jameshartmello: thanks for the review on that gallery-app change.  I've updated the branch with a fix for the problem you pointed out.00:51
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mukaI get 15Kb/s. My friend gets 3417kb/s on the same network, so it looks that this is a phone issue. Is this know bug? I have nexus 4.01:37
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ahoneybunmuka: the N4 is on 3G/HSPA02:55
ahoneybunyour friend might have a 4G LTE phone02:56
mukaahoneybun; no, we have same plan02:58
mukabut still 15kb/s?03:00
ahoneybunsame device?03:03
ahoneybunthe min speed of 3G is 144Kbps03:04
ahoneybunso something is up perhaps03:04
* ahoneybun is reading wikipedia about it03:04
mukayes, so I think it may be somthing wrong with os?03:05
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tedlz123Is anyone here07:39
k1ltedlz123: some are :)07:39
nhaines!question | tedlz12307:40
ubot5tedlz123: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:40
nhaines!patience | tedlz12307:40
ubot5tedlz123: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:40
tedlz123Is this cha07:41
nhainesIRC is slow.  A lot of people stay connected but only check in from time to time.  So it's better to ask a question and then check in later.  :)07:41
nhainesIt's almost like email that way.  Just a bit surprising the first time you see it.07:41
tedlz123Is this channel discussing for Ubuntu07:41
tedlz123Can Ubuntu Touch use apt-get to install a software?07:43
tedlz123Can Ubuntu Touch use apt-get to install a new piece of software?07:43
tedlz123Sorry, but I'm using my phone to connect this channel. And somehow my hand touched the "send" button so that my message was truncated.07:49
k1ltedlz123: IIRC, you loose the OTA updates if you make your system partition read/write to use apt-get07:50
nhainestedlz123: no, Ubuntu on phones doesn't use apt or apt-get.  It uses click packages, and eventually snaps.07:50
nhainesAs k1l mentions, you can work around this but it can cause problems and is not supported.  When we get around to snaps, though, it should be a lot easier.  :)07:51
tedlz123I'm considering to flash my Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250 with the system Ubuntu Touch. Which image should I use?07:55
nhainesNone.  The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not supported.07:56
nhainesThese are the supported devices: http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/devices/07:56
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nhainesCommunity supported devices tend to have poor or no working support, but they can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices07:57
tedlz123_nhaines : Thanks for your answer.08:22
nhainesWell, that was nice of him.  :)08:23
nhainestedlz123: you're welcome!  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but maybe I saved you some time.  :)08:24
tsdgeosdo we have dbgsym packages of the vivid overlay?08:25
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nerochiarooSoMoN: there is one test about the bookmark popup that has been disabled due to http://pad.lv/1466222 . the bug is marked as fix released. do you think it is ok if i enable the test again as part of the bookmark link from contextual menu MR ?09:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1466222 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu Vivid) "Popover loosing anchor when expanding/collapsing keyboard" [Undecided,New]09:57
oSoMoNnerochiaro, yeah, it’s fine, as long as you verify that the issue is actually fixed09:58
mcphailogra_: before I flash my phone back to the stable channel, is there any fun to be had with the ubuntu-core images? Is there a GUI for core on the phone?10:22
ogra_mcphail, nope, not yet ... and there are no core images for any phones at all yet10:23
mcphailogra_: ok, Though I'd seen core images when I checked the channel list the other day. Cheers10:23
ogra_yes, the core images are on system-image.u.c ... but for other hardware10:24
mcphailogra_: thanks10:25
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om26erHi! I am trying to override ubuntu-location-service upstart conf for a test environment, but that seems to not be working. I am putting an override file in ~/.config/upstart/ubuntu-location-service.override and changing the exec command, but that does not seem to work. Help ?12:32
ogra_om26er, no, that cant work, you cant override system services in a user dir12:33
ogra_you will need an /etc7init/*.override for that i thinnk12:33
om26erogra_, aah, let me try that.12:34
om26erogra_, thanks, that worked :D12:36
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salem88hi all! Maybe someone can help me: 3-4 month ago I watched at the following link the status of art about ubuntu touch for nexus 5 ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices ). For this device seem persists issues about bluetooth and battery. Is there someone who can confirm this? thanks!13:10
dobeysalem88: i don't quite understand what you're asking. bluetooth and several other things still do not work on nexus 513:24
salem88ok, thanks! :)13:24
dobeysalem88: my understanding is that bluetooth is definitely not going to work on n5, at least until the phone stack switches over to bluez5, due to the hardware and incompatibilies with bluez413:26
dobeyi don't know why gps and some other things don't work. but battery probably isn't going to improve much, until the drivers can be controlled for the hardware which isn't working in ubuntu (lack of ability to use the hardware, means it's possible the hardware can be eating power up, but software has no way to control it)13:28
mukaCan someone with nexus 4 let me know, or test, if can get network cellular data over 15Kb/s? This is what I get, and I would like to see if this is my service provider or phone. Thank you.13:34
mukaThe way I test my speed is: wget http://mirror.internode.on.net/pub/test/10meg.test13:34
ogra_there are also a bunch of speed test apps in the store13:34
jhodappsturmflut2, what's the URL to your page that has the list of supported codecs?13:36
popeyjhodapp: http://sturmflut.github.io/ubuntu/bq/2015/05/31/hacking-the-bq-part-3-supported-media-plugins-and-codecs/13:39
jhodapppopey, thanks13:40
dobeymuka: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3G#Data_rates13:50
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kenvandinemandel, any progress on that fix-network branch problem?  last i heard it sounded like you were working on a fix14:09
guest42315OTA6 is on 20, right?14:11
jgdxseb128, let me know when you've got 5 mins?14:15
jgdxguest42315, yes14:17
seb128jgdx, I'm a debconf so in between things, what's up?14:18
jgdxseb128, I have questions about input source selection.14:19
jgdxcomponents involved first and foremost14:19
seb128jgdx, yes? maybe let's move to #ubuntu-desktop14:19
seb128some more people there know about the topic14:19
guest42315jgdx, thnx! ^_^14:22
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Talustusany idea how to get ADB access to a device i ported ubuntu where the display currently dopes not work, tried the solution on the porting guide with replacing the adb bin but that does not work14:40
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mTeKCan you build touch with a CM12 base?>15:03
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jgdx!recovery | kenvandine15:58
ubot5kenvandine: You need to use the right recovery.img for your device when flashing with adb: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Working_with_ubuntu-device-flash15:58
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mterryrobru, opinion on https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.wily_remove_friends/+merge/267648 ?17:58
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robrumterry: oh hell yes. I tried to do that a year ago and we couldn't due to API backwards compatibility with whatever framework was supported at the time18:39
mterryrobru, oh hrm.  So we'd presumably still have that problem?18:39
robrumterry: well here's the thing. the API's been in a neutered state for a long time now. so any app using that API, would technically "work" but no results would ever be returned18:40
robrumterry: so if they haven't noticed by now, I dunno, I think it's plenty of a grace period18:40
robrumterry: API has been neutered for 13 months now: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~super-friends/friends/trunk/revision/25618:41
robrumterry: also IIRC at some point somebody audited the app store for any apps using this and notified them that it was going to stop working back then as well.18:42
mterryrobru, yeah I get that.  But still, that puts it in API-maintainer territory.  Who should we get sign-off from?  I'll subscribe them to the MP18:42
mterryrobru, I'm on board with nuking it  :)18:42
mterryI guess... depends how many actually still use it.  Maybe another audit is in order18:42
robrumterry: I dunno, what engineering manager is in charge of framework API commitments...18:43
robrumterry: how would we do such an audit? is it possible to grep all clicks?18:53
robruI think popey did this last time this came up18:53
mterryrobru, great question...  I assume the store people can...18:53
robrupopey: can you audit the app store for any click packages still using friends api?18:54
popeynot easily or quickly18:54
popeyit's pretty time consuming to do18:54
robrupopey: is there no way to script or automate it?18:54
popeythere kinda is, but you have to a) download all the clicks, b) unpack them all, c) grep for the import18:55
robrupopey: they're just tarballs aren't they? can't you zgrep them? ;-)18:55
popeythey're ar archives18:55
popeylike debs18:55
robrupopey: is it possible that *I* could download all the clicks or do you have special permissions for that?18:55
popeyyou could just wget them all from my mirror18:55
robrupopey: what's your mirror?18:56
popeytodays clicks18:56
popeywget -m --no-parent http://popey.mooo.com/mirror/clicks/2015/08/2015-08-18-050001/18:56
popeyshould do it18:56
robrupopey: thanks.18:58
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robrupopey: can you give me a size estimate on this? Downloaded 800M already and I'm only at "c" but I'm not sure if it's going strictly alphabetically or not...19:24
robrupopey: I mean no worries I've got like 500GB free but just curious how long it will take19:25
popeyrobru: 1.7G    2015-08-18-05000119:26
popeysorry, it's on my cable connection, only 5Mb up19:26
robrupopey: oh haha thought you had a cloud or something19:27
robrupopey: how much space do you think it would take unpacked? double? or triple? trying to decide if it makes more sense to unpack everything then grep everything or unpack one at a time in a loop...19:28
popeyi had a script which unpacked each one19:28
popeynever all at once19:28
robrupopey: I think I'll risk unpacking all of them just to see how much space it takes ;-)19:28
popeyyou'll need to ar -x the click, and then unpack the data.tgz inside19:29
robrupopey: oh thanks19:31
dobeyrobru: was friends api ever part of the sdk framework?19:34
robrudobey: yeah it was, way back. utopic I think19:34
dobeyoh, hmm19:35
robrudobey: in the intervening year since it's been disabled, some users have complained, but no app developer ever said 'hey this is broken' so presumably nobody is using the api.19:37
robrudobey: the users complaining were mostly complaining about the desktop app19:38
robruas far as I know19:38
dobeyhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t_JGpg4r8BLluzfzmqa-gAbcKUjKUOufSCTSdPpFc5g/edit#gid=0 seems to not be updated19:38
kenvandinedobey, yeah...19:39
dobeyrobru: yeah, i was trying to find EOL dates for frameworks though19:39
kenvandinedev leading to 15.04 is the latest19:39
robrukenvandine: oh, hey ;-)19:39
robrukenvandine: https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.wily_remove_friends/+merge/26764819:39
kenvandinehey robru19:39
kenvandineoh, i thought that was removed ages ago19:40
kenvandinerobru, commented19:41
robrukenvandine: thanks19:42
robrukenvandine: yeah IIRC I tried to do this 6 months ago but the consensus was "well it's required by the sdk technically"19:43
kenvandinenothing in the sdk requires it19:43
robrukenvandine: but it's seriously been 13 months, no way people haven't noticed it doesn't work in this time19:43
kenvandineit was in an old framework19:43
robrukenvandine: but I mean the framework is committed to exposing the API19:43
robrueven though the api does nothing19:43
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robrupopey: uh, 'ar -x foo.click' doesn't seem to do anything? I don't see any directory being created, and thre's no info on stdout19:54
popeymaybe no -20:00
popeyya, ar x foo.click20:00
Talustusany idea how to get ADB access to a device i ported ubuntu where the display currently dopes not work, tried the solution on the porting guide with replacing the adb bin but that does not work20:05
robrupopey: oh I see, they all unpacked into the same filename all writing over each other20:08
robrupopey: wow, only 5GBs fully unpacked and that's including the original cliks & data.tar.gz files20:13
mcphailcan someon remind me what the "standard" channel is for krillin? Is it ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en or ubuntu-touch/rc/bq-aquaris.en?20:16
popeymcphail: for retail device?20:17
mcphailpopey: yep20:17
popeythats my unmodified retail one20:17
mcphailpopey: cheers. I'm flashing the wrong one, then :)20:17
popeyubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en is my slightly-bleeding-edge one20:18
mcphailpopey: that's what I was experimenting with, but just changing back20:18
mcphailFed up using my android phone for work. Need to get back to 'buntu20:19
robrupopey: kenvandine: mterry: https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.wily_remove_friends/+merge/267648/comments/674369 found some apps referencing Friends, should I email them or what?20:21
kenvandinerobru, yes please20:22
popeynice one20:23
mterrymzanetti!  tsk tsk20:24
robrufortunately only one of those people is not known to me20:25
mterryrobru, how hard was it to grep it all?20:25
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robrumterry: the hardest part was unpacking everything, once I had it unpacked it was super easy. I use a tool called 'ack' which is basically the same as 'grep -R' but with some nicer output20:25
mcphailrobru: ag is faster20:26
robrumterry: apparently when you do 'ar x', the contents of the click all have the same filenames, so unpacking them all in the same dir, they all overwrite each other. had to do some gymnastics to make directories for each one to unpack to20:26
robrumcphail: ag?20:26
mcphailrobru: silversearcher-ag is the ubuntu package20:26
mcphailrobru: does most of the nice things ack does but faster20:27
robrumcphail: thanks20:27
robrumcphail: interesting, the output is the same, even same coloring. meant to be a workalike?20:28
mcphailrobru: more or less a drop-in replacement20:28
mcphailrobru: and it is one character less to type! (presented as a "feature" by the upstream author)20:30
robrumcphail: that's 33% faster!20:30
mcphailrobru: I alias it to "a" for extra special speed20:31
robrumcphail: well i could just alias ack to 'a' :-P20:32
mcphailrobru: you cheat20:32
* mcphail wonders if he can alias a command to the "enter" key to increase the speed by infinity20:33
mcphailpopey: what is the build number for the "stable" channel on krllin? This "rc" channel is r26. Is "rc" just a symlink to "stable"?20:37
popeymcphail: 2420:42
robrumcphail: wow that is actually way faster (5GBs of data): http://paste.ubuntu.com/12120543/20:42
mcphailrobru: yes, it is quite nice, isn't it? The upstream is very fast, partially because it misses a few files! I have a PPA with some patches which is more accurate20:43
mcphailpopey: cheers. I'll reflash20:43
robrumcphail: yeah if you could upstream those accuracy improvements that'd be super ;-)20:44
mcphailrobru: i tried...20:44
robrumcphail: what does it skip?20:44
mcphailrobru: messes up some .gitognores and struggles on some filesystems such as ntfs and hfs20:44
robruah ok20:45
mcphailrobru: for most cases it is brilliant20:46
robrumcphail: yeah, for sure. thanks again20:47
SpringbankI change the channel of my mx4. Is v93 the latest version?20:48
SpringbankI put the rc-proposed20:48
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TeaHullo - I might have done a dumb thing and made my phone writeable; ran apt-get update/upgrade and now whenever I close an app the phone reboots.23:03
TeaShould I just reflash it?23:04
mcphailTea: that would probably sort it out, I'd imagine23:08
TeaIt would sort it out but i would also like to try and figure out why updating caused it23:09
TeaI guess it's just dumb to try and upgrade with apt-get?23:09
TeaDoes it stick me on some bleeding edge branch or something?23:09
mcphailTea: as far as I can tell, so much happens off-piste on the phone images that updating can't be supported23:10
mcphailTea: you should be able to reflash without losing your data, though23:12
popeyyeah, we never test using apt-get23:12
popeyso if it breaks, well done, you get to keep the pieces23:12
TeaThere's not much data I'm worried about except contacts23:12
TeaBut that's in /home, right?23:12
mcphailTea: yes, I think so. A normal reflash doesn't seem to lose contacts (but you should always back up just in case)23:13
Tea.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db is apparently it23:13
TeaAlso what do you mean by a normal reflash? Is there a recommended method?23:14
mcphailTea: just flash without passing --bootstrap and you should be OK23:14
mcphailTea: I've only had to flash with --bootstrap (and wipe everything) when I had a flash go wrong23:15
TeaAh - with what tool is that? I have an Aquaris 4.5. I had to install Ubuntu on this (person i got it from installed android) - they have a tool, but it's GUI and I don't know what flags it passes23:16
mcphailTea: the ubuntu-device-flash command23:16
TeaAh okay23:16
mcphailTea: "ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en" was what worked for me earlier this evening23:17
TeaRight so do I supply bq-aqauris.en or does it grab it?23:18
mcphailTea: it will download it for you23:18
Teaoh nice23:18
TeaHm - it's telling me it can't find an exposed adb interface, although I can use adb shell as normal23:21
mcphailTea: that is odd. Have you closed all other adb sessions before trying to flash?23:23
TeaI just rebooted it - it's working now23:23
TeaAssuming I got the right contacts file this won't go terribly :D23:23
TeaIdiot that I am factory reset my old phone so I won't be able to copy them by eye, whoops23:24
mcphailTea: I think it is worth flashing a new recovery, when you get a chance, as well. The stock recovery doesn't have adb but there is an adb-enabled one out there. Helpful if you can't get the phone to boot23:24
Teaseems to be taking a long while on ubuntu-61dbd90be1acf5c2e4c9341f77e7054c98d4a53e90b1a211bcda9d2a02894368.tar.xz - no progress bar yet23:25
mcphailTea: yes - can take wuite a while23:26
TeaIt did take a bit when I initially installed it but there was at least obvious progress23:27
Teaphone's still on and working too23:28
Tr4sKHi there23:29
Tr4sKJust got my MX4 ubuntu edition !23:29
mcphailTea: It has taken > 1 hour to flash mine at times. On other occasions, 5 minutes. Seems to flash more reliably from fastboot or recovery, but be patient and see what happens23:30
mcphailTea: http://askubuntu.com/questions/602035/how-do-i-use-ubuntu-device-flash-with-the-bq-aquaris-e4-5-and-aquaris-e5 has a link to the other recovery, if you need it23:30
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