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KilosMorning everyone05:38
svijmorning Kilos 05:39
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Kiloshi MooDoo :)07:46
dholbachnhaines, looks like my forwarded mail to you was rejected09:42
dholbachI tried again forwarding in a different way... no dice09:42
dholbachI have no idea if there are other mails you don't get - just thought I'd bring it up09:43
dholbachit was the mail I sent to ubuntu-community-team list09:43
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wxl!lococouncil meetin' time19:47
ubot5wxl: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:47
wxl!lococouncil | meetin' time19:47
ubot5meetin' time: The LoCo Council is coolbhavi, jose, SergioMeneses, PabloRubianes, nhaines, wxl, and lunapersa - they are here to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com19:47
* genii makes coffee19:48
PabloRubianeshi wxl19:55
PabloRubianesdo we have agenda?19:55
toddcnbthe meeting will be at #ubuntu-meeting correct?19:57
wxlPabloRubianes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda19:57
wxlyes toddcnb 19:58
toddcnbthank you19:58
PabloRubianeswxl: Internal Server Error20:00
wxlPabloRubianes: tl;dr yes. we have the Re-Verification of azloco20:00
wxland also it works fine here20:01
PabloRubianeswxl we need two more for the meeting20:01
DalekSecwxl: I'm here!20:02
wxlDalekSec: well, that's good. :)20:03
elacheche_aniswxl, I just send that email :) 20:32

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