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moroniclibberHey guys.  I'm a little concerned about mir.  I see applications getting ported over to wayland but I'm afraid mir will be neglectated.  If I  continue to use Ubuntu can I expect to get eventual native Libreoffice and Firefox mir support eventually?04:00
moroniclibberMostly my concern is I don't want to be running tons of applications under xmir while wayland users get most of their apps natively and not under xwayland04:01
pittiinfinity: interest-noawait seems fine to me at first sight; I'm not familiar with the history, but it doesn't seem to have been a conscious decision "this needs to block"06:10
dholbachgood morning07:11
dholbachzyga, happy birthday!07:16
zygadholbach: thank you :)07:16
brendandzyga, birthday?07:31
brendandzyga, well happy birthday :)07:31
zygabrendand: well, what can I say, yes07:31
zygabrendand: thank you :-)07:32
rbasakpitti: do you happen to quickly know if https://launchpadlibrarian.net/214686286/DpkgTerminalLog.txt is a local configuration change or a bug?08:49
rbasakI've not seen that before - can a user disable the service to cause that, or is it because something else caused it to fail to start?08:50
rbasak(this is from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/1485487)08:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1485487 in openssh (Ubuntu) "package openssh-server 1:6.7p1-5ubuntu1.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:50
rbasakbarry: could you please advise if installing eg. ./usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kimchi/plugins/ginger/API.json is acceptable or if that should be in /usr/share/kimchi instead? It looks unusual to me so I thought I'd check. This is review for a new package.10:06
rbasak(I'd normally expect to see only .py files in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages)10:07
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barryrbasak: tl;dr: it's fine.  many python libraries do include data files in their directory structure, and that works well with pkg_resources.  they can use that api to find the data files easily.  it does seem odd that those data files don't go in /usr/share but it's normal.  moving them is more trouble than it's worth.  upstream we've talked about ways to put such data files elsewhere but in a way that they're still easily found by the13:27
barrynormal apis, but so far that hasn't gone anywhere.13:27
rbasakOK. Thanks!13:30
barrypitti, slangasek or anybody else who has shell to autopkgtest.u.c: could you please retry the tox i386 build?  it's tmpfail for what looks like problems related to the testbed (i.e. amd64 passes, and i386 should pass too now)13:32
barrypitti, slangasek same for cantor/amd6413:36
pete-woodsany package-fu-masters out there who could tell me what's wrong with the packaging of indicator-network that makes it non-installable in cross-build?14:17
cyphermoxpete-woods: what do you mean by uninstallable in cross-build?14:59
pete-woodscyphermox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/connectivity-api/+bug/147218615:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1472186 in connectivity-api (Ubuntu) "Can't install libconnectivty-qt1-dev on multiarch" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:02
AlbertAdoko: can I get some help to submit this bug upstream? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-5/+bug/148232015:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1482320 in gcc-5 (Ubuntu) "[armhf] exception not caught when defining identical lambdas built with -O2" [Undecided,New]15:44
cyphermoxAlbertA: wfm...15:56
AlbertAcyphermox: armhf?15:56
cyphermoxoh wait, I didn't try it on armhf15:56
dokoAlbertA, I'll look at it tomorrow15:59
AlbertAdoko: thanks16:00
cjwatsonmterry: oh BTW http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/08/18/%23ubuntu-devel.html#t22:23 was a reply to you but you weren't actually on IRC at the time16:01
mterrycjwatson, oh thank you!  I noticed some kind soul retried it and it worked16:20
mterrycjwatson, I never did have success getting an arm64 VM going to poke around16:20
cjwatsonmterry: You don't need VMs for this kind of thing.  chdist rules16:21
mterrycjwatson, oooh, never used that before.  It does look like exactly what I needed, cheers16:22
arunpyasiHi guys17:05
arunpyasiCan I get some support in respining an ISO ?17:05
davmor2arunpyasi: do you mean respin or do you mean remaster?17:13
arunpyasidavmor2, I want to install/upgrade linux kernel 4.0 on a ubuntu iso I have using ubuntu builder or similar. I had tried with ubuntu builder but while testing, it stuck at busybox initramfs, it didn't boot the system to the desktop. Thanks.17:15
davmor2arunpyasi: not sure how up-to-date this is but it might help you out a little https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization17:17
arunpyasidavmor2, sir, this guide doesn't have the portion what I am wanting to do. I just want to install linux kernel 4.0 to my trusty iso, thats all sir.17:18
arunpyasidavmor2, as I have already told, I got stuck on busybox shell, can you please tell me why its stuck. I mean some general reasons for the stuck.17:19
davmor2arunpyasi: out of my league then17:21
arunpyasidavmor2, Ok sir.17:21
mitya57barry, doko: can I please get ~pythoneers subscribed to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sphinx-rtd-theme bugs? For LP: #148523117:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1485231 in sphinx-rtd-theme (Ubuntu) "[MIR] sphinx-rtd-theme" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148523117:46
dokomitya57, you mean that people look at this for bug reports?17:48
mitya57doko, I thought team subscriber is a requirement for getting the package into main. You may correct me though :)17:49
mitya57I also requested a similar thing for previous MIRs, and you added it to some packages.17:50
mitya57I hope I'll take care of all bug reports myself, but I am not the team…17:51
dokoyes, but for main it should be a team with somebody from canonical. so barry maybe should add it to foundations17:52
dokomitya57, but I wouldn't mind updating pythoneers to the current set of python modules in main ...17:52
mitya57barry, so please add it to foundations if you can17:55
barrydoko, mitya57 i agree long term we should subscribe pythoneers to python packages in main.  i don't have time for that right now, so for now i'll just subscribe pythoneers to sphinx-rtd-theme18:08
mitya57barry, thanks!18:10
mitya57I'm not yet sure if my MIR makes sense the day before feature freeze, but even if not now, I would need it at the beginning of next cycle anyway.18:10
dokobarry, that doesn't help for the MIR18:11
barrydoko: why not?18:12
dokobarry, because pythoneers is no "canonical" team. or are you looking at all packages in this team on a regular basis, and keep the packages in this team up to date?18:13
dokoapparently not =)18:14
mitya57FWIW https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements tells "a developer or team of developers paying attention to their bugs", but doesn't say anything about "Canonical team"18:14
mitya57If it's really the requirement, it perhaps should be mentioned in the wiki18:15
barrywell, looking and fixing are two different things :/18:15
barryi think pythoneers is a better team than foundations, but i'm happy to discuss that on the mlist18:16
dokobad zul ... debian/rules: Dont run tests for python35.19:01
zuldoko: fails miserably with python3519:01
dokofix it19:01
dokoor don't use lifeless fork19:02
hallyn_pitti: hi - do you know of a way in a .service file to ask systemd to not create a slice at all for the service?19:09
hallyn_Using Slice=boo I can ask that the slice be created *under* boo, but I can't seem to say "dont create one"19:09
hallyn_although in the code I see checks for "if ->cgroup_name == NULL", so I assume there's a way to say what I want...19:10
hallyn_(and, using "Slice=-.slice" I'm only asking for service.slice to be created as a root level cgroup rather than under system.slice - still not what i want)19:10
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lifelessdoko: what ?19:55
lifelesszul: what fails with python35 ?19:57
zullifeless: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12130288/19:59
lifelesszul: appears to be a bug in unittest220:03
lifelesszul: I haven't synced it in a bit. If you wanted to put a patch up (in the bug tracker which has just moved from google code - its now https://github.com/testing-cabal/unittest-ext20:03
lifelesszul: but the code is still - https://hg.python.org/unittest220:04
lifelesszul: On my short term todo is moving it from there into git and then setting up travis for it with the nightly branch tests20:04
zullifeless: ok ill take a look when i get a chance20:04
lifelesszul: I suspect the failure might be due to the bug in traceback about exception header lines20:05
lifelesszul: e.g. cosmetic at most20:05
pittislangasek: FYI, I already retried all tmpfail issues, there were some "hit the quota limit" issues20:08
lifelesszul: so yeah, I think its related to issue #24695:20:08
lifelesszul: which I haven't backported yet20:08
lifelesszul: probably there's some mismatch - some point where its using the built in traceback module vs traceback220:09
lifelesszul: I've reproduced it locally though - so its not a packaging issue.20:09
lifelesszul: file the bug upstream, move on.20:09
zulill do that in a bit20:10
pittihallyn_: i. e. you want a service to be in cgroup /servicename.service directly without a slice parent? I don't know whether that's possible or even makes sense (especially not in the future unified hierarchy), might be worth asking in #systemd or the ML?20:10
lifelesszul: thanks20:16
jcastropitti: so I suppose that it would be a combination of the SRU queue processing and the seven day wait period.20:54
jcastrothat just seems to slow20:54
infinityjcastro: I missed context, but what SRU is "too slow"?21:03
jcastrofor getting in the newest nvidia drivers.21:03
jcastroI mean, tbh, if the SRU process wasn't slow we would have never needed to make a PPA.21:04
infinityjcastro: Talking hypotheticals, I guess?  There aren't any in the queue or proposed.21:04
infinityjcastro: You do remember the wild west that was SRUs before we made the process slow, right?21:04
hallyn_pitti: no, i can do /servicename.service using Slice=-.slice.  But I want it to be in /21:04
infinityjcastro: It's a bit of a catch-22 here.21:04
jcastroyes I do21:04
cjwatsonwild west => we're all fired21:05
jcastroand I realize what I am asking for is totally opposite of what we know is the right thing21:05
infinityjcastro: And given the packaging of those drivers, they *do* need review and testing, because they *do* break, often.21:05
jcastrobut if the answer is "nope, not going to happen" then that's fine too, there are plenty of things we can work on21:05
infinityjcastro: It's not a simple case like tzdata, where the packaging is minimal, and the data is verifiable.21:05
jcastroinfinity: right, but I was hoping to get away with "not our problem, if they break, talk to the vendor."21:05
jcastrolike they do for every single platform except for us apparently. :-/21:06
infinityjcastro: The *packaging* breaks often. :P21:06
infinityjcastro: Which totally is our problem.21:06
jcastrooh, I see!21:06
jcastroinfinity: so do you think we should just sort ourselves for a while and see how it goes and then approach later?21:06
infinityjcastro: The binary blobs break even more often, true, but as you say, not a whole lot we can do about that.21:07
infinityjcastro: Who is us, and what are you sorting, and with whom?21:07
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infinityjcastro: I mean, driver updates in stable releases need to happen.  Making them happen more quickly is a laudable goal.  Making them happen 0-day with upstream releases isn't going to happen without you having advance copies and pre-review and a bunch of other fancy.  The history of these packages is not good enough for any of us to give them a hand-wave without reviewing every, single, upload thoroughly (which sucks...)21:08
jcastroinfinity: imo it doesn't need to be perfect, it needs to be enough to stop people from saying "if you game don't use ubuntu."21:09
infinityjcastro: Ugh.  No.  We're not adding PPAs as official repos in installers.21:09
infinityjcastro: If it's good enough to put our name on it, it belongs in the primary archive, if it's so crap it can only happen in a PPA, it shouldn't be recommended to users, don't game the system.21:10
jcastrofair enough21:10
jcastroWe apparently don't have the resources to have people dedicated to bringing things into the primary archive21:10
jcastrowhich is as I understand it how we got so behind in the first place21:11
rbasakWhat if we found a way to have two streams in the archive at once?21:16
rbasakAlthough I suppose that's what -proposed is.21:17
rbasakCould we for example get things into -proposed very quickly, and make it easy for consenting users to specifically consume nvidia drivers from -proposed very easily?21:18
rbasakOr will we not be able to keep up with that?21:18
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