Kiloshelloooo africa, hope you all have a great day06:01
Na3iLGM Africa o/06:50
Kiloshi Na3iL06:50
Na3iLo/ Kilos hows you where you have a been :D06:51
Kilosim good ty lad, been busy trying to sort a pc for an old lady friend of my sister.06:53
Kilosand other outdoor stuff06:53
Na3iLAh! cool06:54
Kiloshow are you?06:54
Na3iLI am fine :D06:55
Na3iLI am just searching for testimonials, I already got 2 :D06:56
Kilosgood, keep them coming in and encourage ongolaboy to do the same then you you two apply the same time06:57
Na3iLSure :)06:58
Kilosoh Na3iL also choose a date and time when you friends and supporters can be at the meeting too07:08
Na3iLYeah indeed Kilos07:09
Kiloshi Fatar07:13
FatarHey kilos07:13
Fatarlong time no see07:13
Kilosyou been busy for a while07:13
Fatarnot really just lazy07:14
Fatarwhat happened while I wasn't here?07:14
FatarDid we recruit more ppl?07:14
Kilosbeen rather quite here07:14
Fataroh we have a meeting in exactly a week it seems!07:15
Kilosthe secret is for everyone to greet everyone else and build a friendly community07:15
Kilosoh my07:16
FatarIs it going to last longer this time?07:16
Kilosyou guys will have to keep things going, i might be going to hospital next week for a hernia operation07:17
Fatarwoah woah woah07:17
Fataryou're going to be ok?07:18
Kilosmeetings are set for an hour because some peeps always complain if they are longer07:18
Kilosyes i will be fine , only wont be here for the meeting maybe07:18
Fatargood to know07:19
Kilosso its up to you young guys to keep things going and growing07:19
inetproKilos: http://www.diffen.com/difference/Quiet_vs_Quite07:19
inetprogood mornings africa07:20
Kilosdid i say it wrong, sorry07:20
Kilosoh yes ty07:20
stickyboyKilos: How many cups of coffee have you had today?08:15
Kilosnot one stickyboy i mainly drink tea08:16
Kilosin beer mugs08:16
stickyboyWhat else are you not telling me?08:16
* stickyboy is at a coffee shop and just ordered his third coffee.08:16
Kilosyeah if i drink coffee daily i get bad headaches08:16
Kilosso ill have a mug full once a week or so08:17
stickyboyOh :P08:19
stickyboyNow I have to drink a lot of water...08:29
stickyboyBut I'm pushing code to GitHub so that's winning.08:29
Dro__hi everybody :)08:44
* inetpro now needs a cuppa coffee08:54
inetproQA: coffee on08:54
* QA starts grinding coffee08:54
stickyboyMnogo pozdravi ot Nairobi08:57
stickyboyGreetings from Nairobi, ladies and gentlemen.08:57
QACoffee's ready for inetpro!08:58

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