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diddledanI'm not greedy. I only want "a bit"03:57
daftykinsthere y'go03:57
diddledancould have at least made it a 103:57
diddledanwindows got me pulling my hair04:00
diddledan260 character limit on paths04:00
daftykinswhy don't you put things in X:\a\b\c\d\04:00
diddledanntfs supposedly supports 32k but the win32 api has a constant which says that the max_path is 26004:01
diddledanmakes it a pain when you've got oodles of javascript/nodejs libraries04:01
diddledanso I've got a path which windows has helpfully shortened already for viewing using their dos-compatible ~1 notation, which looks like:04:03
diddledanthat's 9 or 10 nested node_modules folders04:04
daftykinswhy don't you start at the root?04:04
diddledanwell it's too long even for that04:05
diddledanI'm trying to copy it to E:\web04:05
daftykinsbut like in general :>04:05
daftykinsthose are definitely some horrible paths04:05
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MooDoomorning all07:45
davmor2Morning all08:22
MooDoomorning davmor208:28
zmoylan-pigreetings mammals08:29
daftykinsfriend of my dads says there are some free office chairs and desks going at a bank nearby 8D08:30
daftykinsno other way around, a friends dad :D08:30
MartijnVdSdaftykins: they could be both :P08:30
bashrcgreetings citizens of the interwebs08:31
davmor2MooDoo: bit of rock today Europe Final Countdown!08:32
zmoylan-pinothing as much fun as getting free furniture from a skip :-)08:32
daftykinsdoo da doo doo... da-da-doo-doo-doo ~08:32
davmor2daftykins: that's the police who sang that you can't blag my head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v2GDbEmjGE08:33
zmoylan-piwhen dec shut down office in dublin they dumped a tonne of alpha powered pcs.  a mate filched one on his scooter.  he thought he was extreme till he saw one been pushed home on skateboard :-)08:33
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:45
diploMorning all, what do you all use for local dns? so fileserver.local etc to resolve correctly? Do people use bind or something else?09:11
shaunoI usually trust .local to avahi?09:11
diploWhat needs doing to set this up? Never looked at it before, just got to the page now09:13
bashrcI did get mesh pinging working last night, and it was the firewall that was blocking it09:13
daftykinswow that office was insane, fancy bank with prime real estate right in the centre of town here. my mates dad is doing the air con so he had access through a back door through the boiler room :D09:37
daftykinstonnes of desks and chairs all stacked up and rounded up free to grab09:37
daftykinsmany heads turned as me and him wheeled a pair through the high street to my place :>09:38
zmoylan-pia good desk is a nice find09:41
daftykinsooh yes09:42
daftykinsmy current one is 1600 wide by 800 deep, got it for £25 from an office bankruptcy sale09:43
daftykinsauction, even09:43
daftykinsthese banks are horrifying, surplus gear and upgrading to brand new stuff because nobody wants to be known for buying second hand gear09:47
daftykinsthe College i taught at last had already started getting donated quad core machines when i was there back in 201109:48
zmoylan-pidaftykins has never tried to convince an accountant to use openoffice over excel :-)09:48
bashrcI don't mind being known for buying second hand gear. I think it's a good idea to maximise the use of things09:48
daftykinsbashrc: indeed09:48
daftykinsbut apparently it's a reputation thing that one bank wouldn't take from another09:48
zmoylan-pii would at one time have said 2nd hand is ok... except for mobile devices as they take much more abuse but i have recently gotten a few 2nd hand nokias, they're indestructable09:50
* bashrc has a second hand samsung phone09:51
zmoylan-pisaw a 2nd hand apple watch for sale over weekend... https://twitter.com/angryearthling/status/633335059790045185/photo/109:53
daftykinsthis is a novel one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=229114109:58
awilkinsLooks like he wiped his Windows partition10:00
daftykinsclaims that's just viewing 'something else', weird for the disk to show as blank10:01
daftykinsthey sure are in force this morning.10:41
daftykinstrolling Aussies, rubbish users...10:41
DJonesJUst mention "The ashes" to them10:45
MooDooDJones: you can't really as they did the same to us on the first day of the womens ashes :(10:57
MooDoohmmm maybe i was miss informed10:58
daftykinsMooDoo: wasn't she playing?10:59
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daftykinshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12117589/ another one bites the dust ~11:44
daftykinsparticularly nasty one that o011:44
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diddledanmorning head is Final Countdown?! omg! amazeballs!14:25
daftykinsmorning wat?14:25
davmor2diddledan: indeed14:26
diddledandaftykins: davmor2's morning-head songs14:26
davmor2daftykins: morning head songs14:26
davmor2daftykins: Most morning I wake up with a song in my head, although the last too were complete albums to be fair oxygene and tubular bells14:27
daftykinsoh just something you wake up with playing in your mind?14:27
daftykinsmmm i have a shower one o' those14:27
diddledantubular bells is epic14:27
daftykinsi don't think i've ever sampled14:28
popeyi woke up this morning at 5am after having an odd dream about driving my family on a trip. My sister and I had a massive argument in the dream and I woke up.14:28
zmoylan-piand oxygene is incredible for an album made without a synthisizer14:28
popeyI went back to sleep to finish off the argument it was so much fun!14:28
diddledanI don't know oxygene14:29
* diddledan googles14:29
MooDooi woke up the other day and the misses was really mad at me, she wouldn't speak to me, apparently i wasn't nice to her in her dreams.14:29
popey\o/ dreams14:29
diddledanMooDoo: lol14:29
daftykinsaww i never get to resume the fun ones14:29
diddledanI hate when you wake up mid-dream and hope you can continue when you fall asleep again only for it to go off rather weirdly14:30
daftykinsMooDoo: that doesn't sound very reasonable :(14:30
MooDoodaftykins: well it happens :D14:30
davmor2MooDoo: then you woke up, and she was really mad at you and wouldn't speak to you...14:30
MooDoodavmor2: no i got the cold shoulder all day lol14:30
daftykinsyou should record yourself and find out what you do :P14:31
davmor2daftykins: sings Sam Fox songs in his sleep14:32
daftykinsi don't know that name :>14:32
daftykinsperhaps there's a chalkboard under his side of the bed and he runs his fingernails down it14:32
davmor2daftykins: Oh so you have heard Sam Fox then14:33
daftykinsby extension XD14:34
davmor2daftykins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD33AxebRAg14:37
davmor2daftykins: http://open.spotify.com/user/1142386698/playlist/2nlSxBLEbfKpvDqSDG8hP8 incase you want to listen along14:40
* diddledan_ listens to the podcast16:30
diddledan_seriously windows defrag is opaque - it's been running on this system since about 3am when I clicked "GO" and it's now onto "Pass 42"16:46
bashrcwindows defrag is evil16:49
shaunojust buy an ssd instead :)16:51
daftykinslol 4216:52
daftykinsi've never seen it go beyond about 816:52
daftykinsyour disk must have been organised by Oracle project management16:52
diddledan_aah it's finished16:56
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daftykinslove the way Apple are the only ones not working ;)17:57
awilkinsA shame they legislated on the phone charger hole before USB-C was around18:00
awilkinsBut glad they did anyway18:00
awilkinsUSB-C is of course our saviour for every form of connectivity that needs 100W of power or less18:01
awilkinsCharge your laptop? USB-C. Connect to your high-end DV camera? USB-C thunderbolt cable18:01
daftykinsi don't think that'll come to most laptops18:01
awilkinsWhat, USB-C as the charge port?18:02
awilkinsOr USB-C at all?18:02
daftykinsproviding 100W in most implementations18:03
daftykinsand so having the proper charging feature18:04
awilkinsOh heckins no, not providing it18:04
daftykinsi don't think i worded that too well :>18:04
awilkinsMaybe lots of USB-C powered hubs with a honking great kettle lead in them :-)18:04
directhexhow wasteful is that? churning through AA batteries?19:07
shaunowho still has AA batteries?19:12
shaunoI mean, besides robbing them from the telly remote, which would be an unpopular way to charge your phone19:12
davmor2shauno: I do19:20
davmor2shauno: I have aaa too and c d and 9v too19:20
shaunoaha.  I know who to visit next time my smoke detector starts whining then :)19:21
shaunoI have just enough rechargable AA's for my camera's flash, but can never seem to find them all at the same time :/19:22
davmor2shauno: well the 9v is at the caravan for smoke alarm there :)19:26
zmoylan-pigo get some lithium aa batteries, they last yonks19:28
shaunostill seems quite inefficient19:36
shauno3000mAh for "energizer ultimate lithium".  which'll act like 1800mAh once they've boosted 3v to 5v (if their booster is 100% efficient).19:37
davmor2shauno: well remember that you are just a battery enslaved and used by a machine army to stay alive because we burnt the skies to kill their energy source19:38
shaunomy phone's 1440mah, and that's one of the smaller apple ones19:38
shaunoso a pair of those nice expensive lithium non-rechargables will charge my phone once19:39
popeyIt's an emergency charger19:48
popeyIt's not intended to be for regular use.19:49
zmoylan-pithere are a few chargers that will give an iphone a few extra hours with 2 aa duracells in them19:51
popeyI have loads of AAs, kids with toys means AAs all over the house.19:54
zmoylan-pihow many of the toys are yours? :-)19:55
davmor2zmoylan-pi: all of the Kids plus his so 100% ish20:25

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