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Roeyhey all00:29
Roeyhey why is my QuickCam Pro 9000 webcam not lighting up when I plug it in?00:30
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SuPPuSHRoey who makes it?00:56
RoeySuPPuSH:  logitech00:56
Roeyit worked right up till this latest dist-upgrade00:56
SuPPuSHwhat version and who makes it ill bet you a dependant library is no longer available in your upgrade or has been changed to a new lib all togather00:58
SuPPuSHcool sorry lag issues over here just saw logitech00:59
Roeyhow do I pull up info on my cam.... lshw... one moment00:59
SuPPuSHhad to close firefox it was robbing resources gimmie a sec let me reload it and what version of kubuntu did you dist-upgrade to and from?00:59
RoeyI am on 15.0401:00
RoeyI ran apt-get dist-upgrade maybe a few days ago01:01
Roeyand then this happened.01:01
RoeySuPPuSH:  I mean this is all logged in dpkg.log, right?01:01
Roeyis there any package I can grep for01:01
moroniclibberHey guys.  Knowing the issues that have arised from disputes between Canonical and Kubuntu developers, would it be a safe idea to install Kubuntu 14.04 lts?  I would like to use it but I'm concerned about losing support for it03:57
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lordievaderGood morning.07:32
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sinisterdoorHi!I know wily is not yet supported but I have a few questions.since I installed wily I can not set the language for the numbers,they are all written in Persian even though I do not have them set on Persian10:01
sinisterdoorit seems to have found out that I speak persian and set it like that in installation,but I can not set it back to English10:02
sinisterdooralso the icons in the task manager are too small,how can I increase their size?10:02
patrick__My Thunderbird version is 31 on Kubuntu 15.04, but the release version is 38 - is that normal?10:33
soeepatrick__: you don't have updates for it ?10:34
patrick__soee: i got it via muon, and after running apt-get update, no10:35
patrick__soee: updates for thunderbird10:35
soeepatrick__: yes that is correct from what i see10:38
soeeVivid uses this version: Version 1:31.8.0+build1-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 uploaded on 2015-07-1510:38
patrick__soee: how come its missing quiet a few version numbers, 31->3810:39
soeein Wily (15.10) atm we have also version 3110:40
soeebut 38 is in proposed10:40
soeepatrick__: i don't know why they use it liek this, maybe some dependency problems or other stuff10:40
patrick__soee: okay, just wait i guess thanks10:40
sinisterdoorDoes kubuntu update stable versions in released and frozen kubuntus?10:41
sinisterdoorI doubt vivid would ever receieve new thunderbirds through official repos10:41
sinisterdoorI can't find stable PPA(it is deprecated) for ubuntu anymore,but you can try beta or daily builds,or if you want stable version you can go through Mozilla's help page about installing outside the package manager,patric__10:47
patrick__sinisterdoor: do you think thunderbird will just not be updated anymore ?10:47
sinisterdoorAs far as I remember,as soon as kubuntu gets released,it will only receive bug fixes/security fixes10:48
sinisterdoorso wily werewolf perhaps?10:48
sinisterdoorbut I doubt it will be updated on vivid10:48
patrick__sinisterdoor: I dont want any hassle, but I just like to have the latest stable release,  so im guessing just stay with what I have ?10:52
sinisterdoorok,well maybe it'll arrive for vivid someday?and wily is not too far away anyways. :D10:53
sinisterdoor(31 was ported for trusty)10:53
sinisterdooryou'll get it soon enough.10:54
sinisterdoorif you don't want to go through the hard way10:54
patrick__my only issue is that when i hit reply, part of the message is always invisible unless i highlight it - weird, just was hoping maybe 38 had the issue fixed10:55
BluesKajHey folks11:23
aton_http://dpaste.com/3S3CAV5 <- aptitude says a lot about unmet dependencies, will that be a problem or can i ignore it?11:32
lordievaderaton_: What does apt-get say about it?11:33
aton_E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.11:34
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter multiarch problems on non-updated 12.04 installs, see  http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.11:34
lordievaderaton_: Could you pastebin the full output?11:34
aton_lordievader: ...11:35
aton_i did?11:35
lordievaderaton_: That was aptitude, not apt-get.11:35
lordievaderWhat are you trying to install?11:36
lordievaderDo you have any ppa's installed?11:36
aton_what is a ppa?11:37
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge11:37
aton_i am following this tutorial: http://askubuntu.com/questions/318246/complete-installation-guide-for-android-sdk-adt-bundle-on-ubuntu11:37
aton_like a ppa for apt? no11:37
aton_i have different package managers installed though11:37
aton_but they shouldnt interfere11:37
lordievaderNo, any ppa.11:38
lordievaderThis sounds like something that could be caused by the xorg-edgers ppa.11:38
aton_when i try to install that package using synaptic, it tells me it wants to uninstall xorg, so i backed off11:39
BluesKaj still causing trouble good ol' x-edgers11:39
lordievaderBluesKaj: I'm not saying it is, I'm saying it might be...11:39
aton_lordievader: how can i check for ppas?11:39
lordievaderaton_: What is the output of 'ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d'?11:39
BluesKajyeah , I know lordievader , but they should be banned11:40
aton_directory empty11:40
lordievaderBluesKaj: Xorg-edgers, agreed ;)11:40
lordievaderaton_: Hmm...11:40
lordievaderaton_: What is the output of 'apt-cache policy libdrm-dev'?11:41
BluesKajno ppa there11:41
aton_lordievader: http://dpaste.com/1BFB45J11:41
lordievaderAh, it looks like an architecture problem...11:42
lordievaderNow how did you do that again....11:42
lordievaderaton_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/423083/cant-run-dpkg-add-architecture-i386-on-12-04-64-bit-to-run-eclipse-adt11:43
sinisterdoorI have a problem with kubuntu 15.04 and 15.10 clicking change proxy settings in chromium does nothing12:15
markcI've been on wily for months but the last update really caught me out, a lot of kde4 leftovers disappeared from various repos and left my system in a bad state... I am aware of these risks but I'm after any hints as to when the wily repos might be in a sane state again?12:19
markcI guess it's got something to do with the transition to gcc5?12:19
lordievadermarkc: Unless something huge changed today I'd say it is in a sane state.12:20
BluesKajmarkc:  have you run a dist-upgrade lately?12:20
markcBluesKaj: yes, on 2 wily machines12:20
markcI'm using wily-{backports,proposed} and the beta ppa12:21
lordievadermarkc: Proposed?12:22
lordievaderWhy? Proposed?12:22
markclordievader: I'm trying anything to pull in a sane set of packages... seems like okular, dolphin, kmail etc are not available until they are rebuilt or pulled from debian12:24
lordievadermarkc: Adding proposed is a really bad idea. There packages goes that needs testing.12:24
lordievaderIf you upgraded to proposed that is likely your problem.12:25
lordievaderThe warning for proposed reads something along the lines of "Work in progress KDE Frameworks packages, do not use except if testing packaging (and disable afterwards)".12:25
markclordievader: I have done that on and off for many months... atm something has caught me out and I'm just trying to determine exactly what so I can try to work around it or wait it out or whatever12:26
markcyes, I know, I often "test packages"12:26
lordievaderWhat state is your system in now?12:26
lordievaderDoes it boot?12:27
markcprobably boots but I don't want to risk it atm, it booted a few hours ago12:27
BluesKajproposed can get you in trouble quickly if you don't comment the deb line in the sources.list or delete it altogether12:27
lordievadermarkc: So what is the problem?12:28
markcI've tried with and without proposed, and the beta ppa, and even tried adding vivid because there were some older dependencies that kdelibs5-plugins, and therefor kde-runtime, depend on12:28
lordievadermarkc: What state is your machine in, what problems do you percieve?12:29
markclordievader: I seem to have all of the plasma beta but, for instance, if I try to re-add kubuntu-desktop it complains that it depends on dolphin, knsaphsot and okular and therein goes for a spin on their dependencies12:31
lordievadermarkc: Could you pastebin that output?12:31
lordievader!paste | markc12:31
ubottumarkc: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:31
markcI think I saw a post about okular in particular not being available, at all, atm12:31
sinisterdoorI see kwallet unlock request every time I login,any ideas about how to setup kwallet-pam?12:33
sinisterdoorI need to enter my pass twice thanks to kwallet.else I can't access wifi. :|12:33
sinisterdoordisabling kwallet in the kwalletmanager wont stop the password requests12:34
sinisterdoor(basically I want the kwallet to shut up and let the wifi connection go through without challenge,but if it requires me to setup kwallet-pam so be it)12:35
lordievadermarkc: Could you pastebin the output of 'apt-cache policy kubuntu-dekstop dolphin'?12:35
markcand trying to tease the above paste gets me http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124355/12:35
lordievadermarkc: Is proposed still enabled?12:36
luc4Hello! I’m installing kubuntu but I see the installation process is stuck at 33%. Any idea if it is somehow possible to check what the installation is doing?12:37
lordievadermarkc: Err that should be kubuntu-desktop ofcourse.12:37
markclordievader: oops, sorry, I just copied and pasted, yes, porposed was enabled, just updating again without it or the beta ppa12:38
lordievadermarkc: That version of dolphin is quite different from mine.12:38
markclordievader: interesting (without proposed or the beta ppa) -> N: Unable to locate package kubuntu-dekstop12:39
markc lordievader: doh, spelling!12:39
lordievadermarkc: Still the spelling error ;)12:39
markclordievader: yeah, I managed to spell it wrong too! -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124383/12:40
markclordievader: fwiw this is my sources list -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124399/12:41
markclordievader: and thank you for trying to help me, btw12:42
lordievadermarkc: Your kubuntu-desktop version is the same as mine though.12:42
lordievadermarkc: After disabeling proposed and beta have you updated your sources?12:43
markclordievader: I would think so but I'll do it again to be sure12:43
lordievadermarkc: I'm interested in what 'apt-cache policy dolphin' says now.12:44
markclordievader: kubuntu-desktop is exactly as it was in the previous paste, dolphin -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124428/12:46
markclordievader: and that is pretty well what I've had for the past 1/2 dozen hours12:46
lordievaderAh, I might gotten it from kubuntu-staging...12:47
lordievadermarkc: How valuable is this box to you?12:47
BluesKajmarkc:  it's the same as my version12:47
markclordievader: heh, my main workstation laptop, it's btrfs so I could install a new something easily but the other one is ext4 without extra boot partitions so it's awkward12:48
BluesKajnot using any ppas here except for the chrome12:48
lordievadermarkc: A development release on production? Ouch.12:49
lordievaderThis illustrates precicely why that is a bad idea.12:49
markclordievader: sure, but I've been dodging bullets with wily for 3 or 4 months now and always managed to dig myself out of various holes but this one has got me 1/2 dead in the water12:50
lordievadermarkc: What do you get when you install dolphin?12:50
sinisterdooris it unsafe to install nautilus on kubuntu?it installs some unity and gnome stuff.and I have a bad history about installing different DEs in one installation12:50
BluesKajsome users like to live dangerously12:50
markclordievader: in the previous paste12:50
BluesKajsinisterdoor:  what is it you need nautilus for that dolphin can't do?12:51
markclordievader: I would normally at this point just re-install the latest daily snapshot iso and that would get me back to mostly normal, but like I say I think I saw a post indicating there are indeed missing packges atm because of the gcc5 upstream rebuild12:52
lordievadermarkc: apt-cache policy libplasma312:52
lordievadermarkc: I'd install Trusty if I were you...12:52
lordievader*if I really needed to install Kubuntu ;)12:53
markclordievader: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124483/12:53
sinisterdoorBluesKaj,aside from not being pleased with the looks,dolphin manages MTP devices way worse(for example opening an archive on my android device storage fails,I have to copy it to local drive first)12:53
sinisterdoornautilus also seems to have features that are meaningful,like a format option12:53
markclordievader: I can't go back that far, I develop on lxd containers and using wily is the easiest way to stay uptodate with LXD12:54
lordievadermarkc: apt-get autoclean && apt-get clean && apt-cache policy libplasma312:54
lordievadermarkc: Run a vm?12:54
BluesKajsinisterdoor:  dunno anything about  gossip gadgets ...oops I mean smartphones12:55
markclordievader: exactly the same results as the last paste12:55
sinisterdoorBluesKaj,our uses differ then.so,you never installed a gtk,unity dependant app?12:56
lordievadermarkc: Hmpf: apt-cache policy libkcmutils4 libkdecore5 libkdeui512:56
markclordievader: I was in the middle of doing my first patch and PR for LXD12:56
BluesKajsinisterdoor:  only gparted12:56
markclordievader: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124506/12:57
BluesKajthe kde partiton-manager needs work , it's unstable12:57
lordievadermarkc: Ah there we go ;)12:57
markclordievader: but then -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124510/12:58
luc4Anybody who knows if I can get logs from the kubuntu installer? It is stuck at 33%...12:58
lordievadermarkc: It is likely the same for all dependencies of libplasma3... Open a tty, uninstall all of those, run apt-clean again and see if you can install libplasma3 then.12:58
lordievadermarkc: Or actually wait a minute.12:59
lordievadermarkc: What is the output of 'dpkg -l|grep ppa1'?12:59
markclordievader: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12124518/13:00
lordievadermarkc: Enable the vivid backports ppa, and any other ppa and remove them with ppa-purge.13:01
markclordievader: all of vivid or just vivid-backports?13:01
markclordievader:  as in? -> deb http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu vidid-backports main universe restricted multiverse13:02
markclordievader: I don't use /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ list files, just /etc/apt/sources.list and explicitly manage that myself13:03
lordievadermarkc: 'deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu vivid main'  rather. I think most of those packages originate from there.13:03
lordievaderScratch that, they originate from there.13:04
lordievadermarkc: It would be better to use the apt-add-repository and ppa-purge tools to manage ppa's. Else you get into these kind of problems.13:05
markclordievader: that 'dpkg -l|grep ppa1' list was interesting, perhaps I should try and remove all of them and get back to an "simple" wily-backpots and nothing else?13:05
markclordievader: I've got into various different problems using those tools :)13:06
markc lordievader: beside I all but remove python (on my servers)13:07
lordievadermarkc: Removing everything from that list is the manual way, ppa-purge can do all that for you. But yes in short remove everything of that list.13:08
lordievadermarkc: Do you want a one liner for it?13:11
markclordievader: apt-get remove --purge `dpkg -l|grep ppa1 | awk '{print $2}'`13:12
lordievadermarkc: You got it ;)13:12
markclordievader: done that and another alias u = apt-get update && apt-get -u -y dist-upgrade && apt-get autoclean13:14
lordievadermarkc: That second one is a bad idea...13:15
lordievaderIf it now proposes to delete everypackage it will simply continue.13:15
lordievadermarkc: Anyhow, can you install libplasma3?13:16
markclordievader: yep, there we go, I can install dolphin now :) ... I'll try libplasma3 in a minute13:17
lordievadermarkc: Rather install kubuntu-desktop ;)13:17
markclordievader: yes! kubuntu-desktop is a go, 4.14.6 packages are reinstalling. I was hoping for 4.14.8 but they are just not all ready yet13:23
lordievaderAs I figured ;)13:23
markclordievader: so it was the beta ppa that gave me grief, not really wily-proposed... thank you so much for guiding me through this little glitch in the matrix :)13:25
BluesKajmarkc:  maybe next week ,the beta13:26
lordievaderBluesKaj: What beta?13:27
markclordievader: the honey trap was me trying to get 5.4 because I have a hidpi screen and apparently there are some nice hidpi fixes... right, wait a week and pay attention to the planet rss feed13:27
lordievadermarkc: 5.4 beta is in Wily, should even be in archive.13:27
lordievaderBluesKaj: Ah is that next week...13:27
* lordievader hasn't been keeping up with Wily's schedule.13:27
BluesKajyup, next thurs i think'13:28
markcBluesKaj: good heads up, tah13:28
lordievaderI suppose I'll get a ping when it is time to test ;)13:28
markclordievader: again, gotta thank you so much for your help :) ... fingers crossed for a reboot13:42
suncokretwhat is difference between kubuntu 14.04.2 and 14.04.3?14:03
lordievadersuncokret: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes14:06
suncokretso you sugest me to install 14.04.3?14:14
lordievaderI do not suggest anything ;)14:15
suncokretis it better to install 14.04.2 or 14.04.3?14:16
lordievadersuncokret: If you update your 14.04.2 install you'll get 14.04.3 so if you are going to reinstall you can just as well instal .3, saves you work.14:17
suncokreti understand14:18
suncokretand how much is 64bit faster than 32bit? i have 2GB ram, which is better to install?14:18
lordievaderIn most cases, not.14:19
lordievaderIf you have 2 Gb of ram either is fine. If you plan to upgrade to 3Gb+ then go for 64bit.14:19
suncokreti use Lubuntu 32bit and i want to try Kubuntu too14:21
AbuDharhow to change system font? :D14:23
AbuDharI don't like this thin font :/14:23
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aton_lordievader: http://askubuntu.com/questions/423083/cant-run-dpkg-add-architecture-i386-on-12-04-64-bit-to-run-eclipse-adt14:25
aton_the directory is empty here14:26
aton_no multiarch file, can i just create it with "foreign-architecture i386" in it?14:26
ScottyKHello! New to Kubuntu 15.04, how do I get shortcut icons to appear on the taskbar at the bottom? Right clicking the program doesn't give me an option to add to taskbar. thanks!14:37
luc4Hello! Anyone who can help me? I finally completed the installation of Kubuntu. Now I rebooted but it seems the damn windows still is booted automatically (in efi mode). Any idea why? I selected the EFI partition when installing… shouldn’t grub be started at boot now?14:41
TJ-luc4: UEFI/Windows fast boot mode may be enabled. Can you get to Ubuntu if you press the key to get the UEFI manual boot manager menu?14:45
luc4TJ-: you mean fastboot in windows control panel?14:46
TJ-luc4: possibly. fastboot is really Hibernate with firmware support for skipping most POST activities, including looking for other boot devices14:46
luc4TJ-: I disabled that.14:47
luc4TJ-: and even secure boot14:47
TJ-luc4: it can depend on the make/model of PC too. Some UEFI implementation are very buggy14:47
luc4TJ-: should I try with boot-repair?14:48
TJ-luc4: first get to the UEFI boot menu. Is Ubuntu listed, will it boot when chosen?14:48
luc4TJ-: I don’t know how to get to that menu in the pc.14:48
TJ-luc4: how did you boot the installer? the same way I'd think14:49
luc4TJ-: I had to change the boot sequence a few times, not simple to do that… but that boots the USB pen drive, not my kubuntu installation.14:50
luc4TJ-: with a specific boot sequence the USB pen drive boots.14:51
luc4TJ-: oh wait, F12 now works.14:51
luc4TJ-: this just let me choose which drive to start, but not which partition.14:51
TJ-luc4: when an OS installs on a UEFI system, it calls a UEFI function which adds the OS entry to the UEFI boot menu, which is stored in non-volatile memory on the motherboard. Some UEFI firmware has bugs which prevent that happening. You may have a PC that s affected by that.14:51
luc4TJ-: what can I do then? Ubuntu is not listed.14:52
TJ-luc4: in which case, you can install the OS but the UEFI fails to store the menu entry that the installer adds.14:52
luc4TJ-: nothing I can do then?14:53
luc4TJ-: not something boot-repair can fix?14:53
haitaHi how plug wp for kubuntu file manager14:53
TJ-luc4: boot the live ISO (in UEFI mode) again, use "Try Ubuntu" mode, and then get a terminal up so you can use "sudo efibootmgr -v" to report what entries are in the UEFI boot meny14:53
luc4Just a sec then.14:54
TJ-luc4: if there isn't a bug boot-repair might fix it, but if there is a bug then it will only hit the same problem the installer must have hit. If the entry isn't in the boot menu we already know the command failed14:54
haitahow conect wp with kubuntu ?14:54
haitaelo ?14:57
haitaPlasma 5 is very bug15:02
haitaSwitch user is no logical15:02
haitait is a problem15:02
haitahow option switch user15:03
regeditthere was just a dist-upgrade, which i seem to have completed successfully15:05
regeditinterestingly though no drivers show up in Driver Manager anymore15:06
regeditis that normal?15:06
regediti should mention that i have xorg-edgers latest nvidia drivers manually installed15:06
regeditthanks to TJ-'s awesome script http://iam.tj/projects/misc/wget_nvidia_drivers.bash15:07
ScottyKI've read that Dropbox icon isn't showing up in the taskbar in 15.04, but some have had luck getting it to appear. Should I download the "official" dropbox program, or another one to get the icon to appear?15:09
krisewhy my install button is inactive16:00
krisemuon discover16:00
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baltolkienHi. Anybody know how activate touchpad options in System Settings?19:55
baltolkienKubuntu 15.04 with Plasma 5.319:56
akasichey baltolkien20:08
akasicin the kickoff type touchpad20:08
baltolkienYes, I do this but appears the following message20:09
akasicactive settinngs dont match?20:10
baltolkien"Synaptics driver is not installed (or is not used)"20:10
akasicdo u have ''xorg-xserver-input-synaptics'' installed?20:13
akasicbaltolkien, that maybe solve it20:15
[Relic]anyone know if kubuntu 15.04 saves and restores sessions properly yet?  The first time I tried it all the open apps on all different desktops would get shoved to one desktop and I would have to sort all of it out to all the different desktops before I could really do much20:19
enrique17helo my name is julio20:40
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Arthur_Dhi, I am having a bit of an issue - I have a system set up with Kubuntu 14.04 with root on one disk and home on another. Now, I installed another disk recently and ended up moving which S-ATA ports the home partition disk was connected to, which now means when I boot Kubuntu just gives an error finding the disk/partition ID21:16
Arthur_Dnow what I would like is to map the correct partition to be home again, so it finds its way... err, home ;)21:17
Arthur_DI'm in a Live CD session at the moment21:18
Arthur_Dhm, seems like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving  might cover this21:23
TJ-Arthur_D: the file-systems should be referred to by their UUID, in which case it doesn't matter what port/device they are on. If however fstab or crypttab refers to a specific device name, those references should be changed to use the UUID,and "update-grub' done just to be sure21:31
Arthur_Dokay, then it's strange that it didn't appear to find the UUID21:32
Arthur_DI'll see what fstab says21:32
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Arthur_Dfstab uses the UUID, but says in a comment that /home was on /dev/sdc6 during installation. Now it should be on /dev/sdb621:35
Arthur_Dbut since the UUID is the one it uses, I have no idea why it fails :s21:36
Arthur_Dblkid confirms that the UUID is correct21:37
Arthur_DI'll write the UUID down to my other machine, reboot and check what it says. In the meantime, I'll join as Arthur_De2 on my other computer21:39
Arthur_De2it's not the home partition, it's root it doesn't find21:44
Arthur_De2now that is rather curious too, I see the disk where root is listed in UEFI when booting21:45
Arthur_De2any suggestions for how to proceed?21:46
untriumhi, i hope someone here can help me, since 1-2 weeks i try to solve that problem. i really want to start using linux instead of windows, but as of now i cant do in an unpainful manner. the touchpad only works after a short delay. i think it is in power saving mode, because after it is "activated" it works perfectly fine. so if i start using my touchpad and want to move the mouse it takes a little while till the touchpad ist activated,21:46
untriumafter that the touchpad works fine21:46
untriumhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12131088/ if i try xinput watch-probs 10, xinput dump the --help but no properties21:47

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