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jcastrohey dholbach!12:37
dholbachhey jcastro12:37
jcastroA meeting I thought I had today is actually tomorrow12:37
jcastrocan I get in on your cool-people hangout?12:37
dholbachpopey, ^12:38
dholbachpopey, jcastro: I'll have to run and pick up the cat from the vet in half an hour, so I probably can't do the last minute announcement, but I can already set up the hangout and update the page13:14
dholbachpopey, I'll do a bit of our usual propaganda already13:22
dholbachcan you guys do another round 20m before we start?13:22
popeythanks dholbach13:25
jcastrowait what, is it only us three?13:27
jcastrono will? boooo....13:27
dholbachit's the community Q&A13:27
dholbachnot the engineering webcast13:28
jcastrooh ok13:29
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popeydholbach: formatting in your blog post is all screwy here https://daniel.holba.ch/blog/2015/08/snapcraft-has-landed-in-the-archiv/13:49
popeydholbach: http://i.imgur.com/HlIBBvg.png13:49
davidcallepopey, dholbach, works nicely for me on ff and chrome13:57
dholbachpopey, looks fine here14:44
dholbachpopey, jcastro: did you do a bit of propaganda?14:45
popeydholbach: ya14:48
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dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:35

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