TeaIt's back up and thankfully the backup contacts.db worked00:03
TeaI ended up just using the full install image - I'm weirdly impatient (hence why I tried running apt-get upgrade, lol)00:03
mcphailTea: good stuff00:03
TeaTypical Arch user, really00:03
TeaThanks a lot for the pointers mcphail00:04
mcphailTea: np. Enjoy. I'm off to bed00:04
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BearzI'm building a port for HTC evo 4g lte (Jewel). There was no error in the building of the system images, but rootstock-touch-install has been stuck at 'unpacking rootfs tarball to system-image ' for 4 hours.01:52
Dragonkeeperwell ill ask here because noone in the #android channels have a clue,   is it possible to boot a linux distro on a android phone?   i assume it would need to open boot.img and replace the initramfs (or edit it ?)  but keep the kernel ? (unsure if that should be replaced do to hardware)01:55
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dholbachgood morning07:12
Dragonkeeperwhat cyanogenmod version does UT15.04 use ?08:09
ogra_Dragonkeeper, it doesnt use CM, it uses AOSP (only the HAL layer though)08:28
Dragonkeeperogra_: cant either be used ?08:28
ogra_not sure, if you can make a CM tree build inside an AOSP one ...08:29
ogra_the phablet tree is definitely AOSP, what ad how you merge your device specific tree is indeed up to you as long as it generates proper binaries :)08:30
Dragonkeeperwell i had a old build  but obviously the trusty preinstall has been removed from site08:31
ogra_yeah, that was completely incompatible to the actual architecture ... it was a preview demo with nothing actually functional in it08:32
Dragonkeeperi see08:33
Dragonkeeperhmm so i may have to do another painful build then .08:35
Dragonkeeperi dont even want the mir and gui stuff installed08:35
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ogra_Dragonkeeper, well, then you only need the recovery and boot.img (and need to hack a bit to make ssh start automatically or some such... the drivers are all in system.img, if you dont need GUI you can omit that08:36
* ogra_ is afk 08:37
Dragonkeeperhmm  just fyi   the port guide says install mingw32  and its not a package in repos. using 15.0409:02
wligtenbergHi, I am trying to push a new image to my phone (I want to switch from devel to stable branch on my Nexus4) I get the following error: Cannot push ~/.cache/ubuntuimages/ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu/mako/version-22.tar.xz.asc to device: free space on /cache/recovery is 542M09:38
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wligtenbergI am trying to push a new image to my phone (I want to switch from devel to stable branch on my Nexus4) I get the following error: Cannot push ~/.cache/ubuntuimages/ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu/mako/version-22.tar.xz.asc to device: free space on /cache/recovery is 542M11:48
popeyis there some cruft on the phone in /cache/recovery?11:48
wligtenbergDon't know, I just flashed it from android to ubuntu once, and then two new ubuntu images11:49
wligtenbergCan I check that somehow?11:49
wligtenbergjust did an ls on the phone11:50
wligtenbergI see: last_install last_log last_log.1 last_log.2 and log11:50
popeyhm, dunno how big that partition is...11:51
popeyon my device it's 689M in size according to "df -h /cache/recovery"11:51
popey(but mine is not a mako)11:52
wligtenbergsize is 552, used is 10 (mounted on /android/cache)11:53
popeyouch, that's close11:53
popeylooks like we're too big.11:53
popeysil2100: ^ who could help with image creation - looks like mako got a bit big for the cache partition?11:53
wligtenbergI flashed the devel branch earlier without issue by the way11:54
ogra_popey, yeah, pat is on vacation, people quickly grew the image while he wasnt looking ;)11:54
wligtenbergBut I thought to go for stable now to see if I can use it as a daily driver11:55
wligtenberg(And then waiting for the convergence device :) )11:55
ogra_did you mean 10MB were used ?11:55
ogra_try cleaning that up first ...11:55
ogra_you can also try to use system-image-cli --switch on the device itself to do a channel switch ... (use -vvv as option as well, else it will be completely silent and it takes a while)11:56
sil2100Did we grow 10 MB more?11:58
sil2100I'll look into that11:58
ogra_sil2100, we are constantly growing ... the 10MB were unrelated, seems there are 10MB occupied in wligtenberg's cache partition11:59
sil2100Ah, ok11:59
sil2100We only added 2 new packages in the recent days: iw and pulseaudio-module-trust-store, both really small12:00
ogra_but for the nexus devices we are pretty much operating on the edge12:00
wligtenbergI got rid of all files in /cache/recovery, but it stills uses 9.8M12:00
ogra_bq and meizu have a little more wiggle room12:00
wligtenbergooh, and then it still fails12:01
popeysil2100: ogra_: perhaps we should remove some of the core apps from the mako image, to make it more like the bq/arale ones?12:32
popeysil2100:  ogra_ could probably remove file manager, shorts, terminal, sudoku and dropping letters to free up some space?12:35
sil2100I guess we could, but I think the /ubuntu channels were supposed to be those that have those more specific applications in them12:36
popeyjust a thought :)12:36
wligtenbergor maybe a specific channel for the mako?12:40
wligtenberg(also just a thought :) )12:43
sil2100A separate channel wouldn't help as the rootfs is built independently from channels12:48
wligtenbergaah, I revealed my limited knowledge :)12:51
ogra_wligtenberg, there are mako buids in the bq-aquaris.en channels btw ... perhaps these are smaller12:51
ogra_due to the ripped out apps12:51
ogra_(though i doubt that because they simply ship extra stuff in the custom tarballs that will balance this out)12:51
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popeywligtenberg: the other option is install an older image and then OTA update13:13
popeywhere an older one may be smaller13:13
kenvandinemandel, any progress on that fix-network branch problem?  last i heard it sounded like you were working on a fix13:14
wligtenbergpopey, I will check that out.13:16
wligtenbergso when did pat go on holiday? ;)13:17
popeyhe's back next week13:17
popeyhaha, i see what you're asking, sorry13:17
wligtenbergyep, looking for the right version to try13:18
wligtenbergis revision the same as the version number?13:21
popeyI don't know which one to use, sorry.13:23
wligtenbergI am down to 18 :)13:24
wligtenberg(it seems that not a lot of people are trying the stable branch :) )13:24
popeythere's probably a way you can interrogate the system image server and find out the size of the images13:24
popeymost people install and OTA update13:24
wligtenbergyeah, but I forgot to update a while, and got stuck I guess. I was on a 14.10 version13:25
mandelkenvandine, hi, so I just got back from holidays, and yes, I've been working on it this morning, can we sync later in the evening about it?13:27
kenvandinemandel, sure, thanks!13:30
wligtenberg@popey, could the issue also have been caused by my phone locking up because it was idle and that the adb connection then breaks?13:38
wligtenbergJust a thought that I had13:38
wligtenbergok, I will try it again with the latest version then if this one works13:39
wligtenbergI think the locking might have been the issue13:45
wligtenbergVersion 12 at least worked, just to be thorough I will try again later with the latest version13:45
Walex2I am logged into a BQ 4.5 via ADB and would like to do some diagnosis of local WiFi issues what tools are available beyond 'iwconfig' and like...13:49
jgdxWalex2, nmcli d and nmcli c, looking at /var/log/syslog. What are your issues?13:55
Walex2jgdx: they are channel overlap issues, not with Ubuntu or the device itself.13:56
wligtenbergyep, that was indeed the issue, sorry about that. But apparently the adb breaks when the screen is locked when the process has already started13:57
wligtenbergso no image changes are required :)13:57
jgdxWalex2, maybe sudo wpa_cli could help you out. It does a lot of the work when it comes to Wi-Fi networks.13:57
Walex2jgdx: I'd be using 'kismet' on a desktop13:57
Walex2jgdx: 'nmcli [dc]' and 'wpa_cli' are good suggestions.13:58
Walex2apt-get install kismert13:58
Walex2but of course that's not available :-)13:59
Walex2I mean available but not straighforwardly installable14:00
jgdxWalex2, make a kismert app! :)14:07
Walex2jgdx: that would be nice :-)14:07
TeaDo any native IRC clients for ubuntu touch exist?14:13
dobeyi'm starting to think maybe there should be a link to the askubuntu question/answer about installing debs on phones, in the topic. or maybe as a bot command14:13
TeaI did attempt irssi but the keyboard's too small to jiggle about with all those commands14:13
Walex2dobey: it is not recommended after all... updates and the like.14:13
dobeyWalex2: you can do it inside a chroot just fine, and install any additional tools you might need to use, inside the chroot14:14
Walex2ah interesting about the 'chroot'.14:15
dobeyTea: i don't think there are any yet. maybe when extended support for IM gets implemented on top of telepathy, a decent irc client could be written for it. right now, any app is going to be limited by the app lifecycle, so you'll lose connection when the app goes to background or screen turns off, for example14:15
* Walex2 web searching14:15
dobeyWalex2: https://askubuntu.com/questions/620740/recommended-way-to-install-regularcli-deb-packages-on-ubuntu-phone/623311#62331114:15
Walex2df -BM14:17
Walex2dobey: what about using 'unionfs' or something similar instead of just unpacking a copy of the '/'?14:19
Walex2ahhhhh 'unionfs' is not in '/proc/filesystems' and no module either.14:20
Walex2neither on muy desktop though14:20
dobeyusing a chroot doesn't require modifying anything in the readonly root fs14:20
Walex2but it requires having a complete copy of it...14:21
dobeythe lxc tools are not all on the image by default, or i'd have suggested creating an lxc instead14:21
mcphailTea: there would be a way to have a persistent irc app, but it would take someone to write it...14:22
dobeyit's not a copy of absolutely everything that's on the actual phone image. and you can create a very minimal rootfs with even less if you really want to14:22
ogra_Tea, the kiwiirc webclient in the store is half way usable ... (if you dont keep it in the background for to long) until there is an actual native client that can integrate with the messaging app or some such14:24
TeaDisconnecting isn't a terrible problem. I use a bouncer anyway14:24
TeaSo maybe that might be okay14:24
ogra_yeah, then this shoudl work14:25
ogra_i used it with bip before14:25
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kenvandineElleo, can you look at bug 148556415:12
ubot5bug 1485564 in content-hub (Ubuntu) "Back button on a pagestack doesn't work with contenthub peer page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148556415:12
kenvandineElleo, i thought you had done some work to support the new header, but don't recall15:12
Elleokenvandine: I suspect they're just not handling the onCancelPressed event, which is all that pressing the X does (it leaves popping it up to the app dev, as we're not always on a pagestack, sometimes we're in a dialog)15:14
Elleokenvandine: will give it a test shortly to confirm15:15
didrocksthanks Elleo, kenvandine15:15
kenvandinedidrocks, ah... are you handling that signal?15:15
didrockskenvandine: no, I thought the new header was doing like the back button, so stack.pop() off for you15:16
kenvandineno, it cancels the transfer request15:16
didrockshum, I guess this is quite confusing for the developer, shouldn't it be handled the same way than the back button and remove the peer selector from the stack, wdyt?15:17
Elleodidrocks: yeah, the peerpicker isn't really a page on the stack (unless you put it inside one), we had to make it a bit more flexible so it could be embedded in dialogs for the browser to use as well; so you need to handle closing/hiding/popping it yourself when cancel is pressed15:17
didrocksinteresting, let me see how clear this is on the doc15:17
didrockshum, I don't see the signal in the peerpicker in the doc, what is supposed to trigger it?15:19
Elleolooks like that signal isn't even in the docs15:19
Elleowe should definitely fix that15:19
didrocksah :p15:19
didrocksbut I confirm the signal is triggered, fixing my example app! thanks (I let your rephrase so that it's in the doc)15:21
Elleoyeah, will update the bug to reflect the woeful state of our docs and the need to fix them ;)15:23
didrocksheh :)15:24
Walex2gah sorry15:29
mcphailCan anyone recommend a small cgi-enabled webserver which could be bundled in a .click?15:41
mcphailI think apache weould be a step too far15:41
tsdgeosmcphail: cherokee? ligththttpd?15:46
ogra_mcphail, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12126134/ ;)15:47
ogra_(not *actually* CGI though :) )15:49
mcphailogra_: :). Needs to be CGI-capable, though, as I am looking for a quick win15:50
mcphailtsdgeos: I'll check those out. Thanks!15:50
ogra_yeah, lighthhttpd is pretty good15:52
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eipp0interhello, it is possible to install ubuntu on zenphone?18:27
mcphaileipp0inter: I don't think anyone has ported it yet. It would be an interesting project18:30
eipp0interi was just wondering about.. because of the intel instruction set...18:32
eipp0intera researcher got to run windows 7 on it18:33
mcphaileipp0inter: someone asked about this a day or 2 ago. I don't think anyone has tried yet18:36
eipp0intermcphail, it would be very nice for ubuntu to expand on mobile18:51
mcphaileipp0inter: agreed, but that will be dependent on volunteers porting to new devices18:53
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dobeyeipp0inter: feel free to create a port19:20
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nik90charles: ping (alarm sounds)20:00
dobeynik90: charles is away until next tuesday20:35
nik90dobey: ah ok, thnx20:44
taiebotAm i right to think tethering will not work on nexus 4? or should it? anyway tried it while the network appears on my laptop i never managed to connect and when i disable hotspot functionality the wifi never comes back. Nexus 4 mako 15.04 r9321:08
mukataiebot, it work for me, but I had to make my own script22:45
mukabut my network is slow, I get only 15Kb/s22:45
mukathis script is to start tether: http://pastebin.com/JS16w7ZK22:50
mukaand this is to stop: http://pastebin.com/YmaECATi22:51
mukaanyone here with a nexus 4 that can get cellular data speed above 20Kb/s?22:57
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