MathewweAnyone present and able to help?04:11
dlkmfakdmfldakmfIs anyone here responsible for the content on ubuntugnome.org?05:44
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LinDolhi all14:20
beiHi. I just updated my computer and restarted (as the updater suggested) and now i get a blinking screen after the grey gnome icon splash19:19
beiis anyone else getting this? what caused it and how would i go about fixing it>19:20
beiI think the updates became available 8 - 12 hours ago19:22
octoquadhi bei, which version 14.04, 15.04 or 15.10?19:42
beioctoquad: 15.0419:42
octoquadnot sure, but I get that as well19:43
beiare you going to reinstall? or is there a way to undo the updates even though it doesn't load?19:45
octoquadI won't be reinstalling, I've seen that since 14.10 I think. Not sure what causes it though.19:53
octoquadbei, just to make sure I understood you correctly, the power light on the monitor blinks or do you actually have a blinking screen?19:58
beiblinking screen20:01
citronbleu-vI have install the driver Nvidia on my ubuntu gnome and if I don't put the PowerMizer Settings (nvidia-config) at Prefer Maximum Performance21:19
citronbleu-vI have lags (in vim, firefox when I write etc..)21:19
darkxstoctoquad, your MP for seeds has no diff?21:54
darkxstoh and link is dead now! guess you noticed it was reversed!21:55

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