zequenceFor some reason ardour3(4) was not installed when I did a full install of the latest ISO.08:39
zequenceI'll forget about syncing with Xubuntu. No time before thursday, so I'll just upload -controls when I finish packaging it.09:01
zequenceOk, new version of ubuntustudio-controls uploaded.12:04
holsteinzequence: how about a meeting? to discuss the lead issue?16:34
holsteini would like to emulate what the other teams have/do, where, there would be voting for the lead, on a regular basis16:35
holsteinpersonally, i would also like to discuss the overall relevance, and decide if we even need to keep doing studio, generally.. 16:35
DalekSeczequence: Oh dang, that's a bummer!  Moving on to Debian?  (IIRC that's what you used)19:15
astraljavazequence: It's been pretty much the problem for this project since probably '09 or so. Niche market does that. My hat's off to all of you who have done so much. Wish I could have done more. =/19:37

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