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darkxsthey willcooke08:01
willcookeevening darkxst08:01
darkxstI just landed the big u-s-d/u-c-c/g-s-d/g-c-c update, dont think it breaks anything from my testing, buy let me know if any issues08:04
darkxst(still in -proposed for now it seems)08:05
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Laneyhey hey14:50
Laneyquiet today ;-)14:50
Laneydarkxst: make sure you shepherd it through proposed if necessary14:50
Trevinhobregma: the unity building (built for pc) in silo 019 has some AP fixes... I've ran the full suite twice and it seems consistent15:27
Trevinhobregma: let me know if you want to give it a run or we can publish it15:27
bregmaTrevinho, I'm happy with the run I had yesterday: if you fixed more AP tests (but changed nothing else) I'm OK with publish15:28
bregmaI'd like to do an upstream Unity release after that (once I've got the Compiz one done) if you have no objection15:29
Trevinhobregma: I changed the AP itself with some improvements, but I didn't get any failure due to that15:37
Trevinhobregma: yeah, feel free to do the release also15:37
bregmait's the big song and dance number in the second act15:37
* bregma makes Broadway hands and starts a lick line across the room15:38
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darkxstLaney, tests were still running when i went to bed, though seems to have gone through now ;)22:04

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