cmaloneyJust had a nice little power outage here01:52
_stink_all those A/C units kicking on02:04
greg-git was 100 in Petaluma today02:11
greg-g103 yesterday02:11
rick_h_hot sucks, bring on fall/winter02:12
greg-gI kinda like it, but it does get old after a while (and makes people cranky)02:23
cscheibrick_h_: fall, maybe... winter, no.13:45
rick_h_booo! bring on the snow!13:45
rick_h_though I'll miss fishing night once winter comes13:45
cmaloneyrick_h_: We'll miss vicarious-fishing. ;)13:55
rick_h_cmaloney: hat came mount arriving tomorrow :)13:56
cmaloneySteady cam coming soon? :)14:02
rick_h_naw, loses something of the gritty quality :P14:02
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brouschrick_h_: ice fishing14:19
cmaloneybrousch: shush15:20
rick_h_no ice fishing, I like fishing because i'm outside in nice weather :)15:36
greg-gbut beer! getting away from family! that's the entire point of fishing right?15:39
rick_h_ummm no, it's sitting in a kayak on a calm body of water with egrets, swans, hawks, and some fishing coming around :)15:40
brouschI thought it was to get cheap seafood15:40
rick_h_though yes, without the 5yr old adds to the peaceful factor15:40
rick_h_no, not cheap15:40
rick_h_kayak + rods/reels + baits + pfd + ...15:40
cmaloneyAs opposed to freezing ass off sitting in a shanty around a hole hoping you're not generating enough heat to melt the ice15:40
rick_h_cmaloney: umm yea, not really the reasons I got fishing15:41
cmaloneyMy godfather did ice fishing. I was out there at a young age wondering what the appeal was15:41
greg-gI actually kind of like non-shanty ice fishing15:42
brouschA guy at work brings a small apartment onto the ice and camps in it for a week15:42
greg-git's an excuse to get on the ice and chill15:42
greg-g(no pun intended, but I"ll take it)15:42
rick_h_I'd rather relax at home, with the fireplace, and power15:44
greg-goh, the home with fireplace after being on the ice is even better!15:45
greg-gmy grandparents lived on a lake in northern WI, loved it up there year round15:45
greg-gwish my uncles/aunts wouldn't have sold it15:45
cmaloneyhttp://www.enricozini.org/2015/debian/standup-comedy-notes/ <- greg-g This is good stuff (slightly NSFW)17:13
cmaloneygreg-g: Thanks for sharing that on identi.ca17:13
jcastrogreg-g: ^^ I've been noticing that for a while now19:46
jcastroit's like the wikipedia results are coming up lower and lower19:46
greg-gjcastro: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T10889520:20
greg-galso, who the fuck trusts searchengineland?20:21
greg-gthey are the worst20:21
greg-gbut, yeah, stupid knowledge graph20:21
greg-gI don't konw the numbers too well20:21
jcastroI don't care much about searchengine land20:22
jcastroI'm just saying I notice that wikipedia results are now usually half way down the page20:22
jcastroinstead of the usual top20:22
greg-gyeah :/20:22
greg-gI think?20:22
jcastroor, google just scrapes the info and presents it to me20:22
greg-gthey do a lot more than that, but yeah :)20:22
greg-gthey scrap and all in their own info etc to make that "knowledge graph" thing20:22
jcastrothey do enough to make me not click through20:22
jcastrowhich I suspects hurts in the long run20:23
greg-greaders -> light editors -> heavy editors20:23
greg-gwe're also losing active editors20:23
jcastroI've never really edited20:24
jcastroI am not expert enough in one thing to contribute anything, mostly I consume20:24
greg-gword, most editors start out with typo/grammar fixes20:25
cmaloneyI've done a handful of edits20:44
cmaloneymy biggest deterrent to editing is stepping into some flame-war between editors20:46
greg-gyup, it sucks20:54
jcastrocmaloney: yea, it's like stepping into a bunch of linux geeks arguing about something21:04
jcastroaka, I don't want to be there21:04
wolfgerKDE rules! Gnome drools! :-p21:06
cmaloneyOr worse: editing something on a page that has little noteriety21:09
cmaloneyfor fear that the added attention will get the information that's there yanked21:10
jcastrojust ran into this21:12
jcastrocreepy coincidence feeling21:13

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