nhandlerpleia2: Welcome back to the US :)03:02
pleia2nhandler: thank you :)03:02
nhandlerpleia2: Are you going to be at the BALUG dinner tomorrow?03:02
pleia2nhandler: welcome to california! I see an earthquare greeted you as well (I was in a plane flying home)03:03
pleia2nhandler: no, I'll be in Palo Alto for an openstack event :\03:03
nhandlerpleia2: Thanks. And yeah, it was definitely an interesting wake up call this morning. And darn, I wsa hoping to catch up in person. But I guess we'll have plenty of time now that we are living in the same city03:04
pleia2after labor day I'm in town for a whole month, will host an ubuntu hour on the 9th03:05
nhandlerpleia2: Cool, can't wait. It will be a nice birthday treat (my birthday is the 4th)03:07
pleia2also, happy to do lunch most days too, since you work across the street03:08
nhandlerpleia2: I'll definitely take you up on it, but give me a couple of weeks to settle into a work routine.03:13
pleia2nhandler: totally, you know where to find me :)03:13
nhainesI'm so happy I'm basically halfway finished with the second draft for this book.03:42
nhainesI'm going to see if I can make it 2/3rds by the end of tonight.  As soon as I pour some scotch...03:42
pleia2nhaines: woo :)03:43
nhainesThis kind of revision is really easy, except for the bits where it's "Oh yeah, I didn't even mention that" and then I have to write something again.03:44
nhainesLike when I realized in my command line chapter "Oh wait, I never talked about how to create users graphically.03:44
pleia2I've had some great reviewers point out some of those kinds of things03:44
pleia2I felt bad at first for them catching things, but I've come around to the fact that it takes a village to write a book03:45
nhainesYeah, I got Apress to get jbermudes to do tech review, and he's been stunning.03:45
pleia2I have a whole fleet of reviewers at this point <303:45
pleia2although, keeping it organized has been interesting03:46
nhainesYup, I've done enough tech support to not worry about omissions.  I mean, I'm writing for someone with no prior experience with Ubuntu but I have 21 years of Linux experience.03:46
nhainesI'm more impressed when I didn't forget something.  :)03:46
* pleia2 nods03:46
nhainesAlso keeping things organized is the worst thing ever.  :D03:46
pleia2still think I'll consider revision-controllable format if I do this again03:47
pleia2(right now I don't want to ever do this again OMG RUINING MY LIFEEE)03:47
nhainesYeah, getting the last three chapters done was like a trail of tears.03:47
nhainesBut at least things are breaking down into 3-4 hour chunks.  So like, if I weren't behind I could be doing other stuff now too.03:48
* pleia2 nods03:48
nhainesWe'll see.  Tomorrow my New Nintendo 3DS XL charging cradle arrives from Nintendo.  And a week's supply of Soylent, too.  So it'll be an exciting day.03:49
nhainesNintendo chose UPS and Soylent chose FedEx, so I imagine them glaring each other as they pass each other on the street.03:50
pleia2oh, that reminds me, did you find your 3DS battery die over time?03:50
pleia2and can it be replaced?03:50
nhainesNo because I only play it at home and on the charger.  And yes, yes it can!  In fact, I think they sell a bigger battery.03:50
pleia2it still works, just doesn't last as long as it used to03:50
pleia2ok cool, I'll have to look into it03:51
pleia2it's been harder to travel with on long haul flights lately because on in airport for streetpass + 5 hours of playing on plane and it's dead :(03:51
nhainesIs it an original 3DS?03:51
darthrobotTitle: [Shop Nintendo | Nintendo Online Store]03:51
pleia2cool, thanks :)03:51
nhainesYou're welcome!  It's really easy to find everything at Nintendo's store, but only once you're used to it.  :)04:01
pleia2heh, I am still at the "too few or too many" results phase of trying to use their site ;)04:02
nhainesYeah, I just use the category navigation for the store.  I don't bother with the site itself except for Nintendo Directs.04:02
nhainesWhich are going to be really sad without Iwata-san.  But I really like Bill Trinen, so I've got that going for me, which is nice..04:03
nhainesPlural of the "Nintendo Direct" presentations they do for us a few times every year.04:05
pleia2aaah, neat04:07
nhainesG+ post about UWN, +1ed and reshared.  :)04:07
pleia2I'm not feeling well tonight, so releasing this is taking forever x_x04:08
pleia2woo distractions04:08

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