burrito_been trying to do a build with uck.  But, I cannot get the background to change in schemas.  Anybody know where to make the changes to change the default desktop background/wallpaper?00:08
burrito_ubuntu customization kit00:10
burrito_for making custom builds or ubuntu derivatives..00:11
wxlseems unrelated to lubuntu itself burrito_00:18
wxltl;dr no i doubt anyone knows ;)00:18
burrito_i just figured I'd ask in here since my build is based on lubuntu00:18
burrito_Yeah, that's one of the places I've been using00:23
wxloh we mean the default in lubuntu hjahahahah00:23
burrito_oh wait.. no it's not..00:23
wxlit's the end of the day. leave me alone.00:23
burrito_lol, sorry, I'm gonna give it a shot.00:23
burrito_thanks Unit19300:24
Unit193Always happy to help a burrito_.00:24
burrito_Unit193 that worked great..  I'm still not sure if it requires me to recompile the schemas, though.  So, I recompiled them anyways..  Thanks buddy!01:21
Unit193Sure thing.01:22
eipi10does anyone use minitube?02:07
eipi10yeah, I didnt think so02:10
Unit193!info minitube02:11
ubottuminitube (source: minitube): Native YouTube client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2-1 (vivid), package size 698 kB, installed size 2576 kB02:11
eipi10hi Unit19302:11
eipi10maybe i have to get the ppa for it to install correctly, because it would be kinda cool, especially on an old computer.02:12
ianorlineipi10: I generally copy paste the links into vlc02:23
eipi10hey ianorlin02:23
ianorlinbut not sure that runs well on older hardware02:24
eipi10I didn't know vlc could do that02:27
eipi10wow, thats really cool02:35
eipi10I dunno man, minitube's pretty easy04:26
deitarionI just download youtube-dl (even the PPA doesn't keep up very well) and run `youtube-dl <URL>`04:42
deitarionIf it ever fails to grab something, just download an update with `youtube-dl -U`04:42
deitarionAlso handles many many other sites too.04:42
eipi10it's a video downloader?04:50
eipi10downloadhelper works almost everywhere04:51
eipi10but I didn't mean to say that dicky04:55
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eipi10anyone know how to open pcmanfm as root?15:26
holsteineipi10: you likely dont need to, but, have a larger question15:26
holsteinlike, how to move files into places when you dont have permission.. etc15:26
eipi10hey man....and yeah15:26
holsteinthough, i would say, you can *really* break things that way. and may want to ask the larger question, or, do more research15:27
holsteinideally, one can use "gksudo" to open a file manager as root.. but, you shouldnt need to do that15:27
holsteinone can use "sudo mv" to move files around as root.. or, for example, if one wanted to put a custom xorg.conf in place, one could use..15:27
holsteinsudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:27
holsteinthat would give one, the nano text editor, with permisson to write to that system location15:28
eipi10what's the gksudo command?15:31
holstein!info gksudo15:31
ubottuPackage gksudo does not exist in vivid15:31
holsteinits a way of facilitating specifically what you asked.. opening a GUI application, such ask, pcmanfm as root.. which, you likely dont need to do15:32
whouserhi.  my dell lost its wifi.  an intell 1000 i think.  the machine cannot see it.  I am a bit of a noob, but have some ubuntu experience.  the wifi may have faild, but i would like to be sure15:34
whouserplease advise15:35
holsteinwell, if it is the dell that lost the wifi, you cant address that in software..15:35
whouserbut how can i be sure15:35
holsteinwhouser: what would i do? test the hardware with a supported os.. either, windows, if thats available, and easy.. or, the live iso you installed that you know supported it15:35
whouserso reinstall windows?15:36
holsteini would look in the bios, to see that its not disabled, i would try any/all hardware and keyboard switches15:36
holsteini would try booting an older kernel, if there is one in the list..15:36
whouseri have set the wii//bluetooth and wlan to always on and soft key disabled in bios15:36
holsteinwhouser: no.. im just saying, *if* you can test the officially supported windows driver/operating system, and it doesnt work, then, you can assume its a hardware issue15:37
whouseris there such a think as windows live cd?15:37
whouserno boot list for kernals15:37
whouseralso it WAS working15:38
holsteinwhouser: you can ask.. but, i dont know of one15:38
holsteinwhouser: but, like i said, you can simply use the "known good" live iso, that you know supported the hardware before.. if it doesnt support it now, and it used to, and you have not changed any settings, then, what is the difference?15:39
holsteinand ligically, and plausibly, it can be that something is broken..15:39
whouseri find your logic unassailable15:40
holsteinwhouser: cool.. let me know how i can assist you with it15:40
whouserif that works then i'll be back15:40
holsteinwhouser: the live iso you *know* supported it.. if its not now.. then, you look at what the difference is. since, the live iso is the *same*15:40
holsteinit used to work, and now doesnt.. or, it used to work, and now still works.. those are the 2 options, and can really save time15:40
eipi10I was here holstein http://lxlinux.com/#9 and, for me, doing this gui would be a lot easier.15:44
holsteineipi10: sure.. "easier" always comes at a cost.. its a compromise..15:44
holsteinwhat else can you do? boot a live cd, and move/create files where ever you like..15:45
eipi10I don't need to do that specifically anymore, but would like the ability to right click an open area in the manager and open as root.15:45
holsteineipi10: sure. theres a *good* reason why thats not available15:45
whouserdid you just help me15:50
whousercan someone with histroy tell me who just helped me?15:53
whouserplease and thanks15:54
whouserplease ping15:54
eipi10thanks holstein15:54
eipi10yeah, thats great.  ty.16:07
eipi10do you know matt damon?17:10
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