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coreycbbeisner, can you promote kilo-staging to kilo-proposed in the cloud archive when you get a chance please?  staging has tested successfully.01:01
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neonixcodersarnold_: I am able to resolve my upgrade issue..03:38
neonixcodersarnold_: It is simple mistake which costed my 100s of hours03:39
llinguiniHey guys04:30
llinguiniWhat are the advantages of ubuntu over just using debian04:30
bearface_llinguini: is there a reason you are looking to switch? if you are using debian and happy with it, stick with it?06:01
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lordievaderGood morning.07:32
skoudeHi, is there a way in ubuntu autopilot (openstack) install to modify how the disks on cloud nodes are used?07:52
skoudeFor example I have both SSD and Spinning disks on nodes, and the autopilot is just making a one big ceph storafge on it, so it is not dividing it to ceph_fast and ceph_slow.. Any idea how to modify the conf?07:54
skoudeDid not find anything about this when searching..07:54
rbasakfrediz: I don't see ginger on mentors. Could this have expired? Do you have the package available anywhere else please?08:28
rbasakhttps://mentors.debian.net/package/ginger just redirects me to a package list08:28
fredizrbasak: Hi, I guess it expired. I'm going to rebuild/reupload it08:31
rbasakOK. Thanks! Apologies again for the review delay.08:34
fredizrbasak: No worries!08:34
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rbasakapw: polite reminder for bug 1486233. Though I'm throwing no stones - we have a ton of merges that will probably slip this cycle.08:39
ubottubug 1486233 in iproute2 (Ubuntu) "iproute2 merge 4.1.1-1 from debian" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148623308:40
rbasak(though as this is a delta we introduced I feel we should do it)08:40
apwrbasak, yep, i filed that yesterday with the view to reminding me to do it before dif08:40
apwor to try and do it, as the version number has jumped markedly08:41
zetheroo when I open something that needs administrative access to the machine (Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop) like the User accounts settings (unlock) or install/remove apps from USC I am asked for the password of the local user (temp) and not the AD user that I am logged in with. Is there any way to change this?08:42
rbasakapw: yesterday? Ah, it's a dupe - I've been seeing the bug around for a while.08:44
* rbasak marks it08:44
rbasakrharper: good job with bug 1481289, thanks.09:17
ubottubug 1481289 in php5 (Ubuntu) "PHP 5.5.9 Default socket timeout being not honoured by application" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148128909:17
rbasakrharper: if appropraite, we should mark the bug Fix Released (since it is fixed in Wily) and open a task for Trusty (so we reflect that is not fixed in Trusty).09:17
rbasakrharper: it's really useful to point out that the patch doesn't apply and can't be fixed in Trusty as-is. Otherwise it looks like we're just ignoring perfectly good patches. So thanks for that :)09:18
jak2000sudo chown -R glassfish:glassfish /opt/glassfish4   get me a error: chown: invalid group: ‘glassfish:glassfish’   previously i added the user: useradd glassfish   how to fix this error?09:32
shaunojak2000: it's complaining invalid group; most likely glassfish is only a user, not a group.  you can confirm this with "groups glassfish", and note useradd has a counterpart groupadd09:47
rbasakjak2000, shauno: on Debian and Ubuntu, the standard method is adduser and addgroup. useradd and groupadd are considered low level; you can call them directly but then you have to do more plumbing yourself.09:59
fredizrbasak: ginger reuploaded09:59
rbasakfrediz: thanks! I spotted it appeared earlier and have already started.10:00
fredizrbasak: nice :)10:00
rbasakfrediz: taking a break now but on first look ginger looks fine to me. Same question about API.json path, and I note that kimchid isn't being restarted after ginger is installed. Is that expected?10:02
rbasakfrediz: I spotted nothing else but I will look again in a bit.10:02
rbasak(and no blockers for upload so far)10:02
fredizrbasak: ok taking not of your points. Thank you. I'll check those10:03
rbasakfrediz: API.json may be perfectly acceptable where it is. I don' tknow.10:05
AEL-HCould someone tell me why on some users when I SSH in I can type and press tab to autocomplete, however on other users I cannot? Ubuntu server 14.0411:52
lordievaderDifferent shells and different configs?11:53
SeveasAEL-H: what lordievader said, and also root's autocomplete is much more restricted..11:54
AEL-HAplogies I am very inexperienced with linux, where might I find these configs?12:03
lordievaderAEL-H: /etc/passwd12:07
AEL-HSomewhere I have found is telling me to copy over a .bashrc file into their home directory -- would copying over the root users .bashrc to a normal users home directory pose any kind of security problems?12:09
fcefanAEL-H: No. Not sure if it even differs. But if yes, you might get some "permission denied" messages12:10
fcefanDon't you have a .bashrc for non-root users ?12:11
lordievaderI'd say read it and base your conclusions on what you read.12:11
AEL-Hfcefan : Yes, the other users appear to have an identical .bashrc (or at least the autocomplete lines are the same). So then why can this user not autocomplete?12:13
lordievaderAEL-H: Are they using the same shells?12:14
AEL-Hlordievader : I am not sure what that means, how can I find out?12:14
lordievaderAEL-H: Check /etc/passwd12:14
AEL-Haccording to what I read about that file, it doesn't have a 'Login shell'12:17
AEL-Hthe user in question that is12:17
lordievaderThen it defaults to dash (sh).12:17
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AEL-Hhow can I tell which shell is opening?12:20
lordievaderAEL-H: ps12:20
AEL-Hlordievader : So what things should one keep in mind when changing a users login shell? Is there anything of note?12:29
lordievaderErr... Not really, a shell is a shell. People might have a preference for a particular shell though.12:30
AEL-Hlordievader : How can one change the shell they are using? So for example log in shell as dash but then switch to bash12:31
lordievaderAEL-H: man 5 passwd12:32
AEL-Hlordievader : Is this not just telling me how I can change the login shell?12:35
lordievaderAEL-H: Read the manpage, it explains it.12:36
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rbasakfrediz: don't worry about API.json - it's fine where it is.13:30
rbasak(I'm told)13:30
fredizrbasak: ok, good; I'll try to move it and check if it still ok for kimchi server. That does hurt13:31
rbasakfrediz: I mean that there is no need to move it.13:35
fredizrbasak: got it; just wanted to try if it's "aesthetically" better13:39
rbasakfrediz: OK. No worries if you manage to achieve it, but you might be interested in barry's response in http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/08/19/%23ubuntu-devel.html (it hasn't appeared in the logs yet). He's involved upstream and they've looked at it from a more general viewpoint.13:40
rbasakfrediz: it might not be worth the packaging complication to achieve it now, especially given that it's acknowledged upstream.13:41
rbasak(sorry you can't see the log yet; it'll appear soon I'm sure).13:41
fredizrbasak: ok fine then13:41
rbasak14:27 <barry> rbasak: tl;dr: it's fine.  many python libraries do include data files in their directory structure, and that works well with pkg_resources.  they can use that api to find the data files easily.  it does seem odd that those data files don't go in /usr/share but it's normal.  moving them is more trouble than it's worth.  upstream we've talked about ways to put such data files elsewhere b13:41
rbasakut in a way that they're still easily found by the13:41
rbasak14:27 <barry> normal apis, but so far that hasn't gone anywhere.13:42
fredizgreat, thanks for checking13:43
brane_ anyone setup bonding to force10 switch as peer?13:52
patdk-wksure, just set it up how ever you wish13:52
brane_I am getting different Aggregator ID on the nics13:53
brane_in lacp setup13:53
patdk-wkhow did you configure it?13:53
brane_following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding13:54
patdk-wkthat so does not describe your force10 config13:54
brane_Dell support confirmed that the config is correct on both VLT peers13:55
patdk-wkconfig is correct for what?13:55
brane_for a lacp lag13:57
patdk-wkyes, but WHAT KIND of lacp lag?13:58
patdk-wkactive, passive, static?13:58
brane_the config on the VLT peer is the same14:00
patdk-wkI don't see the port being assigned to that port-channel14:01
patdk-wkoh, it's in that portchannel thing14:03
patdk-wkthey must have changed the config syntax again14:03
brane_tough finding good examples on the net14:04
brane_here is the ubuntu config http://www.mpaste.com/p/YDxEfSz14:06
patdk-wkya, something is wrong on the switch14:12
patdk-wkthe vtl is not syncing14:12
patdk-wkor the cables aren't plugged into the ports yo uthink they are14:12
brane_thanks for the help, I'll keep pushing dell support14:14
brane_if there are any other ideas, please pm me14:15
patdk-wkya, the port configs look ok, I would only blame those two things  Isaid14:15
WRStone3Anyone ever work with Powerbroker Identity Services Open (PBIS Open)?  I'm having an odd problem where Ubuntu servers are not returning the correct AD groups of which a user is a member.14:32
SamYapleHey guys. I was directed here from #ubuntu Is there an IRC channel for the packagers for the Ubuntu Cloud-Archive Openstack stuff? Trying to include that in the Openstack project Kolla and need some contacts for questions16:03
catalase http://pastebin.com/BwdfJxFC16:11
catalasei run /bin/sh ./update.sh16:11
catalaseand receive output that says: Update the packages list is not understoodtion --yes16:12
catalaserunning ubuntu server 14.04.3 lts16:12
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K4kcatalase: Re: your question in #ubuntu16:13
K4kTry fully qualifying your executables16:13
catalaseK4k, what does that mean16:13
K4kinstead of using just apt-get, use the full path for apt-get, which should probably be /usr/bin/apt-get. You can find this out by running `which apt-get` on your system16:14
catalasewhich apt-get returns /usr/bin/apt-get16:14
K4kand actually... I think I see the real problem (though using /usr/bin/apt-get is still a good idea)16:15
catalasethis works on another one of my servers btw running the same version of ubuntu16:15
catalasecare to elaborate?16:16
K4kLet me make sure I understand what you're doing16:16
catalasebasically i've set this as a cronjob to auto-update my device every 6 hours16:16
K4kyou're running `/bin/sh <script>.sh`16:16
K4kok, and what file is that in?16:17
catalasein /etc/cron.d/update.sh16:17
K4kput #!/bin/sh at the top of your script16:18
K4kI've run in to this before16:18
K4kwait... hang on, my attention is being pulled away I may not be making sense right now...16:19
catalaseK4k, tried that but did not work :(16:19
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K4kcatalase: You're sure this script is in /etc/cron.d on the other server and not /etc/cron.daily?16:24
K4kAccording to the documentation, /etc/cron.d is a directory where you can put additional crontab files which would not be scripts but files with standard crontab entries in them.16:26
catalasenvm something weird happened with the file i think16:26
catalasei pulled the update.sh file from the other server and it is working now16:27
K4kI was going to suggest you just make an entry in /etc/crontab to run that script and call it a day16:27
K4kSorry I wasn't more help16:27
catalasethanks for your efforts16:27
ostei am trying to connect to localhost but getting connection refused16:35
ostewhen i run telnet localhost i get the following16:35
ostetelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused16:36
lordievaderoste: Why do you want to telnet to localhost?17:13
ostei am just testing that i can't17:13
ostei am running a java application that needs to listen on localhost17:14
ostebut those connections are being refused17:14
lordievaderDoes netstat list it as listening to the telnet port?17:14
lordievaderNetcat is a better tool for those kind of things.17:14
JanCor did you specify a port to connect to17:15
lordievaderNetcat, nmap and netstat will get you very far.17:15
ostetelnet localhost 8080 was the command17:16
osteit needs to be available to http requests17:16
ostethis is what i see from netstat -l http://pastie.org/1036188417:17
RoyKoste: telnet localhost 8017:18
RoyKoste: telnet localhost without a port will try port 23, which is the telnet server, something that went out of style almost 20 years ago17:19
lordievaderoste: I'd use 'netstat -tulpn' ;)17:19
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osteok seems i can connect to port 80 now :)17:20
osteswear i tried to change my config to 80 rather than 8080 with no luck17:21
osteseems to be working tho17:21
RoyKoste: goodie17:24
WRStone3Anyone ever work with Powerbroker Identity Services Open (PBIS Open)?  I'm having an odd problem where Ubuntu servers are not returning the correct AD groups of which a user is a member.17:24
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unixninjaxI am running cannonical openstack and under 10 nodes, I am seeing an “Outage in X days” on my monitor your region area, I thought the 10 node license was free? thoughts?19:09
Dr_ApocalypseGreetings Ubuntu server users19:46
Dr_ApocalypseI'm wondering if anyone knows much about apache reverse proxies19:46
TJ-Yes, of course someone knows19:50
Dr_ApocalypseNice answer. Anyone online currently perhaps?19:51
TJ-!ask | Dr_Apocalypse19:52
ubottuDr_Apocalypse: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:52
maxbUnless you're question is inherently Ubuntu specific you might be better off in #httpd19:52
tonyyarussomaxb: Except that #httpd is mean...20:00
beisnercoreycb, fyi, shifting gears to work on the kilo-staging => kilo-proposed uca promotion now.20:01
coreycbbeisner, yes please! thanks20:02
tonyyarussounixninjax: Maybe it's actually a maintenance outage notification?20:03
unixninjaxmaintenance by who?20:03
tonyyarussoI dunno20:04
unixninjaxand the days are counting down wrong as well20:04
unixninjax2-3 days for 24 hour timer.20:04
tonyyarussoI wasn't actually aware that this was a thing, so trying to read now :)20:04
unixninjaxsame here, I am pleasantly surprised seeing that.20:04
tonyyarussoSo, is this just prebundled software stuff, but still all running on your own hardware?20:05
unixninjaxinstalled using cannonical auto pilot20:05
tonyyarussoCan you click this notification and get any more detail?20:06
unixninjaxthere’s no clicable link20:06
unixninjaxhold let me get you a screen20:06
tonyyarusso(No, of course not, notifications can't be clickable, that's crazy talk!  End rant about desktop changes like 4 years ago.)20:07
tonyyarussoimgur's blocked at work :(20:09
TJ-tonyyarusso: try https://iam.tj/projects/misc/jIdOLB0.png20:11
unixninjaxlol where do you work? that sucks they would block something like that.20:11
unixninjaxdo companies even block things these days?20:11
beisnercoreycb, does this line up with the expected packages to push from staging to proposed for kilo?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12130398/20:13
tonyyarussounixninjax: government20:13
unixninjaxahh makes sense20:14
tonyyarussoTJ-: I can load that, but don't see anything interesting on it.20:14
coreycbbeisner, yes looks good20:14
unixninjaxtonyyarusso: look under ram utilization20:15
tonyyarussooh, dur20:15
unixninjaxthat’s the outage message i was talking about20:15
tonyyarussounixninjax: I think that's a capacity planning message - saying you're on track to use up all of your RAM soon.20:16
tonyyarussoWeird wording, but looks consistent with the graph.20:16
unixninjaxoh! interesting20:16
ostewhat is the proper way to open a port for localhost to listen to?20:17
unixninjaxthe wording is really intersting if it is just capacity planning20:17
unixninjaxbecause “outage"20:17
tonyyarussoYeah.  I mean, you could have an outage from running out of memory, but still.20:18
tonyyarussoCould be that component wasn't originally written in English.20:18
beisnercoreycb, ok pkgs pushed, i think there is ~1hr window for reports, etc., but the ppa is showing the new pkgs.20:41
coreycbbeisner, awesome, thanks20:42
beisnercoreycb, you're welcome!  thanks for knocking them around in staging!20:44
ostehow can i get my ubuntu machine to listen at localhost on port 8080?20:47
tonyyarussooste: You don't - a particular daemon/process will listen, not Ubuntu overall.20:51
tonyyarussoAre you trying to make *Apache* (or some other httpd) listen on 8080 perhaps?20:51
osteyeah, trying to get a java applicaiton to work on port 808020:51
osteFailed to connect to localhost port 8080: Connection refused20:52
ostewhen i do nmap localhost i get this:20:52
oste22/tcp   open  ssh20:52
oste80/tcp   open  http20:52
oste3306/tcp open  mysql20:52
ostei need 8080/tcp to show up there i think20:52
tonyyarussoSo, that can be done in the Apache vhost.20:53
ostei am using nginx20:53
ostei don’t think this is related to that tho20:53
trippehjava apps often listen on 8080 themselfes20:53
tonyyarussoIs the Java application accessed through nginx, or is it supposed to be listening on its own?20:53
ostejust on its own20:54
osteconnecting via localhost on the same machine20:54
tonyyarussoAh.  Not much help I can give you there, but Google suggests maybe a "new Socket(IP, port)" line exists somewhere in your code, but if it's sane that probably references some kind of config file.20:55
tonyyarussoor possibly "new ServerSocket(port)"20:55
tonyyarussoSomething like that anyway20:56
ostei thought it could be iptables related20:56
tonyyarussoIs this an application that you're writing from scratch, or just trying to get running?20:56
tonyyarussoCould be, sure.20:56
TJ-oste: what Java application? does it require Tomcat or embed it, or some other servlet container?20:56
osteit is apache jackrabbit20:56
osteno tomcat required20:57
tonyyarussoDo you get the "now running at" output shown on https://jackrabbit.apache.org/jcr/standalone-server.html ?20:58
TJ-oste: From the JR FAQ: "Get the WAR distribution from the Downloads page and deploy it into Tomcat. "20:58
tonyyarussoTJ-: Seems that's one of multiple deployment options.20:59
ostei am not using the standalone server20:59
TJ-oste: so what are you using?20:59
ostei have this damn thing working in my local VM20:59
ostejust the download20:59
TJ-that says nothing20:59
tonyyarussoYou have to be using *something* for the server, so either the standalone, Tomcat, or something else.21:00
TJ-oste: if you aren't using the standalone server, you must be using Tomcat or some other servlet container21:00
tonyyarussoIf you just have a .jar file sitting around on your disk that won't do anything.21:00
osteright i have a startup script21:02
ostenginx is my server21:02
osteyou can download that21:02
TJ-and what happens when you follow the launch instructions?21:03
lickalotthey guys,  Im having an issue with the system dumping to busybox(initramfs) on initial boot.  Can someone help with this?21:04
osteyou can run it with this https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sixty-nine/Jackrabbit-startup-script/master/jackrabbit.sh21:04
osteit works great on my vm21:04
tonyyarussooste: Try just launching it like shown in my link first, so we can narrow things down a bit before launching into this other script.21:06
rbasakapw: iproute2> thanks!21:19
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BrianBlaze420where do i put the warning message for ssh22:46
BrianBlaze420oh im dumb!22:46
BrianBlaze420forgot to uncomment banner22:47
apwrbasak, np22:52

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