k1l_still was typing my kick message :(00:05
bazhangwe are extremely discriminatory in who we support00:06
bazhangand thats a neutral use of the word00:06
hggdhUnit193: thank you re. wxl00:54
Unit193Sure thing.00:54
Unit193Heh wrong person, I read h00k for a second and was thinking something else. :301:02
stevendalephunyguy. Hi. How was your day?01:28
phunyguyyes, hello stevendale01:32
phunyguywhat can we help you with?01:32
stevendaleI'd like to be unbanned from #ubuntu-offtopic01:38
phunyguyOn what grounds?01:39
stevendalebecause I know I learned from my mistakes and from those learned possible outcomes and punishments of future mistakes01:52
stevendalefor example, if someone ignores me, it's for a reason and I should and will leave them be.01:54
phunyguyso, how many times have you learned from your mistakes now?02:02
stevendalethis is the first truth. you have my word for it. I'm done with being annoying. I learned that my previous behavior isn't welcome here, so I try to behave differentl.y02:09
stevendaleI told lies about how I'd improved in the past. I hadn't.People were fed up with me, I didn't realize it. I don't like making other people annoyed anymore. I saw people arguing, nothing comes of it02:15
stevendaleit makes people uncomfortable and gives a bad name for the community.02:17
phunyguystevendale: I think at this point I would need to discuss it with a few more people, see what they say.02:41
stevendaleokay. I'll wait02:41
stevendalestill there phunyguy?03:44
phunyguystevendale: this could take a while (more than a day)03:44
phunyguynobody is really alive atm.03:45
phunyguyplus network issues it appears, etc.03:45
phunyguyI dropped a note for them to read, so try again later.03:45
stevendalethanks phunyguy. bye04:36
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stevendaleHi phunyguy21:53

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