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ahoneybunthe heck01:59
ahoneybunthe lockscreen used the keyboard02:00
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* ahoneybun flashes LunaOS on his N403:54
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ubik__good morning, I need some help08:38
ubik__How can I align label horizontal centered08:39
ubik__but in bottom of image08:39
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t1mpubik__: anchors { bottom: circleImage2.bottom; horizontalCenter: circleImage2.horizontalCenter } in the Label.09:00
t1mpubik__: see http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-item.html#anchors-prop09:00
t1mpubik__: ^the first example there is probably what you wnat09:01
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ubik__is it possible to use qt designer for designing ubuntu phone apps?09:24
ubik__I get error "error reading typinfo-files"09:25
ubik__when i click "Designer" in ubuntu-sdk09:25
popeyyeah, i dont think the designer works09:25
ubik__still having problems with my app09:28
ubik__how can i center all objects09:28
ubik__to the middle of the screen09:29
ubik__vertical and horizontal?09:29
ubik__with my grid?09:29
ubik__I've got it horizontal centered09:30
ubik__but i need vertical also09:30
ubik__something like this09:34
ubik__my code09:37
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ubik__but it looks like this09:42
kivihi all09:53
dholbachdavidcalle, on https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-ubuntu-com/+bug/1466519 do we still need to do anything?10:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1466519 in Ubuntu Developer Portal "Almost half the links to QML API documents are broken" [High,Confirmed]10:13
davidcalledholbach, nope, we are good11:02
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nik90zsombi: Hi11:50
nik90zsombi: I think I may be really late with this, but I *think* the swipe-delete width might become a release tracker for clock-app. Would you be able to install lp:ubuntu-clock-app on your phone and check for yourself if you can delete alarms consistently?11:50
popeynik90: is there a bug for it12:01
nik90popey: No, I just reported it over to zsombor a few days back. I will create one now.12:02
popeyok, thanks12:02
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nik90popey, zsombi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/148600812:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1486008 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "leading actions width is too small making it very difficult to press" [Undecided,New]12:11
zsombinik90: hi12:18
nik90hey :)12:18
zsombinik90: the sample in the bug is bad12:19
nik90zsombi: I copied a lot of its code from the SDK documentation like listitem.destroy() and so on. What's wrong in the code? May be that could fix clock-app's issue.12:20
zsombinik90: or, let's say, you should never destroy a ListItem like that, unles you are using it like you did, outside of a ListView :)12:20
nik90zsombi: I never use listitem.destroy()...this is also the first time using a listitem outside a listview :)12:20
zsombinik90: for instance in clock app, you shoudl delete the model from the index, not the list item!12:20
zsombiok :)12:20
nik90I usually delete the data in the list model and that's what we do as well in clock.12:21
zsombinik90: so, the space for the action is not enough you say?12:21
nik90zsombi: yes, as I previously mentioned, clicking on the delete button just hides the delete button. And I find it quite hard to delete it.12:21
nik90On the desktop I don't notice the issue..it just becomes prevalent on a N4.12:22
zsombinik90: uhm.... if the panel gets hidden when you tap on it, it means you get the action also triggered...12:22
zsombinik90: you don't have krillin...12:22
nik90zsombi: I do12:22
nik90have a krillin12:22
zsombinik90: try on that one...12:22
nik90alrite, one sec12:23
zsombinik90: you should have 1.2 on that12:23
nik90zsombi: actually my krillin is on stable OTAs..so it wouldn't have the latest SDK change you made to the width.12:23
zsombinik90: hmm... you may not have the same width there unless you use devel-proposed...12:23
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zsombinik90: or rc-proposed12:24
nik90and its my daily phone ;)12:24
nik90zsombi: yeah for me the issue started only with rc-proposed channel, a few images back12:24
zsombinik90: ok, so you probably should have that there too...12:24
nik90zsombi: ? not sure I follow. This issue is reproducible on a Nexus 4 running the rc-proposed images. I didnt test on krillin since it is my daily phone with the stable OTAs12:25
nik90somewhere around #95 image this issue started12:26
zsombinik90: ok, so if you don't want to update, I'm fine :)12:26
zsombinik90: I'll try with your sample...12:26
nik90zsombi: should it matter though? What's the difference between Nexus 4 and krillin w.r.t to the list item width?12:27
zsombinik90: some things work differently in these HWs12:27
nik90ah ok12:27
zsombiso the touch for instance may also behave differently... you never now12:27
zsombinik90: ok, so the icon sizes are frozen 2GU, and to this I add 2*1.5GU margins, so all together the action width should be 5GU, that should be enough to aim the action12:29
nik90zsombi: Does one need to press on the icon or the whole action to trigger it?12:29
zsombinik90:nope, the entire area is used for that12:29
nik90if it is the whole area, then that's definitely not happening on the Nexus 4. Or may it is triggering the action, but its get stolen by something else12:30
zsombinik90: hmm, and Page doesn't have any Flickable...12:30
nik90yeah i tried to make the sample app as simple as possible. Were you able to reproduce this on your krillin?12:31
zsombinik90: hat I noticed is that in case you tapon the action, and you move your finger slightly downwards in a Flickable, the flickable may close the action panel12:31
zsombinik90: not yet, I am flashing that now12:31
zsombiI was also using it for feeding the dog :)12:32
nik90haha ;)12:32
nik90even if that true (the finger moving slightly downward triggering the closing of the action panel), it is way too sensitive considering I didnt hit this issue before the resizing of the action width.12:34
zsombinik90: wth? my phone doesn't get detected over adb...12:36
zsombinik90: I thought it is flashing12:36
nik90zsombi: hmm..developer mode enabled?12:37
nik90well considering you started flashingn, i suppose it was enabled12:37
zsombinik90: I thought it did, but it doesn't12:37
zsombiit doesn't even list up in the USB.... perhaps my cable got broken...12:38
nik90could be12:38
zsombif*** and I don't have any other cable with me.... DAMN12:39
Guest40zsombi Hey :-)13:03
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zsombijamiey: hello, so the prob seems to be that the size for the actions in ListItems is not enough on touch13:12
zsombijamiey: nik90 just filed a new bug for that #148600813:12
zsombibug 148600813:12
ubot5bug 1486008 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "leading actions width is too small making it very difficult to press" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148600813:12
zsombijamiey: so we need a new size... so far was teh same as the height of the ListItem, which in case the ListItem's heigth changed, it got adjusted as well, ending up having th etrailing actions occupying the entire ListItem area :)13:14
Guest40zsombi Cool - thanks for the heads up. I'll take a look at this bug13:46
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ahayzenkenvandine, Hey, i'm trying to do content-hub export support for music, I want it so that another app can select import from Music. I've added source as music to the json and it appears in the list. But when you select the app i'm trying to work out what should then be called, would it be ContentHub.onExportRequested or something else?16:21
kenvandineso when you get that signal, get the transfer16:23
ahayzenkenvandine, should i need to set peers etc? or just load it with ContentItems ?16:23
kenvandinethen provide the picking UI, and charge the transfer with the selected music, but you have to create a ContentItem for each song16:23
kenvandinejust load the content items16:23
ahayzenok thanks, i'll see how far i get :-)16:24
kenvandineactiveTransfer.items = someListOfContentItems16:24
kenvandineahayzen, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/+junk/hub-exporter/view/head:/hub-exporter.qml#L3516:26
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ahayzenthanks :-)16:27
kenvandineahayzen, also http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/+junk/hub-exporter/view/head:/hub-exporter.qml#L42416:28
kenvandineand also line 453 is where it listens for state changes16:28
kenvandineand calls __exportItems16:28
ahayzen:-) i have yet to see it hitting onExportRequested so i wonder if i'm missing something else16:28
* ahayzen investigates16:28
kenvandineare you running it on the device?16:29
kenvandineand if not, are you sure the appId is set right?16:29
ahayzenon device16:29
kenvandineand installed as a click right?16:29
ahayzenyup via QtC16:30
kenvandineto debug16:30
ahayzenit appears in the picker list to my hacked hub-importer16:30
kenvandineyou could run the service in debug mode16:30
kenvandinekillall content-hub-service && CONTENT_HUB_LOGGING_LEVEL=2 content-hub-service16:30
kenvandineon the device16:30
kenvandineactually i don't think killall is on the device, just kill the process :)16:31
kenvandineand restart your apps16:31
kenvandinethat'll be very verbose16:31
kenvandineahayzen, feel free to pastebin that and i can take a look16:31
ahayzenok gimme a sec :-)16:31
ahayzenkenvandine, thats what happens http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12119146/16:33
kenvandineahayzen, and it is launching the music-app right?16:35
kenvandineanything else logged after what you pasted?16:35
kenvandinelooks like it's cut off16:35
ahayzenmaybe i need todo more in the music-app code before stuff will start working, i was just expecting it to hit my console.debug() line in the onExportRequested16:37
kenvandinewell... i'm suspisious here16:39
kenvandineit sees the handler's active16:39
kenvandineoh... maybe that's all we expect until it gets the onExportRequested16:39
NymeriaFrmzanetti, are you here ?16:39
kenvandineahayzen, can you pastebin your code where you listen for onExportRequested?16:40
ahayzenkenvandine, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12119192/16:40
ahayzenkenvandine, i was expecting it to hit the debug on L56 but i don't see that in my console :-/16:42
kenvandineahayzen, yeah, i would too16:43
kenvandinethat's a valid version?16:43
kenvandinei guess it must be16:43
ahayzenhmm getting denials i think16:44
kenvandineah ha!16:44
* kenvandine should always ask that first :)16:44
ahayzenthat appid is what QtC makes16:44
kenvandineyou need that policy16:44
ahayzenooooo hah :-)16:44
kenvandinesorry i didn't catch that quicker16:45
kenvandinemy mind was in another land :)16:45
ahayzenno worries i should have thought of that :-)16:45
ahayzenhmmm still getting Aug 18 17:48:08 ubuntu-phablet dbus[2059]: apparmor="DENIED" operation="dbus_method_call"  bus="session" path="/transfers/com_2eubuntu_2emusic_5fmusic_5f2_2e2_2elatest/export/4" interface="com.ubuntu.content.dbus.Transfer" member="State" mask="send" name="com.ubuntu.content.dbus.Service" pid=839 label="com.ubuntu.music_music_2.2.latest" peer_pid=30595 peer_label="unconfined"16:48
nik90ahayzen: hey, thnx for working on the contenthub-export source. When do you guys plan on releasing the next music-app update?16:59
kenvandineahayzen, sometimes if the version doesn't change and the policy does, it doesn't seem to update the profile17:06
kenvandineahayzen, reboot the device to be sure17:06
ahayzenkenvandine, okies i'll try that :-)17:06
kenvandinei think that updates the profiles again17:06
ahayzennik90, not sure when we are planning on releasing will probably be in the next few weeks if something lands that is worth it17:07
ahayzennik90, we've got the new listitems code waiting to land assuming the fixes land in ota617:07
mzanettiNymeriaFr, hey17:08
mzanettiwhat up?17:08
ahayzenkenvandine, hmm i still get the denial :-/ and this is my apparmor http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12119385/17:11
kenvandinethat should be good17:12
ahayzenwhy does it say peer_label="unconfined"? apparmor="DENIED" operation="dbus_method_call"  bus="session" path="/transfers/com_2eubuntu_2emusic_5fmusic_5f2_2e2_2elatest/export/1" interface="com.ubuntu.content.dbus.Transfer" member="State" mask="send" name="com.ubuntu.content.dbus.Service" pid=6479 label="com.ubuntu.music_music_2.2.latest" peer_pid=6305 peer_label="unconfined"17:12
nik90ahayzen: ok, cool. I will also try to work on the custom alarms feature at that time. All I would need is music-app click which I can get from trunk and use that for testing.17:13
ahayzennik90, when i get the MP up i'll ping you and you can test it from your end :-)17:14
kenvandineahayzen, try this17:14
kenvandinegrep content /var/lib/apparmor/profiles/click_com.ubuntu.music_music_2.2.latest17:15
nik90ahayzen: I will try to get my clock-app MP rdy by then :-). Let's sync up then for testing.17:15
ahayzennik90, \o/17:15
ahayzenkenvandine, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12119401/17:15
kenvandineahayzen, actually, pastebin the whole file17:16
ahayzen kenvandine http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12119408/17:16
kenvandineahayzen, ok, that doesn't look like it includes content_exchange_source17:17
ahayzenbut its in http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12119385/17:18
ahayzenunless when you install via QtC something weird happens17:18
* ahayzen tries to remember how to manually make the profiles again17:19
kenvandineyeah, well i've had problems when the version number wasn't bumped with it not updating the profile17:19
kenvandineyou should have something like this17:19
kenvandine       interface=com.ubuntu.content.dbus.Transfer17:19
kenvandine       path=/transfers/@{APP_ID_DBUS}/export/*17:19
kenvandinein your profile17:19
ahayzenah i see17:20
ahayzenL529 has something like that ?17:20
kenvandinethat's import17:21
kenvandineyou need an export one too17:21
ahayzenah :-)17:21
kenvandineto be a source17:21
kenvandinethat's what content_exchange_source gives you17:21
kenvandineso the profile didn't get refreshed17:21
ahayzenkenvandine, yey ok i installed using my alternate bzr rev linked method and it now comes up with transfer in progress :-)17:23
ahayzenso looks like your right about the profile not being refreshed :-)17:24
kenvandineahayzen, oh... music-app is showing the transfer hint?17:24
kenvandineyou should not do that for exports17:24
ahayzenyeah thats probably because i just hijacked the import code :-)17:25
ahayzenbut the fact it is doing *something* is progress, now to make the UI etc work :-)17:25
kenvandinedon't use activeTransfer for the export17:26
kenvandinesince the transfer hint is wired to that17:26
kenvandineadd another17:26
ahayzennope gonna split into active{Import,Export}Transfer17:26
kenvandinelike curTransfer :)17:26
kenvandineor that17:26
kenvandinecool, so you are unblocked :)17:26
ahayzenyup thanks for your help as always :-)17:26
NymeriaFrmzanetti, I've try to use your application (atuhentificator)17:27
NymeriaFri've an error with libs += -lv4l217:27
NymeriaFrlibrary is not found17:28
NymeriaFrmzanetti, any idea where the error could be located17:28
ahayzennik90, you would just want a single selection export right ?18:07
nik90ahayzen: yes I guess so18:16
nik90ahayzen: For initial implementation of the feature that would suffice18:17
ahayzennik90, coolio i'll probably build a single and multi view anyway :-) just trying to figure out how it will look18:20
ahayzennik90, we should probably try and do a content-hub import for the ringtone at the same time :-) or persuade someone to link up18:22
nik90ahayzen: that would be seb128 from system-settings app I suppose for the ringtone part. But yes, the next cool feature for OTA-7 ;)18:30
ahayzenkenvandine, after the app has completed the content-hub transfer would it normally close itself? As at the moment it appears to get sent the OOM or something ?21:03
kenvandineit should quit21:04
kenvandinevia ubuntu-app-launch21:04
kenvandineonly when the export is requested by another app21:04
ahayzenoh not by me?21:04
kenvandineif you initiate the export, like "open with" from within music-app21:04
kenvandinethen it shouldn't quit21:04
ahayzenwhat happens at the moment is the app stops, but it is still in the spread21:04
ahayzeni'm doing it via your hub-importer21:04
kenvandinethat's a bug in the shell :)21:04
kenvandineignore that21:05
kenvandineit's quit21:05
kenvandinebut the spread is wrong21:05
ahayzenok :-) .. so if they are playing music and then request an export it is going to stop playing music i guess21:05
ahayzenslight side affect but can't really see an easy way around that21:05
kenvandineno, it'll only quit if it was started to complete the transfer21:05
* ahayzen tries21:05
kenvandineotherwise it'll stay running21:05
ahayzenkenvandine, your correct :-) cool it all works \o/21:07
ahayzennik90, if you want a branch to test against, I have this under review with Victor, https://code.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/fix-1357324-content-hub-source21:18
ahayzennik90, please comment on the MP if you find any issues :-)21:18
nik90ahayzen: thnx, I haven't started on my hub-importer, and considering this is pretty much like the 2nd time I'm dabbling with content-hub, I am bound to go slow :P21:22
nik90ahayzen: Was the documentation at developer.ubuntu.com sufficient for creating a content-hub import for you?21:23
ahayzennik90, IIRC it was, you can copy/use our code as reference if you want its all in one file...21:51
ahayzennik90, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/refactor/view/head:/app/components/Helpers/ContentHubHelper.qml other than the waits for mediascanner2 most of that should be self explanatory21:52
nik90ahayzen: thnx will take a look.21:52
ahayzennik90, oh but we don't have a picker which you'll need...21:53
ahayzennik90, https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04/Ubuntu.Content.index/ ...and look at the example here bazaar.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/+junk/hub-importer/21:54
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ahayzen(which i have a patched one todo music if you look at the MR)21:54
nik90ahayzen: isn't the picker UI shown by the exporter app?21:54
ahayzenif you were doing open with yes21:55
ahayzenbut you'll be doing import from effectively ?21:55
nik90I don't much about content-hub to answer that question ;)21:55
ahayzenso you'll go to the clock select pick ringtone which then shows the picker and then starts music21:55
ahayzenhehe :-)21:56
nik90ahayzen: so in the alarm sound page, user will click "custom sound" button which should show the picker (with all apps exporting music) and then be directed to the exporter app.21:56
ahayzennik90, if you try lp:~ahayzen/music-app/fix-1357324-content-hub-source and lp:~ahayzen/+junk/hub-importer-music-patches together you can see how that flow works (see the MR for intructions)21:56
ahayzennik90, yup21:56
nik90so was that the picker you were referring to?21:57
ahayzenyeah thats the picker sorry should have said peer picker ;-)21:57
nik90ok I will try out your branches and some sample apps to wrap my head.21:57
ahayzen:-) let me know if you need any extra info21:58
nik90sure,  thnx for your help21:58
ahayzenno problem, it'll be great once it is done :-) been on my list for *ages*21:58
nik90so does the music-file get copied into clock app's directory?21:59
nik90and that new music-file path will be used to point to the alarm sound21:59
ahayzeninto a /HubIncoming/ in the cache IIRC21:59
ahayzenand then you can do .move() to somewhere else you have write permission21:59
ahayzenand then yeah you can point media-hub/whatever at that path22:00
nik90I need to make sure that when the user picks a new custom alarm sound, the old alarm sounds are deleted from the clock app folder22:00
nik90which might require me to do c++ plugin unless content-hub has a delete() function22:01
ahayzennik90, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/refactor/view/head:/app/components/Helpers/ContentHubHelper.qml#L96 is where we do our move22:01
ahayzenhow many custom sound(s) are you having?22:01
ahayzenif your only having 1 you could just always put into the same location ? and overwrite ?22:02
ahayzenassuming the move would work with that, which it may not22:02
nik90well I want to ensure there is always only 1 custom sound both in the folder and in the UI.22:02
nik90I will see what happens..I am probably overthinking this at the moment.22:03
ahayzenheh :-)22:03
nik90ahayzen: hey, should importer apps also have a separate content-hub.json file? Or is that needed only for exporter-apps?23:17
ahayzennik90, you can put them in the same?23:18
ahayzennik90, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/fix-1357324-content-hub-source/view/head:/music-app-content.json is what i've proposed for music23:18
ahayzennik90, oh or do you mean do you even need it for your usecase ?23:18
nik90yeah I saw music-app-content.json...23:19
nik90yes ^^23:19
nik90as a importer app, do I need such a separate json file?23:19
ahayzeni think you would need it if you wanted to support "open with" which you probably don't23:19
ahayzenso you probably just need the apparmor23:19
ahayzenbut kenvandine probably has a better answer :-)23:20
nik90right now, I was able to create a Peer Picker Page where it shows "FileManager" and "Music App". Somehow pressing the cancel button in that page does nothing.23:20
ahayzennik90, as in open with from another application to yours23:20
nik90but I am getting started slowly23:20
nik90ah ok..yeah I don't want any other app to pick clock app as a destination I suppose23:20
ahayzenyeah i find things happen slowly and then suddenly it all comes together once you understand whats going on aha23:21
ahayzennik90, yeah i think thats what it is for, try without it for now, just ensure you have the apparmor policy :-)23:21
nik90Yeah I updated the policy23:21
nik90ahayzen: I am going to read your backlog conversation with kenvandine since I got a apparmor denial as well :) ... and I made sure to add content_exchange policy. ;)23:35
ahayzennik90, did you restart your device?23:35
ahayzenif you have the same rev number if doesn't refresh the policy23:35
nik90ahayzen: same rev number to the app already installed on the device?23:35
ahayzeneg if you've been using QtC which does version.latest23:36
ahayzenno like if you've already deployed an app with that version since a reboot it seems23:36
nik90well we adjusted our cmake files to create com.ubuntu.clock_clock_3.5.33923:36
nik90I guess it stays at 339 until I bump rev number23:36
ahayzenyeah i would try a reboot to be sure23:37
nik90so do I need to reboot after every launch on the device?23:37
ahayzenno once it has done it once then it stores the correct one :-)23:37
nik90ah ok23:37
nik90one more thing23:37
nik90in the music-hub-importer sample app that you gave, did you notice that the "cancel" button shown in the peer picker page does not work?23:37
nik90it is hidden behind the application toolbar23:38
ahayzeni think i did, but the back button from the edgy legacy toolbar did :-)23:38
nik90yeah exactly...it is just that users might press the cancel button instead of the header back button23:38
ahayzenyeah you should probably use a more updated UI23:38
ahayzenthat is just a reference app for import/export Ken made that i've used for reference whenever i do content-hub stuff :-)23:39
nik90I am just wondering how to hide that cancel button or make it work23:39
nik90cancelling should do something23:39
ahayzennik90, eg the Telegram app doesn't suffer that issue IIRC ?23:39
* nik90 checks23:40
nik90I'm restarting device since telegram is malfunctioning and unity8 edge gestures dont work.23:41
nik90also noticed I imported content hub 0.1 instead of 1.123:41
nik90that could be it (hopefully(23:41
ahayzenah maybe23:41
* ahayzen checks what version he used23:42
ahayzen1.1 :-)23:42
nik90Ofc u did...u r Mr.Perfect :-)23:42
ahayzenheh i have a checklist of things to check ;-)23:43
nik90YES! 1.1 removes the cancel button :P23:44
ahayzenwin! \o/23:44

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