nik90ahayzen: quick question...contenthub stores the file temporarily in /home/phablet/.cache/com.ubuntu.clock/HubIncoming/2/something.mp3....what does the "2" signify? Should I hardcode that path in the move() function?00:11
ahayzenthe 2 doesn't IIRC but the something.mp3 is the name of it00:12
ahayzenif you do lots of imports you'll note that 2 incrementing IIRC00:12
nik90ah ok00:13
nik90I guess that path doesn't matter since I just need to specify the final path00:13
nik90last question for tnite...00:13
nik90I have 2 connections{} one targetting activeTransfer and the other contentHub00:14
nik90in the sample code, both of them have the exact same code in OnStateChanged{} and onImportRequested{}00:14
nik90Do I need both?00:14
ahayzenthink you do let me check mine00:14
nik90in yours I see only the ContentHub Connection00:15
ahayzenyeah same00:15
ahayzenwhere do you see the activeTransfer one?00:15
nik90in the hub-importer sample app you linked00:15
ahayzenConnections {00:16
ahayzen                target: root.activeTransfer00:16
ahayzen                onStateChanged: {00:16
ahayzeni think that covers when... if (root.activeTransfer.state === ContentTransfer.Charged) inside the onImportRequested wonder why we don't have that00:17
ahayzenmay just be something we missed when implementing the import support00:17
nik90hmm ok..I am checking using console.log() which one is used in my case00:18
ahayzennik90, anyway i'm gonna go to sleep i've been staring at autopilot mocking code for ages, have fun :-)00:19
nik90ahayzen: same ... thnx for your help.00:19
ahayzenno problem.. night o/00:19
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davidcalleGood morning07:03
dholbachgood morning07:11
Nymereamzanetti_,  hello07:53
mzanetti_Nymerea, hi07:53
NymereaHow are you today ?07:54
mzanetti_I'm ok, thanks :)07:54
mzanetti_you too?07:54
NymereaMay I distrubing you for few minutes ?07:54
mzanetti_Nymerea, sure07:55
mzanettiNymerea, sorry, I got distracted yesterday night07:56
Nymereamzanetti, I've download the source code of your soft07:56
mzanettiNymerea, I think the problem is that you don't have libv4l-dev installed07:56
Nymereaon my computer i've install zbar lib : sudo apt-get install libzbar0 zbar-tools  libzbar-dev libqrencode-dev07:57
Nymereamzanetti,  that true :)07:57
Nymereamzanetti,  that work properly now, thank you :07:58
mzanettiok, great07:58
Nymereamzanetti, May I disturbing you once more ?09:31
NymereaI cannot deploy application on smartphone, zbar is not found09:31
Nymereaon qt creator -> option -> ubuntu -> armhf kit, I've click on "maintain" on type : apt-get install libzbar0:armhf zbar-tools:armhf libzbar-dev:armhf libv4l-dev:armhf libqrencode-dev:armhf09:32
Nymereazbar still not found09:32
Nymereamzanetti, do you know where is my mistake ?09:33
mzanettiNymerea, are you trying to deploy my app or yours?09:36
mzanettiand where exactly does it report the app missing?09:37
mzanettierm, the lib09:37
NymereaI try to deploy on my smartphone my application, but I use your barcodereader component09:37
mzanettidoes it complain when linking the app, or when running it?09:38
Nymerea/home/morgan/qt/openfoodfacts/app/qrcodereader.cpp:23: In file included from ../../openfoodfacts/app/qrcodereader.cpp:23:0:09:38
NymereaI cannot compile it09:38
Nymereait doesn't find zbar.h into qrcodereader.cpp09:38
mzanettioh ok09:39
mzanettirun this on your machine (not inside the chroot):09:39
Nymereaon my machine (desktop) it's okay09:39
mzanetticlick-chroot-agent -r09:39
mzanettibzoltan_, hey, I remember this used to work... seems reliably broken now ^09:40
Nymereasorry mzanetti, i'm not very familiar with thoses command09:40
mzanettiNymerea, no problem, you shouldn't need this. I think it's a bug in the click tools09:40
NymereaWhere i'm suppose to past it ?09:40
mzanettion your desktop09:41
Nymereainto "maintain" or into my console ?09:41
mzanettiregular command line09:41
Nymereanothing happen09:41
mzanettiit will cause QtCreator to "reload" the click chroots09:41
mzanettisor of09:41
mzanettisort of09:41
Nymereano message printed09:41
mzanettithat's ok09:41
mzanettinow it should work09:41
mzanettibasically you need to run this every time you install something in the "maintain" console09:42
Nymereamzanetti, cool, you learn me ssomething09:42
Nymereanow I have -ljpeg not found09:42
mzanettithat's odd.. it should be preinstalled... check if you have libjpeg-dev:armhf in the chroot09:43
NymereaI have Aquaris E4.5 stable version09:44
Nymereamzanetti, you're right, library was missing09:45
mzanettiNymerea, when I say "chroot" I mean the "maintain" console09:45
mzanettinot the device itself09:45
mzanettibut ok :) seems you figured that :)09:45
mzanettiis it working now?09:46
Nymereamzanetti, i'm trying09:48
Nymereai've some error (.desktop not found but that my problem)09:48
Nymereamzanetti, okay, it compile but I cannot lunch application09:53
mzanettiwhat's the error?09:53
Nymereathere is my error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/12123488/09:53
Nymereathaht odd09:54
mzanettiI don't see a real error message in your paste09:55
Nymereathaht all I've in my .log09:55
Nymereathat all the content I have in my .log*09:55
popeydoes "sudo dmesg | grep DEN" show any apparmor denials for your app on the device?09:56
Nymereapopey, mzanetti  I'm sorry to disturbing you ! My problem was in .desktop file (error from copy/past)10:06
NymereaThank a million for your help10:06
popeyglad you found it10:06
NymereaThank to you I will publish my application soon :)10:08
popeyLook forward to it10:08
NymereaAnd maybe a scope10:08
NymereaI have to send an image to webservice10:08
Nymereabut I cannot write an image10:09
Nymereathey is any way to have write right into tmp dir ?10:09
dholbachdavidcalle, how are things going with the deployment?10:27
dholbachdavidcalle, the django upgrade is a small nightmare :)10:28
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ogra_heh... the new hotspot setup UI exposes a weird UITK bug11:36
ogra_in the setup dialog the blue handle for text input is shown before the keyboard expands ... once it expands the dialog moves up but the handle stays wheer it is on screen11:37
ogra_touching it makes it jump to the actual text input field11:37
popeyyeah, i took my screenshots carefully for that11:39
ogra_do you knwo if it is reported already ?11:39
popeyhttp://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-08-19-120147.png vs http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-08-19-120201.png11:39
popeyno, I'll report it now.11:40
ogra_ah, looks way better on krillin :)11:40
ogra_on arale it actually covers the start of the cancel button11:41
ogra_hmm, i wonder what that hangouts app is supposed to do11:41
popeyit doesnt work11:42
popeyjust a webview thing11:42
ogra_thats what i thought11:42
ogra_weird to upload something like this11:42
ogra_i installed it and on arale i seem to even get the desktop UI11:43
popeybug 148652911:43
ubot5bug 1486529 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Blue text input arrow in wrong place after UI moves" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148652911:43
ogra_needs a looking glass shipped with it to actually be able to read any fonts11:43
* ogra_ confirms the bug11:44
dholbachdavidcalle, https://code.launchpad.net/~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/1470715/+merge/26847111:50
davidcalledholbach, black magic :)11:55
davmor2popey: it might be where the initial text field was when the page opens and then it moves I've seen this else where but not been able to reproduce easily11:55
dholbachdavidcalle, it's not quite there yet - I think I spotted a bug - I'll let you know once it's done done11:55
dholbachdavidcalle, it'll require huge amounts of testing :)11:55
davidcalledholbach, I'll have a try in a moment. Let's keep this branch until we have 1) mojo actually working 2) current stuff deployed to prod 3) sufficient testing of this branch on staging, what do you think?11:57
dholbachdavidcalle, ok - instructions updated - it works for me now12:01
dholbachdavidcalle, yes, that makes sense12:01
dholbachdavidcalle, it's just something I wanted to have a look at for a while now and it's not as hard as I thought it was12:01
dholbachlunch time - see you in a bit12:02
popeydavmor2: this is nice and easily reproducible now :)12:04
davmor2popey: I've seen it in rotation and there it is harder, it's like the two bit are completely different items the text input line is always correct but the tab can be anywhere :D12:06
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mardydholbach: hi! Would it be possible to make the guides at https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/ change depending on the framework being used?13:34
mardydholbach: I'm preparing a completely different API for Online Accounts, and it needs a new guide, but the new API will be available only with the frameworks 15.10 and later13:35
dholbachmardy, sure - you could just add a disclaimer in the text above the new API that they're just available in >=15.10, right?13:38
mardydholbach: if there's no better way, I'll do that13:42
mardydholbach: also I think that these guides are quite hard to find13:43
dholbachmardy, I'm not sure... which other way were you thinking of?13:43
dholbachmardy, do you think they should be linked more prominently from elsewhere?13:43
mardydholbach: compare this https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/scopes/ to this https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/13:44
mardydholbach: in the scopes page, you have links to the guides and tutorials13:44
mardydholbach: in the apps page, just the api reference13:44
mardydholbach: ah, ok, tutorials are in the qml or html sub pages (makes sense)13:45
mardydholbach: but the guides are not linked from there13:45
mardydholbach: do you prefer me to file a bug about this?13:46
dholbachI'll file a bug, so we can list the subsequent articles a bit more explicitly13:46
mardydholbach: thanks!13:49
mardydholbach: and would it be possible for me to get edit access to the OA guides (both the old and the future one)?13:50
dholbachmardy, absolutely - let me take care of it13:54
dholbachmardy, filed bug 148658814:11
ubot5bug 1486588 in Ubuntu Developer Portal "List guides and tutorials more prominently on landing pages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148658814:11
davidcalledholbach, this calls for a widget retrieving the two or three most recent published one :)14:19
davidcalledholbach, or we could re-use this style https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/14:20
* davidcalle tries something14:22
davidcalledholbach, being logged out constantly is not helping. Anyway, my idea is to re-use the last row of https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/ + call-to-action for all landing pages. This way we can list a few prominent doc. Does that make sense to you?14:34
dholbachdavidcalle, we should fix the log-out bug14:35
dholbachI'll subscribe mhall and dpm to it and mark it critical14:35
dholbachI hope it's fixed with the django+cms upgrade ;-)14:35
dholbachah hang on14:35
dholbachit's landed in trunk already (https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/developer-ubuntu-com/cache-cooke-fix/+merge/259417)14:36
davidcalledholbach, I haven't had it at this frequency in a long time, yes, hopefully :)14:36
dholbachso another fix we'll get with the next deployment14:36
davidcalledholbach, I believe it's already deployed14:37
davidcalledholbach, since r119 was for a crash fix on some pages and was very urgent14:37
dholbachoh ok14:37
dholbachmaybe you can follow up on the bug and say that it's not fixed yet?14:37
davidcalledholbach, let me check if it has actually landed or if we are still relying on some workaround... We should have a way to check the deployed version in the admin or on an about page for the site itself (bonus points for an about page with a link to lp and some guidance on how to hack on it :) ).14:40
dholbachbug 1486603 and bug 148660214:42
ubot5bug 1486603 in Ubuntu Developer Portal "Link to LP project and explain how to hack on lp:developer-ubuntu-com" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148660314:42
ubot5bug 1486602 in Ubuntu Developer Portal "Show which version of lp:developer-ubuntu-com is running" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148660214:42
dholbachfor 1486602 there should be code in the LTP14:43
davidcalledholbach, LTP?14:44
dholbachloco team portal, sorry14:44
davidcalledholbach, oh right :)14:44
ogra_phew ... not printer port14:44
mcphailIs there an API by which a plain-C app could trigger a notification on the phone?14:58
mcphailPresumably there is a way to tickle dbus to do this, but I don't think I can poke dbus from a confined app, can I?15:07
didrockszsombi: hey! I was talking with kenvandine and it seems to him that bug #1485222 would be a sdk bug rather than a contenthub one15:10
ubot5bug 1485222 in content-hub (Ubuntu) "Using ContentStore disables silently any StateSaver capability" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148522215:10
kenvandinezsombi, remember there are some cases when there is a pending transfer that it doesn't restore from the statesaver15:11
didrocksthis happens without initiating any transfer though, so I wonder if something is triggering this in the ContentStore init15:11
kenvandinezsombi, in this case it seems to be disabled even without a transfer, just by instantiating a ContentStore15:11
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mcphailogra_: can you give me a link to your blog post about packaging node.js packages?18:55
mcphailpopey: cheers!18:56
mcphailpopey: argh - snappy. Thought it was click :(18:57
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mcphailWould I be right in thinking a C++ app compiled in a wily chroot would be unlikely to run on vivid?20:07
Vostro162hi guys20:39
popeymcphail: not sure actually, not tried that20:40
Vostro162hi have a qml question20:42
mcphailpopey: compilation has just hung, anyway, so I'll never know :(20:49
march08Hi guys, just came to spam a little. I have made Ubuntu 16.04 Stupendously Hot Charmander concept < http://on.be.net/1LiWdYl > and I would like to know your thoughts. If you like it, you can click appreciate on the behance page. To be fair and honest, your thumb ups will help me too! Any comments are welcome! Thank you and sorry for bothering :( :)20:49
mcphailogra_: can I ask, when you get a chance, if you can give me some pointers about how to package a node.js app in a .click for the phone? I've built a quasselcore package and want to add in https://github.com/magne4000/quassel-webserver to make a persistent IRC client with a web interface22:33
mcphailogra_: I won't get a chance to work on it until Monday, probably, but I don't know much about node.js and packaging it and would appreciate any pointers as to what to put in and leave out22:34

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