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sil2100greyback, mzanetti: hey guys!08:46
sil2100greyback, mzanetti: it seems the last qtmir release to the overlay is missing its qtmir-gles counterpart08:47
sil2100I can sync it up08:47
greybacksil2100: whoops08:47
ogra_sil2100, please see my comment on bug 147190309:06
ubot5bug 1471903 in live-build (Ubuntu) "-updates, -security missing from apt lists" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147190309:06
* ogra_ really doesnt get why everyone is puching for this, thats insane ... 09:06
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sil2100ogra_: commented back - not sure where you see we ship no apt package lists09:38
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sil2100At least for ubuntu-touch we ship the release pocket ones and the overlay ones09:39
ogra_ughm, since when ?09:39
ogra_there was definitely code that completely wiped them09:39
sil2100Since like always, that's what's in the rootfs that livecd-rootfs generates indeed09:39
sil2100No code like that09:39
sil2100I checked when I looked at the bug09:39
ogra_we had some long discussion before doing that09:40
sil2100The only place where apt lists are removed is the one we want to get rid off in live-build09:40
* ogra_ wonders when that got removed and why09:40
ogra_thats definitely wrong in general then09:41
sil2100That might be true ;p09:41
ogra_but yeah, then its probably only 30-50MB09:41
ogra_instead of nearly 9009:41
ogra_still ... approt should be able to just use a manifest instead and we should free this space ...09:41
ogra_that makes me even more look forward to snappy :P09:42
ogra_wasting so much space for something we explicitly do not support is just insane09:43
sil2100I'm pretty sure that it will be a smaller number, bdmurray anyway said something about 1M more? Since I see the package lists for the overlay being around 1MB only, so -security and -updates should be even less as we have much much more packages there09:43
sil2100hah ;)09:43
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ du -hcs /var/lib/apt/lists/09:44
ogra_and that explicitly has no deb-src09:44
sil2100Yeah, that's the whole thing right now, since the universe and main packages from the release pockets are like 50 mB09:44
ogra_which you enable in other places09:45
ogra_lists for source packages are usually bigger ...09:45
sil2100Just saying that with -security and -updates it shouldn't grow too large - but I agree we should find a better solution in the near term anyway09:45
ogra_we really need to revert this and wipe the whole dir again09:46
ogra_wasting so much space just for a handfull users that want to run apport-cli without using apt-get update before is just mad09:46
ogra_and really, get permission from the product team, i think pat will be pertty unhappy if this lands without his approval09:48
ogra_(if someone could collect the exact numbers with deb-src and -security and -updates enabled vs what we ship today, that would be helpful ... i dont have a devel device atm, else i'd do that)09:49
sil2100ogra_: I'll check that in a minute, just fixing the emulator builds now ;)10:03
ogra_no hurry :)10:03
Mirvsil2100: too late :)10:11
davmor2sil2100: that is currently the last silo that is marked for ota6 ^, I assume we have a fix for the camera app to make video work with trust nicely, I know that alextu is working on arale tarball, and there is the emulator right is there anything else that you know too?10:11
sil2100Uh oh!10:11
Mirvsil2100: interestingly it allowed two publishings with a success end result (only error vivible at the top of the PPA page)10:12
sil2100davmor2: no, I think that's it - I'm fixing the emulator builds now, then I ping the UITK guys10:12
davmor2sil2100: there is also a fix for keyboard auto-pilot that brendand needs to get ota6 marked10:12
sil2100Mirv: yeah, that's a known bug but quoting Robert: "there's no harm in a double publish of the same package"10:12
davmor2sil2100: but that is non-user facing so in theory should have very little risk involved10:13
Mirvsil2100: that's correct10:13
john-mcaleelydavmor2, sil2100 thanks for passing QA on the krillin tarballs. is now a good time to publish them?10:18
sil2100john-mcaleely: yes :) We should be cool10:19
john-mcaleelysil2100, done10:22
sil2100Mirv: I'm doing some hackery with silos right now, don't mind me10:27
darkxsthi, is it possible for me to get direct upload to the silo ppa's? trying to land a mixed ci/manual upload silo10:34
davmor2sil2100: I changed alextu's landing from qa required to ready for qa is there anything else required to make it show up on trello or is it just time now?10:36
Mirvsil2100: ok10:43
Mirvdavmor2: it takes/took just a minute or so10:43
seb128Mirv, can you or somebody add darkxst to whatever team has upload rights to silos?10:45
davmor2Mirv: indeed showing up now however I think 197 198 199 are all built by accident and I blame sil210010:45
Mirvseb128: no, https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+members needs sil2100, Steve or Alexander10:46
seb128Mirv, k10:46
davmor2Mirv: nevermind it was alextu that did it10:47
sil2100Oh, I'm an admin now? ALmost forgot about that10:47
sil2100seb128: does darkxst have desktop upload rights or something? Since members of this team basically can upload to PPAs but also publish silos10:47
seb128he got added to the desktop group recently yes10:48
darkxstsil2100, yes I have ubuntu-desktop rights10:48
sil2100Basically being a member of the team means you have a back-door to the whole archive10:48
seb128he also have citrain rights10:48
sil2100I could add him, but I'm a bit worried that the DMB would want my head afterwards, since the CI Train still doesn't have checks for publisher upload rights10:50
MirvDMB might just do that yeah10:51
seb128yeah,  system is not ideal still :-/10:51
Mirvsil2100: I think btw the members list should be cross-checked and cleaned from current core devs so that it's clearer who have "special rights"10:52
sil2100It's sad since we're basically using the backdoor ourselves as trainguards for main packages, but I suppose we are like the exception to the rule - before adding him to the team I would at least like to consult this with someone from the DMB10:52
sil2100cyphermox, bdmurray, Laney: ping10:53
Mirvsil2100: yeah, we have been trained to require the packaging acks for main packages10:53
Mirvand preNEW reviews for new binaries10:53
Mirvwell, the latter is something that all core devs using train should be aware of too10:54
darkxstI'm not here for the back-door, I think Laney, seb etc will vouch for that10:56
seb128but I guess that the system requires to give archive rights just to be able to dput to a silo ppa10:58
LaneyI wish the train would just implement the proper ACLs already10:59
sil2100I'm sure that's the case indeed ;) Just need a formal ACK from them... but indeed, I suppose how all this should be is that there should be a separate team for PPA access and a separate for trainguard operation10:59
Laneybut in the meantime if darkxst understands that he should only use it for stuff he can upload it should be fine10:59
seb128well, he already have trainguard right no?11:00
seb128he can assign silos and stuff11:00
sil2100seb128: silo assignment is available to all train users11:00
sil2100But publish is only reserved to core-devs and the ci-train-ppa-service team11:00
sil2100Laney: I promise to work on that as my next big work-item after the -proposed migration stuff I'm doing11:00
sil2100darkxst: https://launchpad.net/~darkxst <- just double confirming, this is your Launchpad ID right?11:02
darkxstsil2100, yep, thats me11:02
sil2100darkxst: you're in the team, welcome and enjoy your silo uploads11:03
darkxstsil2100, Laney thanks, I should probably just get core-dev one day, but been a hectic year at best11:04
sil2100Indeed! It's not easy to get core-dev rights, best to start off with MOTU for sure11:06
Mirvsil2100: was it that no meeting yesterday?11:11
Mirvsil2100: if you'll get the badge maybe I'll follow your lead again there :)11:11
Mirvan annoying majority of http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/ is main only11:12
sil2100I sadly didn't make it this time11:12
Mirvoh noes11:12
darkxstsil2100, I gave up on MOTU, was rejected last time becuase the only universe stuff I work on it for Ubuntu GNOME and really the overlap is with the core stuff in main11:12
Mirvsil2100: then I will definitely not have the courage :D11:13
sil2100Yeah, didn't have enough documented main-package experience sadly, will try again soon though11:13
sil2100You should be good though Mirv, as you're mainly working on main stuff anyway11:13
Mirvsil2100: well, very little besides Qt11:13
Mirvdarkxst: I've noted MOTU right is useful not only for sponsoring others' work but whenever I find something that annoys me in a special package outside my normal comfort zone11:14
Mirvso it's been useful even though I had PPU rights earlier11:15
Mirvalso, I love to help the flavors and I didn't have any flavor PPU:s11:15
darkxstMirv, desktop-extra covers most of the GNOME stuff in universe11:15
Mirvdarkxst: right, it might be pretty much enough for you11:16
Mirvthe Qt only PPU was quite limited11:16
Mirvmardy: so I've marked 029 as ready for QA again but it'll be only for the next OTA at this point unfortunately. the Unity 8 fix seems solid though, and now that I know what kind of problems to look for I've gone through selecting things from all lists / grids I can think of and haven't found similar problems11:23
darkxstMirv, between -desktop, -gnome and desktop-extra anything else I dont get rights for is core-devs normally11:23
mardyMirv: ok, sounds good enough, thanks!11:23
sil2100Kicking a new image for rc-proposed o/11:41
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* sil2100 off to lunch11:45
oSoMoNubuntu-qa: silo 14 is ready for validation, it’s targetted for ota611:49
davmor2oSoMoN: thanks for the heads up, I will have a look after Lunch11:50
oSoMoNdavmor2, thanks11:50
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rvroSoMoN: davmor2: I took it12:47
oSoMoNthanks rvr12:48
sil2100Emulator image has finally built \o/12:53
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jgdxjibel, you'll need to hold for an hour or so on silo 1013:30
jibeljgdx, okay13:31
jgdxjibel, thanks though. I'll comment in the card from now on.13:31
dbarth_hey, you guys have locked down silos already?14:13
dbarth_trainguards ? ^^14:14
sil2100dbarth_: hey! No, not yet :)14:14
dbarth_i was trying to add a media-hub fix https://code.launchpad.net/~justinmcp/media-hub/fix-allowed-uri-schemes/+merge/268335 to the oxide silo (032)14:15
dbarth_that's to fix bug #146070514:15
ubot5bug 1460705 in webapps-sprint "Release Oxide 1.8 with media-hub support code" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146070514:15
dbarth_sil2100: is there a chance i can make it still for today?14:34
sil2100dbarth_: I think so, yes - remember to prepare everything in time14:37
jhodappdbarth_, approved his change14:38
jhodappdbarth_, justinmcp's14:38
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jhodappsil2100, I added some stable branches to some of the media related LP projects, does anything need to happen so that the CI infrastructure uses them for vivid+overlay?14:40
davmor2dobey: thanks for such a complete testplan :)14:45
dbarth_sil2100, jhodapp: thanks14:46
dobeydavmor2: sure :)14:46
sil2100dbarth_, davmor2: I would like oxide-qt to land finally... I actually thought that it already landed14:47
davmor2sil2100: I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that14:48
dbarth_it landed but the BIC change prevents media-hub to work14:48
sil2100dbarth_: is the rebuild required to land with the media-hub change?14:49
dbarth_sil2100: it can land without technically14:49
dbarth_the media-hub change just makes it so that most of the stream can play or not14:50
dbarth_but at least the source rebuild makes it so that it is compatible with the media-hub we have in the overlay ppa14:50
davmor2dbarth_: and does this need the newer version of media-hub that is currently stuck in the silo?14:50
dbarth_sil2100: do you want me to take that branch off and re-silo separately?14:50
dbarth_davmor2: i guess not, it's really a 1 liner14:51
sil2100dbarth_: hmm, so both oxide-qt and media-hub do not depend on eachother, right? Just when they're together, media-hub integration works, right?14:51
sil2100Trying to gasp the situation here14:51
dbarth_sil2100: yes14:52
sil2100Ok :)14:52
dbarth_so, i remove the branch and silo separately?14:52
davmor2dbarth_: and is this just audio or audio and video?14:52
dbarth_i guess that will make it easier to spin a test image14:52
dbarth_davmor2: audio only14:52
sil2100dbarth_: so for the media-hub integration to work, is it possible without landing the rebuild of oxide?14:52
dbarth_background audio specifically14:52
sil2100(sorry for being repetitive ;) )14:52
dbarth_sil2100: no, wthout the source rebuild, media-hub has a BIC change which breaks the integration14:53
sil2100ACK :)14:53
sil2100So, why I'm asking all this:14:53
dbarth_that was an eye opener; source rebuild will become the normal process for oxide/vivid until the overlay ppa shrinks back to zero14:53
sil2100In theory I'll anyway have to copy some oxide-qt to the overlay-ppa for translations to work14:54
sil2100This can be either the rebuilt one or the one from -security, now I'm simply thinking what would be the best thing here14:54
dbarth_sil2100: so go ahead with the oxide build in silo 3214:54
dbarth_sil2100: i reviewed with chrisccoulson and we're positive on taking the CI source rebuild, because it's consistent with the overlay ppa14:55
sil2100Ok then :)14:56
sil2100So let's land that one along with the media-hub change then14:56
dbarth_sil2100: same silo or separate?14:56
sil2100Same silo I suppose14:56
dbarth_i still need to find a way to get that fix to build though14:56
dbarth_sil2100: you guys need me in the rtm-status btw?14:59
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dbarth_cihelp? can you help with the dch error in https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-032-1-build/18/console ?15:05
dbarth_it escapes me why it doesn't want 15.04 vs 15.10 if it's for vivid15:06
jhodappsil2100, can you please dput qtmultimedia from ppa:jhodapp/ubuntu/ppa to silo 4815:10
dobeydbarth_: looks like you're trying to land something into trunk, only for vivid, and mediahub was previously doing dual landings15:11
dobeydbarth_: i'm guessing if you reconfigure as dual instead, it will work15:11
jhodappdbarth_, we don't want to dual land15:12
jhodappmy silo 48 will get lp:media-hub/stable much closer to trunk15:13
dobeyif you don't want to dual land any more, you're going to need to make more changes, and adjust the MPs appropriately, then15:14
psivaadbarth_: Could please direct any ci-train related queries to traingurds?15:14
dbarth_jibel: and i updated the CI record to point to the right wiki test plan section now ;)15:15
psivaai know it's confusing but cihelp has not much to do with ci-train15:16
jhodapptrainguards: can you please dput qtmultimedia from ppa:jhodapp/ubuntu/ppa to silo 4815:16
dbarth_psivaa: ok nw, sorry i was confused15:16
psivaadbarth_: np, thanks15:16
dbarth_jhodapp: so i need to wait for 48 to land / publish, which may take a while15:17
dbarth_jhodapp: if 48 is still up for landing, i would rather have you adopt the branch15:17
dbarth_and let 32 land with just oxide15:17
jhodappdbarth_, you could do a manual landing in lp:media-hub/stable15:18
jhodappfor vivid15:18
jhodappit's targeted at trunk right now15:18
dbarth_hmm. the merge prop is for stable i though!15:18
dbarth_crap, not; blame LP15:18
jhodappdbarth_, no it's against trunk15:18
jhodappdbarth_, I'd adopt it into 48, but 48 is a high risk still for not being ready15:19
dobeyeven if it was against stable, you'd have the same dch problem15:19
jhodappdobey, why is that?15:19
jhodappdobey, silo 48 is doing just that15:19
dobeyjhodapp: because the version in stable is also already 3.1.0+15.10...15:20
dobeyyou'd need to increase the 3.1.0 manually to something else (but you'd also need to do so in trunk as well, because upgrade path)15:21
jhodappdobey, right, my MR is changing that in the stable debian/changelog15:21
jhodappdobey, are you able to dput to landing silos?15:22
dobeyi'm not in the team that owns them15:22
dbarth_geez, i'll have to rebase the branch, otherwise the merge proposal embarks too many changes15:23
jhodappdbarth_, that's what I'm saying...justinmcp started with trunk15:24
jhodappdbarth_, but don't rebase...just simply apply his small change to a new branch starting from media-hub/stable15:25
rvroSoMoN: I just tested in krillin and mako15:27
rvroSoMoN: In krillin is ok, but in mako, the photo is in black15:27
rvroSoMoN: Makes me wonder what's the difference sharing a file between mako and krillin15:28
oSoMoNrvr, I don’t have a mako so I can’t test there15:28
oSoMoNthere shouldn’t be any difference, really15:28
rvrSomething weird15:29
dbarth_jhodapp: which i just did, but it still doesn't want to play: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-032-1-build/20/console15:31
jhodappdbarth_, yeah you also need to propose a version change in debian/changelog to 15.04 and vivid instead of wily15:32
dbarth_jhodapp: so a manual changelog it is, right?15:33
bfillerrvr: does the fix work for krillin and arale?15:36
rvrbfiller: I only tested in krillin, not arale15:38
rvrbfiller: (and mako)15:38
bfillerrvr: does krillin work?15:38
rvrbfiller: Yes15:38
bfillerrvr: so if it works on krillin and arale we should consider releasing it as those are shipping and it improves the situation15:39
bfillerif we can't figure out mako issue I mean15:39
bfilleroSoMoN: did you test that fix on arale?15:39
oSoMoNbfiller, not yet, will do now15:40
rvrbfiller: It's not broken in krillin15:41
rvrI am checking in arale15:41
rvrbfiller: So chances are that the silo is not fixing anything15:41
bfillerrvr: you mean it was never broken on krillin?15:41
dbarth_jhodapp: sorry, still complaining about versions being lower: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-032-1-build/22/console15:41
rvrbfiller: Right15:41
bfillerrvr: ah15:42
rvrbfiller: The bug report only mentions mako15:42
dbarth_jhodapp: what is the recommend version scheme to use in that case?15:42
bfillerrvr: oh, didn't realize that. then I'm not so concerned about landing it but lets check arale15:42
jhodappdbarth_, you might need a new silo now, though I'm not 100% sure in this case15:42
jhodappdbarth_, it'd be a question for a trainguard15:42
dbarth_ok nw15:43
dbarth_sil2100: sorry to bother you: should i spin off a new silo just for the vivid landing of that media-hub change? ^^ see console issue above15:43
oSoMoNbfiller, rvr: I can’t reproduce the issue without the silo on arale15:46
bfilleroSoMoN: so arale works fine without the silo?15:47
oSoMoNalexabreu, hey, were you able to reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/webapps-core/+bug/1403089 on any other device than mako?15:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1403089 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "pictures uploaded from gallery are plain black" [High,In progress]15:47
sil2100dbarth_: is media-hub dual landing still?15:48
alexabreuoSoMoN, it was mostly on mako from what I remember15:48
sil2100I mean, do you know if it's still able to dual land to both?15:48
dbarth_sil2100: nope, vivid only15:48
jhodappsil2100, it definitely isn't15:49
sil2100Ok, one moment15:49
oSoMoNalexabreu, any chance you can test my branch (silo 14) on mako then, to see whether it actually fixes the issue for you? I don’t own a mako myself…15:49
alexabreuoSoMoN, yes for sure, I have to resuscitate my mako first15:50
sil2100jhodapp: will lp:media-hub be the branch that'll be used for vivid only?15:50
jhodappsil2100, no, lp:media-hub/stable15:50
jhodappsil2100, that's what I was asking above15:50
jhodapp*asking about15:50
sil2100jhodapp: ah, ok, so lp:media-hub is the devel/wily version, right?15:51
jhodappthat's right15:51
jhodappsil2100, but this is new, so I'm not sure if anything CI infrastructure needs to change or not15:51
sil2100jhodapp: no, it's a known issue... so what we need to do is:15:51
sil2100jhodapp: if lp:media-hub/stable is to be the vivid-overlay-specific branch, we need to hand-modify the top-most changelog entry in trunk to a vivid version and rebuild the merge15:52
jhodappsil2100, yeah I've done that for silo 4815:52
jhodappsil2100, and I think dbarth_ has done that for this MR15:52
sil2100I don't see that there15:53
jhodappdbarth_, ^15:53
dbarth_except my manual change is refused because of a version mismatch15:53
dbarth_sil2100: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-032-1-build/22/console15:53
sil2100dbarth_: no no, you didn't do what I said above15:54
sil2100dbarth_: you need to modify the previous top-most changelog entry to become a vivid version number15:54
sil2100So change it from 3.1.0+15.10.20150710-0ubuntu1 to 3.1.0+15.04.20150710-0ubuntu115:54
jhodappsil2100, sorry to interrupt this, but I'm still trying to land silo 48 for OTA6 if possible so I need to test out my qtmultimedia fix for silo 48, so can you dput qtmultimedia from ppa:jhodapp/ubuntu/ppa to silo 4815:54
sil2100jhodapp: ok, on it in a minute :)15:55
sil2100dbarth_: yeah, so simply modify the 3.1.0+15.10.20150710-0ubuntu1 version to the one I mentioned above and for consistency change 'wily' to 'vivid' in the entry too15:55
sil2100dbarth_: and re-build, it should be ok then15:55
jhodappyeah, that'll do it15:56
sil2100jhodapp: on it now15:56
jhodappsil2100, thanks so much, let me know when I can do a watch only build15:56
sil2100jhodapp: ok, package copied, the build should start shortly - I would recommend running watch only in about 5 minutes, to make sure the sources publish on time15:57
jhodappsil2100, thanks a lot15:57
dbarth_ok got it, now that builds15:57
jhodappdbarth_, awesome15:58
jhodappdbarth_, is this audio change for Oxide using the new MediaSource interface?15:58
dbarth_jhodapp: oh no, it's the same code, but your 3.1 release is really wily, so there was an interface change that broke it16:05
jhodappdbarth_, well my changes try to bring in as much of wily as possible16:05
jhodappin silo 4816:05
dbarth_jhodapp: ah ok, but hopefully, no more interface changes16:06
jhodappdbarth_, nothing from what is already there16:07
dbarth_otherwise, we'll need another rebuild of oxide16:07
dbarth_ok cool16:07
jhodappdbarth_, there shouldn't be any in the near future (hopefully)16:08
rvrbfiller: oSoMoN: Arale is ok without the silo. It's only mako.16:26
oSoMoNthat’s puzzling, I don’t see how this could possibly be device-specific16:26
alexabreurvr, have you tried mako?16:27
rvroSoMoN: jibel thinks it can be media-hub, maybe it uses some device bits to resize the image16:27
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rvralex-abreu: Yes, and silo doesn't fix it16:27
rvrboiko: Hi. Do you know how to reproduce this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/messaging-app/+bug/147854716:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1478547 in Canonical System Image "Some received messages are not shown in detail" [High,In progress]16:33
boikorvr: there is a way using ofono-phonesim16:56
rvrboiko: I created a contact called "Orange"16:57
rvrboiko: And received a couple of SMS's from it16:57
boikorvr: right, I think that doesn't trigger the bug, the phone number must be "Orange" IIRC, right salem_`?16:58
boikorvr: if you want to try, install messaging-app-autopilot17:01
boikorvr: mc-tool update ofono/ofono/account0 string:modem-objpath=/phonesim && mc-tool reconnect ofono/ofono/account017:01
boikorvr:  python -i /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/messaging_app/helpers.py17:01
boikorvr: receive_sms('orange', 'hi there')17:02
boikorvr: you should see a thread in messaging-app from orange, and clicking it will trigger the bug17:02
rvrboiko: I was reading the description of that automated test and trying to reproduce it manually17:03
salem_`boiko, right, the phone number needs to be Orange.17:03
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boikorvr: yeah, but to reproduce manually you need someone with the 'Orange' phone number, which only the carrier do :)17:04
rvrsalem_`: Sorry, what do you mean by "phone number"? Contact's name is not correct?17:04
boikorvr: nope, the phone number needs to be 'orange' (it is weird to call it a phone 'number', but it is a phone identifier anyways) :)17:04
rvrAhh, I see17:05
salem_`rvr, no, some operators can use alphanumeric strings as phone numbers17:05
boikosalem_`: let's rename everything to phone alphanumbers :)17:05
salem_`rvr, and easy way to reproduce it is to create a new message in messaging-app and write orange in the search field, then send the message17:05
salem_`rvr, the message will fail to send, but the bug is reproduced, you won't be able to see the message that failed, once you install the fix, you will.17:06
salem_`boiko, no thanks :p17:07
rvrsalem_`: Clever!17:09
rvrsalem_`: It works :)17:09
salem_`rvr, awesome :)17:09
dbarth_sil2100: according to https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-032-1-build/23/console my change went in, but according to: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-032/+packages, it did not17:17
dbarth_jhodapp: ^^, not sure what i'm doing wrong here17:17
jhodappdbarth_, for media-hub?17:18
dbarth_jhodapp: yes17:24
jhodappdbarth_, I see it in the list of built packages17:24
dbarth_i still can't play the stream with mixcloud, so i wonder if the fix made it into the build, or if it's another bug that was previously hidden by the first error17:25
jhodappdbarth_, sounds like another bug17:26
jhodappdbarth_, is there any debug output for media-hub that would help you make sure this code is truly in there?17:27
dbarth_jhodapp: justinmcp had it working with the https fix17:27
jhodappdbarth_, then you can check the output ~/.cache/upstart/media-hub.log17:27
dbarth_jhodapp: not that i can see of17:27
dbarth_that one doesn't say https got refused17:28
jhodappdbarth_, what the link to MR again?17:28
rvrsalem_`: boiko: There is something weird going on17:52
boikorvr: oups17:52
boikorvr: what's up?17:52
rvrboiko: A ghost contact appears in messaging app17:52
boikorvr: ghost in what sense?17:53
rvrboiko: It's empty17:53
rvrNo nothing, but the icon17:53
salem_`rvr, did you by chance sent an sms to your own number?17:54
rvrsalem_`: Yes17:54
salem_`rvr, that's fixed in another silo17:54
salem_`rvr, silo 5817:54
rvrOk, know issue17:54
boikosalem_`: we need to land that silo ASAP17:55
boikosalem_`: I will start reviewing the MRs17:55
boikosalem_`: well, not start, but rather continue, I started on that a week ago (or two weeks, can't remember), but switched over to other tasks17:55
boikorvr: if you want to just confirm it is that, you can install silo 58 to check17:56
rvrboiko: salem_`: Approving silo 918:00
boikorvr: great! thanks!18:00
rvrboiko: I'll check that when the silo is ready to test :)18:01
dobeytrainguards: can someone publish silo 11 please? it's passed qa. (or is publishing something i do myself now?)18:01
rvrEOD here, see you tomorrow!18:01
kgunnfginther: hey do you have a minute to chat18:07
robrusil2100: you're mistaken, ci-train-ppa-service team only lets you upload to PPAs. for publishing rights you need the poorly-named ubuntu-unity (a train specific team) or ubuntu-core-dev18:49
robrudobey: one sec18:49
sil2100robru: seriously?18:50
robrusil2100: yes, I double checked the permissions18:51
robrusil2100: why, were you intending to give him publish rights?18:51
sil2100No, just confused that ubuntu-unity is still used anywhere, that was a temporary team from the past18:51
sil2100ci-train-ppa-service was created for train purposes so I thought we instantly switched to that18:51
sil2100But it seems we didn't18:52
sil2100Oh well, it's better that way currently anyway18:52
robrusil2100: yeah, ubuntu-unity team is the only reason you or i can publish at all ;-)18:52
dobeyrobru: thanks18:57
robrudobey: you're welcome18:58
alex-abreurobru, ping19:08
robrualex-abreu: pong19:08
alex-abreurobru, about siloe 32, did David talk to you about his test results?19:08
robrualex-abreu: not that I saw...19:09
alex-abreurobru, he is still getting issues w/ mh, Justin will look at it tomorrow ... not sure how close we are from ota 6, ...19:10
robrualex-abreu: oh that's soon....19:12
alex-abreurobru, how soon ?19:13
robrualex-abreu: apparently EOD today19:13
alex-abreurobru, can you drop mh then & take oxide as is19:14
robrualex-abreu: you want me to drop media-hub and publish oxide-qt? still needs qa tho19:15
alex-abreurobru, thats the idea yeah19:15
robruubuntu-qa: anybody around to qa silo 32 before EOD today?19:15
robruToyKeeper: ^19:16
davmor2robru: yeap19:16
robrudavmor2: ok great, thanks19:16
davmor2robru she is on holiday so there is alesage19:16
robrudavmor2: ok I'll get that ready then19:16
robrualex-abreu: ok I deleted mh and put the silo on the qa queueuue19:18
alex-abreurobru, thx !19:21
robrualex-abreu: you're welcome19:23
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fgintherkgunn, I have a few minutes, what's up?19:23
kgunnfginther: i ended up emailing you :)19:25
fgintherkgunn, oh, thanks :-) I catch up there19:26
kgunnfginther: no worries, feel free to respond there or here19:26
dbarth_robru, ToyKeeper, alex-abreu: then that's pretty much basic smoke testing of oxide, i will scratch the line about MH in the silo19:48
alex-abreudbarth_, if I am not mistaken robru already did it19:49
dbarth_ok (was reading the backlog from the top ;)19:50
alesagealex-abreu, dbarth_ I'll be on silo 32, full run of webapps plan FWIW20:00
sil2100bfiller: hey, I need to go AFK for a few hours, I'll log in through my remote shell and be back then20:10
sil2100bfiller: but I'll only be around here on Freenode20:10
sil2100We'll catch up then on the situation and if we're good for the candidate already ;)20:10
sil2100brb o/20:10
robruheh ^ Empty Empty Empty, that's what I like to see ;-)20:33
davmor2bfiller, sil2100, robru: so It's way past EOD for me, alesage is on only for a couple of hours and is working on silo032 currently, how are we looking for the other silos do we have numbers for them that can be passed to alesage so he knows which to look for?20:48
robrudavmor2: oh I'm not in the loop on that...20:49
robrudavmor2: the email thread about ota6 is all I know20:49
bfillerdavmor2: I think we are in pretty good shape, my team has one more silo 21 that will be ready for QA after a rebuild20:50
bfillerdavmor2: not sure of status of trusted session prompt for camera, guessing not landing today? kgunn ?20:50
bfillerdavmor2: I believe everything else we were targetting has landed :)20:51
davmor2bfiller: we already have the contingency for that as we were pretty sure it wouldn't make it.20:52
bfillerdavmor2: how is silo 48 testing going? media-hub20:53
jhodappbfiller, it's ready for more testing but QA has it on hold for a bit20:54
davmor2bfiller: discussed it with jhodapp it was going to be too big to test fully in time.  So we came up with the plan of landing it as soon as ota6 is out the door.  That we relieve the pressure on testing it and give 4-5 weeks to shake out any other issues that lurk in the depths with it20:55
jhodappbfiller, also, both trusted prompt sessions are also waiting on QA as well20:55
alesageso I'll watch for 2120:57
bfilleralesage: will ping you when it's ready20:57
bfillershould be soon20:57
jhodappbfiller, do you have a link to your Trello board?20:57
alesagebfiller, thank you sir20:57
bfillerjhodapp: https://trello.com/b/y0COcCe2/system-apps-stakeholders-backlog20:58
davmor2alesage: can you then ping sil2100 / robru to spin up the image at that point then please sir :)20:58
jhodappbfiller, thanks20:58
alesagedavmor2, ok shall do20:58
davmor2and then we are good \o/20:59
jhodappdavmor2, is it safe to remove the blocked label from silo 48 in the QA trello board?21:02
robruAlbertA: uh you have an MP that was never built: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-028-2-publish/44/console21:27
AlbertArobru: how is that possible?21:31
robruAlbertA: most likely you reconfigured that MP into the silo and then never built it, or only built other packages21:31
AlbertArobru: I rebuilt everything21:31
AlbertAand today qtmir-gles21:31
robruAlbertA: did you supercede and re-propose the same merge or something?21:32
AlbertArobru: last week or so I reconfigured the silo and put a new MP for mir...but 267373 is the one I put....21:33
AlbertArobru: ooh...I think I know what happened...21:37
AlbertArobru: I erroneously had started another mir build but canceled it through jenkins...21:38
robruAlbertA: k, I'll need you to rebuild mir in order to get the silo back into a consistent state21:38
AlbertArobru: so I guess just rebuild mir?21:38
robruAlbertA: yeah when you start a new build it clears the previous state out21:38
AlbertArobru: gotcha, ok21:39
robruAlbertA: so the merged branches (necessary to publish) are missing21:39
bfilleralesage: silo 21 ready to test, see the comments in the bug will give you steps to test https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/148572421:41
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1485724 in libphonenumber (Ubuntu) "Fail to match phone number when receiving a message from short phone number" [High,In progress]21:41
alesagebfiller, ok thx21:41
bfilleralesage: renatu or boiko should be able to help you if you have question21:41
alesagebfiller, very well got it21:41
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jibelrobru, do you have the power to build an image?21:55
bfillersil2100, jibel, alesage: after silo 21 lands we're good for spinning from my perspective, might want to check with kgunn and others22:01
bfillerneed to run now, but will be back on in 1-2 hrs22:01
alesagebfiller, ack22:02
bfillerthanks guys22:02
robrujibel: I think I do, but I haven't done it in a long time. let me check22:02
jibelbfiller, we cannot wait more or we'll miss the window to finish testing this week22:02
robrubfiller: is silo 21 ready for QA?22:03
robrubecause it's not in 'ready' state22:03
bfillerrobru: yes, marked it so22:03
jibelrobru, yes, alesage is on it22:03
robruok grat22:03
robrupage didn't update for me right away22:03
bfillerjibel: I understand, you make the call. guessing we'll need another respin at some point and can punch it in then if doesn't make it tonight22:04
robrujibel: I don't suppose you know where to go to kick off those image builds? I'm totally spacing out right now22:06
jibelrobru, I know nothing about image builfs22:07
robrujibel: are you ready right now?22:14
robrujibel: or are we waiting for one last thing to get in?22:14
jibelrobru, we are waiting on 2122:15
jibelalesage, how long do you think you need?22:15
robrujibel: so it turns out I don't have permission to do the vivid builds, only wily ones. so for vivid we need infinity who says he'll be available for "An hour, yes, two, maybe."22:18
jibelrobru, alesage will be EOD in less than an hour so it'll be less22:19
alesagejust waiting for these locales to udpate ho hum22:21
alesagerobru, jibel, passed 21, you may fire when ready22:35
robrualesage: thanks22:35
robrujust gotta wait for the copy to finish before starting image build22:37
jibelalesage, thank you!22:37
alesagejibel, yw!22:37
sil2100jibel, alesage: so we have eveyrhing we need?22:55
jibelsil2100, we do22:55
alesagesil2100, yes, bfiller suggesting pinging kgunn but silo queue is empty22:56
sil2100Excellent, let me take care of the image, just need to check if all is fine22:56
sil2100Ok, kicking the build now22:59
robrusil2100: noooo23:06
alesagerobru, all is ok?23:10
sil2100robru: what's wrong?23:12
robrusil2100: read the scrollback in -release23:13
robrualesage: oh yeah everything's fine23:13

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