sil2100I think all looks good with the image so far00:08
sil2100alesage: so, the image got imported to /ubuntu, so with the next publisher run the krillin and arale images should be available00:28
sil2100bfiller: ^00:28
* sil2100 goes EOD now00:29
bfillersil2100: just saw your email, thanks for theupdate00:29
bfillergood night00:29
sil2100yw, good night!00:29
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Mirvheh, this is now interesting that I cross-check darkxst's PPU upload rights to those main packages that are part of the 016 landing. a bit more complicated than usual.05:18
darkxstMirv, I have upload rights for all those05:19
Mirvdarkxst: ok. via which rights? I've looked at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/packagesets/wily/desktop-extra and http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/packagesets/wily/ubuntugnome so far05:20
darkxstMirv, ubuntu-desktop05:20
Mirvah, desktop!05:20
Mirvjust a moment05:20
Mirvdarkxst: correct, publishing, thanks!05:21
darkxstMirv, thanks05:24
bzoltan_Mirv: I have a release candidate for fixing an OTA6 bug in the silo9... just FYI06:07
bzoltan_bfiller: ^ that is the emulator bug06:08
Mirvbzoltan_: ok. the gates are closed but it can be discussed in 2.5h - maybe for example let it in in a sense that a new emulator image can be created at a suitable point to have it fixed.06:10
bzoltan_Mirv: Yes. Also.. we do not have to land the main package :) All we actually need is the gles package.06:11
Mirvmichi: I assume the 011 can't be "publish" since it only just built and cannot have been tested? you should reset the value in the request so that the silo doesn't accidentally get published06:49
Mirvmichi: oh, also, it's a dual landing silo so that status shouldn't be ever set anyway06:50
michiMirv: Sorry, you lost me there.06:50
michiWhat did I do wrong?06:50
Mirvmichi: the UI could be better, but for wily only landings you should select "No QA needed" at first, and for dual landings you should select "QA Required" at first06:50
michiAha, OK, thanks.06:51
Mirvmichi: now you selected "Publish without QA" which the status to set wily-only silo to after it's ready06:51
michiSo, what do I do now to fix it?06:51
Mirvmichi: edi the line and set it to "QA Required". once it's ready and tested by you, the next step is to set it to "Ready for QA"06:51
michiAha, OK, thanks!06:51
Mirvno problem. at some point there'll be UI improvements but currently one just to know those.06:52
michiAh, looks like you set it to QA required already?06:52
michiBecause that’s what I’m seeing after hitting “Edit"06:52
michiAh, no… Wrong silo, my apologies.06:52
Mirvmichi: hmm, no, are you looking at the above line?06:52
michiBloody easy to edit the wrong silo by mistake.06:53
Mirvthat's also an UI issue, the lines are not really well separated :)06:53
michiMaybe add an interlock with a warning?06:53
michiIf someone other than the lander wants to edit, at least ask them whether they are maybe trying to edit the wrong line?06:53
Mirvmichi: good idea, filing a bug to https://bugs.launchpad.net/bileto/ with that description06:54
michiAbout to do that.06:54
Mirvmichi: ah, ok, feel free to do that.06:54
michiBut submitted :)06:55
Mirvmichi: thanks!06:56
morphisMirv: time to do another upload for me?07:03
Mirvmorphis: always!07:03
morphisMirv: great!07:04
morphisMirv: same one will follow in a bit for wily07:06
Mirvmorphis: ok07:08
morphisbut want to verify the vivid one first07:08
* sil2100 disables the e-mail bot for a moment08:12
sil2100I wonder what happened that it started malfunctioning08:13
davmor2sil2100: blame ogra_ it's normally all his fault08:16
sil2100That's probably true!08:18
sil2100ogra_ and his reckless ways of hacking other people's stuff08:18
ogra_sil2100, not to mention me being the cassandra of ubuntu-phone nowadays, always bringing the bad news (like:: dont use wily)08:27
sil2100Yeah, let's hope we won't get on the news for this08:28
sil2100I can already see the phoronix news item:08:28
sil2100"Dave and Łukasz report that ogra is breaking other people's stuff!"08:28
ogra_Canonical forbids developers the use of the developer images !08:29
sil2100How dare people use developer images08:29
ogra_"Canonical says developer images exclusive to Canonical employees"08:30
sil2100No no no, exclusive to ogra_!08:31
ogra_subtitle: "is the IP policy involved ?!?"08:31
davmor2Web exclusive: ogra_ says NO08:32
sil2100jibel: I fixed the e-mailing bot, we might have missed a few uploads since one of the uploads was causing it to crash (invalid bug ID in the changes) - all though be good now08:39
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=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo or CI Train support? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1I2YFOy | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: Landing gates closed for vivid-overlay!
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kgunn_sil2100: i understand you'll be copying in pkg's manually to the snapshot-overlay, i think it'd be good to ping me & bfiller when this happens13:46
kgunn_also, curious, can you make sure to keep the previous package(s) somewhere when you copy ? in case you need to roll back13:47
kgunn_(@ping at least until pat's back)13:47
sil2100kgunn_: the snapshot is now propagated with the state of the candidate image13:47
sil2100kgunn_: whenever I'll include some packages from the overlay once we open up, I'll do it on your guys request13:48
sil2100Sadly having previous versions is not really possible... the snapshot PPA is a normal PPA, so we can't upload older versions ;/ We would have to rebuild a revert13:48
kgunn_got it13:48
kgunn_sil2100: i was just thinking of copying off those "old" versions tho13:49
kgunn_just in case13:49
kgunn_i suppose it shouldn't be many so rebuild is not too bad13:49
kgunn_....and ultimately safer13:50
sil2100We can get the state of any released rc-proposed image easily, I have a script for that - so in any moment of time we can run that to see what packages we had originally13:50
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo or CI Train support? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1I2YFOy | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: OTA-6 final freeze in effect, but the vivid-overlay landing gates opened
sil2100bfiller, kgunn_, jibel, robru: ^14:09
sil2100As per announcement, we can land things to the overlay now14:10
sil2100The daily auto-builds are still disabled though, I could basically enable those and switch them off (doing some channel magic) whenever we need a re-spin, but I don't want QA to get a sudden update notification during testing14:11
sil2100As they're using rc-proposed for tests14:11
sil2100We could think of some new channels for this purpose, but it's a bit complicated as we, for instance, have 2 different mako images right now14:12
sil2100jibel, davmor2: how's the testing so far?14:12
sil2100Anything we should be worried about?14:12
davmor2sil2100: you should always be worried14:12
sil2100bfiller: any update regarding the camera-app fix? And did you see dbarth's media-hub/oxide bug e-mail?14:13
bfillersil2100: that's a kgunn question (camer-app fix)14:13
bfillersil2100: and yes saw dbarth's email, but it's not clear if we have a fix? need jhodapp support for that it sounds like14:14
jhodappbfiller, I replied to dbarth but haven't heard back from him14:15
jhodappis he off today?14:15
bfillerjhodapp: yes14:15
jhodappbfiller, ok, from alex-abreu's reply though it sounded like there was no action to take14:16
bfilleralex-abreu: can you summarize what is left to have media-hub support for oxide including https?14:16
alex-abreujhodapp, bfiller that was my impression too yesterday since the doors were closed and the mh bit was not ready apparently14:16
bfillerjhodapp: do we have a fix for https yet or not?14:18
alex-abreubfiller, jhodapp David managed to make things work w/ the https mh fix a few hours ago, ...14:18
jhodappbfiller alex-abreu: it seems from justinmcp's reply that silo 21 was working with media-hub support and that dbarth simply did not upgrade to the silo correctly when testing14:18
jhodappso nothing was wrong with https from justinmcp's MR14:18
alex-abreubfiller, jhodapp so the fix seems ok, but I am not sure about the status of the landing pipeline for ota6, my impression is that it was too late14:18
jhodappso if we have a FFE, we can land that14:19
alex-abreujhodapp, this is what I understood too14:19
jhodappnot sure there's anything for me to do14:19
kgunn_sil2100: @camera trusted prompt, i'm about to meet with team...it wasn't a straight fwd answer unfortunately14:21
bfillerjhodapp, alex-abreu: if it's deemed critical we'll be able to land it, the important thing is that the silo is tested and works. can you guys verify that please?14:21
sil2100kgunn_: ACK, thanks :)14:21
alex-abreubfiller, the silo has been +1'd by david & justin14:22
sil2100jhodapp, alex-abreu, bfiller: ok, so the fix is in silo 21?14:22
kgunn_sil2100: question regarding frozen ppa & manual uploads, does this mean as things get propogated over....will it still be taken from trunk ? (i'm seeing a flaw in the ability to filter)14:22
alex-abreusil2100, yes14:22
sil2100kgunn_: yes, from trunk, so if you release something besides the fix we need, we either have to release all of it, or try to rebuild it somewhere manually with just the fix cherry-picked and then uploading14:23
jhodappalex-abreu: seems like you don't need me then14:23
sil2100Not much we can do here sadly, it's a risk we need t otake14:23
kgunn_sil2100: ack, up to teams i suppose14:23
sil2100*to take14:23
alex-abreujhodapp, branch wise is everything ok ?14:24
sil2100Yeah, anyway, it's never a 'no way out' situation, as I said we can always take this single change and rebuild it in a silo and then manually copy14:24
jhodappalex-abreu, yeah it's set to merge into the correct branch14:24
jhodappand everything else14:24
sil2100alex-abreu: ok, so if it's good, please switch it to 'Ready for QA' so that someone from QA can take a look at it14:25
jhodappalex-abreu, the one thing maybe you could do (or have justinmcp do) is, in a separate silo, propose this same change but against lp:media-hub for wily14:26
sil2100Once it lands I can copy it and re-spin14:26
jhodappalex-abreu, it has to be separate because lp:media-hub and lp:media-hub/stable are fairly different right now, so dual landing is not possible14:26
* sil2100 hugs jhodapp 14:26
sil2100jhodapp: thanks for keeping track of the wily parts!14:26
alex-abreujhodapp, will do, ... I''ll drop justin a line14:26
jhodappthanks alex-abreu14:28
sil2100alex-abreu, jhodapp: remember to mark the silo as 'Ready for QA' once it's ready14:40
alex-abreusil2100, I did ...14:40
sil2100Ah, ok, it seems queuebot missed it somehow14:41
sil2100davmor2, jibel: once you guys have a moment, silo 21 is on the list of required fixes - could you assign someone to test it?14:41
alex-abreujhodapp, do you have a proper test case for silo 21 btw ?14:42
AlbertAtrainguards: for https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/?req=8114:42
AlbertAtrainguards: who can provide the archive admin review for it?14:42
jhodappalex-abreu, no I don't, that would have been something for justinmcp to produce15:02
jhodappalex-abreu, you could add to this for a manual test plan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/media-hub15:03
alex-abreujhodapp, ack15:04
jhodappalex-abreu, I'd add a new section for Oxide to that since it will increasingly start to use media-hub more and more15:04
MirvAlbertA: I've asked twice on #ubuntu-release, no reply yet15:07
sil2100Most are probably busy on DebConf right now15:07
Mirvlast was 1.5h ago15:07
AlbertAMirv: ack, thanks15:10
jibelalex-abreu, jhodapp re silo 21, the branch is not reviewed and not top approved15:37
jhodappjibel, it was reviewed by me previously, not sure what happened15:38
jibeljhodapp, oh maybe it has been reset because it was a previous version. Anyway top approval is required15:39
jhodappyeah one sec15:39
jhodappjibel, done15:40
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rvrjibel: Approving silo 2116:50
sil2100Publishing in that case16:55
sil2100Published, I'll copy it over to the snapshot later on16:57
sil2100morphis, bfiller, jibel: so, seeing the notes, we'll also need silo 17 for proper trust-store integration on mako and flo17:00
sil2100The silo wasn't set for the overlay17:02
sil2100Damn, could have checked that17:02
jibelsil2100, yeah, davmor2 just approved it17:03
davmor2sil2100: do keep up ;)17:05
sil2100jibel, davmor2: thanks guys!17:05
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sil2100bfiller: hey! Since kgunn is not around, do you know by any chance how far are we from getting the final camera fixes? I saw the bug mentioning 2 hours ago that the branch is still in testing17:14
sil2100Would be great if we could have this as soon as possible, since the change is in unity8 so QA will have to retest a LOT17:16
sil2100jibel: hey! If we release silo 23, how much of the regression test suite will you guys have to re-run?17:21
sil2100ANyway, copying android and media-hub over to the snapshot PPA now17:25
jibelsil2100, as you said a LOT. this is a very large change and very risky to land it that late17:30
sil2100bfiller: ^17:31
sil2100Too bad Kevin is not here17:31
jibelsil2100, we don't have a unity/mir specific tests in the regression test suite and potentially everything is affected17:31
sil2100Not sure in what state we would be without that fix17:31
sil2100mzanetti: hey17:31
mzanettisil2100, hey17:32
jibelsil2100, concretely without the fix the camera app doesn't work on first launch17:32
sil2100mzanetti: we have some questions regarding silo 23 - it seems it's the final piece to fix trust store integration with the camera? How bad would it be without it?17:32
jibelsil2100, when you get the trust store prompt17:32
mzanettia one-time issue basically17:32
sil2100Since as you see, landing it now will require re running almost all tests...17:32
mzanettiyes. also I'm not sure about the quality of 2317:33
mzanettiseems it decreases rendering performance and is not good enough yet17:33
mzanettiit does fix the issue tho17:33
sil2100Then I would really prefer not landing it17:33
mzanettibut if you ask me we should not land it17:33
sil2100Can't we workaround the issue somehow?17:33
mzanettilooking now17:33
sil2100mzanetti: thanks ;)17:33
mzanettiwe had another brnach with a workaround, but that wasn't reliable enough either17:33
sil2100mzanetti: give me a ping once you know if it can be somehow worked-aroound18:03
sil2100I'll go AFK for a bit18:03
mzanettikgunn, hey, mind installing 23 and give it a test?18:03
kgunnmzanetti: on it18:04
kgunnmzanetti: i was gonna start with mako18:04
kgunnany other device pref ?18:04
mzanettikgunn, hmm... any of them is fine. have arale at hand?18:05
kgunnmzanetti: yes i do18:08
kgunni can certainly do both18:08
bfillersil2100, kgunn, mzanetti, jibel: if the fix is risky I'd vote for not including it and living with the bug in camera-app first time you record a video18:13
kgunnbfiller: i think we'd need to understand the impact for john-mcaleely18:14
kgunne.g. customer engagement18:14
kgunnis it best to continue to release ?18:14
kgunnor delay release ?18:15
mzanettibfiller, I for one would agree. but yes, as Kevin said. customer engagement might be a factor18:15
bfillerkgunn: +1 on getting john-mcaleely's take, think it will satisfy customer req even without the fix but he needs to confirm18:15
kgunnand sorry this wasn't simple18:16
bfillerkgunn: no worries, things not always easy18:16
kgunnat least we might fix the emulator.......finally :)18:17
sil2100Ok then, so we wait for john-mcaleely ;)18:17
bfillerkgunn: that's good, pat really wanted that one18:17
kgunnbfiller: sil2100 we'll keep testing and progressing in the meantime, as if johnmc can't wait18:18
bfillerI'm going to test without the fix on krillin and arale to make sure things work correctly after the first time18:19
sil2100Makes sense, but landing silo 23 will probably mean we'll have to shift the release18:19
john-mcaleelycontext kgunn bfiller sil2100 ?18:26
bfillerjohn-mcaleely: trust session stuff18:27
bfillerjohn-mcaleely: proper fix potentially very risky18:27
bfillercontemplating going with what we have where camera-app won't work correctly for first recorded video18:27
bfillerjohn-mcaleely: would this be acceptable to customer18:28
john-mcaleelybfiller, it might be18:28
john-mcaleelybfiller, on the basis that the security works, and the camera app is just buggy18:28
kgunnright, security is there, it's just the hitting of record after accepting the trust18:29
sil2100john-mcaleely, bfiller: ok then, so we generally don't wait for 23 then, right?18:57
john-mcaleelysounds like it sil210018:58
sil2100Should I kick a new image then? :)18:58
john-mcaleelythat I don't know :-)18:58
sil2100bfiller: I think we should be good to kick another promotion candidate now then, right?19:00
bfillersil2100: I think so19:00
sil2100Preparing p/19:05
sil2100ogra_, bfiller: I'll use the rc-proposed channel for building the image19:19
sil2100bfiller: image kicked19:24
bfillersil2100: cool19:24
sil2100davmor2, jibel, alesage: the new snapshot based image with the new android (for mako/flo) and media-hub is now building and will appear in rc-proposed after it's done19:25
sil2100Ok guys, I'll have to log out now for a while - I'll be back in 2-3 hours to check if everything goes well19:32
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dobeyhmm, kind of annoying that i can't actually see the in-progress dep 8 tests for the proposed migrations20:37
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sil2100jibel, alesage, ToyKeeper, davmor2, bfiller: bq-aquaris.en channel has the new image - #10421:44
alesagesil2100, ack21:45
robrudobey: you around? any thoughts on this failure? https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-wily/wily/i386/u/ubuntuone-dev-tools/20150819_192346@/log.gz21:48
dobeyrobru: there's a new pep8 i guess?22:01
robrudobey: dunno why, anyway here's fixes: https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/ubuntuone-dev-tools/fix-tests/+merge/26855522:02
dobeyrobru: usually failures like that are the result of a new pep8 or pyflakes22:03
robrudobey: fair enough. is trunk in a releasable state or should I work on distropatches for the existing package too?22:03
dobeyrobru: i guess i'd have to get it set up properly to go through ci train, as it hasn't ever had that done. if you want it done fast, upload a distro patch, and i'll look at the MP when i can22:04
robrudobey: ok thanks22:04
dobeyi'm gone for the day now though :)22:05
robrudobey: no worries, will distropatch22:05
ahayzenHey, guys there appears to be a calendar autolanding job that is stuck (for 4.5 days) on the coreapps jenkins which i think is now blocking the weather-app autolanding22:49

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