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mdeslaursorry guys, looks like the meeting is going to be cancelled, as everyone is either at DebConf or LinuxConf16:02
jcastrooh no!16:03
jcastrois there a method for me to ask about my agenda items over mail?16:03
mdeslaurjcastro: sure, send it to the technical-board list16:03
jcastroack, thanks16:04
mdeslauralthough we probably will want to discuss this live in a meeting16:04
mdeslauras there may be some convincing and discussion of the best way to handle it16:04
jcastroyeah, but I can start the process too.16:04
jcastrokind of make my case, etc.16:04
mdeslaurjcastro: sorry about that16:04
jcastrono worries, it happens16:04
mdeslaurjcastro: yeah, that's probably a good idea16:04
jcastrook will do so, thanks everyone.16:06
mdeslaurok, I hereby declare this meeting cancelled16:06
mdeslaurthanks jcastro16:06
mdeslaurkees: hi! :)16:07
keeshi :) was trying \o for "hi" and o/ for "bye".16:08
mdeslaurhaha :)16:33

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