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darkxstoctoquad, please use recommends for the seed changes i.e. * (package) format05:15
octoquaddarkxst, done.06:44
octoquaddarkxst, could you let me know what the difference is? I couldn't find any documentation around the difference between package-name and (package-name)06:45
darkxstoctoquad, recommends can be removed without breaking ubuntu-gnome-desktop06:45
darkxstso only use non-bracketed ones for hard-deps06:46
darkxstdid you test that eog becomes default image viewer (by context menus)?06:48
darkxstoctoquad, and there maybe some gsettings overrides that add shotwell to the shell panel?06:49
darkxstalso feel free to update the meta package ;) just grab ubuntu-gnome-meta, run the update script and post a debdiff somewhere06:51
darkxst(after I merge it, of course)06:56
darkxstoctoquad, done06:58
darkxstoctoquad, and I didnt check eog etc, but we have a week to things like that07:20
darkxsts/fix/things/ I'm a bit scattered after not having a cigarettes all week ;(07:24
LinDolhi all :)13:08
LinDolgood evening13:08
LinDolWhen I install 15.04, How can I check gnome version which i have on my laptop in terminal?13:39
LinDol$ gnome-shell --version?13:41
mgedminIIRC 15.04 contains a bit of a mish-mash of versions; but most of the components are 3.1413:44
LinDolmgedmin, thank you :)13:47
mgedmin(in fact the only ones I can see that aren't at 3.14 are baobab, gedit, gnome-contacts, vino, yelp)13:50
mgedmin(ok, those are the ones that have their corresponding versions at 3.14 in the ppa for vivid)13:50
LinDoloh did you use PPA?14:07

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