Kiloshi svij nhaines MooDoo and other lurkers06:02
svijhi Kilos 06:02
nhainesHi Kilos.  :)06:36
* svij waves to nhaines06:36
nhainesHi to svij too!  :D06:36
dholbachgood morning07:12
nhainesdholbach: good morning!07:12
Kilosdholbach  morning07:14
dholbachhey nhaines, hey Kilos07:15
svijhey dholbach 07:16
dholbachhey svij07:16
nhainesI wrote in my book "just make a directory called ~/bin and throw all your scripts in there!"  My tech reviewer said "~/bin" isn't automatically added to the path.07:19
nhainesSo now I'm firing up a virtual machine to prove him wrong.  :)07:19
svijthats new to me07:21
nhainesOkay, the install is kicked off.  So we'll just wait and see!  >:D07:21
svijand doesn't work here :P07:22
nhainesWell I know I didn't set it up in my book's virtual machine.  :P07:22
MooDoohello all07:28
KilosMooDoo  :)07:32
MooDooHody Kilos, how are you this fine day?07:43
Kilosgood ty MooDoo and you?07:43
MooDooKilos: yes i'm good thanks :) just looking at usb hard drives for my parents.07:44
Kilosnice and fast07:50
MooDooyeah, this is my parents though, don't think their laptop has usb3 on it :D07:56
MooDoomine doesn't either :(07:57
MooDooyeah pmsl just also looking at my launchpad account 2006 it was created08:09

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