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balloonsHowdy everyone11:53
flocculanthi balloons11:56
svijballoons: heya, what are the next steps for the iso testing issue?15:51
balloonshey svij. Trying to get caught up again after being away16:19
svijok :)16:20
balloonsSo I saw your response about the cloud servers. Basically we have to go back to a real server16:20
balloonsI need to sort through the folks who volunteered and decide on someone :-)16:20
balloonson the autopilot test side of things, we still need some help getting them going again16:21
balloonspresumably the server issue is more or less sorted16:21
balloonsinsomuch as we know what we need16:21
svijbut the bigger question is where/how we get a real server16:21
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balloonssvij, some folks were offering options for a server if you remember16:29
svijI do16:30
svijhe didn't answer my question though16:30
svijabout the exact server hardware16:30
balloonsright. Some others also approached me offline16:30
balloonsI think I have a good canindate in mind16:33
artmelloubuntu-qa: hey guys, we are facing some problems with gallery-app ap tests running on devices with last images. anyone available to help tang a look on that?18:30
brendandartmello, what seems to be the problem officer?18:34
artmellobrendand: hey, after the first test executed, all the other ones seems to fail18:37
brendandartmello, do you have a log?18:38
brendandartmello, and does it happen on all devices, which images?18:38
artmellobrendand: ie. https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesh/gallery-app/thumbnail-mtime/+merge/26818518:38
artmellobrendand:  with this run https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-click-autopilot-runner-mako/909/18:39
artmelloI am able to reproduce on krillin18:39
artmellobrendand: r10218:39
brendandartmello, it's always that same, no process found with pid X?18:40
artmellobrendand: yep18:40
brendandartmello, have you tested locally to see if the application launches properly at that point?18:40
brendandartmello, the most likely reason for that to happen is the gallery died while trying to introspect it18:41
artmellobrendand: the application can be launched fine by menu and running a single test launch it perfectly, on the next text executed it was not launched at all18:41
brendandartmello, ok18:46
brendandartmello, gallery app has any log to check what is happening at startup?18:48
artmellobrendand: yes, there is, but with last ui-toolkit changes gallery log output is full with sdk "deprecated" msgs, we are working on those18:51
brendandartmello, won't be easy to get much further unless you know why it's failing to launch19:09
brendandartmello, probably some of the test setup etc is changing something and not changing it back or otherwise putting things in a state the gallery app doesn't expect19:10
artmellobrendand: yep, I am trying to find out that, as soon as I find out something I ping you back19:10
brendandartmello, i'm going out for a moment so might be slow to respond19:14
artmellobrendand: np19:19

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