:49
Kamiliontry model=laptop enable_msi=106:49
Kamilionfor a 6735s06:49
Kamilionmight be close enough06:49
Halelujahnot working06:50
Halelujahi dont get it. Why sound works on other distributions06:50
Kamilionhm, well you can try the alsa config dumper there06:51
Kamilionand diff it to the config dumper on lubuntu06:51
Halelujahwhat do you mean?06:51
Kamilionyou say it works in other distros06:52
Kamilionhttp://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/HDA_Analyzer   "this tool can also proc files and output from alsa-info.sh script and monitor mode (check --help option)"06:54
Kamilionbut I don't think it'll help much06:54
Kamilionmight be better off with a simple USB DAC06:54
KamilionI bought a bunch of these to use with raspberry pis06:55
Kamilionhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/PCM2704-USB-DAC-USB-to-S-PDIF-Sound-Card-Decoder-Board-With-Aluminum-Enclosure-/310799247879 but there's other ones in fancy cases too06:56
Halelujahill just install other os06:57
Kamilionalso, if you can get it to work on one of the other ubuntu images06:57
Kamilionyou can probably apt-get install lubuntu-desktop and it'll continue to work06:57
HalelujahAfter this command i'll get sound for a bit i know06:57
Kamilionmythbuntu or ubuntu-studio might have what you need06:57
Halelujahsudo aptitude --purge reinstall linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils linux-image-`uname -r` linux-ubuntu-modules-`uname -r` libasound206:58
Kamilionthat almost sounds like bad mixer settings06:58
Kamilionhave you tried messing with the mixer volumes and muting and unmuting channels?06:58
Halelujahill try command again06:58
Halelujahi cant open mixer06:58
Kamilionwhen you purge and reinstall the packages, does the mixer open during the point where you have sound?06:59
Halelujahyesterday it worked yeah06:59
Halelujahafter restart soundw as gone06:59
Halelujahill try again06:59
Kamilionthat's definitely strange behavior07:00
Halelujahneed to restart07:01
HalelujahNow sound works :/07:04
Halelujahi guess after restart it won't work07:05
HalelujahCan you explain what is happening07:06
Halelujah**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****07:07
Halelujahcard 0: SB [HDA ATI SB], device 0: AD1981 Analog [AD1981 Analog] Subdevices: 0/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #007:07
Kamilionalsa-info.sh found it?07:12
Kamilionwell, something's getting written to a config file somewhere07:12
Kamilionotherwise purging wouldn't help any07:13
Kamilionbut I have no idea where off the top of my head.07:13
Kamilioncould be something in /var/, could be something in /etc/07:15
Halelujahwhat you mean by alsa-info.sh found it?07:17
Kamiliondid alsa-info.sh find it?07:26
Kamilionhttp://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=6805a09edb2836983275f22c28838051ca94637e   <--- there's mine.07:28
Halelujahhow to run it?07:33
Kamilionuh, type alsa-info.sh at a terminal and answer the one question it asks? (do you want to upload?)07:33
Halelujahgatis@pc:~$ alsa-info.sh07:35
Halelujahalsa-info.sh: command not found07:35
HalelujahKamilion: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=15660289cb52879b9daf25ab4c085b5c0fe20d8307:36
Kamilionhuh, it's there on the lubuntu-15.10 devcd07:36
Halelujahim not using livecd07:37
Kamilionsnd_hda_intel: model=laptop enable_msi=1  <--- it's picked it up07:37
KamilionHalelujah: normally if it's around on the livecd, it's around on the final install too. odd.07:38
Kamilionbut since I'm having trouble installing 15.10 anyway, moot point. lol07:39
Halelujahhmm do you think sound works because of model=laptop enable_msi=1?07:39
Kamilionno idea -- did you add that and then purge?07:39
Halelujahyeah i add that and then purged07:40
Halelujahi thouhgt it would wipe it07:40
KamilionI would have figured the purge woulda killed it off too07:40
Kamilionbut I know what enable_msi does07:40
Kamilionthat changes how PCI does interrupts07:40
Kamilionessentially it says 'tell me about interrupts over the PCI bus as messages'07:41
Kamilionwith the default being 'use a pin to signal me when an interrupt comes in'07:41
Halelujahmaybe i should restart07:42
Halelujahto test if sound will continue to work07:42
Kamiliongood luck, hope it was just that easy to fix your issue.07:42
HalelujahKamilion: sound is gone :(07:46
Halelujahwhen i purge, reinstall ALSA and restart i get my sound... But after next restart sound is gone!07:47
Kamilionand what's alsa-info.sh say now?07:47
HalelujahKamilion: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=4da95d7a38b455fa392dba97746dadea57b264b607:47
Kamilionwow, it really freaked out07:48
Halelujahno ALSA module loaded :/07:49
Kamilionyeah, that dmesg output looks bad07:49
Kamilionbut I donno what to tell you other than maybe stuff that package purge in /etc/rc.local, lol07:49
Halelujahbut whats wrong?07:50
HalelujahThat's strange07:53
Halelujahim installing other os07:57
Halelujahi haev this problem only with Lubuntu07:58
Kamilionsorry to hear that.08:01
KamilionI'm just another user.08:01
Kamilioni know a little more about debugging than average, but I'm no developer08:01
HalelujahIm not able to fix my audio problem10:04
bhrIs there an email where lubuntu design suggestions can be sent?11:23
eipi10isn't there a gui that allows one to render 'computer' on the desktop?13:22
=== dzho_ is now known as dzho
leszekeipi10: what do you mean exactly ?14:23
Unit193Copy pcmanfm.desktop to the desktop and change Exec= to pcmanfm computer:///14:24
eipi10umm, I was using Peppermint not too long ago, and I believe it was gconfig that let one see "My Computer" on his desktop14:25
leszekah eipi10 see Unit193 answer :)14:25
eipi10yeah Unit, theres that, which is better.14:25
leszekeipi10: the gconf thingy was for nautilus the gnome filemanager14:26
eipi10yep, I read that.  Thanks, I'm pretty new.14:27
eipi10while I have someone, are "widgets" icons or buttons on, start menu, lets say?14:28
leszekwidgets is a term used for many things in different parts of software14:38
eipi10ok, as it relates to "themes" I guess.  I'm tring to change the icons on the panel.14:38
leszekin graphical user interface development widgets are basically buttons, radio, checkbox, sliders, scrollbars, textboxes and so on14:38
eipi10Thanks Unit193, thats perfect.14:39
leszekeipi10: the icons for the quicklaunch items or the items of the theme in general ?14:39
eipi10items like the systray, volume button..14:39
eipi10wait, I think the volume is in the systray14:40
eipi10can i take a scrrenshot and send it?14:40
leszekeipi10: yeah thats the global icon theme that sets these14:41
leszekso you need to change the global icon theme for them to change aswell14:41
eipi10ok, I see14:41
leszekdespite that some apps doing systray entries might explicetly ship their own icon14:41
holsteinone could, for example, take the config files from peppermint's LXDE desktop (the older version) and see how they work with current lubuntu, quite easily14:49
holsteinshould be, they just drop in, and, there really are no additional elements needed, such as packages to add, to get that desktop14:50
holsteinit was quite lean/simple..14:50
holsteinnow that its xfce based, that may be less the case.. but, i assumed you were comparing the lxde version, eipi1014:51
eipi10hi holstein and yes, I was14:52
eipi10umm, these desktop config files are located where?14:57
holsteineipi10: not only desktop config files.. *all* config files.. in the users /home usually14:57
holsteinfor example, ~/.config14:58
holstein~ = a shortcut for /home/username14:58
eipi10ah, ok14:58
eipi10I wonder if I can just add peppermints lxpanel15:27
holsteineipi10: not really15:30
holsteineipi10: lxpanel *is* lxpanel. so, you just add the config for it, from peppermint, and see if the versions support the shared config15:30
eipi10I think that's what I mean:  /home/eipi-1/.config/lxpanel/Lubuntu  but peppermint instead/beside lubuntu15:31
eipi10is that what you mean?15:31
eipi10oh, I don't think it is15:32
holsteinright.. you can try the config from the older pmint version..15:32
holsteinyou can grab it from the live iso15:33
holsteinlxde is lxde.. and all the parts just read config files15:33
holsteindoesnt hurt to try them.. i used to use a bunch, actually in peppermint, and ubuntu, that i grabbed from crunchbang15:33
eipi10I thought pep6 was lxde15:34
holsteinnot that im aware of.. should be, the last few are using xfce15:34
holsteinnow, that xfce may be using the lxpanel.. i dont know..15:34
eipi10oh.  I thought it was just xfwm415:34
holsteini have only installed that as a base, and used what i wanted15:34
holsteineipi10: i have no facts about that.. you may be correct.. could just be lxde with the xfce window manager..15:35
eipi10the entire .config folder or the .config/lxpanel folder? or the .config/lxpanel/peppermint?15:47
Irizhello all, Where support French ? Please15:47
Irizok merci c'est sympa...15:48
holsteineipi10: what do i do? i backup what i had, and i make sure i understand how to manipulate those.. otherwise, they are in the user /home, and not going to effect (break) the system16:31
holsteinas long as i have a backup of what i have, and i know how to swap the config's out, via live iso, or command line, or as another user, if my login breaks, i just try things, and see16:32
eipi10when I replaced the lubuntu folder with the peppermint folder in .config/lxpanel/, the system just re-wrote the lubuntu folder upon reboot16:34
eipi10when I replaced the entire lxpanel folder, things got zaney16:35
holsteineipi10: you wont put any peppermint folders in place, and have things 'work'16:36
holsteinyou will literally only be able to simply put in your own config.. in this case, your own beinng the one you grab from peppermint16:36
holsteinyou would take the config for *only* the panel, for instance, and put it in place.. not a specific special peppermint folder structure16:36
holsteinif peppermint changes a lot from the defaults of what is expected, then, it wont work without addressing the changes from default16:37
eipi10no biggie..I want to find an icon theme anyway..16:38
eipi10I really just want panel plug-ins16:39
eipi10but thanks for your help anyway16:39
deitarionFirefox just got pushed onto GTK+ 3.x which means I can't ignore it anymore. Is there a way to fix the theme in Lubuntu 14.04 so GTK+ 3.x apps aren't eye-searingly pale compared to GTK+ 2.x ones?17:25
ianorlindeitarion: do you have a screenshot?17:41
ianorlinalso what theme are you using in lxappearance?17:41
deitarionOne sec.17:41
deitarionUgh. Never mind. Some time in the last 6 months, file-roller started following the theme correctly (I normally use Ark because of a menu bug in file-roller) but it seems the Aurora-channel Firefox I'm using  just reintroduced the bug while switching to GTK+ 3.x.17:44
deitarionThat means this is a Firefox bug, not a GTK+ 3.x theming bug.17:45
deitarionHowever, if you want, I can still take a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about.17:47
deitarionHere it is. (I had to put it together anyway to show to someone in #firefox @ mozilla)17:51
deitarionOh, wait. It IS a problem. That colour Firefox shows is the base colour for GTK+ 3.x open/save dialogs.17:54
deitarionWhich means that I was fooled by it setting a base colour for the top toolbar which matches the base window colour for the GTK+ 2.x theme.17:55
ianorlindeitarion: what theme are you using the lubuntu default one?17:56
ianorlindeitarion: you could always choose a different theme or maybe even the  lubuntu artwork dialy ppa as that has some fixes that were not out when 14.04 released17:59
ianorlinalthough not sure if you have pulled in a new gtk 3 version18:00
deitarionAt the moment, I have my hands full just trying to squash bugs in the KDE componentry I was forced to pull in due to Openbox and LXPanel reacting very badly to my newly non-rectangular desktop.18:02
deitarionPlus, I'm still squashing "Nobody tested GNOME/OSX dialog button ordering support in this crappy DE" issues.18:03
deitarionAnd PCManFM, for that matter.18:03
deitarionThe version of PCManFM I'm running squeeses its icons into the intersection of _NET_WM_WORKAREA and the left-hand monitor... which is quite small on this desktop.18:04
ianorlinah I think 14.04 had some troubles with multimonitor18:05
deitarionOnly if the desktop is non-rectangular or you want icons beyond your left-hand monitor.18:06
deitarionI had no problems with a dual-head system but my new left-most monitor is still waiting on Hong Kong for a bracket.18:06
deitarion(Gotta love passive DisplayPort->DVI-D converters on cards where the manufacturers remembered to connect all of the DisplayPort traces.)18:07
ianorlindeitarion: I actually don't have display port and still have dvi and hdmi18:08
deitarionMy GeForce GTX750 has one DP, one HDMI, and one DVI and I only have DVI monitors.18:08
deitarion3x 1280x1045 = 3840x102418:09
deitarionOne monitor I bought, one dumpster-dived replacement for a failed one I'd bought, and one given to me by a friend after the power button broke.18:09
deitarionI may eventually go for a 4K display, but only once large format 4K displays become sufficiently common and inexpensive. If I'm going to pay to drive more pixels, I want to keep the DPI low enough to usably fit that many more applications.18:11
deitarion(Same reason I run Lubuntu with as few components as possible from heavier desktops. If I'm going to pay for beefier hardware, I want to actually do more with it.)18:12
ianorlinthis is becomeing more general chat than support though so might be better to move it to lubuntu-offtopic18:13
deitarionNah. The transition is too jarring. I just stop when it's brought to my attention.18:14
deitarionMore on topic, here's the common dialogs explanation for why I kick apps off my desktop as they move to GTK+ 3.x --> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14610481/gtk_woes_2.png18:16
ianorlindeitarion: yeah upstream lxde wasn't really happy with gtk318:16
ianorlinthat is part of the reason they went lxqt18:16
deitarionianorlin: I know. I was hanging out in the mailing list at the time.18:17
deitarionOne of these days, I need to try LXQt but, given how I never could get Razor-Qt to work when I tested it, I'm not hopeful. (LXDE is fragile enough across Lubuntu upgrades without bringing a shift to a whole new codebase into it)18:18
deitarionOf course, I'm probably going to have to write my own session manager either way, given that not even KDE can get it right. (Every time a power outage forces me to reboot and I choose a KDE session, I have to manually launch over half a dozen apps which are set to autostart, autostart just fine in a Lubuntu session, and have no desktop-specific exclusions in their .desktop files...  in but simply don't autostart)18:19
deitarion...and, for reasons I've never been able to figure out, Thunderbird autostarts just fine in KDE but, in the Lubuntu session, it runs its update manager and then exits without ever showing the main window.18:20
deitarionSame ~/.config/autostart/thunderbird.desktop file.18:20
deitarionPlus, of course, there are things like Conky which are prone enough to crashes during long-running sessions that I need to wrap them in a shell one-liner to respawn them. Much simpler to just write my own session manager in Rust which provides something systemd-like but session-level rather than system-level.18:22
deitarionAt the same time, I could try using the session management protocol to bring IDE-level "save/load project/session" support to arbitrary groups of apps, sort of like Firefox tab groups.18:24
deitarionAnyway, I won't go further onto that tangent.18:24

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