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Kilosmorning all05:38
Kilosoh and inetpro 05:38
pieter2627morning all05:46
Kiloshi pieter2627 \05:56
stickyboyOh, guten morgen, y'all.06:06
Kiloszehr gut06:07
stickyboyI don't speak German. :(06:08
Kilosi forget spelling06:08
stickyboyKilos: Do you prefer white or red wine?06:08
Kilosi donk drink anymore stickyboy stopped maybe 30 years ago06:09
Kilosi enjoyed old brown sherry back then06:09
Kilosespecially in winter06:10
Kilosor a sweet hanepoot06:10
Kilosi was a bacardi drinker06:10
stickyboyDid they have Bacardi 30 years ago?06:11
Kilosno then it was redheart days06:11
Kilosand old nick and the captain06:11
stickyboyI didn't drink for 30 years. :)06:12
stickyboy(until I was 30)06:12
Kiloswhen i found bacardi i switched06:12
stickyboyNow I like dry red wine.06:12
Kilosred wine is supposed to be healthy if you dont overdo it06:12
stickyboyI basically only drink red wine, coffee, and water.06:13
Kilosdry wine is hard to drink06:13
Kilosany dry wine is06:14
stickyboyWe drink a lot of South African wine here in Kenya.06:15
stickyboyBut it's expensive, and from wineries you'd never go to in SA. ;)06:15
stickyboyInstead of $5, it's $10.06:15
stickyboyKilos: Have you, at any time in your adult life, yelled at youngsters to "get off your lawn"?06:18
Kilosno i think lawn is made to play on, not just look good06:19
Kilosand it just keeps growing anywhy so why get upset over nothing06:20
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Kiloshi Padroni 06:21
PadroniMorning guys06:21
Kiloswhere you been man06:22
PadroniHad a thing at work that took all my attention for a couple of weeks06:22
Padronialso been having endless issues with Afrihost / Internet06:22
PadroniI'm ready to give up on the internet completely06:22
Padronimove to Durka-durkastan and herd goats.06:22
Padronimaybe buy a Noka 2110 when I sell my iPhone and Huawei P706:23
PadroniI can get at least 4 goats for that iPhone06:23
Padroni4 goats = a herd06:23
Padronismall, but still06:23
Kilosthery breed fast06:24
PadroniI hope so06:24
stickyboyPadroni: Try Kyrgyzstan06:24
stickyboyPadroni: "The Switzerland of Central Asia"06:24
Kilos1 ram and 3 ewes 06:24
PadroniAs long as it is somewhere that is hard to pronounce, stickyboy 06:24
PadroniKyrgyzstan sounds perfect.06:24
stickyboyPadroni: I know what you mean.06:25
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 06:25
Padronihi thatgraemeguy 06:25
thatgraemeguygreetings and salutations06:26
Padronisuperfly you here?06:29
PadroniSign up there to help get Fibre to your area.06:38
Padroniup to 5mb fibre line free, anything higher you pay for.06:38
superflyPadroni: hi!06:49
barrydkMorning everyone06:53
stickyboyNothing in life is free.06:55
Padronihey superfly 07:02
Padroniwaiting for your mail, dude07:03
stickyboyAnyone read HackerNews?07:06
PadroniI do07:15
Kiloshi TinuvaMac 07:20
TinuvaMactop of the morning to you too Kilos07:21
Kilosty sir you too07:21
Padronihi TinuvaMac 07:23
stickyboyPadroni: It's just good to see when security issues get dropped. ;)07:23
stickyboyI like when people post things about typography (fonts, layout, etc).07:30
thatgraemeguystart saving up: http://www.businesskorea.co.kr/article/11732/sixteen-terabytes-samsung-release-16tb-ssd-next-year07:33
Kilosnice hey?07:36
thatgraemeguyyeah, and pretty historic, that'll be the first time an SSD is bigger than the biggest conventional HDD07:38
MaNIgreat, I'll sell a few of my private jets to buy one07:39
Kiloswat se MaNI vanoddend07:40
Kilosmust be going blinder07:41
stickyboySSD hehe07:44
MaNInow much :p07:44
stickyboyKilos: What is your opinion on Socialism?07:44
Kilosi dont have opinions about that i dont think07:45
Kilosall mans funny things are the same07:45
Kilosdifferent names but same power hungry peeps up top07:46
Kilosthe world is a beautiful place, only peeps mess it up07:47
stickyboyKilos: Sane opinion. :)07:47
inetprogood morings08:02
Kiloshi there inetpro 08:02
PadroniHi inetpro 08:02
PadroniOur company's first linux-based computer went live today08:02
Padronirunning Mint08:02
inetprooh heh Padroni08:02
inetprolong time no see08:02
Padroniwhich in itself may not sound like a big deal08:02
Padronibut my boss is a Apple-fanboy so this was a hard sell.08:03
Padronihe gave in and now we switching from Mac to Ubuntu / Mint08:03
Padronihey man how are you?08:03
KilosPadroni  thats great news man08:03
inetprogood, good08:03
PadroniI switched to Ubuntu long ago already.08:03
PadroniRefused to work on the Mac so they took mine back.08:04
inetprohmm... so it's the 2nd linux based computer really08:04
Padroniyeah but for me there's no comparison between OSX and Linux08:04
inetprohow big is the company?08:04
PadroniI'll take real linux any day08:04
Padroniin terms of personnel, not that big08:05
Padroniin terms of ego : we're a fortune 50008:05
Padroniat least the support department is.08:05
inetprowhat is the goal in terms of how many desktops to switch over?08:06
inetproin what period08:06
Padronifor some reason tech support people come with a god-complex08:06
Padronithere is no goal08:06
Padroniwe are just not buying any more Mac's08:06
inetproai! :-)08:06
Padroniso as they break, they are replaced by Linux machines08:06
Padroniand trust me, they break08:06
PadroniMac = R18k08:06
PadroniWe can build 2 pc's with the same spec for that price08:07
Padroniand run linux on them08:07
Padronisame thing08:07
Padronibetter OS08:07
inetproway to go!08:07
MaNII will never understand what people like about apple computers08:07
stickyboyMaNI: Have you ever used one?08:08
MaNIwindows I can get to a point08:08
Padroniso my manager asked me a couple of weeks ago 'Which linux do you think we should use on the new machines?'08:08
MaNIstickyboy, yes. I have to develop for them quite often08:08
stickyboyOk. :)08:08
MaNIalso the worst OS to develop for08:08
MaNIcan't stand it08:08
Padroni"I don't care, as long as it is either Ubuntu or Linux Mint.'08:08
Padronithey went with Mint08:08
stickyboyWell the font rendering is amazing on Mac OS X, not to mention the hi-DPI screen.08:08
Padroniyeah look Mac is pretty and you get what you pay for08:09
Padronibut I am just not a fan of it anymore.08:09
PadroniUsed to be quite into it as well.08:09
PadroniWindows -> Mac -> Ubuntu08:09
Padronithat was my evolution tree in pc's.08:09
stickyboyPadroni: I basically use my Mac as a Linux console.08:10
stickyboyTo be fair, I install GNU coreutils, GNU find utils, tmux, irssi, zsh, etc.08:10
Padronimine was to impress people when they come into my office.08:10
stickyboyAnd SSH to my Linux servers.08:10
inetprodid you guys see the IBM / Canonical announcement?08:10
PadroniI dusted it off once a week but never put it on08:10
inetprowho would have imagined mainframes running on Ubuntu?08:11
PadroniI saw that08:11
stickyboyinetpro: hehehe08:11
Padroniinevitable, I guess?08:11
stickyboyLinux ftw08:16
PadroniJust got  my Edgars statement.08:17
PadroniMy balance outstanding is R0.57-08:17
PadroniI am invoicing them for R0.57 today.08:17
PadroniWhich they won't pay08:17
Padroniand after 55 days I am having them blacklisted.08:17
PadroniBecause Jihad works both ways.08:18
stickyboyDamn 'them'.08:18
PadroniAfrihost has this thing08:19
Padroniwhere you can ping yourusername@afrihost.co.za to get your external IP08:19
Padronianyone know of another ISP that has the same setup / function ?08:19
stickyboyPadroni: Wow that's cool haha.08:21
PadroniIf you can, watch the trailer to the new Leon Schuster movie.08:27
PadroniThat lady at the end smacks the black out of Leon08:27
MaNICharge them 20% interest on that R0.5708:28
MaNIand R50 a month admin fee08:28
inetpronice way to make money08:28
inetproclearly we're in the wrong business08:29
PadroniWe are all IT people on here08:35
Padroniin some form or another.08:35
PadroniIf we pool our resources, we can start quite the formidable IT company08:35
* inetpro loves how developers keep coming up with interesting application names08:41
inetprosee: aptitude show pollinate08:41
inetprovery creative08:43
Kiloshi pieter2627 08:46
magespawngood morning09:27
Kiloshi magespawn 09:28
magespawnhey, did you come right with that laptop09:29
Kilosna gave up, will plug a modem into it when i have the energy09:29
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Kiloshaha he is a dawd not a dude09:30
magespawncool beans, if you need some help let me know09:30
Kilosty magespawn 09:30
lindaHi Kilos 12:47
Kiloshi linda12:47
lindaThis is really Linda Hi 12:48
Kilosor jan posing as linda?12:48
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za12:48
lindahi Kilos 13:01
lindathat was linda for real, I'm with her now13:01
Kilos-i know man13:01
Kilos-thats why i said welcome13:02
lindawhy dont you give her a hug?13:02
Kilos-you know you are welcome13:02
lindayou make my day!13:03
lindaKilos-,  I have activated linda 's email, will contact inetpro  tonite to load messages13:04
Kilos-well done13:04
Kilos-anyway now that lappy is safer13:05
lindaThe idiots at vodacom registered her email on her cell no instead of her email addes, made me battle13:05
Kilos-sudo aptitude install gufw13:05
Kilos-thats a graphic firewall13:06
Kilos-then you turn it on and allow all outgoing and deny incoming13:07
Kilos-should be set like that by default13:07
lindacommand not found13:08
lindaKilos-,  something else pse 13:08
lindaa cd keeps coming up with some windows exe files on it, but theres no cd in tthe drive. how do I delete it? Files wont delete13:09
Kilos-oh my13:09
lindanot serious, just irritating13:10
Kilos-isnt that the cd thing in the modem13:11
linda no modem, only a dongle13:12
Kilos-one of the youngsters will know13:12
Kilos-3g dongle?13:12
lindadunno if its 3g, vodacom internet13:13
Kilos-thats a usb modem13:14
Kilos-and they have cd stuff in them13:14
lindano space for cd13:14
lindano this started when I inserted cd's to boot from13:15
lindait shows af if theres a cd in the drive, in the luncher13:15
Kilos-right click13:16
stickyboy"Internet censorship bill for South Africa has been approved by cabinet"14:34
* stickyboy facepalms14:34
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magespawngood evening16:19
LangjanHi all17:11
Kiloshi Langjan 17:23
LangjanHi Kilos 17:24
LangjanAls wel?17:24
Kilosdid you fix it17:24
Kilosi removed all the office stuff that way17:24
Langjanwhich way?17:25
Langjanthought you were referring to Lindas email issue17:25
Kilosright click on the launcher and choose removce17:25
Kilosyou see all the office stuff in launcher17:26
LangjanIt only gives unlock, then comes back but thats not an issue, first priority os to sort her emails17:26
Kiloswhat you dont use rtight click it and remove from launcher17:26
Kilosmails i cant help with sorry17:27
Langjanhas inetpro  clocked in?17:27
Kilosnot yet17:27
Kiloshe first has family time17:28
LangjanWill he be in - do you know? Then I can fetch the lappie meanwhile17:28
LangjanOK thats very good and important17:28
Kiloshe should17:28
magespawnhe is always here at some point17:29
Kiloshi Squirm 17:34
magespawnlooks like the big guns are getting it on with linux http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/08/ibm-linuxone-mainframe-ubuntu-partnership17:34
Kilosjust read about the prob in the list Langjan not same thing im thinking of doing17:34
Kiloshi 18:00
inetproguten abend18:05
Kiloshi inetpro 18:05
inetproKilos: ehlo18:05
Kilostechnology is gonna kill me18:05
Langjanhi inetpro did you have a good family time?18:06
inetprodid you see the parrot that got arrested over 'abusing' elderly lady in India?18:06
Kilosxperia now decided im japoanese18:06
Kilosya hahah18:06
LangjanI saw that, lmga18:06
inetprohi oom Langjan18:06
Langjanall well inetpro ?18:07
inetprooom Kilos don't let the technology get to you18:07
inetprooom Langjan, all good thanks... just tired18:07
LangjanDid you see the technology detox clinic?18:08
inetproI see I'm a wanted man again?18:08
LangjanAlways, thats the penalty for being a pro18:08
Kiloswhen youre good you must expect to help more18:09
LangjanI have activated tbird and deactivated the mail download settings 18:09
Langjanwhat does ai in this contex mean? Did I do wrong?18:09
inetproLangjan: and did you attempt any of what I said?18:10
LangjanYou just said I must start tbird and not download any mail, I did that18:10
* inetpro is known to say ai for just about anything here18:11
Langjanin default18:11
inetpro08/17 20:31:26 <inetpro> linda: ok, here's what I'm thinking18:11
inetpro08/17 20:31:26 <inetpro> can you please start thunderbird with the default profile and set up her mail account from scratch18:11
inetpro08/17 20:31:26 <inetpro> then once that is done we move the files in the Mail folder to the newly created profile18:11
Langjanok connecting linda18:11
inetprodoes it make saense what I said last night?18:12
inetprosense as well18:12
Langjanby the way, she did have an address book 18:12
Langjanseanse and sense18:12
Langjanbut I have not tried to move any files18:13
inetproso let's look at what we have now compared to last night18:13
Langjanwell, we have a working thunderbird18:15
inetprofind .thunderbird/ -ls | pastebinit -a Langjan18:15
inetprolast night we had this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12110448/18:15
Langjanok just a sec18:15
inetproso we now have thunderbird/lboag1xl.default/Mail/pop3.vodamail.co.za18:18
inetprowhich was not there last night18:18
inetproKilos: does he know the word 'cool' yet?18:18
Kiloshahaha i dont know18:18
Kiloshe has young grandkids so must i suppose18:19
Kilosoh and an idiot box18:19
LangjanAll I know is its cool when its hot18:20
Kilos-nee man toppie18:20
Kilos-cool is the modern word for good, fine, grand, exciting etc18:21
Langjanand hot18:21
inetproso oom Langjan if you could now, while not having started Thunderbird, replace those files inside the new pop3.vodamail.co.za folder with the ones inside the old pop3.vodamail.co-4.za folder we should be in business18:21
inetproin other words18:22
inetprorm -rf .thunderbird/lboag1xl.default/Mail/pop3.vodamail.co.za/*18:22
inetproand then18:22
inetprocp -pr .thunderbird/linda/Mail/pop3.vodamail.co-4.za/* .thunderbird/lboag1xl.default/Mail/pop3.vodamail.co.za/18:23
inetproand then start Thunderbird18:24
inetprothunderbird -p18:24
inetproselect the default profile start it in offline mode just for testing first18:25
Langjanok  - thunderbird is already in the launcher, must I quit it altogether?18:25
inetprohave you copied yet?18:25
Langjanbefore sterting  - no not yet18:25
inetprowell, you need to make sure that it is not running18:26
LangjanIts in the launcher (locked) but not running18:26
Langjanlocked to launcher18:27
inetprobut hang on a sec18:27
inetproI see that a file like Inbox.msf is not empty18:27
inetproyou sure you didn't download emails yet?18:27
inetproto make sure that thunderbird is not running do a ps listing18:28
inetprops -ef | grep thunderbird18:28
LangjanNot that I am aware of I just sent an email to myself to test if its working18:28
inetproand did it work?18:28
linda_linda     2354  2331  0 20:29 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto thunderbird18:29
inetprook, seems if that is the only line then there's no other running thinderbird process18:29
Langjanyes that was all18:30
inetproquestion is, whether you are happy to clear the pop3.vodamail.co.za folder18:30
LangjanWhat does that imply?18:31
inetprojust means it will remove what you created when setting up the mailbox18:31
inetproif there's nothing in it it should recreate new files18:32
LangjanSo I will just have to set it up again?18:32
inetproworst case yes18:32
inetprobut we want to put back the old stuff18:32
inetproteh configs are not in the Mail folder18:32
Langjanshould not be a problem 18:32
inetproit's just mail18:33
inetpronot femail18:34
LangjanLmga, I dont think there can be anything of importance in there 18:34
inetproany other questions? :-)18:35
inetproshould be clear as mud18:35
LangjanYes, what to do now...18:35
Langjannow I'm doing it18:35
inetprorm -rf .thunderbird/lboag1xl.default/Mail/pop3.vodamail.co.za/*18:36
inetprocp -pr .thunderbird/linda/Mail/pop3.vodamail.co-4.za/* .thunderbird/lboag1xl.default/Mail/pop3.vodamail.co.za/18:36
inetprothose two commands will do it all for you18:36
inetprofirst one is to remove everything inside the newly created pop3.vodamail.co.za folder18:37
Langjannow you have me exited - cool18:37
inetprosimple stuff if you think about it18:37
Langjanexcited, cant even spell18:37
inetprosimple stuff if it works as well :-)18:38
Langjanlike flying a Boeing blindfolded and untrained18:38
inetprobut I see no reason why it won't18:38
Langjanso now thunderbird -p?18:38
Langjanand default18:39
inetproand offline18:39
inetproand start18:39
Langjanmust I disconnect the Internet line?18:39
inetproyou are really worried?18:40
inetprooffline should be fine18:40
Langjanyes, no mistakes allowed18:40
inetproit will ask before going online18:40
Langjanyou mean the machine, not just thunderbird? 18:41
inetprothunderbird has the option to start in offline mode 18:41
Langjanso I will see that when I run thunderbird -p?18:42
* inetpro thought he has done it 18:42
Langjansorry, no18:42
inetprojust do it!18:42
Kilos-this is fun18:43
Langjanyou are a wizard!18:44
Kilos-he is mrfixit18:44
LangjanEven the shit is there18:44
* inetpro stands on the shoulders of all the other wizards18:44
Langjanscuse my lingo18:44
Kilos-see oom jan i told you he is the thunderbird master18:45
inetprothis is why I choose Thunderbird, it's easy to troubleshoot18:45
inetproand it just works on all platforms18:45
Langjanthere are two files that came along when I migrated het files from outlook to tbird that I cannot delete, they keep coming back18:46
inetprohere or there small challenges but if you understand how it works you can fix it yourself18:46
LangjanFrankly I did not believe it will happen, sorry!!!!18:46
Kilos-you dont know my pro18:48
inetproLangjan: what files?18:48
Langjannow I do18:48
Langjanwell looks like they can be deleted in Ubuntu, I have just done that. If they come back again I will worry you once more, they are folders  18:49
Langjanwith funny long titles18:49
inetproKilos: oh come on! There's many things I don't know... in fact I still learn new thing every day18:50
Langjanits only those that think they know everything that no not learn anything18:51
Kilos-but normally what you dont know you dont need anyway18:51
inetproLangjan: now you need to clean up all the mess18:51
LangjanHey inetpro  I must thank you very very much for your patience with me. Where are you located? 18:52
inetproheh, you're welcome18:52
LangjanWhere are you located?18:52
inetproas in the city?18:52
Kilos-near you Langjan 18:53
inetprooom Kilos has a good idea where I stay18:53
Langjanok, please let me have your contact number?18:53
LangjanWhich suburb?18:53
Kilos-daar bo op die berg18:53
Langjanwatter een?18:54
inetproLangjan: what irc client are you using?18:55
inetprolook for the private message with inetpro18:55
LangjanKilos-,  that cd thing has not come back19:01
Langjanhope it stays away19:01
Kilos-how did you get rid of it19:02
inetprooh oom Langjan, we still need to fix the addressbook as well19:02
Langjancan we?19:04
Langjanweet nie Kilos- 19:04
Langjaninetpro,  I thought its lost and was going to build a new one from received mails 19:06
inetproLangjan: if you look at the files you will see .thunderbird/linda/abook.mab and .thunderbird/lboag1xl.default/abook.mab19:06
inetpronow what bothers me is that those two files are the exact same size19:06
inetprowhich basically tells me that there's no difference19:07
Langjanwhere in the files?19:07
Langjanyou mean the backups?19:07
inetproLangjan: if you look at the files you will see .thunderbird/linda/abook.mab and .thunderbird/lboag1xl.default/abook.mab19:07
inetproremember, you can look at these files even with your file manager19:08
LangjanI see them19:08
inetprojust need to show hidden files19:09
LangjanI seee the abook.mab but not the other 19:10
inetprokyk mooi19:10
LangjanI'm in thebackup folder now...?19:11
inetproone is dated Aug 16 22:55 and the other Aug 16 22:09 19:11
Langjanam I in the right place?19:12
inetproif you find an old one in the backups with a different size that will be the best19:12
inetprobut what I was talking about is the two in the current .thunderbird profile folders19:13
Langjanthe abook I see is 1,4kB19:13
Langjanin the backups19:13
inetproonce again after closing Thunderbird, you can copy an old abook file to the current default profile's folder and effectively just replace with a backup19:14
inetprobut as mentioned, it looks to me like they are exactly the same19:15
inetproremember I am looking at what you gave me at http://paste.ubuntu.com/12119721/19:15
LangjanI dont see lboag1xl.default/abook.mab19:15
Langjanonly abook.mab19:16
inetprodefault profile folder: lboag1xl.default19:18
inetproprofile folder we created from backup: linda19:18
Langjanok I see it19:18
inetproand then there is the original backup in the Desktop folder19:18
Langjanalso 1,4 kB19:19
inetproso if you want to, you can try copying it but I assume there's nothing in it19:20
LangjanOK then I will just make a new one, no big deal there were only about 30 addresses19:20
Langjanthe one in the original backup is 27,9kB19:21
inetprotake note of the file prefs.js19:21
inetproremember, this was what messed us around19:21
magespawngood night all19:22
Langjanbetter if I just make a new one? 19:22
Kilos-night magespawn 19:22
Kilos-sleep tight19:22
Langjan'night magespawn 19:22
inetproeither on Windows they decided not to use it any more or it just got messed up after you backed it up19:22
LangjanI thought I had backed up an ldif file but when I tried to use it, it was empty19:23
inetproprefs.js is basically where all important settings are saved19:23
inetpronot something you want to edit by hand unless you know what you do19:24
Langjanso better leae well enough alone and create a new address book 19:24
inetprothat sounds like a good idea19:25
Langjandie ou man het gaan slaap19:25
Langjanok will do, baie dankie nogmaals19:25
inetprohmm... Kilos- is seker nou op sy laptop in die bed?19:25
inetprooom Langjan you are most welcome19:25
LangjanOk inetpro  I will leave you now, am sure you have more important things to do. 19:26
inetproI'm very happy to see you helping others again19:26
LangjanMy privilege, Linda will only be 88 in October 19:27
Langjana grand lady19:27
LangjanLekker aand en slaap lekker19:28
inetprodankie en dieselfde daar oom19:28
Langjandankie inetpro 19:28
Langjanmoooi loop19:28
inetproskuus dat ek nie in die dag kan help nie19:29
* inetpro very glad to see another happy user19:29
Kilos-well done inetpro 19:30
inetprooom Kilos-, all your fault19:30
Kilos-how do you figure that19:31
inetprowas you who introduced the man to this channel19:31
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
inetproand maybe even to Ubuntu :-)19:31
linda_great 19:31
Kiloshi linda19:32
linda_no,  I stumbled upon Ubuntu by mistake19:32
Kilosis it you 19:32
Kilosoh 19:32
inetprohaha, she been listening in here all this time? :-)19:32
linda_ja man die ou tannie slaap19:32
Kilosskelm ou man19:32
Kilosdie pro slim ne19:33
linda_jy moet lig loop met die ou manne19:33
Kilosek bly julle het gewen19:33
linda_ok guys I have some adress book work to do, go well and thks for your share alsdo Kilos 19:34
inetpronow if only we could see more people stumble upon Ubuntu like this by mistake19:34
Kilosas julle nou net wou kde gebruik dan was dit makliker vir hom ook19:34
linda_leker aand en leker slaap julle wee19:34
inetprowe could solve all the problems in this world of ours19:35
Kiloswhen we hit 50 i retire19:35
Kiloslekker slaap ooom19:35
linda_I retired at 5019:35
linda_on my 50th birthday19:35
Kilosi was still looking after someones cow19:36
linda_lekker slaap jule ook, ek gaan nou adresse soek 19:36
Kilosim gonna crash too guys19:36
inetprogood night oom Kilos19:36
Kilosnag boetie en dankie vir die hulp19:43
linda_inetpro, is there any way to see Lindas email password in the backups?19:44
inetprohmm... that might be a bit of a tough one19:44
linda_without messing anything up...19:44
linda_well I suppose Vodacom must be able to provide the settings19:45
linda_will get onto them19:45
linda_er mail is sending but to receive it wants a password19:45
inetprosee How can I restore passwords from a computer backup? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/95893619:45
inetproI think Thunderbird uses the same thing19:46
inetproor in principle the same thing19:46
linda_Perhaps the easy way is to go to ther isp19:48
inetproyep, I would guess so as well19:48
linda_ok thks go well19:48
superflyinetpro: the nikola devs are AMAZING :-) I've been asking them a couple of questions in their IRC channel, and they are super-helpful and friendly20:08
kulelu88superfly: my ipython notebook is successfully running :P20:11
superflykulelu88: excellent!20:15
superflygood job20:15
kulelu88superfly: what do you think of my possible open source project of trying to standardize docker containers?20:17
superflysounds like a good idea, but gaining traction will be a problem20:20
kulelu88I think it will grow organically on its own, cause I will also attempt to abstract away some of the difficulties as well, like the issue of even writing your own dockerfiles20:21
superflyhave you googled to see if you can find anything else out there?20:22
kulelu88good idea to check. let me do that20:22
kulelu88doesn't seem like there's anything20:25

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