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ubottudaftykins called the ops in #ubuntu (Aemith)04:09
phunyguybanforwarded them here to get a word in edgewise.   It expires in a month.04:19
ubottuIn #kubuntu, Newb101 said: !ask I see that there is a new version of Kubuntu. I'm not sure if I am still on 14. Muon doesn't say there's a new version to upgrade. Am I doping something wrong?07:31
ubottucfdgdfg called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:17
ubottucfdgdfg called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:29
daftykinscfdgdfg is one of those trouble making Aussies from the other morning10:35
daftykinscould do with evicting from #ubuntu10:35
daftykinsthat was pointless, came right back in again and is now trolling fake support :)10:39
Tm_Tgood old kickban10:42
daftykinswell done, could've avoided that the first time.10:42
Tm_Tperhaps, I wished them to go away if I ignore10:42
Tm_Tbut then, one can hope10:42
k1l@mark #ubuntu Halelujah was gatis again11:27
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:27
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:31
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daftykinsthis unsavoury user kadiro is back with the bad advice again, worth watching.17:11
* daftykins hands genii a mug of coffee17:12
geniiWoo, caffeine!17:13
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bazhangkali-user asking for support; at least *pretend* to use ubuntu23:13

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