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ahoneybunhey dholbach13:21
dholbachhi ahoneybun13:21
ahoneybunthat was fast lol13:21
ahoneybunyour email was sent at 5 something in the morning my time so I just replied to it13:22
ahoneybun(its 9:30am almost here)13:22
dholbachso today Jorge is joining us for the hanoug13:26
dholbachwhat would you like to talk about in one of the next times?13:26
ahoneybunLoCo or Membership13:28
ABCXYZCan you tell me some DAW on linux ?13:29
dholbachahoneybun, cool - maybe we could some more folks on from the Membership board for example?13:30
* ahoneybun is on it13:30
ahoneybunone of our members was going over how to improve membership13:32
belkinsaI'm here, who has a question about the Membership?14:15
ahoneybundholbach: ^14:27
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dholbachbelkinsa, ahoneybun: today we'll have Jorge there to talk about cloud and stuff14:44
belkinsadholbach, thinking about us doing it next week or maybe a bit later?14:44
dholbachbelkinsa, can you find a date which works for you (and maybe others from the board) and drop me a mail?14:45
belkinsaSure, on it!14:45
Ilonkawhat is awesome?14:56
dholbachIlonka, I was referring to an earlier comment14:57
belkinsaThat you guys will learn more about the Membership and the Membership Board soon.14:57
Ilonkaahhh :-)14:57
belkinsadholbach_, e-mail sent.15:01
ahoneybunI'm here belkinsa.15:02
belkinsaI see you.15:02
ahoneybunI'm used to Hangouts15:02
belkinsaahoneybun, but we need to find a date to do it15:02
popeyyo yo yo15:03
dholbach_ask all your questions here!15:03
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ahoneybuntbh this will the late tuesday I'll be around this hour15:03
Eyjafjallajokullhi all15:04
dholbachjust prefix your questions with QUESTION: so we can more easily pick them up :)15:04
pavakpaulAm I too late to join?15:05
Eyjafjallajokullpavakpaul: yes15:06
belkinsapavakpaul, nope, just started15:06
pavakpaulahh thanks :)15:06
pavakpaulwhat topic is going on?15:07
belkinsaJorge is talking about Ubuntu Server today15:07
dholbachyep, server+cloud+juju+stuff15:07
bluedragon77QUESTION: What new things can we expect for 15.10?15:09
pavakpaulMIR I guess.  waiting to try it out :D15:10
AmelieQUESTION: Can I use the Ubuntu phone as a Wifi hotspot ? Yes/No. ?15:11
EyjafjallajokullQUESTION: is IBM's LinuxOne running ubuntu snappy?15:11
bluedragon77Amelie, in the next OTA update you will be able to do so.15:12
AmelieQUESTION: When is the expected release of the 'Convergent' Ubuntu Phone ? i.e. if not specific date - what month ?15:13
EyjafjallajokullQUESTION: what is the safest way to install debs on Ubuntu Phone?15:14
ahoneybunEyjafjallajokull: I don't think that is possible15:16
bluedragon77QUESTION:We know that the .deb image is going to continue living for quite a while, but do you have any ideas for a long term solution for the application store on the .deb image?15:16
Ameliebluedragon77: When's the next OTA update ?15:17
justCarakasQUESTION: I have a raspberry pi 2, is there already something available to install something like Ubuntu Next and a media server like Kodi on it ?15:17
EyjafjallajokullAmelie: 20th15:17
bluedragon77Amelie, a week or so. OTA updates come every 5-6 weeks.15:17
ahoneybunjustCarakas: you can install Snappy I believe15:17
AmelieEyjafjallajokull: bluedragon77 ok, cheers.15:17
cialuQUESTION: Is planned a new optimized of Ubuntu Touch for Nexus 5?15:18
cialuoptimized port, I mean. ;-)15:19
pavakpaulAnyone porting Ubuntu touch for ASUS ZenFone 2? ;)15:19
justCarakasahoneybun: does that include the graphical part ?15:20
ptidavspeak of easiest cloud for beginner user15:20
ahoneybunjustCarakas: pretty such snappy is CLI no GUI15:20
ahoneybunmight be wrong15:20
ptidavwith visual interface15:21
ahoneybunnot sure if full Unity8 is light enough for the pi15:21
ptidavmaybe in 16.0415:22
bluedragon77QUESTION: Will we be able to make phone calls and SMS from the terminal? A use case for this would be i.e. your phone is docked to a screen and keyboard, and you are already working on your keyboard in a terminal but noy you need to make a phone call.15:22
ptidavQUESTION: just i want easy cloud15:23
ptidavsorry is complicated for me15:27
ahayzenQUESTION: What do you think of Canonical's extensive use of google's services for storing potentially confidential business information, eg in google drive, when they are now a direct competitor with Android vs Ubuntu? If a viable LibreOffice online cloud alternative existed would you prefer Canonical to move to such a service?15:28
ptidavahayzen: or azure15:29
pavakpaula lot of questions LOL15:29
Amelieptidav: i concur, I just want to use the desktop on a tower PC.15:30
ptidavi want icon to click and boom, juju is here15:31
ahayzenQUESTION: Is there a page for new developers who want to help with cloud/server and a list of issues they can work on?15:31
ptidavQUESTION: what is a charms15:32
ptidavhe want SQL knows so hard to beginner15:33
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bluedragon77Is this Q&A only for the cloud?15:36
ptidavgui sql server i'm lost15:37
pavakpaulI actually type the file name, even a keyword in dash and dash shows me the file from google drive :v15:39
ptidavjorge castro you have bubble of cloud, not beginner user :-)15:39
pavakpaulkeyword from the doc ^^15:39
jcastroyeah, this is cloud cloud, not like, dropbox cloud.15:39
ptidavto run to acces to make15:40
bluedragon77huh, I was thinking that today we have the regular Q&A for anything that we want to ask about.15:40
w2vy_QUESTION: What is the status of the Dekko Email client? Is it being moved into the core? Also, what is the best way to get involved in helping with testing? My email is self hosted so the webapps are not much help.15:41
ptidavi feel juju beta15:41
w2vy_(That was for Ubuntu Touch)15:43
Ameliebluedragon77: Yeah, they seem to be having their own conversation , predominantly about cloud-stuff.  Regular Q & A is in Hiatus.15:43
bluedragon77Amelie thanx15:44
Ameliebluedragon77: But we can talk too.15:44
ptidavi have server, i feel for netbook and maybe a phone connect and why not a cloud ubuntu15:44
ahoneybunw2vy_: last I heard was Dekko is going to be a core app15:44
Ameliebluedragon77: U in america?15:44
bluedragon77Amelie No. Croatia. You?15:45
dholbachwe'll answer all other questions closer towards the end15:45
Ameliebluedragon77: What's the weather like, where you are ?15:45
ptidavin 12.04 have lost ubuntu one15:46
bluedragon77Amelie: Too hot. I can't wait for Autumn. How is it in the UK? We can both talk about the EU :P15:46
AmeliePretty hot here - not a cloud in the sky !15:47
DanChapmanw2vy_: rather than pollute the channel here feel free to pop into #dekko if you want to help test or get involved.15:47
AmelieI'm really waiting for the conversion phone to come out so that I can do a video on how bad the experience is .15:47
ptidavjust an apps :-)15:48
bluedragon77Lol, I am waiting to get any Ubuntu phone at all, so I ca play with my applications.15:49
* Amelie can't afford the non-conversion & conversion phone's too. So I opt for a conversion phone. (which the fools never attempted to get crowd-funded #fail).15:49
ptidavgive me a window give me a space give me easy15:50
jcastroyeah sorry you're stuck with server guy today guys. :D15:50
AmelieNote: 10 minutes to go.15:50
jcastroI was the only one around today, heh15:50
ptidavnot give me a server, i have :-)15:51
Ameliejcastro: You are Jono *are* ubuntu for me.15:51
w2vy_thanks Dan15:51
Ameliejcastro: **You and Jono *are* ubuntu for me.15:51
ptidavphone use home server yes15:52
ptidavor the netbook in stranger country15:53
AmelieQUESTION: Why are all the hangouts done, done with a 1 hour run-time rule ?15:54
Ameliebluedragon77: What's your Linux-community like where you are ?15:56
justCarakasQUESTION: can you also read text messages in the terminal ? would be awesome to have a terminal SMS client I can ssh in to15:56
ptidavfor mail use website cloud, is include15:57
AmelieQUESTION: I asked when the conversion phone was coming out ?15:58
dholbachAmelie, popey said something like "this year"15:58
dholbachthere's no publicly announced release month or anything15:59
Ameliedholbach: that sucks balls.15:59
dholbachit's not Ubuntu's announce15:59
dholbachit's the piece of news of the manufacturer15:59
ptidavQUESTION: own mail own website own big data, fiber is here16:00
bluedragon77Amelia I used to visit a Linux community in an Alternative culture center, it was cool.16:00
Ameliebye now.16:00
dholbachthanks a lot everyone!16:01
* Amelie is still looking where linux actually lives.16:01
ptidavyou have job to use this betajuju16:01
bluedragon77Aww no problem server guys.16:01
ahayzenthanks dholbach jcastro popey :-)16:01
ptidavthank you16:02
jcastrothanks for hanging out guys!16:02
ptidavmore subject are on the table for cloud16:02
ptidavis a little short16:02
ptidavgood luck, i waiting 16.04 to see more16:03
ptidavdo you think was possible to do jcastro ?16:06
jcastrois which part possible?16:06
ptidavown mail own website own big data16:08
jcastrooh for sure16:09
ptidavokay if you can do own easily i'm here, is not event today16:10

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