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soeegood morning06:11
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lordievaderGood morning.07:32
soeehiho lordievader07:40
sitterRiddell: please fix konsole stable CI and okteata stable CI08:17
sitterRiddell: please fix purpose unstable CI08:17
sitterRiddell: please fix rocs unstable CI08:18
lordievaderI.e. please fix everything?08:20
sitterno, i.e. please fix everything you broke08:20
sittershadeslayer: please fix ark unstable CI08:21
Riddellsitter: gotcha08:23
sitterRiddell: you didn't merge for 15.08 final yet, did you?08:31
Riddellsitter: no not yet08:43
Riddellstill on marble and the ones you say above08:43
* sitter fixes dolphin08:44
sitterwrong window!09:08
sitterRiddell: do you want to be mentioned as orig-maintainer in kdebugsettings? currently you are maintainer, I am going to change to the team09:08
Riddellsitter: didn't clivejo package that?09:09
sitter-Maintainer: Jonathan Riddell <jriddell@ubuntu.com>09:09
Riddellor was it aaron09:09
sitter -- Aaron Honeycutt <aaronhoneycutt@kubuntu.org>  Wed, 12 Aug 2015 14:44:12 +000009:09
Riddellyeah stick him down09:09
Riddellhe's just too modest and let me take he credit09:09
sitter * Qt5XmlPatterns (required version >= 5.5.1) , Qt5 XmlPatterns Module , <http://qt.io/>09:19
sitterone day upstreams will make reasonable version requirements I am sure of it09:20
Riddellyofel: how come you dropped marble-qt?09:23
yofelwhat's the point of a qt-only marble in a kf5 world? (or what was the point of kf5 again?)09:24
yofelI mean, keep it if you want. You'll have to double-build marble though09:24
Riddellit builds it as part of the normal build, and indeed there's not much  point but I expect upstream will complain if we don't ship it09:27
yofelit is? keep it then I guess09:30
yofelI never got as far as having a fully working kf5 build to check that09:30
sitterRiddell: ping09:54
Riddellhi sitter09:54
sitterRiddell: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/kmailtransport.git/tree/debian/libkf5mailtransport5.install?h=kubuntu_stable09:54
sitterdo you think we should leave the kcm_.so in the lib package?09:54
Riddellhmm that feels wrong09:55
sitterother option would be a separate package with a recommends, while that makes the lib package more compliant it will however end up loosing the kcm should the so get a bump09:55
sitterso it's naughty packaging vs. users possibly loosing the kcm (iff the so version gets a change)09:56
Riddellwhy would the kcm get lost? it would just be updated and link against the new package09:57
sitterRiddell: in a perfect world it would, in an imperfect world unless there is a hard dependency on the KCM somewhere in the stack it will get removed if there is an upgrade path that does not entail changing mailtransport09:58
sitteras we have seen with baloo, albeit in a more complicated scenario09:58
sitterI am fine with splitting it though09:59
Riddellyeah me too09:59
Riddellovidiu-florin: ahoneybun: do you still need this ec2?10:05
shadeslayersitter: I thought I did yesterday10:12
sitterRiddell: ping10:15
Riddellhi sitter10:15
sitterRiddell: more questions .. kdepimlibs has presently man libs that eventually might get split I hear. should I make independent data packages or one big bundling all data?10:15
sitterI am content to go with latter for now as most libs that have data have only a kcfg file and maybe a mime file10:16
Riddellyeah one big one seems fine, if we faff around with small ones they'll only be likely to change later10:16
shadeslayersitter: fixed10:17
sitterRiddell: so what do we do witht he missing dep http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_stable_oxygen/21/parsed_console/job/wily_stable_oxygen/21/parsed_console/log_content.html#WARNING110:44
sitterignore or fix?10:44
RiddellKCI-W :: Missing Dep: KDE4Workspace (required version >= 4.9.80)  that doesn't exist any more does it?10:45
sitterRiddell: you killed it10:45
sitterapparently upstream thinks it should exist?10:45
sitterRiddell: this needs taking upstraem10:45
sitterkde-workspace is EOL this month10:45
sitterso it makes no sense to look for it in oxygen 5.410:45
sitterRiddell: I am throwing together a quick mail10:46
snelestill no dolphin 15.08 update for wily, but for exmp i got gwenview 15.08 update yesterday. where is dolphin update? i want to test it :)10:46
sitterRiddell: kgapi needs packaging. currently it is a full source repo. shoudl we fork the repo?11:04
Riddellsitter: yeah do it11:04
sitterwhat name?11:05
sittercould just make a kubuntu folder maybe?11:05
sitteri.e. kde-extras/libkgapi becomes kubuntu/libkgapi?11:05
Riddellhmm inelegant but I guess so is forking an existing repo11:06
Riddellso sure11:06
BluesKajHey folks11:23
* Riddell uploads marble11:28
BluesKajfeature freeze tomorrow, then it'll be a good day to do other things11:31
Riddellsnele: dolphin passed new now11:40
sitterRiddell: if you have time revu needed for port http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kubuntu/libkgapi.git/log/?h=kubuntu_unstable11:50
sebasRiddell: are there 5.4 beta packages for 15.04?12:03
Riddellsebas: I'm afraid not12:05
sebasthere will be backports once it's stable I suppose?12:05
Riddellsebas: scarlett seems to do backports readily, she just happens to be away this week12:08
sebasok, no worries ... was just wondering if I could already upgrade my desktop with packages12:08
sittertransition for kgapi seems clearly only kdepim rdeps12:12
sittersame for libkolab(xml)12:12
sitterRiddell: please fix ktnef stable, ktnef unstable, kontactinterface stable, kontactinterface unstable, kmime stable, kmime unstable, kldap unstable, kldap stable, kholidays stable, kholidays unstable12:23
sitterRiddell: please also fix kdebugsettings stable and unstable12:24
sitterRiddell: please also fix gpgmepp stable and unstable12:25
soeewhen can we expect this to be fixed: libstreamanalyzer0 : Depends: libclucene-core1 (>= but it is not installable ? :)12:47
sitterat some point between now and release12:49
sitterRiddell: please also fix kpimtextedit unstable and stable, kcontacts unstable and stable, kcalcore unstable and stable12:52
Riddellsitter: gotcha, some of these will have to keep their epoch alas12:52
sitteralso kmbox 12:54
clivejoanyone running Kontact 15.07.90 in wily?15:13
* Riddell pushes lots to git packaging15:48
clivejoRiddell: anything I can work on?15:49
Riddellclivejo: there is applications 15.08 final15:53
Riddellclivejo: that involves using the kubuntu-automation scripts to upload them to the PPA15:53
Riddellclivejo: you could give that a try on the ec2 I have set up for ovidiu-florin and ahoneybun but which they don't seem to have used15:54
ahoneybunwe used it15:55
Riddellahoneybun: then you didn't tell me if I could shut it off :)15:56
Riddellclivejo: ssh ubuntu@ec2-54-159-220-46.compute-1.amazonaws.com15:56
ahoneybunI did15:56
clivejopoor credit card15:56
Riddellahoneybun: I didn't hear you15:56
clivejoRiddell: I have to go for an hour or so15:56
clivejoyou be about later?15:56
clivejowith the freeze tomorrow, will 15.08 make it in?15:57
Riddellclivejo: maybe, I'm not sure what my plans are15:57
Riddellclivejo: yes, it's got no new features15:57
Riddellonly new features are the issue15:57
clivejohope this kontact bug is fixed15:58
clivejowell two are fixed15:58
clivejoboth are annoying15:58
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: I've tested digikam19:30
ovidiu-florinit works awesome19:30
ovidiu-florinit's faaaaaaar more fluid and snappy than before19:31
* clivejo cheers and yodels19:31
ovidiu-florinIf it get's promoted to an official ppa, please let me know19:31
ovidiu-florinor if you want to delete the ppa from your account19:31
ovidiu-florinI'm going to keep using it from your ppa until then19:32
ahoneybunit'll be on the backports PPA19:32
ahoneybunonce it gets more QA19:32
ovidiu-florin+ they've added a few more extreeeemly usefull buttons :D19:32
ahoneybunI'll keep it up for you19:32
ovidiu-florinthank you19:32
* ovidiu-florin >:D< ahoneybun19:32
ahoneybunI mean LP is hosting lol19:32
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: yes, but your account has a limit AFAIK19:33
ahoneybunof course19:33
clivejoand digikam is big :/19:34
ovidiu-florinhttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=350930 is solved19:37
ubottuKDE bug 350930 in general "UI freeze when importing to remote sotrage" [Crash,Resolved: fixed]19:37
TJ-LP PPA limits can be increased; you just have to request it19:46
mamarleyAlso, size limits are not respected when copying packages between PPAs.19:46
[Relic]Wow, that is truely sad.  Not one person seems to even have the slightest clue if sessions save and restore properly in 15.04.  Since 14.10 only had a 9month cycle would be great to know.  Are that few people using 15.x that no one knows if open applications show up on the assigned virtual desktops when starting or restarting the system after a shutdown or reboot?21:06
clivejo[Relic]: this is the devel channel, which is development of Wily 15.1022:22
clivejohave you tried asking in the #kubuntu channel22:23
yofel[Relic]: FWIW, dolphin and quassel restore fine in plasma5 on 15.04 with backports here. Haven't tried other applications, and I only have them on desktop122:33

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